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Norr Province / Grave Offerings
« on: April 18, 2020, 07:32:07 PM »

She hadn't been able to decide. The decision had been too big. Too looming. Too fraught with emotions that didn't belong solely to herself. Someone was bound to be hurt by the slight. Someone might take advantage of the honor.

Any choice, every choice would be judged.

So Iskra made none, and in doing so made a choice anyway. She went alone. An evening stroll in the garden turning into a quick scaling of the wall and a swift walk to the temple. The Priestess had nearly fought her. Iskra had seen it in her eyes, the urge to argue. This was not how it was done, not for Queen apprentices, especially apprentices to that Queen. Their Queen. The Queen.

"I know." Iskra had breathed out in a rush. All her pain and uncertainty admitted to alongside the grave and terrible thing she was doing. And so the Priestess had took her in. The altar was arranged and the ceremony began.

How could she know? It was unknowable. Each ceremony a thing passed between the person and the Darkness. The Priestess could guide her, but the journey was solely Iskra's. Only she could see the road. Or not see it. A path that split. Diverging around tall white trees that seemed to rise upward forever without a single branch.

What was she? Who was she? Left or right? Queen or Healer? Iskra was suspended. It was a day of choices and she could make none.

She was Iskra. Both and neither. Woman. Child. Tiger. Blood.

She chose the trees. No light to guide her. It was darkness and Darkness both. Pale beams of trees passing by her long walk. It reminded her of the hill up to the lighthouse. Or stealing across the graveyard when she had been a child, running away from those who would not let her be both.

People who could not love her as a whole. Frightened by her intensity. Mortified by her shouting.

Even in the dark silence she talked. To herself. To the trees. To the shadows that lay ahead. There could be only one outcome if she was going to secure her place and survive. It was the Ebon-grey or nothing at all. Determination that saw her crouching low and reaching for the earth as she slid down a muddy bank.

Down and down until the speed of her descent whipping her hair around her ears and tore her tail free from hiding. So fast it frightened her. A swelling power. A consuming darkness. Things she had tasted but never known.

Screaming she sank her claws into the ground as she had sank them into flesh. Out of pain. Out of fear. She clung, suspended. Frozen.

"Here, lady." The words were strange. Was she a lady? Iskra held her hands out, even though she could not be sure the words were for her. The command was understood. Followed. Palms cupped to catch the Jewel as it spilled from the goblet. Grey like a storm sky lit by the moon. The promise of clouds and cliffs to break its intensity. It wasn't the darker, deeper, more dangerous grey of true night.

Iskra breathed, fingers curling around the cold thing in her hands. Squeezing until it vanished into her cabinet. "Thank you." Lady. They were both worthy of the title. But the words stuck in Iskra's throat. Frozen like she had been. By disappoint and despair rather than fear.

She wept as she walked. Head bowed and hood pulled up down around her face so that no one could see. Hands fists in her pockets, they ached when she had to climb the wall again, falling down the other side. Iskra looked at the garden she would never see again. The tall building she would be asked to leave for her failure.

How could she remain, apprentice to the Queen, when all she'd taken away was the Grey? No one would trust her to rule. No one would trust her to control Danger. No one would trust her.

Norr Province / Re: Testing boundaries [cw]
« on: February 18, 2020, 07:04:16 PM »

*You won't.* Iskra promised. But it was a lie, she was sure. It was going to hurt, but she'd been in pain before and would be again. It wouldn't kill her. She was a healer, and it was just a spear, whatever its size.

Just a spear. Iskra kept her eyes shut tight to ward off the sensation. Chased all the little distractions Danger fed her as he slipped in. Lips.
Tongue. Fingers. Little things to draw her mind away from the uncomfortable feeling of stretching. The tingling pain that made her want to squeeze her thighs tight. Instead she tilted her hips to make it a little more manageable and focused on other things.

Fingers and tongues and lips. The way he made a shadow over her. Her own lips quivering against his cheek as she panted and he finished giving her the widest part. And slowly, so slowly! Began sinking a little deeper. Not far before he pulled away again. It reminded Iskra of the way a bow drew across the strings of a violin. Stroking notes from the vibrating strings. Except Danger was drawing pleasure out of her body.

But it felt like music. A melody that moved both their bodies. Rocking in tandem to bring them closer together, then apart. Chasing pleasure. Until it was nearly drown out by an interruption. Bow squealing across strings as the door opened and the tray went clattering to the floor. Danger tried to soothe her, his Ebon-grey a darker shield than Iskra could create. His voice soft and coaxing in her mind.

But it wasn't his protectiveness or cajoling that tore her body apart. It was the motion of his hips and the overload of her emotions. Pleasure on top of terror. Driven down into the bed by Danger's hips even as she sank her hidden claws into his hand to hold him tight as an orgasm ripped rather than rippled through her body. Dragging her prince along in the riptide they created.

The whole length of him. Buried to the hilt. Crushing her against the bed where she clung to him. Tail and claw. The high, piercing cry he drove from her lost in his shoulder. It wasn't she who rattled the house. It was Danger. Voice making her head ache and her ears flatten. Heard but not heard, because hearing would deafen her, and he'd guarded her against that earlier.

*Shh. Shhh.* She begged him shakily. No more names buried into the bed feathers and echoing across the frame of the house. No more apologies or complaints about dangerous ideas. Shaking, Iskra slid her arm around his neck and pressed a dozen kisses to his face. *Hush. I'm perfect.* Dying, but perfect. Body aching with the weight and stretch of him. Heart full of guilt at the flavor of his blood on the air.

*Let me see.* Claws sheathed as she tugged his hand toward her face. Tongue lapping the blood away as she tried to summon some sort of healing craft. But it wouldn't come. Legs locked over his hips, she felt as frozen as her muscles, which clutched and jumped. Useless. "Ahhhh." Why couldn't she bring her craft to bear? Was it the weight of him? The ache in her hips and more tender places?

*I'm so sorry, love.* Iskra pressed her forehead into him, and covered the holes in his hand with her fingertips. Body shuddering hard one last time, making her whimper at the sudden thrill of left over pleasure that rocketed through her. *Nothings broken.* Except maybe the house.

