A Flower in the Garden

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A Flower in the Garden
« on: December 13, 2018, 10:16:59 AM »
Lifting her chin slightly, Aster sighed softly as her skin soaked up with warmth and light of the summer sun. She had to be careful not to sit too long directly exposed to the life-giving rays else her pale, freckled skin would become painfully red and tight. And then Bellis would scold her. Puffing out her cheeks in annoyance just thinking about it,  the young Cervini Queen got to her feet and moved to a more shaded, but no less warm, part of Ghislaine's garden. It wasn't the Queen's private garden, the one that she and her sister had made their home for a short time nearly two years ago, but a larger one open to those who lived at the Residence but wasn't open to the public. She often came here when she was feeling sad, or thoughtful, or in the way.

It was feeling of being in the way that brought her outside and away from the hustle and bustle of Residence life today, apart from excitement and stress that she guessed came with Mama G wanting to have a baby. Or, did she already have a baby growing inside of her? Aster wasn't sure, and lately, no one seemed to have the time to tell her, always rushing around doing this or that, preparing a nursery, potions, food. She huffed softly, puffing her cheeks out again in annoyance. 

She looked down at her hands and sighed, all the anger bleeding away to be replaced by an emotion she didn't understand. She wasn't exactly afraid. She knew what that felt like, but it was life fear. It sat heavy in her tummy and made it hard to breathe sometimes. She knew she wasn't sick, Hale had shown her how to check for that, and when she asked Bellis, her sister had smiled at her sadly and told her not to worry so much. Her sister wasn't helpful at all, and wasn't that supposed to be her job? Being helpful.

At first, she wondered if she had done something wrong. Everyone's attention seemed to be elsewhere and their patients thin and brittle. Then she'd learned about that maybe baby. She'd noticed that most people, especially human females made big deals about babies, and Aster supposed they were important but wasn't she important too?

When she and Bellis had first joined Ghislaine's court there had been a lot of talks, gossip, some bad and some good, or at least that's what Bellis had told her. She'd enjoyed working with Mama G and Hale, learning about being a Healer and a Queen. She'd enjoyed running around, playing hide and seek with the cats, talking with them and learning everyone's secrets even if she didn't understand half of what they said. But anymore, Mama G and Hale were busy, though they didn't ignore her completely and the cats were still always willing to play, but Aster's heart wasn't in it, too filled with the unknown emotion to leave room for much else.

A sudden thought had her small heart filling with hope, only for that hope to slowly bleed away when she realized that no one would help her. Perhaps if she had her Birthright Jewel, people would see her again, noticer her, need her. She would have more power to practice her Craft with and that was bound to be helpful and needed wasn't it?  But everyone was so busy, so focused on non-Aster things, that she didn't know who to go to. Bellis would be little help since her sister would tell her it was a silly idea, and she didn't want to bother Mama G or her Prince. Hale might take her, but she didn't want to bother him either...With a sad sigh, Aster pulled her legs against her chest and rested a pointed chin against her knees.  She just wanted to help, to not be forgotten.


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Re: A Flower in the Garden
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2018, 03:14:09 PM »
It had started earlier in the week: a twinge of something, sadness or longing, the yearning of a heart far away.

Before he and Ophelia and Aniko had left for Glacia, Aeon had placed tracking spells on all the Queens he could find. It had seemed logical, at the time; now Queens were hunted, and it was his duty to protect them, if he could. The psychic feedback hadn’t been much of a concern measured against the potential benefits.

A flash of anger. A pang of grief. These were normal. Anticipated. Brief aberrations in temperament could be discarded to take the average of the whole. But this feeling—whatever it was—wasn’t brief, and didn’t feel typical. Complex, but steady. Too intense to dismiss.

Perturbed, Aeon gave chase. Better safe than sorry, right? Although, upon his arrival to the idyllic Queen-kept garden, he had to admit that everything already seemed…pretty safe.

Safe enough that his presence alone would be construed as a major threat, anyway; he wrapped one layer of psychic shields around himself, then another, and a third for good measure. If nothing was happening, it was easier to pretend he was never here. But the feeling was so strong. In his quest to locate its source, he stumbled upon a new danger: maids in a hurry, all of them careening along the walkways carrying various pieces of baby furniture.

Was a daycare opening? Surely that was at least five babies worth of furniture. But never mind.

He followed the feeling around corners, well-trimmed hedges and pretty sunlit patios. He followed it until, finally, he was standing a few feet behind it, staring at the back of its crestfallen head.

The complexity made perfect sense, suddenly. Such a small Queen! The sun made her red hair burn like wildfire. Actually, her forearms were pink; literally burning, then. Perhaps he’d be able to coax her into the shade.

“You have an awful lot on your mind, Lady,” said Aeon, smiling so that his eyes crinkled. “I heard it from way, way far away. Why don’t you tell me about it? I’m Aeon.”

He took a spot in the shade, just beside her, neither too close nor too far. Didn’t recognize her, but that was alright. She needed someone, and he’d put a tracking spell on her, after all; even if he didn’t remember, the taste of his own power didn’t lie.  


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Re: A Flower in the Garden
« Reply #2 on: December 23, 2018, 02:02:52 AM »
The sudden appearance of an unknown male in the garden probably would have scared anyone else, but Aster felt no fear as she turned to give the man her attention. Curious by nature, and curious enough to move closer to him so that she too was now under the shade, Aster was too busy trying to figure out why she couldn't sense him like she could everyone else in the Residence to think that he might be a threat, that he might be someone who meant her harm. There had been so many people coming and going recently that he could have been anyone really. She tilted her head as she considered him and his question, hazel eyes taking in his messy dark hair, glasses and dark eyes with an innocence that only a child could manage.

She pulled her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around her legs before she answered. "I'm Aster. I don't think that Mama G wants me anymore." Her voice was more resigned than sorrowful. As if, in her mind, Ghislaine replacing her was something that had only been a matter of time. A  dark and melancholy thought for one so young, but she was no stranger to sadness.

"Bellis says that there's going to be a baby....or there might already be one, I'm not sure. Everyone has been so busy lately...but if Mama G has her own baby, she won't need me anymore." she turned her head so that her cheek rested against her knees and she stared at the man seated beside her. "I want to help, but there is nothing I can do but stay out of the way."

She was quiet for a moment before she decided to ask a question of her own. It was only fair since she'd answered his. " How did you hear me? I wasn't thinking that loudly. Mama G and Lin and everyone has been helping me get better at not doing that, thinking where everyone can hear me."  Now that she'd asked her first question, more started to pour from her mouth, as if she had been starved for attention and interaction her entire life. "Why can't I feel you? Mama G taught me how to do that too. She said it's rude for people to....to....I can't remember the word she used, but she said you shouldn't hide because then people can't find you and if you accidentally scare someone you might get hurt, but you didn't scare me, so I guess I don't need to be afraid of you, which I'm not, just so you know."  On and on she went, in such a way that she was no longer speaking in sentences, but in one long continuous word. When she finally found that she couldn't continue without taking a breath, she did so, giving Aeon a much-needed break from her chattering.

Now that she'd paused in her ramblings, Aster was able to piece her thoughts together in a more cohesive way again, instead of just saying whatever came to her mind. It was something for which Bellis scolded her often. She'd just gotten so caught up and excited to have someone to talk to again, to really talk to, that she'd let herself be rude. "I'm sorry....I didn't mean to be rude."



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