Beneath the Frost


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Re: Beneath the Frost
« Reply #15 on: February 17, 2018, 11:55:16 AM »
Aeon perked up as she offered the name, replying with a vigorous nod and a sheepish grin.

“Yes, that’s the one,” he said. “I always forget. My, er, memory isn’t very good, you see.” He drew a hand up to the scar on his forehead as if to emphasize, combing back the silver hair there. Perhaps that was enough of an explanation for now; after all, it was the plain truth.

But the smile was gone quickly. He could feel her hands quaking in his, and knew, even as she confirmed it, that his suspicion had been right.

A snap of anger, fast-buried and replaced by remorse. He’d had the man in his grasp, earlier, and had done nothing.

“A bond is not a Queen’s alone to maintain,” he said gently, trying to reassure her. “It is a vow of two souls. If he did not honor it, the fault is his.”

He pulled one hand free and called in a handkerchief of soft white cotton. Reached up to her beautiful face again, softly, and dabbed away her tears.

“There, now.” He tucked the handkerchief into her palm and picked up the waiting glass of water, holding it out for her to take. “It’s alright. We can speak of it later, or never. Drink this. Rest. You’re safe with me.”

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Re: Beneath the Frost
« Reply #16 on: February 20, 2018, 03:57:15 PM »

"I'm sure it's not too bad," Ophelia soothed. Comforting herself as much as Aeon. Would he forget her? That he had had made a promise to keep her safe? She did not much like the idea of losing him, for all she'd had trouble warming to the idea of having him at all.

But if he didn't need leashing much, she should be alright. Safe behind his shields. He seemed keen to serve, and much nicer than she was used to. Thoughtful, Ophelia tucked her fingers around his thumbs.

It felt strange to touch a male these days.

"Do you think so?" Ophe asked, leaning into the kerchief rather than away from it. She had always suspected it had been Prince Medin's fault they had not bonded. So unlike most of the males who had served her! More interested in protocol and work than getting to know her.

Taking the glass, and the softly damp kerchief, Ophelia simply stared. At him. At nothing.

"Thank you, Aeon." She forgot to drink the water. Too tired now for it anyway. Ophelia set it back on the table, glanced at her vanity, tucked neatly against the wall and smiled. "I mean it, really." She promised, looking back at him. Strange, cheerful prince. He really was sweet.

And she really was safe.


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