Choi, Jia

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Jia Choi

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Choi, Jia
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Jia Choi

The Basics

Full Name: Jia Choi
Age: 430 as of AW 103
Gender/Pronouns: She/hers

Ethnicity: Dhemlanese
Birthplace: Isha
Current Location: Chusati
Profession: Leader of the Gentle Hand jopok

Caste: Queen
Birthright Jewel: Rose (CUT 18)
Offering Jewel: Blood Opal (CUT 83)

Face Claim: Park Ji hye

The Body

Height: 5'10
Body Type: Slim
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Gold

Strength. Resolve. Power. Jia has worked for years to cultivate the air of casual threat that is her first layer of armor. Her outfits are typically those that prioritize mobility while still being fashion forward, frequently featuring pieces from other territories, acquired from the Isha markets. She's a tall woman, slim muscle toned from archery and the mandatory home defense lessons insisted on by her father, and the slightly more aggressive tactics taught by her mother.

Layers of subtle patterns that show obvious craftsmanship, in strong colors like black, red, and navy, accented with lighter partner hues. She leans aggressively into Dhemlan's menswear, often adding a men's outer jacket to her outfits, or trading her pants for her brother's. His shirts, too, if she can get away with it, although she has plenty she's bought for herself. Immaculate, sharp makeup and tastefully expensive accessories complete her looks. The impact of a first appearance is important, and Jia treats every outing like she's meeting a potential client for the first time. Best foot forward, and all that.

Beneath metal reinforced layers and cloth woven through with protective Craft, Jia is pretty. High cheekbones, pointed chin, challenging gold eyes. She's learned to weaponize her face, her hands, her hair, to get what she wants best. She appreciates the opulence she can afford, and lounges in expensive fabrics and imported cloth. She is fiercely protective of her wardrobe, and takes exceptional care of it. Beneath it, there are only three scars: one, between ribs and left hip, shallow and pink; the second, along the back of her right tricep, deeper, raised; the third, triangular, on her right hip, deeper than the others, smooth and pale, a depression in her muscle. Scars from the struggle to power.

The Mind

Craft Strengths: 15pts
Blood Bonds
Calming Touch
Reading the Land
Queens Gift
Craft Weaknesses: Cushioning Spells, Binding Spells, Sight Shields

Power is for those who can take it, and Jia wants as much as she can grab.

Ambition has been grown in her, planted by parents who saw her caste and potential as something to be refined to reflect better on themselves and their fallen state. She'd headstrong, firm. She has to be, her organization depends on it, and by now she doesn't know how to be any other way. Confident, decisive. Jia views the world as three pieces of a rotating puzzle: the things that are hers, the things that aren't, and what steps are necessary to change that. She believes in hands investigation and application of her skills, and meets all of her potential clients and acquisitions herself. There is nothing Jia would ask of her subordinates that she wouldn't do, even if it's something that might be considered outside of her wheelhouse.

Bold, brash, loud. Comfortable in her skin. People like to be around Jia and Jia likes to be around people, and easily commands the attention of groups when she wants it. She's a social butterfly with the sting of a wasp, and an iron command of her caste. Everything Jia is can be turned outward into hooks or knives or open hands.

The Backstory

  • Hwaja | Mother | Purple Dusk to Opal Caste
  • Jungsu | Father | Yellow to Rose Caste
  • Jin-ho | Brother | White to Tiger Eye Caste
  • Haeun | Sister | White to Tiger Eye Caste

Birth, Birthright
First daughter to a family disgraced. Immediately impacted by Dhemlan’s cultural struggle. Young parents, a marriage match proved agreeable business transaction when Jia was born. Her potential couldn't save them from disparity, and she had no recollection of the status of their life prior to Isha's competitive business landscape. Isha, where innovation garnered curiosity and, typically, marketability; access to outside goods was a fast, if tempestuous, way to pad one's pockets. It was here that Jia first learned the foundation of her own organization.

Her mother insisted that Jia would also be learning the rougher practices of the army men and the defense techniques for women to protect their homes. Her uncle had been a soldier, lost in one of Witch's campaigns, and had explained the differences in fighting, in weapons, the tactics. They had always been traders, and she was not ignorant to the differences between the ships and the courts. Jia, likely to be pressed between them, would know how to conquer both.

Her birthright ceremony was an affair strangled in anticipation. Rose was not what they had hoped for, but the potential of her position was strong. They regarded her straightforward psychic scent a boon, believing in the confirmation of her Queen caste as being a proof of the road ahead of her. At sixteen, Jia was already balking at the ties that wound around her. More and more, she ached to escape.

School was the root of Jia's evils, those first decades. Bitterness made her lazy and studious by turns, frustrating. Her practiced diligence made her periods of dramatic delinquency that much more aggravating. Jia was further engaged by the nuance of the trade system, at her father's behest.

In class, Jia was encouraged to make connections, support, allies. Potential sprawled before her, people who smiled at her and laughed no matter what she said. It decreased her estimation of their value; they bent themselves to her because of her Caste, not because of who she was.

Then a Queen was added to her tutor roster. Rose to Summer-sky, one of several apprenticed within a district court but without status. Seoa was haughty, aloof, enamored of her own importance and convinced that her fumbling political machinations would bear great fruit.

