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Re: The missing queen
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Eyes slipping slowly to her face Enele shook his head. Nyree had misunderstood. Of course she had. Innocent minded little chit. ”She’s scared of me Nyree. Or at least of… baby making.” Mother Night she was going to make him fall out of the tree. Tip right off the branch with the ferocity of his blushing. This was not the sort of conversation she should be having. Least of all with Enele. And definitely not in this precarious position.

The scent of her blood so strong he could barely keep the seams of reality and fantasy bleeding together. Only narrowly keeping Enele and the warlord prince from being the same creature. ”No.” She didn’t know. She just thought that she did. ”You don’t know. No one knows.” Not even Enele. Too busy walking the knife’s edge of what the world expected him to be and what the world would permit him to be to know what he actually was. Only know that he had gone out and experienced the broader scope of Blood culture was he starting to piece himself together.

All Nyree knew was the rose tinted version. A young and ballsy Enele who had pulled her from the water. Been her friend when others called her strange, or worried at the sudden blossoming of her caste. Things he had found good reasons for. She had gone to The Darkness and found the strength to come back. Why wouldn’t Mother Night deem her a queen?

”You’ll care when those toes catch gangrene and start to fall off.” He insisted. Maybe he was unconsciously trying to punish her. Letting his own need to see the wounds tended instill a false sense of urgency. Justifying what could have been done more gently by a healer if they waited. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Logic and instinct making war and corroborating in turn. Something about Nyree just stirred the fire under his temper. Fighting him until he was so distracted he wasn’t sure who or what he was mad about anymore.

It wasn’t fair. Why did she have to be so stubborn when it didn’t count? He would do the other one. Just because he was bigger and stronger. Just because he could and she pretended otherwise. But he didn’t argue. Didn’t voice the thought at all. What he did do was growl. Huffing and half snarling as she melded against his chest. Slumping almost, like a tuckered out child that had pitched a fit and needed to be coddled. They fit together so well it made Enele afraid to take a full breath. If he did they would press even closer, and he was sure she would feel the lump straining at his trousers’ waistband.

Giving her an angry snort he shifted his shoulder until the back of her head rested there instead of on the hollow near his neck. That way he could see her face from the corner of his eye. ”If I were in the habit of forcing you to behave the way I wanted then your feet wouldn’t be a bloody mess right now. Take the bag or leave it there, no one’s going to care.” He certainly wouldn't. At least not while anyone was looking.

Their faces almost touched when she turned. Enele straightened his to stare ahead at the grizzled surface of the tree’s bark. Mouth and nose nuzzled against his cheek. Eyelashes a little damp with unshed tears. Salt he could smell but not taste, and the strong promise of sweetness not quite out of reach. The bag appeared in her lap. But it didn’t improve her attitude any. Still opposed to his wound cleaning and determined to pick a fight.

Or not. Confused and annoyed he shook his head. Lulled into silence by the soft stroke of her face to his. There was no hiding what he felt though, Enele had never been able to mask his barriers. Emotion oozing over like sap from a tree. He felt like an old stuffed toy, lost under the bed and forgotten. ”I’m sorry too. But being sorry doesn’t change things does it?” He was sorry he was mad, but he was still mad. Nyree was just too much, and he couldn’t get enough. And none of it was fair.

”Open your bag, then you need to go and find yourself one of those proper healers before catch an infection.” He drank what was left of the vodka so he didn’t change his mind and pour it over her skirts.


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Re: The missing queen
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”You mean sex?” She asked, watching the color spread across his cheeks with interest. ”Or just the baby part?” Nyree was very interested in former, but not the later. Oh she enjoyed babies plenty, but had never much thought about having her own. Except that she probably she shouldn’t. Enele was distracting her however. With pain and fussing. Trying to dissuade her from wiping away what made her feet burn so badly. Disturbed by her blood.

”I do too.” She argued, feet wiped cleanish. Slick with blood but burning less now. ”You all go mad with it.” Before it had been easy to stay inside. Only her brother and father to annoy her. At training there had been dozens of males circling like vultures. She wiped her hands, shoulders rolling defensively. The fussing was worse than the pain. Nyree glanced at him. Enele had never come near during her moontime. Would he now? Hover outside her door until he drove her mad?

”They feel like they are going to burn off now thanks to you.” They fought more. Over her feet. Over his temper. Enele growling and huffing and snarling at her. Nyree bowing in his arms, half trying to escape, half trying to get closer. Until she was closer, nestled between his thighs, back leaning into his chest. Head rolled until it rested on his shoulder.

”What would they be? Not here at all?” He didn’t care. Nyree felt like the abandoned bag at the top of the tree. Left behind, no one really caring what happened to it. She dreamed sometimes of being forgotten. If her Yellow hadn’t shown in the Darkness, if she had proven as casteless as her mother, that they might have set her out or back into the water. It was the blood that made them tolerant. A sort of madness they thought was caring.

