Afternoon Snack [cw]

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Re: Afternoon Snack
« Reply #30 on: July 22, 2020, 12:49:47 AM »
Aramis breathed deep, focusing on the prickle of grass against his naked shoulders rather than the alluring, demanding press and slide of Pella. The heat of sex warred with the cooler, toothier parts of him.

The parts Pella poked, prodded, stroked into restlessness at the same time as he tried to guide those edges away from her. What would she say, after all, if he whispered his passive dreams to her? How he imagined how her flesh tasted, tender and red? That even then the bristles and the teeth were closer than she might like, and farther than he normally held them.

That these same parts encouraged a hand across her back to grab the curve of her ribs, to brace her and him as he rolled them, sliding free of her heat as he bent his knees in the follow through to hover above her.

Again, an angle not displeasing. Her hair spread in the grass, the change in shadows, the play of sun across her skin. The facsimile of secrets spread across her in the shape of leaves and and light. Someone more artistic might have described her a feast. Aramis had no such delusions; he knew how long Pella would last, bite for bite. His, bite for bite, greater than any meal and likely never enough if he were to really start.

"Oh, Pella," he murmured, eyes flickering over the soft sweep of her neck. Palms to wrists, thumbs stroking the curve where all her lines came together. "You wouldn't know where to begin if I asked."

Because the reality of it was always so different than the idea. Perhaps Pella would not regret his rule against bringing his outside activities into the family forum. Perhaps it would not go amiss to start taking bites out of the trophies that furnished their house. Perhaps he would start with her.

Slowly, gently, eyes half lidded and mouth soft, Aramis brought one of her hands to his lips. Guiding her fingers, using them to drag down, pulling his bottom lip with them, exposing the soft, shiny inside. "Perhaps I won't." The Green was so warm. So easy to lean into. To think Pella and mine, and let his fingers drift from hers. Easy to slide down her body, drawing swirls and loops, following with his mouth. Not quite kisses, not quite bites, teeth present but guarded. The smooth, thin skin at the junction of pelvis and hip fascinated, but he turned his attention up the naked planes of her instead. "Perhaps I'll just... take."

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Re: Afternoon Snack [cw]
« Reply #31 on: July 25, 2020, 06:48:02 AM »

Her heart beat fast. Pella had seen rabbits before. Dapple furred creatures that hid in the shadows of the trees. Nora was especially good at spotting them, pointing out their wide, liquid eyes watching them. Pella noticed more the way their noses moved, and their sides heaved.

She imaged they felt the same, she and those rabbits. Hearts beating too fast. Bodies full of adrenaline. Even a shared fear that made her back arch and her stomach coil as Aramis rolled them, pinning her now to the ground. Her muscles strained against him, flight rushing through her body.

But desire turned escape into longing. Pinioned her shoulder blades so that her breasts were thrust toward rather than away. Fingers curling in her palms. "I wouldn't?" She asked him softly, eyes a different soft of liquid than a hares. Maybe he had forgotten between this time and the last just how skilled a lover Pella was. It made her smile.

While his teeth made her tremble. The knot in her stomach drawing taut and cold as the glossy underside of his lip exposed the violent eruptions of his teeth from his gums. Is that what he wanted? What he dare not ask? To devour her down like some luckless creature? A rabbit in a snare, perhaps? But what a delightful snare. Breath catching, Pella squirmed, stroking his face as he released her to...

To what? To nibble his way across her body until it trembled. Just like a frightened creature in the wild. The juncture of her thighs so wet the slid against each other without friction as she squirmed. Hands stroking his hair and shoulders as she flinched and writhed beneath him. Fleeing his teeth but always returning for more.

"There!" She gasped, shamelessly, body bucking against his mouth when it covered a particularly sensitive spot. Oh Mother Night, he was both trial and reward. The monster who frightened her at night and the man who saved her.

Aramis Dupuis

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Re: Afternoon Snack
« Reply #32 on: July 30, 2020, 03:55:43 AM »
He had had an intermittent fascination with preserved beetles, butterflies, and small animals when he'd been young. In a lull between trapping, when food and marks were given the same consideration, and he had had to weigh saving against an empty stomach. The island's wildlife was varied and interesting, but meat and feathers and unblemished shells sold, and marks bought food that lasted, clothes with room to grow, shoes and books and things to better a life.

So he'd practiced, pinning butterflies, beetles, small birds. Pella reminded him of them, the way he'd had to handle them so, so carefully to keep all those tiny bones in skin that felt too thin, gossamer wings that ripped at the slightest touch.

He could part her skin from her flesh as thinly as a grape's. Drawn back, mouth pressed against the curve of her bent knee, Aramis watched his own fingers stroke over the crest of her thigh and then out of sight. Again and again, disturbing the fine hairs there.

"No, my heart," he said against the tender flesh beside his mouth, "you wouldn't." And that was a test of... faith, perhaps, that Aramis would rather her not fail.

There are some bars that will always be too high.

Instead he falls back toward her, hands coming up under her legs to hold her hips, nosing along the seam of her hip, the curls of her hair, until he found the moisture between her thighs with lips and tongue. Sweet, almost, like Pella was almost sweet.

He took his teeth to the point of her, teasing there, too, before moving away, nipping the skin to the side, kneeling to force her legs forward, to part around him. "But here is not were I would start."

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