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Ancravi / Matters of Perception
« Last post by Vitian on January 20, 2021, 12:53:33 AM »
Sparring was one of the activities Vitian best found herself in. It had taken some work, in the beginning, to convince her growing crowd - what would later get sorted into the rings of court - to set her caste aside as much as her gender. It helped that there were still enough male bodies from her youth whose opinions of her had grown with her, seen her fledgling training attempts, and could no more treat her as some kind of lady than cut off one of their own wings. She was still separate to them, in an undefinable and unchangeable way, but she'd take that sense of disconnect if it meant they treated her as they always treated her. Like a rough sibling. Like a male.

As much as they were able, at least. The best known of her entourage were still handing her ass to her as often as not in practice, where it might not have been so frequent if she had been a boy.

Men were not so often required to manage their courts as Queens were, if all the whispering and gossip were to be believed. The Stewards had managed differently, whatever that meant. She'd already had to bare her teeth and toe her temper when her triangle got testy, which seemed to be happening more and more the longer she kept her position. Men were so fussy.

Vitian had no such issues. Fussing was for people with the time for it, or who's job made it necessary. Stewarding, Escorting, these positions didn't require the level of obnoxious that her age mates seemed to deem necessary.

Which was why, clean after her most recent spear practice, Vitian escorted herself to the offices of her healer, who had been assigned a position that required fussing and who wouldn't do it unduly. Probably.

It really was going to depend on how she took the quickly blossoming bruises and scuffed forearms from an ill-executed guard. But Healer fussing was different. Vitian couldn't look like her men were abusing her, because no one would believe she bullied them into training her. Which meant she couldn't go walking around with a swollen cheek and scabby arms. People would get ideas, and cause a ruckus, and then she'd be left with even more fussing.

"Healer Bastian?" she called, rapping on the entry as she did so. She'd be more than happy to find some hapless apprentice that would cower beneath her stare and keep their silence without her having to lay on any kind of threat. Apprentices were easy to push around. "Are you in?"
Past / Re: Surprises in Winter
« Last post by Alesia Skye on January 17, 2021, 10:52:42 PM »
The paste felt good against her wound. She closed her eyes for a moment ad strained her neck upward, willing this male to go away. Unfortunately, when she opened her eyes, he was still there. Smirking. He was such a dick. She wanted to punch him in the balls, but she might throw up again if she did. Instead, she stayed put, his legs sprawled around her and her skin tingling with his presence. This had turned into a disaster of a day, with Mother Night herself mocking her with a male. If her mother found out, she would not hear the end of it and they would be moving across the mountain by tomorrow night.

“Don’t lie to me. Not now. Not ever.” She stared at him, her wild hair blowing in her face and her icy blue eyes glued to him. She could feel the remnants of the blood in the air from another man that had been here and was now scattered amongst the trees. “I can feel the male that was here before…in the air. And an imbecile would only miss the screams from the village.”

Huffing, the small puff of air blew a stray strand of hair out of her face as she focused on tending to the infuriating Warlord Prince. She took her paste and spread it on his arm. The small cloth that she had torn from her shirt slid over the cut and she tied it tight—perhaps a little too tight. If he winced, she would not hate it.

This close to him, she could smell his scent. Not his psychic one, but his natural one. Oak and leather. Sweat. Sia allowed the dark jeweled man’s hand to roam her ribs before she leaned into him. Her shoulder brushed his chest and her hair pressed against his chin. She looked up into his face, rolled her eyes upward, and smirked as she squeezed the cut on his arm, hard.

“I’m glad it hurts.” She purred. “Now are you going to kill me or kidnap me?”
Lys / Re: Traveling Too
« Last post by Koa Red-eye on January 17, 2021, 06:58:21 AM »

Her laugh was pleasant, making Koa smile, though he hadn't meant to be funny. He was so often unamusing, he did not mind being found so, even on accident. "Ha." Koa nodded. He understood this, just as he understood journey's becoming long ones, be it by purpose or mishap. "That is a good way of putting it." It made him think though. Did any of them every truly rest?