Norr Province / Re: Testing boundaries [cw]
« on: February 02, 2020, 06:42:47 AM »

Of course he did. The evidence was pressed very believably into her flesh. Hot, silky skin almost slick with the wanting. His spear slipped like silk through her fingers, but without the slithering softness of the fabric. It was heavy. Its hardness a weight that pressed it into her touch rather than letting it slip away.

Soft as it was, it was still too big.

Her sweet prince. Iskra was left with his shoulder to press her lips against as Danger buried his face into the mattress. Hand relieved from her body to pull at the dark hair that shadowed the back of his head. She frowned against the hard bone jutting beneath fevered skin, eyes closing against the sight and not-sound of his frustration. Would it be too much? Between her tail and her fear, would he give up on her? There was no repayment for his service.

She dragged him from his peace. Rode his body until hers was satisfied her or fright too big. And then what? All he seemed to do was suffer or nearly die in her presence. Was she another scar lingering on his flesh. There was one near the curve of her cheek. She could see it, blurry but present, when she opened her eyes. Chin dragging across his clavicle, Iskra kissed it.

*Don't be.* She begged, head falling back so she could look him in the eye. Her body following his as they went from above and beneath to side by side. Legs and tail still tangled together. Danger wrapped her in his arms. One to cushion her head, the other to keep her close. Comforting rather than fervent. Her own hands found new places to hold. Fingers just beneath the hollow of his throat, curving around the shoulder she had kissed. *You didn't.* Iskra promised, as if his spear were not a part of him.

The rest of Danger did not frighten her. Iskra did not worry about the devastation of his voice. Or the inherent threat of his Jewels. Danger would not hurt her. His shields protected her, even from himself. And she was able to guard herself against the weird psychic seeping of his barriers. Headaches kept at bay, or tempered with healing craft. His spear, or the size of it, was not something he could control. Nor the way it brought forward the piercing memory of the pain Perry had spread her with. Or the way she'd clawed him in defense.

*Its big enough to drag plenty of people around.* She teased him, lips wry as she press them against him. She didn't want to hurt Danger. To sink her claws into his flesh and add to the scars on his body. To be another person who hurt him. She kept them tucked away as she pet him. The rhythm of her fingers matching the rhythm of his lips as he did exactly as she asked. The tumult of frustrated emotions between them masking by sweet kisses. Heated kisses.

*And they will be.* She promised, mouth opening beneath his to tempt him deeper. She did want him. He was hers. Warm skin to warm skin. All the rough ridges of his scars like a map her hands could follow across otherwise smooth skin. Her tail slid between their thighs, curling up his back and drawing them closer. *It wasn't.* Iskra chided, annoyed at the way he was always trying to escape her.

She wouldn't let her own retreat sully the bond they were developing. Wouldn't let him make anymore excuses or take any more outs. Especially not with the sweetness of his mouth. Kissing him was like drowning and swimming free all at once. She felt buoyant. And feverish. Was the sea ever warm? Was there a place she would never see full of steaming water that felt like Danger's kisses on her skin?

Nipples puckering, Iskra molded her body to his, following the pull of her tail. It was easier to lay aside worries with the taste of his jaw behind her teeth. A scar found with her tongue. "Its not." She repeated against his ear before sucking hard on the lobe. Hips rocking in time with each draw of her tongue. Now it was Iskra pulling at his hair. Pressing small, high breasts into him. For fondling. For suckling. For all the love play that took the tension from her hips and opened her thighs for him again.

Because she did want him. All that hard length and impressive girth. He belonged to her. Belonged inside of her, where their pact could be fully sealed and he'd stop trying to escape. Iskra could bear the pain. She was a healer. "Mine." She reminded them, bottom teeth raking the stubble on his cheek. Thighs wide and back arching to take him in as arousal did what she had hoped it would do. All that kissing to show Danger she still wanted him. To keep him close. Waking her own body back up to the interest it had had in him since the start.

Feverish kisses and hard petting in the chair of his house had not been enough. Even if he had come, hot and sticky in her hand. Iskra could still remember the saltiness of its taste. The memory on the tongue tip she fed him while she tried convincing him to do the same with his spear. Pain be damned. So what if it was big. Babies were bigger, and plenty of women had born them. Lesser women. Women who weren't even Blood had babies all the time.

And other women had had Danger. It wouldn't do. He was Iskra's. It didn't matter if he was too big. So big it felt like he was stretching her entire soul until she was consumed with him. Panting and twisting until he fit. The slow rocking of him and the plucking of tongues and fingers finding the way. *Dane-* So much she couldn't get the words out. "Dan- Tongue and might tripping over his name as he drove into the bed. Aching in a way that added a razor's edge of pain to the pleasure that turned her blue eyes and heated blood molten.

Fingers tangling with his to hold them together because it felt like they were spiraling apart. Iskra screaming as the door opened after the briefest knock. Lunch. They'd asked for lunch and no knocking. Stupid and foolish in the shower. Fear ripped through her the way she'd though his spear would. Tail winding around his knee. To hide. Yank him close and over her so no one would see. Even as her Sapphire rose up and washed the poor servant backward through the door, slamming the barrier on them once again.

The tray left to scatter across the floor as pleasure, pain, pleasure, terror, all forced her body to expel the excess of emotion in the simplest way it could. Crushed. Speared. Utterly exposed. Iskra sank her claws into the back of Danger's hand. Squeezing him tight. Convulsing uncomfortably around his spear in an orgasm that left her tearful and gasping. Nonsense murmured against his neck. "I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry." What had been seen?

Why did he have to feel so terrible and wonderful? *Oh Mother Night.*

Why did the room smell of blood and Craft? "Dannnn."

Iskra moaned, body lifting from the mattress to meld with his. As if she could flee from all of it inside of Danger, while never letting him out of her.

Norr Province / Re: Testing boundaries [cw]
« on: September 02, 2019, 04:09:55 AM »

It was... Delirious. Or Iskra was delirious. Her body was a criss-crossed patchwork of hot and cold skin that shifted. Gooseflesh making every inch more sensitive as Danger trailed touches and kisses over her body. Paths of heat that followed in the wake of his touching, and then turned tight and chilled in the absence of it.

There was a rhythm to it. Paired with the soft way her fingers stroked him. Palm lifting to cup him, then bowing to roll his tested experimentally. He liked it, Iskra knew. Room trembling with barely caught pleasure. Body tucking closer, kisses turning sharp with sucks. It amplified her own pleasure. Head tipped back, Iskra breathed heavily at the ceiling. Stomach twitching. Knees trembling.

