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Lore Submissions
« on: February 16, 2017, 10:21:39 PM »

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Re: Lore Submissions
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2020, 04:25:17 PM »
Name: Tenkou
Territory: Askavi, Kaeleer
Type: Territory
Link to Thread: https://witchlightrp.com/index.php?topic=448.0


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Re: Lore Submissions
« Reply #2 on: September 07, 2020, 11:23:37 AM »
Inspired by:Scotland, Ireland, and Book Canon
Written by: Milly

Population at a Glance:
1 Million
72% native, 28% immigrants
45% Landen 55% Blood (35% Jewelless 20% Jewelled)
Common caste Hearth Witches
Uncommon Black widows and Warlord Princes, Dark jewels are rare

The Culture:
Chaillotians are short to middle lived with short lived being more common. They are mostly farmers, fishermen or labourers with aristocrats being much less so after Witch and even then Aristos are more down to earth. They are a hard working people and honest, but wary of strangers or anyone willing to do harm. A proud people of the land and the creatures in their care, however skirmishes do arise against one another over land as their pride can fuel their tempers. This is also why almost each province has a fort and a lighthouse in attempts to outdo one another in a show of strength.

Families can be known as Clans, and when they set aside tempers they can get together for games that signify strength such as log tossing, stone throwing, hunting and bull or horse wrangling. Because of this the people are a strong folk, stocky either short or tall and very muscular. Some women of the land are just as strong as their male counterparts, however body types lessen the further away from life of the land and become more delicate the wealthier they are. It is rare for anyone to have fair hair they tend to be either fiery red or darker browns and black, however immigrants has changed this, but many in the north keep to the tradition of their ancestors and rarely mix blood.

Towns and homes are likely formed by stone or wood as these are the common resources on offer in Chaillot. Many would be formed as log cabins from the abundant pine trees, but these are the only trees used for living, there is also willow, birch, oak, alder, hazel and various other trees that provide berries, and nuts.

Festivals and religious practices

Beltane: Traditionally the start of the warmer season, bonfires will be lit and livestock will be driven through the fires to be blessed. Feasts, matchmaking and music and dancing will then take place as this is a holiday of growth and fire. It is quite common for children to be conceived this holiday as it is the most sexual. Virgin Nights happen quite often during these festivities. And some parents tend to wait for Beltane to conduct children’s name days.

Lunasa: Is the beginning of the harvest season and always held on top of a hill or mountain, there would be feasts, dancing, music, games and sporting contests such as weight-throwing, hurling and horse racing. A prized bull will be sacrificed and some food from the first crop will be sewn into the bull’s hide and buried. The men will partake in a false battle as two teams would hide their clan’s sigil flag that the other team had to try and steal. The winning clan would feast on the best meat from the bull.

Samhain: End of the harvest season and the time to celebrate the dead. Bonfires again make an appearance and a lamb and calf will be sacrificed. It is a time of sharing and children will don costumes to door knock house to house for food, specifically sweets. They will return home and share with the family their spoils. This was also the time any family that were demon dead would visit and partake in the festivities. And those who had already had their final death would be remembered.

Winsol: A time for celebration of the Darkness and with gatherings comes gift giving. Considering it is during colder season there is less public festivities and normally held inside with close family and friends. Gifts tend to be the sharing of food and warm clothing to assist others, especially the poorer families through the colder season.

Imbolc: Is the celebration of warmth returning and end of colder season. Hearth witches typically enjoy this holiday as it comes with spring cleaning, and purifying the home and lands. Scented candles and incense will be lit in homes. Milk and seeds will be poured into the earth to promote the women and fertility. Men must make themselves scarce likely to pick flowers while the women clean and upon returning home the men will bathe the women’s feet in a mixture of scented water and milk. If they are married and having trouble conceiving they would bathe together instead in the water/milk mixture. Unwed young women will don white gowns and parade themselves in town with their hair flowing freely if an unwed man shows interest in one he must give her a flower wreath or crown to wear in her hair, but it is always up to the woman to accept. This would be the most common time for matchmaking. Otherwise the men will produce a small bouquet of flowers to wives, sisters, mothers or even female friends.

