Good morning, Cupcake!


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Re: Good morning, Cupcake!
« Reply #15 on: January 25, 2018, 12:16:04 AM »
What a difference his settling down made. Fidgeting stopped, River’s presence went from tolerable to likable. Sprawling along the outermost of her closed barriers. Lurking, she would say, but it didn’t feel obtrusive or like prying. He was just there, natural as her own skin. Quiet but observant while watching her work.

Closer than anyone had been in a very long time. As a black widow Wren could count on one hand the people she had allowed access to her inner self.  One was her mentor from the coven when she was first learning the arts. Then Holt, out of pure necessity- but she wouldn’t think of that right now. Not with River sipping every emotion as it swelled to the surface. Irisiviel had been allowed too, of course, to secure a mutual trust between them.

She didn’t think this was trust or necessity. As long as he was still and quiet she needn’t figure it out. And he was; until she startled them both with her little blunder. Heavier suddenly in her psyche. Filling her with his shields. Closer in the physical plan, too. A strange sort of snort prefacing his approach.

Who knows how long he might have hovered there beside her elbow if she hadn’t started hissing. Less sorry this time because she didn’t realize her words cut. Better, though, that she didn’t know. Such instances were precisely why she kept steely control over her composure.

Matching his curiosity with her own Wren settled back to examining her double tangle. Tried to focus, but it was harder now that the flow had been interrupted. Harder too when he was thrumming by her side. She scooted on her knees an few inches. Just enough to invite him closer. To the web, of course, their shared focal point of interest. ”I’m not sure why it happened.”

She tilted the frame up and down again. Taking a long hard look at both choices. His questions echoed inside and out, grounding her back to the present. It was a good question, a clever question considering he likely had little experience with webs other than his own. ”You can try to recreate a web but it’s practically impossible. I’ll have to choose.”   

Mother or self? It was a hard choice to make. Thinking out loud Wren wet her lips, ”I suppose its only right to finish the first one. One more turn of the thread and I would have never noticed the second anyway.”

It was more personal, the second. Who was she touching that way? Fingers coiled, clutching. Was it out of fear? Desperation? Somehow she didn’t think so. The Ebon-gray shadow bound to her forever, perhaps. She hoped it would be something good, because she would have to find out organically. There was no ignoring a web involving mother. Ignore the instincts as she might, Wren would always choose the well being of others over her own interests. ”Alright,” She patted his forearm absently before picking up the loose end of her spider silk again.

Another half hour of diligent placement and spiraling triangles saw it finished. Oval around the edges to match the frame. Intricate inside, more complicated than it seemed on first impression. When she finished she tilted it again, almost hopeful some miracle would have preserved them both. The scene revealed was short but meaningful, to Wren at least.

Her mother’s ghostly jewel, but the crack that ran down the center in real life was transposed with a wilted flower. The petals were cut from shards of an equally dead Tiger Eye. Shadows melding together. ”Joepye weeds die at first frost.” That was a fact. She would have to beat this year’s first snow to Mira if she wanted to tell her mother goodbye.

”Hmm.” Could he see the pieces as she had put them together in her mind? Sense the meaning? Did he judge the relief she felt? Eyes turning sidelong to read his face Wren tried to call up some sadness or pain. It ached a little, but it didn’t sting. It would be a mercy, really, for the broken creature that had once been a queen.

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Re: Good morning, Cupcake!
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Her hissing drove River's ass into his heels. Smoothed the crinkles at the corners of his eyes as they widened. Confusion followed, as she shifted. Snarling away and inviting him closer. River wasn't sure he should, suspicious that it might be a trap of some sort. A test. The tip of River's tongue pulled his bottom lip inward as he debated. A short argument with himself before he crept a little closer, eyes following the web she twisted.

Glancing, slyly, at her from the corners.

He listened, quiet. River had no advice to offer. No knowledge to share with her. No way of fixing it for her. Which he would have done, had he the ability. Instead River could only listen, eyes crinkling again in concentration. She asked him no questions anyway. Working at the puzzle on her own. Eyes judging the tangles of spider silk. Careful, careful probes trying to read her, since Wren gave him no outward hint.

River felt her waver on the brink of decision. A knife's edge, self or other.

"Are you sure?" Because he would have chosen differently. River would have chosen Wren rather than the other, whoever the other was. A little closer, wary of hissing, but Wren was too focused on the web to notice his creeping. Decision made, no distracting her from it. He nodded, reassured and pleased by the pat on the arm. Taking advantage and inching closer still. River settled behind her, a shield at her back. Knees to either side of her feet.