Her hips rocking into the pressure of his thumbs. Breasts eagerly thrust into his hands no matter how hard he pinched. Gasping, Iskra's whole body flinched, fingers drawing tightened folds of skin away from his body. Danger liked that even more. Pressing and pressing until Iskra was bowed backward. Knees swept away so he could lay her back and cover her body with his own.

Tail sweeping between their legs to curl over the back of his thigh, Iskra fit her own up around his hips. Forgot the frightening size of his spear until it was slick between them. Head spreading wetness up her center in preparation to part her. Iskra moaned, back arching and ass tucked, drawing her sex down and away. "Too big." She worried against his shoulder, breathless with wanting, hands exploring the muscles of his back.

Shoulder back into the bed, she became a bow. Drawn tight. Desperate to let him in and escape all at once. Fingers buried in his hair, Iskra kissed him. Hard and hungry and full of the sucking he'd wanted so badly. Hips riding her up the underside of his spear. Warm and soft. Tip just where she liked it best. The healer in her knew it could fit. Would fit. But she was afraid of the pain from the first time. Of the claws she's unsheathed in defense.

Want warring with worry until she bucked too hard again both, and the sweet threat of his spear; bruising her ears and skull against the headboard of her bed with a crack that made her jump in surprise and squeal in pain. "Ow! The hell!" Her tail tightened around his thigh, hips twisting her to the side and chin pressed to his jaw. Ears flat as they tried to flee the hurt, Iskra tenses beneath him and tried not to cry. The slide of naked bodies sending conflicting messages to her brain.

Frustrated, Iskra twisted beneath him. Arm thrust between their bodies so she could grab hold of his spear. Grip firm she measured him. Width by the circle of her fingers. Length by the pull of them. *You won't fit.* She whined. He had to be twice as big as Perry. It would be like that first time all over again. Both better and worse, because it would be with Danger. Danger whose cheek she nuzzled with her nose. Ears flapping experimentally.
Not broken or crushed.

Just miserable. *I want you, but its...* Iskra trailed off, thumb circled the tip. "Big. Impressive. Terrifying." Exasperated, Iskra lay flat beneath him, her other hand working up his shoulder to his jaw. Babies fit. But there was always a lot of screaming. His spear was hardly the size of a baby. *Kiss me some more?* She begged, terrified he'd be done with her at the refusal. Terrified she'd never be brave enough to have what she wanted.

Norr Province / Re: Testing boundaries [cw]
« on: July 30, 2019, 06:51:49 PM »

Mouth open, Iskra breathed him in. Inhaling the air from the tip of his tongue before sliding hers over it. *You're wicked.* Surprisingly so. All the nervousness from their first encounter erased. He didn't complain about bad ideas this time. Just pressed himself against her. Slick and sliding as he ground his spear into the joints of her body.

She kissed his ear in passing. Lips catching the top curve as she brought his mouth back to her breast. She wanted him too, more than anything. And for him to have all that he wanted, all the sensations of what passed between them. Sounds included. Maybe later she would look into his ears. For now she didn't want to think too deeply about healing. Focus centered on his mouth and the way he teased her nipple.

On the way their bodies fit together. Slippery from the shower water. Letting her slide an arm between them to stroke his spear again. Filling her hand. Iskra tightened her grip, gasping and laughing at the way Danger made her breast vibrate. Something like a purr ratting his throat. And the mirror. A buzz running from her nipple to her spine. She hissed, lifting into it, and away. Easing back down into him. Wrist gliding down the underside of his spear.

*Easy.* She cautioned, muscles clenching. But she held him tight to her and didn't draw away. Toes curling until she jerked, pleasure rocking on the edge of pain. Forgotten as he teased her lower. Offering what she'd had to beg for before. In, in, in. Not right away. Danger pet and fondled. Teasing and tempting before he offered up what she wanted. A quick dip before he caught her clit in his slick fingers. Gasping, Iskra pressed into his hand.

Down onto his fingers. Mouth and body working to stir them both. She kissed and petting and rode his hand. Clung and shivered. Leaning back into wall, supported by Danger's body. Braced up around his hips so that she stayed even when she didn't have enough control over her body to hold herself there. With her eyes closed she could almost imagine it was the hot length of silken muscle in her hand that her hips drove her onto. Almost, almost. The imagine tipping her head back as his curling fingers and tense thumb drove her to climax. Wringing everything from her body.

Iskra moaned. Mouth wide as she panted. She drug her lips across his hair and temple. Brushing across his nose before she found his mouth. Kiss languid as her body shook. Danger pulled her from the wall, supporting her weight wholly. Sighing, Iskra wrapped both arms around his neck to help support herself. Lips finding the hollow behind his ear to kiss. She forgot, briefly, about his own pleasure. And release. Mind slow to comprehend his question, even with its source cupped by her sex.

*Room.* She answered, swatting the water off. It would be easier to distract him if she had room to maneuver. To keep him from sheathing his spear in her. Where they both wanted it. Iskra licked the crease behind his ear, tail curling between his legs as he walked them to her bed. It would only hurt a little. And the pain would pass. She inhaled. It couldn't be worse than Perry even if he was bigger. So much bigger.

Quick to wiggle when he sat her down. Knees pulled under her so she have control before he could settle his weight on her. Better if she was on top, like that first time, able to control the depth, like Perry had said. Hands on his chest, Iskra held him back. Admiring his body before inviting him onto the bed with her. Easier to look past the scars with her blood running hot. All her edges softened by her orgasm. Cupping his jaw, Iskra kissed him, hand sliding between his legs to cup his testes experimentally.

Norr Province / Re: Testing boundaries [cw]
« on: July 24, 2019, 04:14:08 AM »

His mouth was a distraction. As was his body. Shower water making their bodies slick, so that when they touched, they slid. Danger's mouth another layer of wetness. Disrupting her thread and distracting her from the task he'd set. Lips in his hair, Iskra held him tight and sighed. She didn't want to speak to the kitchen staff. She wanted to leaned forward on her curled toes and see what it felt like to let her body glide across his.

