Ill bargains
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It looked so, so, common. The commonality of it bothered Simon a great deal. Lids low and thumb stroking the dark hair that bristled on his chin, he looked at the ship. His lips formed a faint frown, shadowed by the crease of his brow.

It was just so damn common! Like any other ship you would see in a harbor. Fat things that carried crates of this and barrels of that. It floated, sleepy and still in the water, sails furled and decks empty. Floated when Simon knew it could fly. He just hadn't managed to figure out how.

That annoyed him too. He had laid plans, and traps, and worked meticulously to discover that very secret. He knew it had laid in the captain, and the captain was the surest way to find out what he knew. But now that captain was dead, and his secrets with him. Eero Av Meols. Simon would never forget the name. A prince like himself, though his edge had proved duller than Simon's own.

Too aware for his own good. He'd spun Simon's compulsion spell out of control, taken insult to its use, and started a fight he'd had no hope of finishing. All his military training had not managed to stand up against Simon's Grey. It was a pity, and a waste. All Simon had wanted was the knowledge. But now he had a ship, and no way to man it.

For now.