Dhemlan Wanteds
« on: August 05, 2020, 12:49:46 AM »
The Power Vacuum Beckons

The Seat Remains Empty

The state of the State:
Dhemlan stands in political and psychic upheaval. The Territory Seat remains vacated, the last Queen to hold the title dead, murdered perhaps, in the middle of peace talks with Dhemlan's historic adversary Askavi. Leaderless and floundering, the breaking of the Winds and the following backlash of power has left the land ravaged by sinkholes and earthquakes, while ground travel through the mountains is reduced to nothing by rock slides. Against this battered horizon the home of the Territory Court lays in ruin at Chusati's peak, reconstruction slow going after the attack brought on by the figure that appeared in Dhemlan's sky all those weeks ago. Amplified by the rolling wave that broke the winds, the city aches in psychic sympathy to the stranger's pain, and civil unrest is climbing the longer the citizenry remain unmoored. Only a handful know that their people cry out in unity with an Eyrien male, imprisoned now beneath the court Seat.

Factions and Free Agents:
Now is the the perfect time for an entrepreneuring individual or individuals to take Dhemlan by the reins. The history of generational dissonance in Dhemlan as a whole makes now an ideal time for any aspiring revolutionary to take up the mantle and steal command of the Territory, either through martial strength, guerrilla warfare, heavy handed political grandstanding or tactful assassinations. Whether or not the best interests of Dhemlan, a group, an individual, or if a foreign influence masquerading as a friend is behind the scenes, the driving factor is up to you, but anyone who can take a stab at the seat is within their power to do so.

What Are We Looking For: Contenders for the Territory Ruler, people looking to gain political clout, people looking to stir the pot, people looking to build their own little slice of the world out of the chaos. Anyone who wants to start something, to seize something out of the mayhem, their time is now. Yakuza or Jo-Pok organizations, advancement of the Shikao sect or Witch sympathizers. Dhemlan's turmoil is shaking loose shadows and lifting stones that might have otherwise remained hidden.
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