She was a learning opportunity. Practice: Jia expressed her dislike, couched in a bid for her own future, concern over her lessons. Out went Seoa, and the first nail in the coffin of Jia's future found its home.

The longer she cultivated them, the broader her scope grew. Court politics spread beyond walls and circle titles. Deck hands had Captains they preferred to contract with, because those Captains were beholden to traders in the city who treated them how they thought they deserved to be treated; those traders were partners to businesses, those business vying for the attention of the greater families, who jockeyed among each other for seats, for the shadows behind seats, for the ears of the court. No individual was exempt from their reach, intentional or not. Not even her.

She didn't want to play that game.

Her about-face regarding her studies was startling. She went from caring for none of it to leaping at lessons, to learn finances, to read trade law. She found satisfaction in her growing knowledge, furthered when she came away from her Virgin Night feeling stronger, more centered. At eighty she descended for her Offering. The Blood Opal she returned with another nail, another piece slotting into place.

Territory Exams
There was some speculation about the time Jia took to get around to her Exams. It was her own doing - she engaged in subjects outside her Caste and her projected position. She wasn't particularly inclined, with little natural inclination, but she was a diligent student. The same could be said of the classes in other castes, which she could only audit but took extensive notes on all the same.

Her lingering years allowed for mysticism to grow. Jia Choi, who gathered all sorts, who seemed to know everyone. Always with detailed interest. Jia Choi, who always treated you like the center of the world, no matter what you talked about. Jia Choi, Blood Opal Queen, with such skill, such promise; surely she would be sent up the rungs of Witch's court.

She let them flow, focused instead on new students, picking and pulling at threads to weave an image that mirrored what she wanted to achieve. Already her position was noted at the left hands of her parents, and she'd fostered her own connections in the shadows of theirs.

One of the final steps was her Territory Exams. About a hundred and twenty years after enrolling in the first place.

Fledgling Family
Dhemlan forgave her citizens of much during the end of Witch's reign. Subjugating territories had proven difficult, and resources wept out at their Lady's call. In the wake of those resources, struggling citizens festered. This was where her eyes turned after the Exams. Her parents rejoiced at her scores, searching for a court to contract with. She let them, covertly directing any that seemed too promising or interested into the hearth.

Working downwards. Frustrated ship captains, desperate tradespeople, languishing businesses; she introduced them to each other, gathered favors like coppers to pave the way to gold. Pulled promises from them, outlines of contracts and whispers of more, more, more. Paid struggling youth to guard her fledgling investments, to protect the businesses she favored, to grow their ranks, recruit their friends.

It was slow work. Contacts and hired muscle vetted in secret, careful to keep from eyes that might mention her company to her parents. She couldn't be too frugal, but she couldn't accept just anyone, and the line was difficult.

The dangers were greater too. It wasn't long before Jia's gang was butting heads with other strains of thug, ones who wouldn't be swayed with promises of a brighter future. Jia's growing sprawl were looking for stability outside the influence of the courts, and not everyone shared that ideal.

First contact ended poorly. Her gang came home bloody, bruised, hand-shy. And Jia, confident and painfully young, used to the structure of school, decided to confront the issue. The altercation gained Jia her first scar, a knife slid below her ribs, her blood on the hands of her following. Back in their safe house, that same blood bound her trusted pillars, swore allegiance and support while she healed and planned.

She would not be caught wrong footed again.

Jia was a creature of hunger and determination, and after their introduction into real criminal life, her Gentle Hands pulled into itself, plotting. Waiting. Growing, quietly, beneath the shadows of their enemies.

Her fortune was found in Witch's fall.

Returning soldiers flushed her ranks with men and women adrift, afflicted. Being a Gentle Hand wasn't like the harsher edges of her competition. She didn't ask for blood fealty, didn't take undue tithes from her people. Her connections made healers and resources available to those who had nothing, who came home to families that shamed them, who they couldn't stand to see, who no longer lived. Housing, community, employment: Jia could offer it all, with the understanding that if they accepted, they were hers. Her people, her family. Her jopok. If they didn't participate, she said, they would at least look away.

After Witch's war, silence and blindness were a blessing to most.

The more that returned, the more the Hands earned, the more buildings and businesses fell under her shadow. Like the creeping fog, the their presence inched through the city. Her people occupied swaths of residential streets, went to work at her restaurants and general stores, guarded her couriers and trade affiliates.

And when the time came, her enemies burned around her, businesses and bodies alike. Her gang was fierce, hungry. Her lieutenants were loyal, their squads eager, quick learners. The competition she didn't subjugate or absorb made reluctant peace with her, and Jia ascended to the head of a court she'd created. She left her parents home and didn't look back.

Isha finds itself at an uneasy, often rough, stalemate: Jia's Gentle Hands are the affable monsters that haunt the shadows, dominating roughly a third of Isha's criminal climate. Intra-gang politics change by the week, and the politics of the jopok councils are as fanged and layered as those of the courts. Everyone seeks to keep their place or better, and it is with this in mind that Jia has taken a lieutenant and a squad and ventured out, across the pastoral views of Shuki's bountiful farmland, and slid into the shadows of Chusati. Being trapped by the shattered winds and destroyed ground roads has turned her focus to setting up a branch of the Gentle Hands in Chusati.

Her hunt begins.

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Could I get mmm a br and offering, and 4 fam rolls?
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The Darkness has granted you...
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As requested, FOUR family rolls:
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