Surprises in Winter


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Surprises in Winter
« on: October 11, 2020, 06:48:13 AM »
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Roan couldn't imagine that anything of interest existed in these Darkness cursed mountains. The air was brittle, like the faint dusting of snow that crackled beneath his feet. And it was cold. Colder than it ever got in Paon, though not the soul shriveling freeze of Glacia. A place he refused to return to after a single winter foray.

But he still didn't like the cold. It made his skin draw tight and his hair bristle. Chilling the tips of his fingers and biting the end of his nose until he thought it was running. He ended up sniffing perpetually, or rubbing his face against his shoulder when he needed to be silent.

The town had been dreary. Shut up tight, probably because of the cold as much of the late hour. Smoke poured from the chimneys, turning the sky a bland sort of grey. After using his Red to pop the darker locks among the buildings, he'd slunk away. First behind what someone suspected was a warehouse - and Roan suspected they were right - and then into the trees.

There were a few others creeping among the tall shadows, scouting houses farther out. Roan went past them. Roaming farther, higher, which was colder. But the deeper snow cushioned his foot steps, and the branches and leaves froze in a manner that was appealing. None of it would last the trip home, but he'd still have the memories.

The quiet was eerie. And subtle. The leaves didn't tremble in a way he was used to. Water dripped from a lattice work of frozen pillars handing from branches, occasionally dotting his cheek or hair. It made him flinch - colder than cold - but there was the beginnings of a pond teasing him through the trees. Ice working in from its shores in a way he wanted to see.

His probes found nothing alarming. Sleeping or sleepy animals, mostly. Like the town, they tried drowsing the cold away. The screams from below faint enough to not be disturbing. The crackle of power in the air made him edgy, but Roan knew he'd find nothing to test or interest him in the houses or shops. The mountains were a desert.

Roan was sure only trouble came from the cold.

Alarm swept up his spine. Probe swirling against something not quite right. Too late though. A shadow launched itself at him, and Roan was rolling before his thinking brain could catch up with his instinct. Shields forming, craft melting snow. He snarled and grappled, burying fingers in hair, and flesh, his nose in dirty clothing.

Enemy! Attach! His brain screamed, but another part of him, older and darker, kept his craft from melting barriers and webs so much lighter than his own. Not quite. The old dragon in him whispered. The prince of warlords. Not quite.

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Re: Surprises in Winter
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2020, 05:03:10 PM »
Alesia was out hunting, a bow slung over her back and a dagger glinting in her hand. She left no tracks in the snow, the land shifting and stretching out to protect its Queen. Her land.  The silent trees, the echo of a bird as it flew, a single black speck streaking the grey sky. She knew every hollow, every root, every sapling that was just breaking free from the dirt. Right now, the hidden Queen had her eyes on a buck below her, its horns pronged and its eyes staring off in the distance, listening. She knocked an arrow to her bow, the rough bark underneath her, and was about to hit the animal straight in the heart when a vibration caught her attention. A shift. Through the dirt, up the tree she was perched in, and into her slender frame.

The land was soaking up blood.

Lowering her bow, the buck ran off as Sia put her hand on the tree and reached out with her Land Sense. She followed the roots of the fur tree, under the dirt and across the forest, until she felt a disturbance in the village below. Blood pooled on her land and feet rushed across the surface, boots digging deep into the land. The Queen swept away from the disturbance, searching for others, strays wondering up her mountain.

There was one, his steps careful, steady, drawing closer to her home. While it was hidden well, the land obscuring the entrance, Alesia was not one to take a chance. In fact, she was not one to let anyone to come close to her family and live to return to theirs. There was a reason that the village people spoke of the Hell Hound in the mountain, guarding the mountain pass from wayward travelers.

Sia made her way down the tree and silently climbed another, using the tangled branches of the evergreens to climb upward and across, until she was lying in wait for the male. For it was a male. She could tell that much from the heaviness of his steps, stupid and heavy. No sense of the marks he left on the land. Her clothes, made from the pelts of the animals she killed, blended in with the brown of the trees and her scent, a mix of fur leaves and herbs, was that of the forest itself. A psychic and visual shield wrapped around her body as Sia’s prey crept closer. Just like the buck that had gotten away. The temperature dropped lower as he appeared, the snow cracking under foot and the air freezing in the throat.

One more step. One more step.

A knife was thrown, perfect and deadly, at the male’s back a second before the hidden Queen leapt from the branches. Her hands were raised above her head, elbow pointed out, hopefully to smash down on the male’s skull. Such a blow, if successful, could knock him out or seriously daze him. If not, she would scramble away from her target, ripped hair left in his hands and wild eyes, before drawing the sword at her waist to challenge him.

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Re: Surprises in Winter
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2020, 06:26:16 AM »

The fabric of his clothing had parted. Cut, he realized, as the cold air wove its way into the crack to caress his skin. Shields too tight to protect clothing he was likely to discard anyway. Roan so hated to bring all the cling psychic imprints left of his raid clothing home to disturb his wife.

Or make her ask questions.

A single bead of blood welled his shoulder blade. Roan could smell his own power in it. The heaviness of his caste, and the dark promise of his Red. Licking his lips, he took in the scene. A wild creature was poised before him. All tangled hair and dirty hides, waving a sword at him like a child's toy. Roan blinked, half crouched and ready. His thumb rubbing strands of hair along his finger.

"Really?" He asked her, surprise rising the pitch of his snarled accusation. A sword? Against him? Maybe she didn't understand. She was foolish enough to engage him in first place. Roan's heart stuttered in his chest. He hated killing women. But when he walked the fields, Roan killed everything without much thought.

But the killing field did not stretch between them. Just snow and confusion tinged annoyance. "That was, lady, very stupid of you." Maybe he was capture her. It was the thing to do. Drag pretty women back to the islands to serve Paon's glory as slaves. Roan ambushed her with probes. A woman, most definitely, with Jewels a blink in comparison to his Red.

Most of her his however. Caste and flat taste on his tongue. It was like her appearance, too muddied to be judged. He brought the hair she'd shed in his fist to his nose, sniffing. Not quite. That little voice whispered, disturbing him. Roan shrugged it away and lunged, one long arm snaking out to test her reflexes. Craft sweeping out for the opposite ankle.

He wasn't afraid of some furlined waif brandishing a sword. Lazy as he was, Roan was a warrior of Paon.


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