If he did not journey, he helped with the care of the land, and the children. Webs were always being wove. Prayers uttered. Truthfully, the days he spent in the wagon were probably his most restful.

Koa watched her. Thoughtful, and quietly attentive, as he dropped hints in their banter. Feeling her out as they dropped traces and shifted the wagon. Both of them strong. Stronger, maybe, than they should be. Yes. She was surely a powerful bear. And there, there was a tell tale. Her lips pinched a little at the corners, and a furtiveness came into her gaze.

"Truly." He promised her solemnly. The wagon was nearly settled now. They would have room to pass each other and continue on their separate ways. Koa was not yet ready to go, however. "We understand each other, then. See?" He smiled, manner passive and open. Did she see? Could she smell the bear inside of him? "A quiet place is most helpful, we have found. It settles all those frightening changes children go through. Or young women." It came later for them.

Larger. Fiercer. The elders spoke of that being the reason why they were so dangerous. Koa did not think it mattered why, just that they were. An unfortunate thing for those not prepared.

Norr Province / Re: Reluctant Walks
« Last post by Peigin on January 17, 2021, 06:40:54 AM »

A bolder girl might have rolled her eyes at his declaration. Peigin's stomach rolled instead. Her eyelashes didn't flutter in pleasure either, but dropped to cover her eyes as she begged the Darkness to save her. She'd been so hopeful when his queen had stormed the tavern and all but physically dragged him out. Had dreamed that would be the end of it.

Now she knew better. Wished she had whatever it was that had allowed the queen to bend Gunnar so easily to her will. He hadn't liked it, but he'd gone. And Pug didn't think it had been the Grey forcing him to it. Something else. Something elusive. Winnie hadn't possessed it, so Peigin didn't think it was a queen thing.

Maybe it was just courage. And courage was something she'd never possessed.

"What?!" Startled out of her thoughts, Peigin tripped on her own feet. Spinning slowly to a stop so that she faced him. How quickly he'd gone from that weird sort of humming to accusations of... that. "Nooo." It sounded like the bellow of a terrified cow. Pug covered her mouth, wishing the sound back in. Wishing the idea out of her head.

Where did he get such ideas?

"You're mad." She told him abruptly before swiveling on her heels and resuming their walk. She didn't even think Peregrine had threatened to take things that far. And while Kite sometimes sat close, or walked along with her, hovering and quiet, Pug had never suspected anything like that from him.

"Everything is quite proper, thank you." Peigin sniffed. None had harmed either, outside of their tempers, and that had never come to physical abuse. Peregrine was simply terrifying. Kite was quite mild in comparison. And Starling another sort of harpy. Whiny, really. "Is that was the town thinks?" She asked, the idea sweeping up on her with a sickening lurch. Pug turned wide, worried eyes on him. "That I'm..." She flinched and gestured vaguely, tears gathering at the corners of her eyes.

Lys / Re: The Nettle & The Needle
« Last post by Nikodemus Vee on January 11, 2021, 09:51:23 PM »
The urge to stick his tongue out at her was redirected to a pointed eye roll at her willingness to throw her apprentices under the wagon, but he smiled all the same. Heidi could implicate whoever she wished, but he - and Frit - knew the truth. Had been subject to some of those early brews she so ardently denied.

He appreciated the easy slide of her attention too, a grounded presence while his own thoughts endeavored to travel the length and breadth of the territory. Heidi spoke truth as solid as stone, and he needed it/ There were too many paths to get tangled in if he forgot to come back to the core of the matter.

"A missive ahead of the party would suffice," he allowed. He'd already partially drafted several. "It'd look poorly on us if our attempt at friendly contact simply wandered in from the countryside unannounced." It was a comfort to know he wasn't he only one considering the potential ill outcome of their foray, even if it would shock others to hear such things from the mouth of the court healer. If anyone was lost, it would be Heidi they would be brought to first, if possible, to determine the manner of their death such that it might be better guarded against in the future.