Nyree had thought so too. Now she knew better. Giving in and calling the bag down with a thread of craft, she let it pool in her lap. Their lap. He was so close, but Nyree thought he’d never been farther away. Maybe he’d given up on her too. Apology accepted and dismissed all at once. She’d done something, and Nyree didn’t know what. He smelled bitter and unhappy when she turned her face to his. What was he sorry for?

”Okay.” Nyree loosened the drawstrings and let it spill open in her skirts. A menagerie spread out before her. An unnatural herd of animals from across the realm. Beasts Nyree had no hopes of seeing in person carved into wood and brought home to her. Except she hadn’t been home to receive them. ”Oh.” Nyree breathed with a shudder. ”Thanks Enele.” Waiting until he was distracted by the flask, she pressed a quick kiss to his cheek.

”I missed you too.” The most. More than anyone else in the village, her family included. Ever since she’d come back from the water, Enele had been her friend, her favorite person. His moods never dissuading her, his snarling always a promise of safety rather than a warning of danger. ”Will you give me a piggyback ride to the healer? If you’re not too drunk?” She gathered them all up in her arms and vanished them into her cabinet. Later she would take them out one by one and examine them. Questions about each to pelt him with later.


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Re: The missing queen
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”I mean in general.” Enele told her so fiercely it sounded like a lie. Which was ridiculous because Io was, like most people, wary of a warlord prince’s temper. Meeker than most. So shy she hadn’t looked him in the eye yet. But they weren’t talking about in general. They were being specific. Too specific for him to give Nyree a straight answer. ”And also both those parts.” He admitted once his jaw had worked out enough tension to open again.

Stress channelled into arguing about what she did and didn’t know, and over her damn feet. Until she startled him a set of questions that locked his jaw again. Nostrils spread in his disappointment at being asked such a thing at all. ”See. If that’s what you think then you don’t know me.” How could she even suggest he wouldn’t want her here? It made his blood boil all over again. ”You’re the one that left. I offered to take you home.”

But Nyree hadn’t wanted that. She was too smart, or he was too stupid. An entertaining pastime whens he was a child. A safe flirtation because he wouldn’t flirt back. He wasn’t supposed to make promises. The majority of women balked when he paid them any small attention. Why wouldn’t a girl do the same faced with more?

He had thought they were friends. And he had been wrong. It wasn’t the first time. There had been others he thought himself close to, when he was a child and his caste only a faint hint on the horizon. It wouldn’t kill him, he had always had to make his own way to go. In the city she had been surrounded by people, it was natural he would be the farthest thought from her mind. And natural that being stuck back in their small hometown would make her look for the same old games she had busied herself with before.

If he could have walked away he might have. Tama needed him though. At least until Kiri found someone new to love. Someone that could be a better role model. And if he had to be here then he could survive Nyree’s girlish games too. He would just have to make sure he didn’t get so close again. Hard. Painful. But not impossible.

It wouldn’t be the first or last time he’d had a wound cauterized.

Studying the tree bark while she took in the gifts he tried not to sigh over them. Half embarrassed by how many there were. One, sometimes two, for each month since he had tried to threaten her into coming home. Each stinking of his malcontent. Hands and mind busied with the task of whittling small details. Self distraction for quiet nights when he felt most abandoned.

Grunting at her thanks he finished off the flask in one go. Eyes rolling at the soft brush of her lips to his face. Another grunt as she filled in the silence with replies to words he hadn’t said. Annoyed by the trueness in them. He had missed her. He didn’t believe she had missed him though. ”If you say so.”

Towel and flask vanished he eyed her with pursed lips. ”Please, that wasn’t enough to get Tama drunk.” And Enele had experience with stronger liquors now. Tolerance built up until he could outlast the Glacians and Scelts.

”I’ll take you to Kiri.” He said, tone suggesting he wouldn’t be swayed. If she wanted a proper healer then he would take her to one of his choosing. On his back if he had too. ”Only because you’ve hurt yourself. I should make you walk. Its what you get for letting other people tell you how to live your life.” People that hadn’t cared. Enele tucked the thought away and scooted out from under her on the branch. Climbing down first so he could help her to the ground. Not expecting her to hop from branch to back the same as she had a lifetime ago when they were both children.

In those small moments when Enele had been allowed a childhood at all. When she was securely on his back and they had gone so far as his front door Enele stopped for a moment. Shifting her knees while he tried to find the words. ”You were gone a long time. Things aren’t the same as when you left. You’re different. I’m different. And I don’t like it.” He didn’t give her a chance to answer or react at all. Door thrown open and Kiri called for. Tama startled awake from an afternoon nap by the noise. All the house erupting in a few moments of chaos while feet and juvenile tears were tended. Just enough distraction for him to slip out again. He would go check the post. See if there was work. A reason to leave.

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