But these few moments of frustration meant less interruptions later. Kneading his scalp, Iskra managed, barely. And would probably need to apologize later, but Danger's mouth was waiting for her at the end. Noses brushing as they both turned at the same time to resume kissing. And touching. His fingers pressing in around her hip bones. Drawing her close so that his spear brushed against her. A warm tickle across her stomach, as if it wanted to mirror what her hands did.

Teasing along Danger's abdomen, sneaking between his spear and his navel. Thumb running up through crisp hair softened by water until it dipped into his navel. His mouth drawing her closer until her spear was caught between their bodies. And then caught in her hand. Held tight while Danger leaned back to work shields over her ears. The same as the one that had kept their mouths apart. Sound caught and put away. Iskra always forgot to ask where, and she did again as he ran his fingers over her ears. It tightened the hard knot in her stomach. And the hard knots at the tip of each breast.

Breathing shallow, Iskra looked from his grinning face to the spear in her palm, ears focused on him. *Tickles.* Not really, but the sensation was similar enough. Prying her eyes away, she leaned back in to kiss him. Blocking the sight of his spear with her body. It looked even bigger in her hand than it did straining against his stomach. To put her nervousness away, Iskra sucked his tongue and gave his spear a long stroke. Lifting up toward the places Danger touched in return.

Hair tangled, breast cupped. She moaned around his bottom lip, hips rocking forward. Panting, Iskra let her head fall back against the shower wall. Hair following so that he had unfettered access to her neck, which he kissed and sucked while still cradling her head. Iskra liked the way his palm felt cupped at the base of her skull. The way his fingers felt spread through her hair. And the way his tongue lapped water from her throat. Thighs rubbing together, Iskra squirmed and renewed her spear petting with new vigor, grinning through a hiss as his thrust into her palm.

*Where are you going?* She whined as he dipped too lower for her reach. Spear head slipping free from the circle of her fingers. Iskra pet his shoulder and face instead, lifting her weak knees as directed, legs hooking around his waist. His spear brushed against her. Thigh first and then along the side of her sex. Impossibly warm and smooth and threatening. Her hips still rocked toward it. Too stupid to remember the pain it could inflict. Especially when he did that! Iskra bucked, catching his face in her hands. "Danger!" Her cry echoed back to her, just as he'd predicted.

Iskra bucked again, elbows pushing against the wall so she could keep her breasts near him. In his mouth close. *Oooh.* She shuddered, pulling his face up to hers so she could kiss him. Pour all her appreciation into him through her tongue and the drag of her teeth across his bottom lip. And then she put him back to her breast, one hand holding tight to his neck as she slipped the other between their bodies. Enough room to stroke him again. Pace matching the flicks of his tongue. Fingers squeezing and kneading when he sucked.

Thighs slipping around his hips, Iskra bumped against the wall to drive herself back to him. And then arched as he too slid a hand between them. Fingers parting the slick center of her with ease. Iskra bit his hair and kissed his temple, her body body a sudden flurry at what was to come. It had felt so damn good the first time he'd done it. Even her tail was excited, curling up her calf where it was wrapped over his thigh. Iskra moaned, clit sending a pulse through her body. Matched by the one that throbbed outward from her nipple.

*Yes, yes, yes.* She squirmed. It was hard to hold tight to him and open herself up at the same time. Thighs spread so her knees could hook his thrusting hips, but clenched tight for grip. The space between their bodies a shifting thing. Filled by Danger and then by Iskra. Her arm filling a gap so she could fondle the very base of his spear, and then squeeze its length upward. And then it was her turn to rock. Moan low, body tense, she pressed herself into his fingers. The very first dip inward was her favorite. Nerve endings stroked to high alert.

His fingers, at least, fit very nicely inside her. So nicely that her thighs shook right of his hips. Whimpering, Iskra leaned back against the wall. Breathless and shaking. Nipples tingling without his mouth on them. But this made it easier to tilt her hips up, legs spread and toes curled in pleasure. And now she could put her mouth on him. Chest and shoulders. Sucking at the ring around his neck and the lobe of his ear. Hand frantic on his spear as she rode his fingers. Tail creeping up between their bodies and circling him arm as her body threatened to climax.

She wasn't ready! There would be mode pleasure but she wasn't done with this pleasure. Moaning against his mouth, Iskra kissed him. Holding tight to his spear and tweaking his nipple as she squeezed his fingers in a quick, fierce orgasm.

Norr Province / Re: Testing boundaries
« on: July 22, 2019, 04:18:44 AM »

She wanted to catch him half a dozen times. To press him to her. Cheeks and nose and lips skimming her body as he undressed her. The way he dragged her close by the waistbands of her skirts made heat pool between her hips. Close was just where she wanted to be. Fingers stroking her hair as he knelt to pull her layered skirts down. Knuckles sliding over her hips and thighs.

Thighs that pressed tight and hips that rocked toward him. Fingers replaced by clinging arms as he stood. Both of them turning to hide against the other until they were nearly one body interlocked. Danger laughed. A sound that made the mirror vibrate and Iskra's ears flatten. It was hard to hear the voice beneath the craft, and Iskra so wanted to. Was it deep? Sweet, like Danger himself?

*No.* Answer quick and sure. She wanted him no where that was not there with her. There where she could watch the play of muscles across his back in the mirror. Her eyes dark when she looked back at herself. Needy fingers working across his skin which grew moist beneath their tips. Humidity making the air thick and heavy. It was nearly too much. Kissing him, Iskra moved backward. Back toward the warm spray of water.

Danger just a few steps behind her. Watching her put shields up with hungry eyes before he reached out and plucked her last line of defense from her body, leaving her naked before him. It made Iskra blush. And blush harder as he rolled the rest of his clothing down his legs. Spear free to rise up and lay itself against his stomach. The way he reached up to cup his hands over his head made Iskra smile. Like he wanted her to look. To look long and hard. Which was exactly what his spear was.

*Nothing.* It was different to see it than to feel it. Now she knew and there was no way to pretend otherwise. Iskra still reached for him. Still wanted him even though the knot of anxiety in her stomach knew he'd never fit without pain. And probably a lot of it. But Iskra knew there was plenty they could do without that. They'd done it before, once. This time it would be easier. A whole lot less clothing to work around.