But a small party would be preferable, even if the odds of their survival were not as high, should the entire attempt go south. Darkness have mercy he grumped to himself. No party he was ever part of got to be small.

Farewell, scenic jaunt, he thought, shifting to lean against the arm of the chair closest to her.

"They will not think so," he sighed, although he dearly wished otherwise. "Or, they might not think so, and that is what must be prepared for." Who knew who had suffered, or how, at the hands of a Raejian solider under Witch's command. He had read the reports of every returning soldier willing to provide one, but things always slipped through. Or were too painful to recount.

Her admonishment at his lack of decorum reminded him of his mother enough to more fully grasp his instinct and shove it away. It was a difficult thing, and the itch of it remained. But he had been raised to pick his battles better than that, and gave himself a moment for a centering breath.

Rather than commit to pouting, at least with his face, he stood and relocated himself to her couch, close enough to feel the shift of her skirts against his pants.

Just because it is good does not mean I have to like it, he thought, reaching to trace a fold of the fabric between them. She'd been in his office long enough to add fresh rumors to the pile already, it wouldn't matter if she came away with slightly more of his psychic scent. The room practically screamed of his regular occupation anyway.

"An escort, and a guard for each of you, at least" he stressed. The limitations of traveling outside the territory were so many he felt chafed. "I'd prefer two." Maybe they could just pretend they didn't have neighbors, and live on in pleasant oblivion a little more. "A Horned Guard scout would be a welcome addition, if the risk of offense at an illusion weren't so high." Another thing he was tempted to do himself. He might not have a calling for illusion webs, but a Gray was a Gray. He just didn't want to risk his envoy - likely Heidi - with whoever would try to break it.

Especially when he wouldn't be there. Ugh, how it grated.

He didn't temper the rueful smile that pulled at the corners of his mouth. "Of course. If anyone will work out my kinks, surely it will be Frit." He'd present diversion enough, at least, to have Nik forget his worries for Heidi. At least for a moment. But who else to round out their party? "There are a slim number of court members in need of attention," a slim number that he could potentially trust with the task, at least. All of them were jockeying for attention, or more responsibility, eager to prove themselves, to prove their worth. Messy, the lot of them. "Or a Web member. Even if they decline, the explicit invite may draw out one of their number." Likely they would tack themselves on as a guard anyway, meaning that Heidi would need to have open eyes and ears from the moment she left the city till the moment she returned to this very room.

Unless that was what they expected him to think, and they'd send no one, and find out whatever it was they wanted some other way. He rubbed the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes against the spike in his headache. So many pieces, and so often he felt he had so little influence over them.
Marketplace / Re: Transactions
« Last post by Jenn on January 10, 2021, 08:21:46 PM »
Player Name: Jenn
Relevant Link:
Transaction: Using +5 craft bundle from shop inventory and +1 craft bundle from bank
Character Applications / Re: Neltharian
« Last post by The Darkness on January 10, 2021, 06:21:11 PM »
The Darkness has granted you...
Blood Opal
Cut 98
Cut 95

As requested, FIVE family rolls:
1: Summer-sky to Purple Dusk
2: Summer-sky to Opal
3: Purple Dusk to Opal
4: Tiger Eye to Summer-sky
5: Opal to Opal
Marketplace / Re: Transactions
« Last post by Kelsin on January 10, 2021, 04:16:04 PM »
Player name: Kelsin
Relevant link:
Transaction: - Dark Roll

Item Used and Removed
Wanted Ads / Re: Northern Ancravi District Court Wanteds
« Last post by kayndred on January 10, 2021, 03:57:10 PM »
They've been tagged for you both!
Character Applications / Re: Character Archive, Retrieval & Transfering
« Last post by Jenn on January 10, 2021, 03:56:54 PM »
Character Name: Bastian
Retrieving or Adopting: Retrieving for Kay's wanted

Character Retrieved

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