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His hands closed over hers, holding Nora to the hug she didn’t want to release anyway. A cheek to her forehead. It was good comfort. Emile’s skin was warm wet and smelled nicely of sugary soap. He liked this them too. Nora was glad.

”You said she was angry because you did not know how to be a husband.” Nora chewed her lip, chin bobbing against Emile’s shoulder. ”I don’t know how to be a wife. What if that makes you mad? Then we will just be repeating the cycle backwards.” There would be unhappiness and fighting. Nora didn’t want either of those things. She wanted this. Peace and quiet and Emile.

She wanted nothing but kindness between them. Friendship. Kinship. He’d saved her from the tigermen and the whales. Taught her how to fish with a long pole and the best way to keep the other males away from her. How to get in and out of a hammock. Lots of things. He probably had more to teach, and time to spend with her. And Nora had all those things to repay him for, which she couldn’t do if she was gone. Not a chance to tell him she’d be a wife if she had too. Both of them too agreeable. Her with her tempting, and him with his giving in.

”Washing your hair makes me happy.” And it did. A small thing she could do well. She liked when people washed her hair and brushed it out for her. Emile didn’t have enough to need any real grooming, but she could shampoo it and massage his scalp, which he liked. Leaning backward into her until he was nearly resting on her shoulder. Nora grinned and scratched his scalp with her fingernails. ”Imm glad you like it.” So much he offered her shopping trips with Pella.

Things she could trade for. Emile wiped that worry away too. More explanations on how the wider world worked. Or at least this stretch of it. Nothing for Nora to worry about. Pella and Emile would take care of everything. It made her curious to meet the rest. Aramis, his brother, and the women Emile called his. ”Okay. I’ll tell Pella.” Nora agreed before fretting over his hair some more. Emile simply dunked it into her lap, making Nora squeal. Hands caught under his to help work the soap free.

”Don’t drown.” She teased, blowing bubbles away. Tucking him against her shoulder when he surfaced, long body sprawled against her shorted one. She pet him for a moment, just a brief one, and then he was on the move again, Nora following him out of the tub eagerly. ”Just a little.” He wrapped her up in a towel and helped her clean up the bathroom. Puddles wiped up with towels, which Nora gathered up with their clothes and dumped into a basket set aside just for that purpose. Padding after Emile to see the room they’d picked for hers.

”Okay, okay. I’ll help you clean up that mess too.” Eyes wide as she looked around the room. A whole room just for her. Nora didn’t like it. The room was nice, but being alone in it sounded lonely. Which is what it proved to be. Quiet solitude when Emile left to get dressed. Nora busied herself with drying off and fitting her body into borrowed clothes that didn’t quite fit. Quick to find the kitchen again and make herself useful.