Hand taken, Danger followed her in. Shoulder hunching against the water, her leaned in over Iskra. More kissing, and compliments that made her curl her fingers in his hair. Any praise or thanks she might have given him yanked away as his thumb slid over her nipple. Iskra's whole body followed it. Gasping, her grip tightened, all of her swaying after his thumb as the invisible bundles if nerves that lived in her body bunched tight as one.

Lips parted, Iskra tried to breathe. And not rio Danger's hair out at the roots. *I can try.* Secondary thread hard to anchor when she was distracted. Heart pounding, stomach quivering in need. She nearly swarmed the first witch she found. Thread heavy handed and urgent, leaving surprise and amusement behind as Iskra retreated. *Done.* She panted, leaning back in so she could kiss him again. And be kissed back.

Hand sliding down his front. Fingers dipping into each swell. Stroking his side and cupping his hip. Thumb sliding between his spear and his stomach to dip into his belly button. Iskra arched toward him. Arm around his neck to keep him close and help her keep her upright. *You're beautiful too.* She told him. mouth hungry on his. Iskra sucked his bottom lip, and then his tongue, fingers circling his spear. The base of it cupped in her palm. She squeezed, and then slid her hand upward, palm rolled over the tip.

Norr Province / Re: Testing boundaries
« on: July 21, 2019, 08:22:52 AM »

His mouth lingered over hers. Lips closed but soft. Iskra was careful to keep her face still while she unbuttoned her coat so the contact wasn't broken. *Whatever we want.* Answer vague but not elusive as she worked her arms free of her coat. Danger's hands like his interest, flowing down her body to help. Lips parting on a sigh, Iskra rose on her tip toes to wrap her arms around his neck.

Danger leaned in. Hands traveling down her spine and then up to cup her ears. They twitched under his palms, flattened against her skull as she felt rather than heard his groan. Like a soft breeze through the room created by an opening door. No damage done, and his pleasure made her toes curl. Tongue sliding across his lip until he drew it into his mouth. Iskra arched. Nipples tightening and thighs squeezing together. It was like a lightning strike. Pins and needles down her body.

Elbows tucked over his shoulders, Iskra chased his tongue with her own. Felt the hard lines of his teeth, and the seam along the roof of his mouth. Tasted blood and morning coffee as desire bubbled up in her stomach and made her hips rocking in his hands. Glad to be pressed flush against him. Hungry for more contact. But less clothes. Danger wasn't as certain. Link twisting with nervous energy. Hand sliding over his chest, Iskra drew circles just below his throat and tried not to worry at the hesitation.

*Very.* Very, very. Gaze shy but hands less so as she opened his coat and slid if from his body. Forgotten on the floor with her own. Breathing uneven as she tried to gauge his mood without giving in wholly to her own. The worry or the lust. Eyes sweeping closed as he strokes her jaw and drew her back in for another kiss. Her fingers curled into the sides of his shirt, holding Danger to her while she drew his lower lip into her mouth, catching it between her teeth and tongue.

*Okay.* Breathless and eager, Iskra ignore the trepidation edging up her spine. The line they had been treading for days on end about to be obliterated. She held on tight, waiting in agony as he hesitated at the doorway. Eyes on everything but her. What the bathroom too much? Was she too little? Ears and tail exotic until they were full exposed. And then what were they? What was she? Did he regret being bound to a freak of a queen?

She shivered a little, waiting for him to finish judging the room. To decide if the idea was too much of a bad one to follow through with. Hand pulling her hat from her head, tail curling between her thighs and up around her waist. Hiding. When he finally looked at her, Iskra thought she might die. Cheeks flaming, smile unsteady as she searched his face for answers. Finding them in the hands he placed on her. Bossing her gently.

Sucking in a breath, Iskra nodded. Fingers fumbling with his buttons. Body humming with anticipation. There was something amazingly erotic about being undressed while she did the same to him. Slips of skin slowly exposed. No way to control which parts of her body he undressed first. All of her aching and terrified both to he exposed to him. Pulling his shirt free some his arms, Iskra leaned in to kiss him. *Okay.*

Okay. Okay. She sounded like an idiot. Craft turning the water on. Mouth trailing down his chin to his neck. Knuckles skimming his stomach as she reached for his pants. Lips crossing the scars on his neck gently, hands shaking so hard she could barely get her pants down his hips. Her body burning with every inch exposed to the air. *Danger.* Tail waving madly in agitation Iskra fought a sudden bout of violent modesty by clinging to him.

His body was like a hot coal against her own. Even in the warm steam that had begun to fill the room. Moaning against his cheek, Iskra pressed a kiss there and drew her fingers down his spine. Watching them slide down his skin in the mirror. She kissed him. Lips caught hard between their teeth by the fierceness, hands working nervously down her tail as she stepped back. Fingers stroking a shield into the fur. She didn't like how it pulled against her spine when went.

Something similar brushed up her ears as she looked him over. Heart hammering, each breath felt at the tips of her breasts. "Oh Mother." Shuddering, Iskra stepped backward into the shower, hand reaching to draw him in after her. The patter of warm water against her skin making her flinch and twitch. Eyes watching. Waiting for his reaction. Was it too much? Too different? Or did he still want her? Was it with the same stomach twisting need she wanted him with?

Norr Province / Re: Testing boundaries
« on: July 19, 2019, 10:22:13 PM »

*No.* She agreed, fingers walking across his skin. *You're not a bad kisser at all.* Forehead and cheek brushing against him, Iskra wished she could reassure him about all the others things too. But there was so much bad in his past she didn't know about. Evidence of it written on his skin and in rumors. But Danger didn't talk to her about those things outside vague warnings. Or not so vague warnings.

People died. He wasn't the danger prince because of the obnoxious throbbing at his barriers, but because of his voice. Iskra just had morw faith in him than Danger did. Hands still half in his pocket, she drug him along to the house. *I'll be sweeter inside where its warm.* Face rubbed against her shoulder. There was ice on her jacket, which broke against her face and did nothing to help with the cold or the redness.

Cajoling and forcing him in turn, Iskra got them both inside. And through the hallways that threatened to turn him away. She could have sworn he was counting the people they passed. Another bad idea working up to a full on refusal. So she didn't let him linger, and tried not to let him think too much. He always overthought everything. Feet really dragging when he noticed the lack of presence that came with Eydis departure.