Military and Government

Surrounded by sea it is understandable that Chaillot’s strength is with navy ships, the two main ports being at Witch’s Cove and the capital of Beldon Mor. On land armies are more intimidating than affective discipline action, one could even say barbaric. They are stronger on the ground and thus only a few are ever on horseback, particularly the officers. The cities have a more civilised approach and a lot more organised with the security of cities and towns. Still you would never see a guard or military man in any sort of fancy armour, they tend to prefer leather armour over iron as it gives them more freedom to move, however those with higher wealth would certainly have certain pieces of iron armour as addition, such as breast plate, helmet, chainmail, gauntlets and pauldrons. The only people seen wearing a full plate armour are to be rich aristocrats/officers and very likely just for show or never been on the battlefield.

People like this are normally part of the court situated at Beldon Mor, being a warmer area the court usually remains here, but can venture to the other two main cities, Dornach and Orkney for games and to keep the peace to not show favouritism, considering tempers can burst at a moment’s notice.
The court itself is very male orientated as they have not trusted previous Queens to rule, however there is enough women in attendance to keep somewhat of a calm. The men prefer a Queen they can influence and control, so court life isn’t entirely pretty things and dancing but drinking and skirmishes. However, these are nothing compared to the skirmishes in Balwyn as they are dealt with diplomatically.

Forts and Lighthouses
To protect the land and people, numerous forts and lighthouses were erected for security and safer travels. Lismore and Solaste were especially built for the unforgiving weather created from Witch’s Cove.
While there are many other lighthouses to assist ships with navigating, Lismore and Solaste are by far the largest with Aberfoyle coming in third largest. The pride in the upkeep of these magnificent towers have forged towns in the areas, started with the rotation of lighthouse keepers and their families.
This has also seen happened with the Forts of the soldiers and their families. They are still however male orientated and whore houses are more frequent in these areas.

The Land:

On the east coast they have unforgiving winds and sheer cliffs, Witch’s Cove is treacherous which is how it got its name and only the skilled sailors can survive it.
The colder seasons are wet and muddy and it snows more in the north. The south will still get snow but it is manageable and usually no more than a foot or hardly any at all.
The north will always be colder even in warmer seasons, but it rarely reaches sunburnt weather anywhere in Chaillot, the closet though would be along the west coast, especially in the south.
It is a very mild weather, especially in the warmer seasons and though it is rather chilly it never is as cold as the snowy mountains of Terrielle and Kaeleer.

Provinces and their districts

Exports: Stone, iron, lumbar, wool, fur, cattle, sheep, horses, grain, honey, potatoes, berry fruits
Imports: Silk, fruit, spices, coffee, fish (those in warmer seas), jewels, gold, glass, cotton

While the Highlands of Balwyn produce stone, lumbar, farming of cattle and sheep, and Rye, Dornach is the trading capital of fisheries and imports from foreign lands. It is also the direct access to Witch’s Cove by water where the seas are treacherous further out. Only the bays hide ship from slaughter and many sailors have lost their lives navigating into Witch’s Cove. This area is littered with shipwrecks and treasures, but only the brave on a good day venture out to view this horde and attempt to salvage from it. Further in closer to shore it is a trading hub with certain sections for recreation purposes.

Much of the stone and wood come from Balwyn as it has a mountainous landscape towards the north, however their mountains (Glenmore mountains) aren’t overly high, whereas the south has large forests only to thin out close to Dornach. This is ideal for woolly cattle and sheep and rye is farmed closer to the Tuath River.
Balwyn tends to have the most wild predators in their lands, especially up in the mountains and deep in the forests. Though their numbers are dwindling one can come across bears, wolves and a small wildcat that are extremely rare to find anywhere else.
Ryland of course where the rye is grown which is how it got its name, but also shares the Glenmore Mountains with Greythorn along the northern coast. Easdale is known for many beautiful waterfalls bridging off from the Tuath River.

