The Missed Stitch


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Re: The Missed Stitch
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”Definitely.” His eyes flicked upward, ”I’ll be in twice a week now. But I expect to play the hero every time.” Lowering his already throaty voice a note Willoughby wagged his finger at her playfully. Small a moment as it had been, it had been a welcome change to the predictability of his life. Court was exciting of course! Watching Lord Redgrove put out diplomatic fires, on hand to hear Lady Crag’s ideas put into action... It was a good life! Not monotonous. Just firmly placed within easily anticipated boundaries.

Until they started doing the unspeakable- like murdering queens. But he couldn’t think of that here and now. The temper of a prince burned slower, but hotter, than other castes. No explosions of anger. Planned and determined violence instead. It had no place in the pleasant little shop.

Straightening slightly Willoughby nodded. Maybe she liked things done a particular way. Or just didn’t want his scent lingering across her stock. It didn’t matter why. She just didn’t want his help. That was alright, he liked the few extra minutes it gave. More time to quietly watch the way her shiny hair shifted over itself. And to commit to memory the exact shade of rose that haunted her cheeks.

She worked pretty too. Hands like fine tools as they secured the ends of cut ribbon. Taking her time with each. Making them perfect. He admired that, a pride in even simple work. Smirking again, he rolled one shoulder in a shrug. ”I’ve always thought so. My opinion may be biased, as her son and all.” Only child. The sort of boy that wrote home twice a month and chuckled at her gentle chiding. Too young to give the grandchildren she thought she was ready for. Too kind to tell her it would be a long wait still.

Had he made her more nervous? The question only hung in the air between them a second. Her quick smile relieving his clinched heart to beat again. Face warm enough to match her now. Was tonight too soon? Damn his ambitions to Hell, his own schedule was heavy. The time would be made, though. He wouldn’t settle for anything less intimate than an evening in her company. ”Excellent. Dinner soon? This Friday? If you don’t have plans already.”

A date.

He couldn’t even remember the last time he had taken anyone out. Rarely had time to work for what was readily bought. Teagan would be worth the effort, he promised himself. And he hadn’t even meant sex- at first. She was sweet and funny and he wanted to know how she ended up selling ribbon and hats. What she did when she was bored. How she slept and what made her mad. All of it.

”It will have to be a fancy date, then,” He said in mock warning. She had just agreed to go out with him. There was no way he would risk her changing her mind over a few marks worth of ribbon. If it soothed her embarrassment over the little scene he was game. With a smile he added, ”and good no beau. I’m an awful fighter. Always mending when I mean to bruise. I would have, though, if you’d had one.” There was laughter in his eyes and his smile smoothed at the corners. He had lied. About the mending.

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Re: The Missed Stitch
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Teagan chuckled, fingers brushing the hollow behind her earlobe as he shook a finger at her. Something about the pitch of her his voice made her knees press against each other. Quickly her fingers crept up her ear and swept her hair behind that one, to match the side he had already tucked away. Knees unlocked she got to moving.

”I’ll give you eighty-twenty.” She offered, eyes gleaming playfully. Her mouth was pulled into a serious line, the edges twitching enough to make her cheeks jump. ”I can’t afford to much of a reputation.” Or to give away so much ribbon. His face almost made up for it. It was one worth paying for, Teagan thought. Color rising to his cheeks too as she agreed. As if she had any hope of saying no.

Who in their right mind would?

So eager! Teagan felt flustered. Tried to keep it from her face and hands. Bending her shoulders into the work. Focus! Focus! But it was quite the stroke to her ego. Helped her feel less like such a giddy fool for him to be just as interested. Glad he’d had the courage since Teagan never would have managed it. Not after dropping half the store on his head.

”Friday is good.” Could she close early? No. No. Friday was always busy. Teagan frowned. Would it sound forward if she named a late time? Sound... she glanced up at him from the ribbon... he probably had plenty of late night invitations with a smile like that. ”I close at six, on Fridays.” She moved to the next thing, trying to account for how long it would take to get ready. She could go right after work... but... but...

”Would seven-thirty be too late?” Or was it too early? Teagan didn’t know. She lived most of her life vicariously now. Read all about romance and daring-do in the papers and magazines. She didn’t live it much herself anymore. Especially the romance. Always so busy! Bother! She really should stop worrying. He was so... kind. Joking softly and accepting her generosity without needing to defend his ego.

”Okay, okay. A fancy date, but please, no fighting!” She waved him off, laughing, ribbons pressed on him. ”And hopefully no mending either. I think today was enough of that excitement.” She wasn’t sure how to say good bye now. Did she give him her address? Offer to meet him here? Insanity that anyone would fight over her! Oh, side tracked. ”I, um,” she pressed her lips together nervously, ”meet you here, then?” It wasn’t too far a walk from her apartment.

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Re: The Missed Stitch
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For the dark jeweled among the territory court dinner so late might have had them all groaning. Willoughby’s Purple Dusk was well maintained. He could wait. ”Not too late for me.”

He tried not to get lost in his own thoughts. Fantasies, really, about the things that happened at late hours. Not this girl, he promised himself. A nice, wholesome woman that needed wooing. If her blushes were any indication she wasn’t flirted with often. Or at least so openly. Probably because she was so pretty.

Everyone likely assumed she was spoken for.

Willoughby would certainly do his best for the right. To say they were something, anything. Friends would do if it turned out romance was out of the cards. She was excited, though, so he was hopeful. ”Fair enough. No fighting or mending, unless absolutely necessary.” He grinned. Too bad! He was a good healer and he knew flashy bits of Craft. Mostly to distract small children with sore throats and skinned knees, but who didn’t like a little rainbow closing up their cuts? ”Here is good. I’ll be waiting.” Because Willbe was a good boy, a prompt boy.

His smile flashed again as he vanished the ribbons. Eyes only darting towards the wall clock for a second. ”I afraid have to go, but I can’t wait to see you again Miss Teagan. Thank you for agreeing to go out with me.” Maybe next goodbye he’d get a kiss.

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