Iskra just didn't want him to know thats what caused it. Twisting it around on him to change the subject. Blushing, she shot a grin at him over her shoulder. She was his queen. It made something in her stomach tighten and tremble. She was someones queen. Forever. Which meant she needed to be a good one. Danger was depending on her. *Very diplomatic of you.* Full of elation and dread, Iskra warred with her emotions while trying to find a lie that was not a lie. She didn't want to lie to him. But she didn't want him to run either.

*Well its all the answer I have. She doesn't report to me, you know.* Her door was so close. Turning toward him, Iskra walked backwards and kept a tight hold on Danger. *More like the other way around.* Stay, she begged him silently, turning to open the door to her room. Grateful that kissing diverted his attention. Even if it took a direction Iskra hadn't expected. Pulling him in behind her, she frowned, hand releasing his pocket to tangle briefly with his fingers.

Her lips thinned, pressed between her teeth before they puckered outward. Shaking her head, Iskra shrugged and nudge the door shut behind them. *Seemed logical to me.* She teased him, flushing at his other question. Hands pushing down her hips, Iskra shrugged. Saved from having to answer by his asking her not to at all. His skulking in the doorway given up for pulling her in.

*Okay.* Iskra ran her palms over his arms and let him. Happy to crane her neck and tip her face up to his kisses. Lios warm across her cheek. Sweeter across her lips. Slipping into the space between their bodies, Iskra popped the buttons of her coat open. *I don't know. Not long enough, probably."* Her lips plucked at his, sucking his lower lip into her mouth as she rolled her shoulders free of her coat.

Letting it fall to the ground, Iskra wrapped her arms around Danger's neck and really kissed him. With all the hungry yearning she'd been harboring in the pit of her stomach. Suppressed by worry. For his health. Their strange relationship. But not was different. They were warm and about to be fed after already eating. and he'd only been a little hurt by his rough landing. So Iskra licked his bottom lip before fitting hers against him. Tongue intrusive in its curiosity.

*I have a very big private shower.* She invite, fingers sliding through the hair behind his ear. Breasts flattened to him. Her free hand traveled over his shoulder to help with his coat. Ready for there to be less layers between them, however many he was comfortable with. *They can leave the tray on a table.* She tempted.

Norr Province / Re: Testing boundaries
« on: July 19, 2019, 04:38:22 AM »

*Probably.* Iskra mocked gently. Lips parting she breathed him in as the weight of his arm settled across her shoulder. Bare hands warmed by the contact with his skin, cheeks and jaw stroked while her craft rolled over his body. Searching and soothing. *I wouldn't call what you just did walking.* More like a shamble, since it wasn't really a limp. Iskra's lips twitched in a smile. One she schooled away when he shot her a glare.

Always with the glaring and bad ideas. *Maybe if you focused more on stopping you would have to worry less about those other things. And running into walls.* She challenged his logic, hand sliding around his neck and down the back of his collar in concern. Sighing, Iskra concentrated her craft there, leaning into him as he propped his chin on her head. Her ear wiggled out from beneath its weight, making the knit hat pulled over her head bob suspiciously.

*I'll fix it.* Iskra promised against the rattle of Danger's sigh, craft sweeping up from his toes to swarm around his skull. It wasn't broken. At least no more broken than it usually was. Shields raised in defense against the constant throbbing now that they no longer rode the Winds. Petting his cheek, she wiggled out from under his chin so she could look at him. Hat tugged back into position when she noticed it was askew. *Better?* Reassured he wasn't still in pain, Iskra tried to get him inside where it was more and there was likely to be food.

She snorted at his eyebrows. Her own scowling at him. *Or maybe it went too well.* Cheeks pink with cold and embarrassment. Iskra still couldn't believe she'd fallen over in a faint from a simple kiss. Especially since Danger had done things much more worthy of fainting over after that. Though not lately. Everything between them seemed to be caught in a sort of lurch. Kisses hesitant and practically chaste. All the petting done above the waist and over clothes and no where exciting.

But they slept entangled together every night. And Iskra liked that too. *I'm not a cherry.* She laughed, but she was cold. Hands warm in his pocket. Nose tip only a little less so where it had touched him.  Iskra kissed his cheek and grinned, tugging him toward the house. *Its fine, they have doors.* Once it was decided on, Iskra wasted no time in getting him inside. She didn't want to risk him changing his mind.

Lunch begged off a kitchen maid when they passed her in the hall. To be delivered to Iskra's room as soon as possible. Whatever was easily on hand. Danger seemed to want to linger however. Looking at the people they passed in the hall, or who worked in rooms with the doors open. Business as usual in the house to Iskra, but something different to Danger. *Its not always in an uproar.* Just sometimes.

Fingers lacing with his, Iskra lead him up the stairs and toward her room. *Hmm?* Glancing at him, Iskra frowned. A quick probe of the house told her that Eydis was indeed not at home. Not an impossible occurrence, but Iskra always assumed she was. Usually she was home enough to know when the queen was going out. Somehow she had imagined life stopping when she wasn't present for it. *She's your queen too, isn't she? You're an Odense resident. Sort of.*

Iskra was trying to distract him while she decided how much she wanted to lie to him. She was very, very, certain Danger would be ready to leave once he knew Eydis was not at home to shield the house from him. And Iskra really, really, wanted some lunch and a change of clothes. She had missed her bathroom exceedingly. *She's working.* She told him, sucking on her cheeks. It wasn't really a lie. Eydis probably was working. Somewhere outside the house.

*Come on. If you save the kissing for inside, I'm much less likely to faint in the hallway.* Smile merry, she opened the door with a dramatic twist of her wrist and dragged him inside after her.

Norr Province / Re: Testing boundaries
« on: July 15, 2019, 04:07:00 AM »

His grumblings were mostly ignored. Danger was always grumbling. Nothing was ever good, mostly always bad. Bad ideas. Terrible ideas. Ideas he wouldn't even consider. Sometimes when he was particularly ungracious, she wondered if he even liked her. Tempted to remind him that he didn't have to, whatever Darkness they were cut of.

But Iskra liked Danger. He was hers and inspired in her a sort of fierce possessiveness no one else had yet. So she didn't tempt fate, or his inclination to be utterly alone by giving him ideas. Instead she ignored his upset and tried dragging him out. Teaching him things she thought he should know to survive. Clever things that would see they weren't even as parted as they had been.

