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Re: Traveling Too
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He knew the priests would call it grace. And that the old spider would call it design. Koa could never say how he viewed these chance encounters. Happenstance that turned out important later. He let them discuss them and turn them into something divine while he simply lived them and brought back the tales of his travels.

Not that he met other bears by accident often.

Neither did she by the look of things. How big was she, he wondered idly, not really wanting to find out.

"We are a secretive people," he soothed, when she seemed more troubled by the not knowing than Koa was. He found comfort in doing what he was good at. Finding what he was sent to find. Helping children he saw the ghost of himself in. Rejected, scorned. Hoping to save others from monikers similar to his own.

Stjerne. Koa found it on the map, nestled in the farmland. "I do not imagine there are many." More suited to solitary life, were bears. But there was comfort in having your own people around you. The same as families who never spread beyond a street. People building cities so that they could live nearly on top of each other.

As much as he liked home, Koa liked the going as well.

Eyes drawn away from the boundaries of the map, Koa picked up the leaflet she laid down. Bold lettering splashing across the page to draw attention and keep it. "Interesting." He'd never been to one. His thumb trailed down the list of addresses, spread across Raej like anchor hooks in a web. "Can you sense them?" He asked, eyes tipping back up to her. He never had, the webs built into Raej's very soil.

People talked about them, but Koa never felt whatever it was they did. Or even noticed their presence at all.

Audun Dahl

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Re: Traveling Too
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Secretive was one word for it, Audun thought. Secret enough to have been kept right under her nose as a child and still not notice until it bit her.
My own willful wandering didn't help, she allowed. Home had never been quite able to cool her heels enough. More time spent between the walls of her childhood instead of beneath the sky may have sooner revealed the secrets of her family to her. But maybe that was part of the bear too - after all, Koa seemed happy enough roaming hither and yon, and Audun couldn't imagine that all of her siblings were just roosting at home, tallying ledgers and doing farm work.

"I don't know weather I want there to be only a few, or very many, stashed all around." Secret and safe, was the key. She'd been a menace in her fur, during her learning, and a danger. The shadows of her first shift still clung to her worst days, claws sinking as deep into her as hers had then. She wondered if it would be as hard, now, so long from a shift. If having those like her around would be better or worse for it.

She tilted her head back and forth, one of her hands following the motion. "Now that I've been trained to, for the most part. It's hard to distinguish the older ones from the land some, the way the soil absorbs the Craft. New and recently repaired ones are the easiest to feel, they aren't quite so smooth." Like a paving stone lifted and replaced, almost perfect but not quite. Sometimes that was what one had to look for, when finding what the upset in the web was. "I don't do so much work on them, myself. I just determine how big the working is and who might be best for it.

She'd never been able to pin down how the awareness of a web felt to her, and often times no two reports of web 'activity' were the same. People wrote in about feeling wrong-footed, about feeling tired, or anxious, or just feeling like the Craft around their home was 'too heavy' or 'too light'. The first part of an assessment was often trying to see if it was the web acting up or something else. "The ones in the cities are the most obvious, I think. It's like a calming drought I guess, but in your thoughts. People don't tend to be as in a hurry in those places." Although the pleasantness was sometimes strangely artificial to those aware of it, there was a surprising lack of crime in the places where the foundation webs were densest. The compulsion that 'people with horns are perfectly normal, everything is fine' tended to sand down even unrelated nerves.

There were a lot of smiling tourists and immigrants in the cities. Sometimes Audun wished she got assigned there more, just for relief from people being in a snit about her inspecting their property. Those city webs typically had specialists on hand though, and she couldn't claim there was any kind of truth in her frequent desire for a change in scenery.

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