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Little Terreille Archives / Re: Where oh where did my little lamb go?
« on: July 05, 2018, 10:05:35 AM »
Scowled at him, the little puppy! Kanoa could feel the jewelessness of the male he'd run into, though it didn't really bother him. Not everyone could be so lucky to be granted jewels from the darkness and Kanoa was of a mind that even the jeweless were useful. And entertaining. Apparently this one had his own charge to keep from running off if the sudden grab at the man wandering next to him was any indication.
"Sure am I'm standing here," Kanoa answered the boy with a grin, he resisted the urge to slap him on the back, afraid to send the lad into a tumble. Kanoa was a big man and strong, he'd had to learn early on to be careful with his physical strength. "Not real keen on these city type places but chasing someone is what I'm doin' now." Leave it to Ina to make him chase her. Why that woman just couldn't stick her ass at home and be a proper Hearth Witch he didn't know.

"Got a stubborn one too?" he asked lightly. Ina was everything that was stubborn. He loved his baby sister but he could strangle her. When the boy eating an apple exclaimed about the size of Ina, Kanoa looked at the hand still cranked at waste height. Oops. He lifted it a bit higher which wasn't all that higher, more chest level that time. "'Bout there yeah? She'll be 27 soon, but don't tell her I told you that, she gets cranky about her age. Like to put something in your food for it," he told them earnestly. Instant trust for a pair of toddlers from the tribes wasn't something you'd find to unusual about Kanoa.

"She got pissed and she ran. Bad relationship and all that," he growled, still angry about the happenings between his best friend and Ina, "Need help finding yours? I can help if ya need it," he offered as he took their measure. A jeweless blood male and an absent minded boy stronger than he was. Not that Kanao was intimidated, nothing really intimidated the very large man, but he could be wary of a boy with strength.

Little Terreille Archives / Where oh where did my little lamb go?
« on: June 27, 2018, 09:15:12 AM »

He stomped around Little Terreille like nobody's business. He had one small, missing sister to find and he had yet to actually find her. Kanoa had no doubt that Ina would attempt to murder him when he did find her, she was off having her own adventures and how dare he interrupt but he worried about her. Little sisters were not meant to go on adventures alone. Without escort. He had half a mind to paddle her behind when he found her.

Every horrible thing that could go wrong for Ina was being played in his mind as he stomped around the streets, accosting anyone he could to see if they had seen her. None had of course. She was simply easy to miss. She wasn't strong jewelwise, a rose just like his and she wasn't very large like he was. She barely came to his hip and for her to be overlooked in the hustle and bustle of a city was unsurprising.

He should have brought more people with him. Their sisters would have found her in a heartbeat, never mind that his tracking spells had pulsed at him when he'd managed to find his way to Rodgau. She was here somewhere but he just could not place his finger on the where. She was obscured from him some how. Or it was altogether possible his spells had backfired and he was tracking a dog around the province.

He sighed heavily as people darted out of his way. Good. He didn't need them getting in his way. Dark brown eyes scanned the crowd as he searched. She had to be here somewhere. She had to be. Where else could she be. There! Tiny, dark haired and female! He moved swiftly to intercept only to be threatened with bodily harm by her escort. Hands up for protection Kanoa spouted out his apologies. People were so touchy here.

Someone bumping him. He turned to snarl at them when he thought to ask them if they'd seen her. "Pardon!" he called out, "But you wouldn't have happened to see a tiny Nharkava woman wondering about here have you?" He settled his hand palm down around waste height, "She's about yeah big, dark brown hair, dark eyes. Got a mean streak a mile wide? Hearth Witch? No? Yes?"

Little Terreille / Kanoa
« on: May 22, 2018, 01:12:24 PM »

The Basics

Full Name: Kanoa
Age: 48
Gender/Pronouns: Male. He/Him

Ethnicity: An Corithe
Birthplace: In a forest
Current Location: Little Terreille
Profession: Priest

Caste: Warlord Priest
Birthright Jewel: White (CUT 50)
Offering Jewel: Rose (CUT 10)

Face Claim: Jason Momoa

The Body

Height: 6'4"
Body Type: Muscular
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Dark brown

Kanoa is quite tall, standing 6'4" in height and he is muscular from the physical training he seems to enjoy. Kanoa's dark brown eyes often twinkle with mirth. His dark brown hair is not necessarily a mess of unkempt hair, Kanoa's is a study in maintain chaos and is something that he cultivates. A rough beard is more often not as maintain as it should be. Kanoa has a sharp scar through the left eyebrow from a well placed blow his father gave him during a particularly rigorous training session. When Kanoa was young he thought it would be amusing to emulate the Glacians and put ink to his skin, Kanoa has a tattoo that graces his left forearm.