*I do say so.* And because she said so, he did. Iskra felt only a little guilty for talking him into something he obviously wasn't interested in learning. A guilt that turned into a worry as she waited. And waited. Landing web silent in front of her, house witch rushed off to hide. Danger didn't come. Hands tugging at her coat, Iskra looked around. Sharp eyes scanning the windows if the sjefhjem. Then the sky.

Jumping when the link between them flared to life again. Pain oozing down the thread. *What happened?!* Iskra whirled, eyes scanning the courtyard. No Danger. Iskra's probes rushed across the ground and out around the house. She tried borrowing Danger's eyes but that just made her feel nauseous. A beat of panic thumping along with her heart as she pulled her mittens off and scaled the wall of the yard, claws biting into the mortar while her fingers practically froze to the stones.

Crouching on the top of the wall, Iskra scanned the grounds, slowly standing upright so she could see farther. The sway of vegetation making her whirl and bare her teeth. *I see you!* She ran along the stones, tail bobbing beneath her skirts for balance, muttering to herself as went. Crouching again, Iskra grabbed the edge of the wall and slid down it, hopping off onto the ground with a faint stumble. Pulling the dead stalks of decorative grass aside, she peered at him with wide eyes.

*Are you okay?* Claws put away, she stroked his cheek. Smoothing away a rough patch as she waded into the grass with him. Hands and craft traveling his body in search of hurts as she nestled in close. *You've got to stop before letting go, silly.* Iskra kissed his cheek, all the places that smarted sussed out and attended to. The wild beat of fear in her heart slowed and grew quiet.

Funny that he should land there. Iskra only knew of one person so utterly capable of murdering a garden planted under Eydis' eye. And that was herself. *Do you want to go in for some lunch, or home? My room's just there.* Finger pointing over her shoulder to the tall, empty window. The tip an angry red from contact with cold stone and air.

Norr Province / Testing boundaries [cw]
« on: July 14, 2019, 05:51:14 PM »

Contact muffled by layers and mittens, Iskra could barely feel Danger at her side, or his hand around hers. Physical sensation wasn't key at the moment, however. Submerged in a psychic link so she could show him the way she found the Winds. Sensing them from White down to Sapphire.

They grew stronger the Darker they descended. The White, which seemed to cross in more places than all others, was patchy and weak. Threads thinner than spidersilk and a dozen times more dangerous than a widow's fang. *Feel them?* Iskra asked, face turning toward his, though she had her eyes closed in concentration. The Sapphire Wind like the reins of a wild pony in her grasp.

*Here is the Sapphire. Your Ebon-grey would be faster, but I can't guide you on that. You have your shields?* Sometimes they were rough. Pyshic turbulence. What caused it, Iskra didn't know and didn't really care to think on. Her worries and interests more physical, relating to the body rather than the mind, though she knew they were linked, the Wind and what affected it was something else entirely.

*Now reach for Odense, but don't get yet.* Her fingers spread against his as if she could lead the way by touch. Psyche spreading down toward the city, landing web like a bright beacon in a stormy night. *Like a light house.* Iskra told him, leaning into his chest, which was more solid after five days of good feeding and rest. And attentive care from a healer. Plenty of supplies Winded up to the light house so she could douse him in brews.

Feeding him little bits of own power until she felt he was strong enough to recover quickly. *Got it?* She asked him. She'd taken him once or twice, letting Danger hold the shields while she guided them down the Wind to the city and then back again so he could grow used to the sensation. *Just like I showed you.* Iskra went first so he could follow. Craft carefully constructed and shared across the link she'd made iron tight between them. Not a single shield between her mind and his.

Her head throbbed, but this way there was no risk of something being lost between them. Sjefhjem casting the landing web in shadow. A passing house witch nearly dropping her basket of laundry at Iskra's arrival. Smile wan, she stepped aside and waited for him to join her. Shields keeping anyone else from joining them in the courtyard. No people, she promised. Just practice.

Norr Province / Re: Accidents happen
« on: June 05, 2019, 04:12:55 AM »

*I don’t.* She wanted to stay and watch him paint borders on his glass. Watch whales breach and blow fountains of water into the sky. Odense was home. The pulse of the city exciting, soothing, and worrying her. But with Danger Iskra had another home. The same sort of excitement and soothing, without the worry.

The worrying was all for Danger. He was made up of it. Worried she would be hurt. Worried she would leave. Worried, worried, worried. He spilled his worries into her hair. Afraid of the impossible. That he would commit a crime she couldn’t forgive. Iskra didn’t think that was possible. Danger was good. Too busy worrying to do anything truly bad. Smiling at his frown, Iskra tried to pet all his worries away. Kissed his forehead instead of his grumpy mouth.

And pulled him down into the nest with her, so they could be close. His heart beat against her back. Breath in her hair. Length for length, measured out against each other. Iskra wiggled her feet between his legs, hooking her ankles around his calves. Danger moved too, shifting closer. She pulled her hair away so he could put his face in the curve of her neck and tickle her with his breathing. *How could you know? I was just being foolish.*

No one had ever tracked her down because they wanted her. It was just expected. You went to find missing children or runaway apprentices. Pouting Iskras were not the same. *It’s okay, I promise.* Hand sliding over his, Iskra helped him finish the aborted move. Fingers threading through thick fur. *I was just upset. It had been a long time since anyone had seen my tail or touched it. Since my siblings and I were small, actually.*

Chin angled away so he could have more of her throat, Iskra relaxed. Body languid as it settled deep against Danger and sank into the blankets. All the tension in her stomach, which fluttered and rolled violently. She closed her eyes and imagines that this could last forever with no interruptions. *Just no pulling or squeezing.* Boundaries set playfully. Reaching up, Iskra ran her fingers along the side of his face, thinking about his words. More than friends. More how? Lovers? They’d been that for a moment.

She wanted to be that again. But not tonight. He’d nearly died. His body was strong on her craft, fed on brews and her own reserves of Sapphire and bodily strength, it still needed rest and feeding. Real healing. Reminded, Iskra swept a probe over him and slowly withdrew her power. If she fell asleep feeding him, she might very well never wake. And she wanted to wake up beside this prince who was excited by her. And excited more by her tail. She had never imagined it would elicit such a response. Arousal rather than horror.