Not too cold and not too warm, Cornell is the most habitable of the provinces and this is why it is home to the capital, Beldon Mor. This is where you would find many of the aristocrats as the capital has become rich with trade. While there are still farmers within Cornell, they are most famous for their horses. Horses not bred for work but for their beauty and many rich have them simply for show.
There are fewer forests in Cornell, many made way for the ever growing homes and businesses. The land much more flat than Balwyn with nothing taller than a few hills, which made it ideal for towns and cities to be built and land for their horses.

Cornell is definitely the connection that brings all of Chaillot together, using the resources from Balwyn and Rathais and building ships, towns, clothing, food and all the drink you could think of.
Buildings here use the combination of wood and stone and give more thought in design at least with the interior. Decoration isn’t just for warmth but for the pleasure and pride of their homes.  Being the capital and main hub of trade, buildings are luxurious compared to those in the high north and low south of Balwyn and Rathais.

With the warmest weather in Chaillot, it is most common to see honey, potatoes, barley, various fruits, namely berries and grapes to be produced. From this, they are famous for wines and liquor of delicious flavours and highly sought from the other two provinces. Though warm, it is also prone to floods further south namely where the Deas River splits. Because of this, Orkney was formed at the end of the river and closer to the many farming communities. They breed their own horses here and much more sturdier than the ones the rich breed, it is like comparing show ponies to draft horses.

Farms also have other livestock, but you will never see them anywhere near the Deas River for loses are great. This is why farmers tend to focus more on grain and fruits/vegetables, especially north and west of the river.
All buildings (wooden) have been built up high to keep off the ground in case of flooding to reduce the need to constantly rebuild. Buildings further away from the river do this too despite a lesser risk of flooding.

The History:
Before Witch
  • Three main clans at the beginning taking the lands of what is known today as Balwyn, Cornell and Rathais
  • Immigrants moved in and upset the balance, civil war raged with constant fighting until they split into smaller clans and produced the districts
  • While mostly a farming/hunting folk of the land, those in Cornell become richer and become more civilised and political, wanting to rule over all clans
During Witch
  • Power hungry the Sapphire Queen and aristos alliances with Witch causing many rebellions of farming folk, particularly people from Balwyn and Rathais
  • Balwyn and Rathais worked together to overthrow Cornell their Queen and many of the aristos were killed, yet there were many deaths on both sides
  • Those who survived joined the rebellion against Witch
  • Many more are killed and many with lighter jewels survived
  • For a time there are more Landen then there are Blood and they resume as people of the land
After Witch
  • Chaillot close themselves off with the loss of the Winds, giving themselves time to recuperate
  • Balwyn and Rathais remain true to older ways and keep traditional festivities
  • Cornell drifts further and further away from the old way of living with cities being built and embracing foreign customs and trade, only country folk keep to traditional festivities, city folk less so
  • Darker jewels are almost phased out and become rare
  • Few remaining Warlords take over much of the government, selecting a Rose jewelled
  • Healer Queen, one they could manipulate and control
  • With return of the Winds, Chaillot is open again to immigrants particularly to encourage the return of more Blood and darker jewels into their bloodlines
  • Chaillot come to adore their Rose Queen and work on healing the land and are remembered what it is like to have a true Queen
  • Peace is restored to Chaillot, however those who sided with Witch are shunned or executed and small skirmishes still continue
  • The Rose Queen dies of old age, but transcends to demon dead and continues to rule until a new Queen is found
  • Too weak to rule for much longer, a new Queen is selected
The Plot:
With the new Queen rising, it’s about time that she take control of the men and court.
There is also a strong desire to heal the land after so much death and bring peace to the clans.


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