Event: Brimstone
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Beneath the temple water boiled. The inky black surface stirred, smoke like molten rising from the still surface before the bubbling began. Upon her coronation as Mother Priestess, Eulalie had offered that water a single drop of blood so that it might recognize her, remember her. No one drank from it. Nothing but blood was ever fed to it.

Below the serene surface was the maw of the volcano. Its cap filled by rain water before the temple had grown over it. It never stirred. Nothing grew from it. The ground around it black sand and barren. But now it boiled. The hiss of its stream creeping up the staircases and into the temple. Like the furious warning of a snake pile.

Flanked by her eunuchs, Eulalie descended the stairs. Heat rose up them to meet her. The air was so wet it clung to her skin and weighed down her hair. Face flushed and body sweating, she continued down after only a moments pause to blink the steam from her eyes. Bubbles rose and popped. Water dissipating. Black turning to grey as it frothed. Grey to yellow. Yellow to orange as fire rose up from beneath the lake.

Red hot heat drinking away the water until lava filled the hollow. Hissing and spitting like an angry cat before it began climbing up the shores. Fingers reaching out across the sand, turning it back into glass, molten silver mingling with the molten stone. "Back up the stairs." She warned them, palms flat to stomachs as she pushed them back.

Shielding her shields.

"Warn the others." They retreated up the stairs. Watched as the thin rivers reached the walls and found holes to burrow through. Streams that burned their slow way through the temple and down the mountain side. It took days to cut its way through the town at the mountain's base. Days to reach the sea, which hissed at the meeting.

The water withdrawing from the shore as if afraid of the heat. A warning of the mainland's corruption, the Mother Priestess explained. It was simply Mother Night reminding them of her power. Separating them from the unholy and unfaithful by severing the Winds so that they could remember. So they could plan.

Quietly she had the queens gathered to watch the sea. Which rolled ever outward, away from the blood flow of firestone.