Neltharian's Escort
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Neltharion’s Escort


General Information:
Balinar was assigned as her escort after her VN and has been with her through some of the more trying parts of her adult life.  While she may snap and snarl when he insists she does silly things like rest, drinks water, not try to save everyone, etc. she does appreciate him.  Even if she does want to smack the smug expression of his face when she does too much. 

With her leaving their village and taking up a Court position, I imagine that Balinar will be coming along as well.  I’d like to think that they have a good relationship that runs on equal parts snark, one-upping each other, and friendship/concern. 

Requested Caste: Warlord Prince

Relationship: Escort

Preferred Jewels: Summer Sky to Opal was rolled on Neltharian’s sheet, completely open to Jewels being re-rolled, If re-rolled, preference is for darker Jewels that are close to/matches/or passes hers. But honestly can work with whatever you'd like. 

Face Claim: Any, Ronald Epps is lovely though