flash bang
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Things were boring, and when things were boring for Mikael, his mind had a tendency to wander in an effort to find something more interesting. Anything would do. Leaning back with a discontent sigh, he frowned to himself in a partial dismissal of whatever the man next to him was saying. There wasn't a reason in particular why he had chosen to make conversation with someone sitting across from him at a random table on the streets.

It was better than slipping inside some part of himself that would snarl and lash out at the inaction he had been left to. He needed a job... or a lead. Anything to keep his mind from wandering. Distractions were in no short order in Little Terreille, the question was always where to go for one. His eyes wandered up to the hanging branches of the tree the cafe's table was seated under, and he thought for a moment that he could see a pattern in the way that the branches clashed together.

Nope. Not interesting enough. Wasn't right. He fought off the urge to growl as the man beside him tried to say something else, probably just as ridiculous or insignificant as the last thing he had said. Something about politics probably. Fucking damn, he hated politics. However, he did love women. The warlord prince's gaze traveled as a few young witches came down the street, their laughter like a clatter of birds chattering as they flocked together. Pretty reds and dark blacks fluttered around their heads, and for a moment, he felt an urge to reach out and run his hands through their hair.

Instead, he turned to the man across from him and gave a cocky grin. "Bet you five marks that blonde one in the middle ain't wearing anything under that skirt." Well, that got his attention, and the grin fell into a predatorial smirk as he shifted his sight back to the witch, and then he pushed just a bit of craft in that direction. The result was about as amusing as a strong gust of wind blowing through the street, whipping up the skirts, and he almost pouted at a scrap of lace revealed between one second and the next. "Damn."