Maybe she should have, considering her parents and pack of siblings.

*Rest.* She reminded them both as lightning arching across the sky. The thunder was farther away, the sound of rain against the roof and glass walls nearly drowning it out. Everything would be ice in the morning. *I’m so glad I found you.* she whispered, imagining him out there in this. Imagining herself stuck in a forever that didn’t have Danger in it. Iskra liked this much better.

Norr Province / Re: Accidents happen
« on: June 04, 2019, 05:36:24 PM »

The world seemed impossibly right and impossibly beautiful. Her ears twitched with every crack of thunder, and her eyes were dazzled with every lightning strike, but it was good. Loud. Beautiful. And comfortable, with Danger leaning into her, their fingers interlocked. Tighter than the laces of her corset had been.

*Probably would be hard to install.* She agreed with a chuckled. She relaxed into him. Ear swiveling beneath his chin, flattening until it was out of his way. Iskra smiled as he buried his nose in her hair, and then pressed his lips to her temple. In return she nuzzled his shoulder, eyes still on the ocean, but her body was tucked up tight to his.

They rested until the whales broke the surface of the ocean, chasing lightning across the water. Spotting them, Iskra pointed them out. Danger followed their linked hands, but they were gone beneath the waves again and didn't resurface. *Too bad there aren't more. Probably hiding from all the lightning.* What was the storm like underwater? Similar to them, hidden behind glass? Pulling their hands back under the blanket, Iskra shivered at the circles he drew on her back.

*When is the light just right, so we can come back?* She asked, hoping it was sunrise so there was an excuse to stay up in the lighthouse all night and watch the storm roll through. Just like this, cozy under the blankets together. Legs and fingers tangling as her knee slipped under his. *Hmm?* Ears trying to hear him, even though he never spoke. Or rarely did. She blushed, remembering the way his words had rattled the lighthouse.

And what had caused them.

She tried looking at him, but Danger left his cheek to her head, so she had to be content with just listening, thumb stroking the back of his hand. She kept petting him, face pressed tight into him the more he said. Her tail twitched along her thigh, the tip disturbing the pile of blankets draped over them. *Hush!* Twisting against him, Iskra sat up on her knees and pet his hair.

*You can make as many as you need.* She promised, tugging one of his ears. *I'm sorry I didn't come back sooner. I promise it wasn't for forever.* She kissed his forehead, and then dragged him down into the blankets with her. Head pillowed on his arm, body pulled around her own. Ears wiggling in his face, she fluffed her tail over his hips and draped it down behind him. *I didn't mean it, when I said you couldn't look. Or think whatever you want to think about them.*

She hugged his arm around her middle. *You're stuck with me, prince. Even when I'm mad. Or waiting for you to show up and let me apologize.*

Norr Province / Re: Accidents happen
« on: June 04, 2019, 05:18:07 AM »

*Now I do.* Iskra agreed. *Except your were basically dead and I was just annoyed.* Iskra’s tongue mashed against the back of her teeth. Jaw clenched to keep it from slipping out and wagging at Danger. Danger who had gone looking for her. But there had been no one to alert Iskra to the fact that he was missing. It just meant she would have to check on him more often after she left. And she didn’t plan on leaving soon.

Danger seemed pleased with the amount of clothing and food supplied. The more she rummaged the more grateful Iskra was. And a little sorry for the cabinets of the witch and her escort. She hoped everyone had made it home safe. And stayed there. *They’ll just double up when I get home.* Unlikely, but possible. There wasn’t any real rush, and truly her apprenticeship on both sides of her caste were nearly completion. She was a healer in her own right.

The queen bit was struggling a little. Grin sassy, Iskra refrained from kissing his eyebrows. She didn’t stop herself from smoothing her hand along his ribs. *Good!* She told him cheerfully, whirling away to make use of his bathroom. She would steal his boots more often if it kept him close. Kept him waiting while she changed, and ate. The look he gave her when she returned made Iskra squirm. A long, slow looking over that tightened her stomach and released the butterflies that lived there.

Tightened other things too. Iskra licked her lips and blushed right back at him. *Oh.* She mimicked before charging forward. Bullying him into accompanying her upstairs. He seemed well enough. Drip. Color just right, when he wasn’t blushing. Pulse moving freely through his body when she squinted at him. The rest would just take time and food, and they had plenty of both.

The walk up the stairs was exhilarating. Iskra could hear the storm growing louder the higher they went, could feel it shaking the world once they reached the top. Danger made them a next while Iskra stared dumbly out the window. Everything laid out in a perfect crescent for viewing. Half a turn gave her the rest as far as her eye could see, and the way around. *It’s amazing.* Breathless even over the thread. And shrieking as the thunder struck, making her jump.

Danger counted, and Iskra laughed, finally joining him at the blankets and adding her own to the mix. Drop. Extras to cover themselves with. She frozen when the lightning came, half bent to a basket of food down. The whole world went white, and then blue. White caps suddenly visible as they crashed against the coast and turned to salt-ice. Slowly she sank down into the nest. *Very.* It was amazing.

Snuggled in together, they drank wine from the thermos. Iskra picking at a baked apple she had sliced onto a plate, trying to tempt Danger with bites so she wasn’t eating alone. All around them the storm raged in awful, beautiful glory. Danger motioned to the windows, pulling all of Iskra’s attention to him. Shifting, she turned to look up at him, fingers searching for his in the mess of blankets.

*Well now you do. You’ll just have to work up to the stained glass trim.* She teased to hide the anger in her stomach. Mad at a boy for looking out windows! Iskra wanted to ask, to fuss, but things were content between them. She didn’t want to dredge up old memories and possible pain. Squeezing his hand, Iskra leaned into him, near arm supporting her weight behind his back, temple to his shoulder. Her hip supported her weight, knees and thighs tucked against Danger, tail waving softly at her feet, piles of blankets compressing it.

Everything was almost perfection.

Beyond the window lightning crackled across the rim of the world, limning the backs that rose out of the water. Dark shapes against a dark background she nearly missed them. *Look!* She pointed, dragging his hand along with hers because she wouldn’t let go. *Was it whales? Did you see?* Gone now except for an after image burned into lids. Drip.

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