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Wanted Ads / Neltharian's Escort
« on: February 08, 2021, 10:26:58 PM »
Neltharion’s Escort


General Information:
Balinar was assigned as her escort after her VN and has been with her through some of the more trying parts of her adult life.  While she may snap and snarl when he insists she does silly things like rest, drinks water, not try to save everyone, etc. she does appreciate him.  Even if she does want to smack the smug expression of his face when she does too much. 

With her leaving their village and taking up a Court position, I imagine that Balinar will be coming along as well.  I’d like to think that they have a good relationship that runs on equal parts snark, one-upping each other, and friendship/concern. 

Requested Caste: Warlord Prince

Relationship: Escort

Preferred Jewels: Summer Sky to Opal was rolled on Neltharian’s sheet, completely open to Jewels being re-rolled, If re-rolled, preference is for darker Jewels that are close to/matches/or passes hers. But honestly can work with whatever you'd like. 

Face Claim: Any, Ronald Epps is lovely though


Askavi / Neltharian
« on: January 10, 2021, 03:44:06 PM »

The Basics

Full Name: Neltharian
Age: 280 as of AW13 (this will help keep track of character ages)

Ethnicity: Eyrien
Current Location: North Ancravi
Profession: Court Seer
Caste:Black Widow Healer
Birthright Jewel: Jewel Blood Opal (CUT 98)
Offering Jewel: Jewel Red (CUT 95)

Face Claim: Taylor Iman Jones

The Body

Height: 5’10”
Body Type: Athletic
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Gold

Tall with an athletic build, Neltharian has modest curves that she dresses to her advantage.  She’s often found in dark colors, generally pants and tunics that allow for movement while working.  If you’ve got a patient who’s not quite themselves, the last thing you want is to get wrapped in skirts while moving out of the way.  She does, on occasion, get the urge to dress up more than usual, but there’s not much opportunity for that lately.  Head up, shoulders back, Neltharian can command a room when she enters.  After what feels like a lifetime of being reserved and acting cowed, she’s reveling in carrying herself as she always was meant to.   

The Mind

Craft Strengths: 
Challice Healing
Tangled Webs
Healing Webs
Craft Weaknesses:  Telekinetic Surgery,

Personal Strengths:
  • Hard-working
  • Dependable
  • Loyal (until crossed)

Personal Weaknesses:
  • Stubborn
  • Can be quick to excise people from her life
  • Prone to making snap judgments about people
  • Can focus very narrowly at times so that she misses the forest for the trees.

Neltharian is someone who dreams big and works hard to get where she wants to be.  Unafraid of hard work or of getting her hands dirty, she’s often the first to arrive and the last to leave when there’s work to be done.  While she knows that she’s been blessed with two Castes, she’s very aware of how much people expect from her.  Or maybe that’s just her projecting her feelings on others. She hasn’t really thought about that much and isn’t sure that she wants to.

Driven to prove herself from a young age, Nel often has to be reminded that taking care of herself allows her to continue to do the things she wants to do.  As much as she snarls at Balinar, but she can’t help but realize that he’s right at least some of the time.  Nel is in the process of coming into her own.  And while she’s always been a capable witch, there’s still a bit of her that feels like she’s finally in a position where she can shine. 

She still doesn’t like being the center of attention, and will generally position herself so she can see everything going on in the room while not putting herself directly in the spotlight.  She’s more than happy to let Vitian and other members of the Court shine bright. 

Slow to trust new people, Neltharian is a steadfast friend once you’ve earned that trust. She keeps a small circle of friends and everyone else is merely acquaintances.  She’s particular about who she lets into her group of friends, but once she does she’s fiercely protective of those she calls her own.     

The Backstory

  • Mother: Avarian, Summer Sky to Purple Dusk Black Widow
  • Father: Sylvar, Opal to Opal Prince, presumed dead
  • Sister: Chalian, Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Healer
  • Brother: Kolvar, Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Prince
  • Escort: Balinar, Summer Sky to Opal Warlord Prince

The youngest of her siblings, Neltharian grew up in Ancravi, near the province seat.   
Her earliest memory is that of sitting with her mother learning how to keep their home while her older siblings and her father were off doing various things to support the war.  Sylvar was often off fighting in skirmishes and rarely home.  When he was home, he was withdrawn and often with a haunted look that Avarian worked to ease. He was proud of his children, though he wouldn’t be thought of as a particularly doting father.  He made sure that they were clothed, fed, and that they knew their duty to Askavi and to Witch.

Chalian, with her newly obtained Purple Dusk, was quickly pressed into service as a combat Healer, who, when she was home, would tell her younger sister about her work and the work that she might do when Neltharian received her birthright.  Not to worry or scare the younger Healer, but to let her know that she could do something other than stay in their village and serve as a Healer.  Kolvar having just received his Tiger Eye, the Prince has made his way to the nearby Hunting Camp. Nel finds that she does miss him being around, though not his bossiness.  Still, Neltharian enjoys being the only one at home to have her mother’s attention.
At Avarian’s knee, or occasionally from her coven members, Neltharian learns basic Craft before her Birthright. While Slyvar was home, it was decided that it was time for Neltharian to have her Birthright.  With the rest of the family having light Jewels, there weren't a lot of expectations for Nel’s Birthright.  No one was more surprised than Neltharian that she received the Jewel she did.  In fact,  when she emerged she was so shocked her parents were worried.  Obviously, she had to have received something, so it had to be something else.  The gathered family gasped to see the Blood Opal clutched in the young girl’s hands.   
Lessons begin in earnest, training with the same Healer that trained her sister. She chafes at being “Chalian’s little sister” and strives to stand out in her own right.  It’s not enough that she learns the needed skills, she has to be better than the other girls she’s training with, her perfectionist tendencies grow from this point. 

