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”No!” Charis hadn’t let anyone near her doorstep while Isi had slept. She’d barely left it herself, afraid he would wake up while she was gone. Or wake while somebody was there. Worse, how did you explain an unwakable warlord prince should someone have discovered him in her room? Not that people just wandered in there when they visited. But Charis worried.

His laughter didn’t really help. He submitted almost meekly. Too amused to fight off her prying. Arms spread as he left her have her way. It didn’t last though. Charis was almost glad because it had to mean his brain was functioning. She didn’t like the shift in his expression though. It made her nervous. So she apologized again instead of answering his question. Rubbing her face against him so they would smell like each other and he would take pity on her if things got ugly.

Isi didn’t like her light, or her probing. Charis dimmed it and missed her mark as she tried kissing him. A sudden space between them as he pulled back. ”I just want to be sure, baby.” She wasn’t trying to upset him or steal his secrets. But Charis stopped. Withdrawing her probes and vanishing her witchlight with a thought while she explained. Isidore did some probing of his own. Heavy things that made her heart race and her webs shiver.

”Yes.” She answered meekly, hands trying to smooth the look from his face. One rubbing his arm while the other spread across his chest. He still felt like himself. Impossibly solid and real. ”I’m sure, baby.” Charis crept closer, leaning a side into his while he thought about it. She wondered if he could see the passage of time the way he looked at nothing. Though she supposed he wouldn’t ask of he could. ”I’m sorry.” She promised again, turning into his touch and kissing the palm of his hand.

He did yell or hit. Just rolled his eyes at her and admitted dangerous things. Nothing that Charis was a danger to him, even if she had worn something to match his Sapphire. ”It’s alright baby. It’ll go better next time.” She curled some of his hair around her fingers and let him draw her in closer. Hands warm and strong on her back. With craft she turned the heat off on the stove and slid the pan aside just before it began to burn, the changing smell warning her. Laughing, Charis licked at his teeth. He was so very wicked.

”Isi baby, you’re incorrigible.” She thought that was the word anyway. ”Sit still and I’ll feed you.” She promised, making sure his ass was planted in the seat by planting her mouth on his and her arms on his shoulders. He was so sweet. Not even a shout for her mistake. So Charis emptied all the food in the pan onto a plate for him, setting it on the counter with a cup of tea for him to enjoy. And then she knelt next to his seat, to make sure all his hungers were taken care of.