All's fair in love and war

Description: Bannick/Harrow


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All's fair in love and war
« on: March 21, 2020, 11:08:50 AM »
She tossed her small daughter in the air one more time to here the bright and brilliant laughter fill her home. One last time for however long this would take. She'd sent word to her husband, that dark man who was her love, to come and to bring his queen when he was ready. Her own would be along shortly, a pigeon sent to tell her so. Leas was not worried for the wildness that may happen but she worried that her husband would have to choose sides and she would take great pains to ensure he never did. She did not want a bitter and angry husband if he was forced, only the loving and gentleman she had now.

Opposite sides of an invisible wall never deterred her from loving her Bannick and now would not be the same. It was high time Sorcha and Harrow met, high time that these two fierce queens met on neutral ground and high time they figured everything out. Leas had no trouble offering her home to the pair of them when Sorcha had asked. She trusted the hornless queen to keep them safe. A peal of bright laughter brought her mind back to the issue at hand. Her eyes crinkled as her face glowed with love for the little girl that looked more like Bannick than she did Leas.

Not that the woman minded. Bannick was stunningly beautiful and if Vanya was the same when she grew the more luck she would have. "Are you ready to see papa?" she asked the little girl as she brought her forward to nuzzle at cheeks and neck to hear more squeals of delight from her. "Pa!" the little girl laughed, "Pa!" Leas squeezed the girl as sensitive ears caught sounds outside and she knew the chaos might have begun. Child on her hip, antlers strung with gifts and baubles from her husband. Her opal and summer-sky twinkled in the mess of the gems and jewels.

"We shall let that silly papa in," she said as she moved towards the door to let Bannick inside. It would be Bannick first, she needed to bask in his love and attention before bringing everyone else in. She needed to warn him of what Sorcha wished to speak to Harrow about now that the shield was completely destroyed Door swung open to frame the large man that was hers. Breath caught at his sight, she was always amazed that he was hers every time she saw him. "Come, husband," she said as she moved aside for him, "You explained they would need to wait a few moments before they could enter?"

She could only hope his queen would heed her request. She did not know Harrow. Did not know how much respect she would have for someone else, she only knew that Sorcha would wait until Leas signaled her to join. She could only hope Harrow would do the same.



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Re: All's fair in love and war
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2020, 09:16:49 AM »

He'd brought reinforcements. Probes stretching outward, Bannick tried to gauge the number of men the hornless queen had brought with her. Behind him, Harrow waited with her escort. She would only allow the one, his heart shaped horns the backdrop behind her shoulders. Bannick was not sure he was enough should things go poorly.

But at least he could trust the praying Prince to keep Harrow distracted. Allow him the few moments he'd requested. That his wife had requested. "Wait here." Glance hard over his shoulder for the diminutive queen behind him. Harrow smiled, cloudy brown eyes looking right through him.

"Of course," she promised with all the blitheness of a child.

Bannick didn't trust her for a moment. He knew she was eager to meet the territory's queen. To show herself as the greater force. Closing his eyes so that none could see them roll skyward in long suffering, Bannick left the trees for the clearing of his wife's house. Could feel the quiet warning of his own craft sunk into the ground. Little things he'd left behind to ward her.

He had to dip his head and tuck his chin toward his shoulder to fit through the door. Antlers too broad to make entry easy. Wife and daughter there to greet. Bannick bent low over them, grinning into small hands that patted at his face and tugged at his hair and horns. Fangs carefully shielded so that no one was hurt.

"I did, just as you asked me." All his women wanted something from him. Some asked for easier things than others. Leas never asked for much, but this might have been the hardest thing. Controlling Harrow had always been outside Bannick's abilities. Or anyone elses. He hoped this Tempest fared better when it came to tempering her.

But he doubted it.

Circling Leas' waist, Bannick pulled her close for kissing. Chaste ones, to spare their child. And the queens, should they decide not to wait as requested. "Her patience will not hold for long. She is eager to meet the hornless queen." Pressing his nose to her cheek, Bannick stroked Vanya's hair and breathed them in. These were his. His wife. His daughter. His loves. Little pieces of his heart that walked free of his body. And far from it.

He wished the queens would just disappear.


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