Gradually the normally amicable child became sharper, snap-ish, and lost her temper more often than not.   Avarian, knowing what this looks like, began to attempt to direct this new behavior into acceptable channels, hoping to make life at home a little more comfortable.   Once her Widow’s tooth was apparent, she began to take lessons with her mother’s coven, working hard to balance both of her studies.  Still, she found that although she’d been training as a Healer for several years, it was in her Widow’s lessons that she truly excelled. 

Her mother, knowing the danger her youngest could be in as a Dark Jeweled Widow in Askavi, worked to teach her how to play the system. Subterfuge. How to (hopefully) get what she wanted without seeming like a threat. She had been less concerned when Nel only carried the Healer Caste, but she would work hard to keep her daughter safe. Towards the end of her training, Sylvar is broken back to his Birthright in a skirmish and is sent home to recover.  Avarian tends to him and guides him through the loss of his Opal.  Although he’d always been taciturn, the Prince becomes even more withdrawn from his family and goes back to the fighting as soon as he’s able.
Guided by her mother’s webs, Neltharian chose a time and place to make her offering, and came away with the Red, much to her delight.  She’d felt sure that it was possible that she’d come away with a full descent, but of course, nothing was assured. Still, she kept her head down, continued to learn, and continued to be well behaved in the interest of not being seen as a “threat” by the males in her village. Her Virgin Night was quickly arranged for her, and she found the experience pleasurable. 

With that behind her, she was assigned Balinar as her escort, the Opal Jeweled Warlord Prince accompanying her while healing.  It took her some time to adjust to having the male around her constantly while she worked.  While he didn’t annoy her as much as some of the males she encountered, Balinar managed to find ways to get under her skin.  And while she wasn’t the type of Healer that often lost herself while healing, he did occasionally have to step in to remind her to rest, much to her annoyance.

While finishing her training, she focused on Mind Healing and Tangled Webs for her Widow’s craft and quickly found that Healing Webs dovetailed neatly with her second caste.  Like many she knew, she didn’t expect Witch to fall.  And while her father had raised them to revere her, she quickly became disillusioned with the Queen after seeing many of her people come home broken in mind and body. 

And while she has obviously grown up in this patriarchal society, she’s not content to continue with the status quo.  Weeks passed after the final battle and the family waited to see if Sylvar and Kolvar would return home. Eventually, the younger Prince returned home broken in mind and body. Along with Chalian, Neltharian tended to their brother, determined not to lose him when he’d made it home.  And after a few months, they were forced to realize that Sylvar likely wasn’t coming home. 

Over the next two years, Nel brought her brother out of the Twisted Kingdom. While his physical injuries healed at a reasonable pace, his mind took longer due to this being the first time Nel was handling a case of this magnitude on her own and the extent of his injuries.
With her brother stabilized, Nel pulled her attention from her family and began to look at the world at large.  Witch’s fall had changed much of her homeland and she’d begun to see small changes even within her own village. With the fall of many of the stewards, she began to feel somewhat hopeful as Queens began to rule again.

One such Queen has returned to Ancravi, and she’s decided to travel to see what she’s made of. She’s aware that you can’t always trust what you hear, and yet is cautiously optimistic that the district she calls home won’t return to the old ways.  What she does know is that she’s tired of staying at home, and wants and needs to see the rest of Ancravi, even if Balinar insists on following along

The Writer

Player Name: Kelsin
Player Pronouns: she/hers
Timezone: EST
Contact: Discord or site pm
How did you find us?: Google

Inactivity Instructions: Archive/write out of plot preferred

Roleplay Sample:

Today had been, at least by her thinking, a long day.  It didn’t matter that the day had just begun.  The previous day had her up late working with a patient, and Balinar had been all snarly about how long she’d been working, and insisting that she needed a break.  It didn’t matter that she knew her limits (really, she did) and that she wasn’t at a point where she could just stop. So now they were sitting in a coach heading to the Court at Northern Ancravi, her nursing a cup of coffee, and him looking incredibly smug.  Damned pushy boyos, always ready to say I told you so.  Although not Balinar, he’d just look smug and pleased with himself when she was tired and cranky after overdoing it. 

“Fine.  You were right, happy?” she snarled, taking another sip of her coffee before continuing.  “I’m fully aware that I need to make a good impression on the Queen if I want to be considered for a position.” Downing what was left of her coffee, she set the cup aside before turning her attention back to the Warlord Prince seated across from her. 

“But what would you have had me do? I couldn’t just untangle myself right at that moment.  I was making good progress on his chalice, and stopping seemed foolish since we were leaving in the morning.  I wanted to make sure he was stable before we left.”   

Balinar sighed, leaning forward, and caught her gaze before continuing.  “I will always prioritize you over your patients.  You’re always going to be more important to me.  You’re my charge and my friend, your health comes first.”  Having said his piece, the Opal Warlord Prince leaned back in his chair.  A slight flicker of his eyes to the front of the coach was the only sign that he was speaking to the driver. “We’re approaching Northern Ancravi Nel, ready to show them why they’d be fools to not offer you a position?”

At this news, Neltharian straightened up and used a bit of craft to smooth out her clothing and to alleviate the headache that had formed during the trip. “Ready as I’ll ever be” she replied and waited for the coach to stop at their destination.

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