Eyes watching as he stretched himself across her barrier again. Lounging. Face near enough her shoulder he could smell almost every subtle hint of her scent. Feel wayward hairs tickling his face. Fingers itching to settle somewhere on her body. Arms aching to wrap around her waist. River didn't move though, hands on his thighs, statue still as she finished weaving her web.

When she was done, River leaned away. Shifting more toward her side, trying to escape a hiss or a snarl. Or worse, a flinch. Moving as she moved the web, searching it for meaning, or perhaps the one she'd woven away. Only half connected to his body, he tried to follow Wren into the web. Tasted her barriers, those closed and the one she'd opened. Frowning at her words. What was joepye weed?

"Are we going somewhere?" River asked, almost smiling. All he caught were hints. Jewels and blurred memories. Faint, faint emotions. His forehead wrinkled, brows pulling inward. Something ran down the center of him. Instinctual and only half understood. It was just a part of him, and River never questioned himself, or the strange, pervasive feelings that sometimes overran him. Drove him.

He would go and see to this thing with Wren. Queen things, he sensed.

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Re: Good morning, Cupcake!
« Reply #17 on: January 27, 2018, 01:13:59 AM »
Wren knew her opinions on the opposite sex were non-traditional. Prejudice when most would consider such thinking very unwise for a queen that would need male protection at least one week a month. The indoctrination ran deep nonetheless. So she had avoided, purposely and subconsciously, the males in courts she had apprenticed in. That made everything about River and Willbe new. Made many things about them unexpected.

Like River’s gentleness. Probes so thoughtfully placed she barely felt them. A consideration she had formerly assumed a warlord prince of any measure incapable of. Yet here was the darkest jeweled of them all to prove otherwise! Being quiet and delicate while she weighed the choices. He made it easier to choose mother. Whatever the web wanted to reveal about her personal situation was either good- or beyond her ability to prevent. The only person that could hurt her now was River. And she didn’t know how, or if she even could stop him if he decided to.

At her back he settled again- so close. Too close? Spine rigid Wren ignored the sensation of his breath at her shoulder. Self-conscious of the way it called to the listless longing at her core. She buried it away as quickly as she could; Nothing more than an instinct to be overlooked. No use confusing River with his warlord prince passions.

The added space between them as she turned to face him helped. Curiosity and eagerness pressing through their link. Not sure, she realized, what the web had foretold. His forehead knit together. A thinking face if ever she had seen one. A whip of emotion radiating through him, into her because she had not yet closed her barriers. How odd that she hadn’t tried as soon as the web was done. Not like herself at all.

”Yes,” She didn’t argue. They would go. It would be hard to stop him, she suspected. And Iris was already running on a short supply of escorts. It would be rude to borrow. Sharing a carriage with River would be fine. She could bring a book. ”I have to go to Mira for a few days. Next week, or the week after. I’ll speak to Lady Crag later and decide. Soon, though.”

For a fleeting moment her bottom lip disappeared. Planning was such a pain. Could she trust Willbe to do it? He’d have Lord Redgrove to make sure the accommodations were acceptable... right? It would be fine, she decided. With a soft sigh she turned back to River. ”Now what are we going to do?” She had made her web. It was his turn to pick. Or something like that.

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Re: Good morning, Cupcake!
« Reply #18 on: February 10, 2018, 09:59:15 PM »

He could have lived there forever, in that shallow space he’d claimed within her barrier. Maybe a foot of space between there bodies. A little more because she liked having room. Not keen on touching or nearness. But he breathed very quietly there, connected to her.

And she breathed him in return. A sharing. Back and forth between them. Hints from her, eddies from him.

”Willbe can help. He planned all our travels.” Would he be able to go? River missed him sometimes. His cousin and well and truly dove into service. Not just of Wren but the whole court. River only cared about serving Wren. Head tilting. ”I’ve never been to Mira.”

Watching as her lip vanished. Heat rising up from the pit of his stomach. What did she do with it in her mouth. Worry, he thought, Wren’s emotions teasing his own.

What now, she asked? River’s turn to name the game. He knew what he wanted. Wren’s soft bed. Wren’s softer body. He fought the urge to lean into her. She hadn’t liked it last time. Licked his lips, touched the floor near her knee.

”How about lunch?” And then he needed away. He couldn’t hold on, hold out, forever.


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