A Quick Drop and a Sudden Stop
« on: September 14, 2020, 09:50:27 AM »
Traveling was lovely. All the sights to see, all the people to meet. Siobahn was having the time of her life. Granted she wasn't alone, she had that babysitter her sister had forced on her, but she was still having the time of her life. She'd managed to see the herds of Dea al Mon's territory queen, the forests and plains of the entire place. She'd even managed to find other seal people, something she'd known could happen but hadn't really expected. Truly the time of her life and she'd only tried to avoid her babysitter once or twice, not that she'd actually succeed. They were like a burr stuck in her ass in the most awkward of manners. Stuck like a tick and she couldn't get rid of them.

Siobahn was relaxed in the winds, the trip uneventful and like any other. Moving from Polod and Nar was easy peasy and no problem, something she'd been doing for decades and she wasn't worried. She probably should've been in hindsight but hindsight was something she couldn't have predicted. She wasn't a widow and her specialties were heart and queen, not predicting what was going on around them any given day. A shift in the winds had her perking up, a little more notice of what was going on around her. Another shift had her reaching for her sitter, the other's darker jewel was a beacon she could latch on, something that could protect her should the need arise.

She never made it.

A blast of something, of power unexpected and of rage and anger soaking every bit of it. It was terrible in its power and Siobahn shivered with the depth of that anger, her queen senses tingling with a need to soothe and protect. Until that blast of power shattered everything holding her steady. She blasted from the winds, seconds to realize that this was not anywhere close to Nar or Polod and seconds to wonder where she'd ended up before her body crashed to the ground.

The pain was instant as her body bounced to a stop. It was errible and a scream built in her throat before everything near her blackened, and she slipped into unconsciousness. Where was she, was the last thought before she slipped under.