Found Magic. Need Help. - a magicians (tv show/books) rp
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It began with one small shift in power. One of the old gods was stripped of their power. At first, nothing happened, and all fountain worlds were at peace. The Library itself thought of it as nothing but a small glitch that could easily be fixed by changing around a couple of books. It was not supposed to be a threat, and it was only supposed to be a temporary imbalance. No one could have predicted the calamity that would befall the Neitherlands and each and every universe that existed out there. Although Earth and Fillory are still as we know them, minor changes have been occurring when magic is involved. Spells backfire, incantations are in other languages than people remember, and Fillory is almost...normal. Not all creatures can speak anymore, and the gods continue to ignore the mortals' pleas.

Found Magic. Need Help. is a Magicians-centric roleplay based on the tv show and the trilogy of books. Characters of all kinds from the universe are accepted, including, but not limited to, humans and beings of Earth, and Fillorians. We do have a plot to get you all started which will run in the background, but otherwise, this board is free and open to creativity - the sky's the limit!