Our Bodies Safe to Shore [cw]

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Re: Our Bodies Safe to Shore
« Reply #15 on: April 11, 2020, 07:21:58 AM »

"Anything for my love." He tried. Truly Roan did. AS much as he pleased himself, he tried to please Zephyrine as well. To remember the things she might like to see from the mainland. Her tastes familiar to him now, or wants imprinted upon him. He tried. But she loved the things so many others did. Things that slid past his gaze as it was drawn elsewhere.

And he tried other ways too. Like this. Body curling around her. Shoulders swooping in to shadow her as his pressed a hand down her body. Pressed her body to his body. It was like a jolt that woke him. And her. Roan could feel it, even if she pretended she didn't. Her breathing changed, and her muscles grew tight beneath his hand. It made his spear harden harder. Aching as she lounged back against his body. Giving in to him.

Briefly. Oh so too briefly.

Zephyrine laced her fingers with his, until they were body holding her by her throat. It was so delicate. Skin smooth and fragrant. Roan loved it. He didn't hold to hurt her, and Zephyrine did not make him hurt her either. Instead she drew his hand away. And then her body. His distress was a soft sound at the back of his throat. Like a growl. Like a sigh.

Or maybe a whimper.

She left behind the quick fading heat of her body and her scent. And her dress. Roan looked down at the weight over his arm, and up and up and up the naked length of his wife's body. Eyes chasing dips and hollows. Delving into the little shadows that made his pulse beat in his spear rather than his throat.

His mouth was dry.

"I'll do it." Dress vanished, Roan stood up straight, reaching behind his head to claw his shirt up his back and over his head. It was not graceful, or patient. And difficult as he tried not to take his eyes from Zephyrine. All but ripping his shirt over his head because it cut off the sight of her. Fingers nearly pulling the buttons free on his pants. He pulled them off one long leg at a time and tried not to dance as he did so. He was balanced!

Just in a hurry.

Clothes left in a forgotten heap on the floor he practically chased her to the tub. Or was a it a race? Hands grasping and petting as he pulled her in after him. Craft making sure they didn't actually fall backward into the water. But he needed her in his lap. Wet and slippery so he could lick beads of water from her skin.

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Re: Our Bodies Safe to Shore
« Reply #16 on: April 15, 2020, 01:21:56 AM »
Anything was something Zephyrine knew not to ask for, despite its wonderful vagueness. Best to keep both her expectations and the pressure on Roan as manageable as possible.  A bar too high was a step into resentment, after all. Zeph had had her fill of marriages fouled by unwanted emotions.

But this was a path they knew, a route she liked as much as he. He had touched as much of her as she had of him, after all. Maybe better for it, now.

She watched in amusement as he stripped, good humor gentling the deviant edge of her smile. His eagerness, uncomplicated, bolstering, had her rocking forward on her toes, distracted by the skin he revealed. First his torso, sun darkened and scarred. Raider fit. Skin she wanted to draw her nails down, a stomach she wanted to lick. Forgotten, the shirt she'd have to mend, the trousers she'd get washed, the buttons she'd have to find. Legs, the sharp cut of hip and stomach, the length of his spear - gone in a flash as he dove forward.

Delighted laughter burst out of her as he scooped her up en route to the tub. His hands at once the spark and the balm against her skin, lighting trails across hip and shoulder, side and thigh. Her arms around his neck as he maneuvered back into his lap, mirror to their position at her vanity. Hovering over the water, knees on either side of his lips, toes dangling.

"The bath isn't going anywhere," she teased, fingers from both hands toying in his curls. Metal nails and real nails, and when she tilted her head the brush of her earrings against the skin of her shoulder. Her necklace, his gift, catching the light and tossing colored afterimages against their skin. She placed a lingering kiss on the arch of his cheek. "And neither am I." A promise. A vow. A threat, deep down inside. A little kernel of truth too bitter for their playful, hungry desires.

She scooted forward, knees and toes over open air, dark curled pelvis to dark curled pelvis. She could feel the heat of him, the softness of the skin so different from the firmness of his spear. Shifting her hips until it waited between her folds, already heating and wet from Roan's attentions. Just a subtle difference in angle - she could  see it, shifting back slightly, then up, then forward and down until he was inside her, wholly.

Instead she hovered, teasing them both.

Roan Bélanger

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Re: Our Bodies Safe to Shore
« Reply #17 on: September 20, 2020, 06:42:09 AM »

Was he too impatient? Roan swept his gaze up from her body to her face. The curve of her cheekbone. Th shadow across her shoulder. Her nails tickled him. The almost sensation-less press of her natural nails, dangerous anyway because she was a black widow. The chilling metal scratch of the decorative nails she wore over them. It made the hair on his neck bristle.

No. She was teasing him. Tormenting him. Roan ate it up. "Good." He told her, too entranced to be clever or sweet. He couldn't imagine wanting to be anywhere else. And since Zephyrine was his, she shouldn't be able to either. Couldn't. Wouldn't. Roan's fingers traced the back of her thighs, mouth chasing her body with little nibbles and kisses.

Tormenting him. Always teasing him. Roan hid a smile in her elbow, palms sweeping up her sides. Cupping the shape of her body. Waist. Ribs. Thumbs brushing the outer edges of her breasts. Breasts. "Zephyrine." Roan sang in warning. But there was no danger behind the threat. He just wanted her to know that he knew. Knew she dangled herself above him like a prize on purpose.

So close his spear was sure it could feel the shape of her. Warm folds enveloping him. But her knees were above water. Her body much too dry. Sucking her lower lip, Roan batted his eyelashes at her. Thick and sun bleached at the tips. He felt all over struck by her beauty. And her wickedness. That she was his alone swelled upward in him fiercely. Violently.

Growling, he licked the space between her breasts, fingers curling over her shoulders and pulling her down until his imagination was put away for reality. Heat to heat. "Right there." He rumbled, her earring clattering across his face as he fanned kisses up her neck. His hips jerked, their thrust halted and turned into a measured stroke. Sliding his spear between their bodies.

Roan held her still with a hand at the back of her throat. The other he slid down her spine. Over her sweet ass with a pinch, and then beneath it, fingers seeking to make sure she was ready. That she was pleased.


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