Kanoa's wolf is a massive dark grey indvidiual, ears are tipped with white and his tail is splashed with a dark black.

The Mind

Craft Strengths: 18/18 (15+3 for new shifter craft)
Skin Switcher
Psychic Masking
Physical Enhancement
Cushioning Spells
Tracking Spells
Guidance Craft
Calming Spells
Dark Gate Rituals
Ceremony Craft
Embalming Craft
Craft Weaknesses: Kanoa is not that great at shield craft even though his father tried to drill it into his head. Healer craft that is beyond a simple bone set is something he'll never be able to manage. His summoning and vanishing is something that can be called laughable and even his hearth witch sister has a better "cabinet" than he does.

Personal Strengths: Fun loving, honest, a great dancer
Personal Weaknesses: Overprotective, possessive, can't cook to save his life

Kanoa is more fun-loving than he is overprotective, but he has all the same qualities that make a Blood male dangerous. He'd just rather be having a good time than tearing peoples' heads off. Kanoa is honest to a fault and has a hard time with deception, he doesn't like lying nor does he like liars and if it's one thing that can set his temper off its a liar. Like any Blood male, Kanoa is possessive of those things that are his. Whether it is a woman or a piece of weaponry, woe to anyone who touches without his permission. Kanoa adores his sisters, Ina above the rest. He'd never admit that to the other two, but Ina holds a special place in his heart.

The Backstory

  • Atea | Father | Tiger-eye to Summer-sky Warlord
  • Miti | Mother | Blood female
  • Satina | Younger Sister (-5)| Blood female
  • Ina | Younger Sister (-10) | White to Rose Hearth Witch
  • Vaite | Younger Sister (-13)| Summer-sky to Purple Dusk Priestess


Kanoa is born to Atea and Miti. Childhood was a simple affair as the rest of the world continued to overcome what had happened during the reign of Witch. At age ten, Kanoa undergoes his birthright ceremony and the plucky boy comes out with the white. Undeterred by the color of his jewel, Kanoa continues to grow.

Ina is born shortly after his birthright and Kanoa was instantly smitten with his younger sister and did much in the way of protecting her. Even when she didn't want him too. Two other sisters were born not long after Ina but this sister would always have a hold on him. Begins his training for Priesthood just before his offering ceremony. His other soul is called to him in a painful process that he works diligently to perfect.

Kanoa underwent his offering ceremony, trading his white in for a rose. Ina underwent her birthright and comes away with white. His sister Vaite comes away with Summer-sky. Kanoa was supremely proud of both his sisters and continued to do what he could to keep them well and safe. Continues his Priest training, he's not as great at it as he had hoped but he manages to master most of the skills.

Ina comes away with a rose at her offering ceremony and Kanoa understands the feeling of kinship he has for Ina that goes beyond sibling love. Kanoa is completely finished with his Priest training, he does what he is called to do when he is called to do it. Assists a village girl through her Virgin's Night. She develops a bit of a crush on him. He tries his best to dissuade her of these feelings, doesn't exactly work out how he plans. With the assistance of all three of his fierce sisters, he finally convinces the girl that he was not the one for her.

Kanoa does something he never does and suggests a friend of his for Ina's Virgin's Night. He's pleased as punch when his suggestion is taken and even that they develop feelings for each other. His best friend and his best sister? He doesn't much. Continues practicing his craft and is called upon a few times to oversee death right ceremonies.

Weirdly, Kanoa has never had a significant relationship, he's never fathered any children and has done what he's asked by way of his craft and assisting during virgin nights. Kanoa just wants to have fun. Not so much when he hears about his so-called best friend running Ina off. He was away when she left, performing death right ceremonies in a town a few days ride from his home. When he returned his parents told him what happened and Kanoa put a well-placed fist in the middle of his best friend's face and left to retrieve his wayward sister.

The Writer

Player Name: Jenn
Player Pronouns: She/her
Timezone: -8 GMT
Contact: Discord, PM
How did you find us?: RPGI

Inactivity Instructions: Archive

Roleplay Sample:
See Min yo

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