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Lys / Traveling Too
« on: October 19, 2020, 03:11:03 AM »
Audun's job had only gotten weirder since the 'Event'. It was something she'd had to take mostly on faith, those first few days after it happened. She'd had some unsettling dreams but could never remember them, and, stationed in Hjerte after submitting her most recent assessment, she wasn't actively looking for things that were wrong.

Then she'd come to in the Maintenance Bureau's barracks after a dream that vanished the moment she opened her eyes, and everyone had been in a tizzy. Every Blackwidow in the building had been called into the office of the director, while couriers ran at speed into and out of the bustling halls. Her peerage, those who's skills lay in assessment and preservation, gathered in drifts in the yards and windows, waiting for some kind of update. Those who had reached out with curious psychic touches to their mentors had been quickly rebuffed, the sense of urgency only heightening the longer the silence held.

When the news broke, it wasn't what Audun had been expecting.

Power, pure Craft, had come across the Askavi border in a wave that flattened trees. What had the entire Bureau buzzing wasn't the impressively renovated forest, however, but the influx of reports of changes in Raej's foundation webs. Already letters and psychic communications were bouncing across District and Province borders, all funneling toward Lys and the current Court residence. That the Winds had apparently been ripped apart was secondary: the cornerstone of Raej's peaceable trading, tourism, and immigration had been touched in a way no one could understand. And that had everyone scrambling.

Which was how Audun found herself sent out on a long assignment. Her mentor, who commanded several teams in addition to a dozen assessment contractors, had sent all but the newest and the currently occupied into the field. To all corners they went, working their way from town to town, village to village. Checking every foundation web, reinforcing where they thought necessary, cataloging every detail. She found her artistic abilities greatly increasing, at least those pertaining to mapping web structures. More and more of her reports were returning with preserved sketches of webs, describing as best she could the difference in the feel of them when there wasn't any physical change.

It meant, too, that each stay was longer. She'd left Hjerte with a one-man wagon and a mule, supplies enough to see her through several weeks, and a map of stops with good markets. Those provisions had lasted the trek out to Skygge's joint border with Dena Nehele and Askavi, almost as far as Murm Hontum, only because she was spending almost a full week at each settlement, every web given hours of consideration. Take as much time as you need, her mentor had said, more serious and solemn than Audun had ever seen her. We need to know everything we can, and if that means a week in a hamlet looking over every single web they have, then so be it. But don't dally, either. We must move quickly, and you have a lot of ground to cover.

Ultimately she'd circle back to Hjerte along the River Walk, but what that meant now was that she'd crossed into Lys with Askavi at her right, several weeks behind her and even more before. Between towns the forest was quiet, hushed in a way that had her nerves twanging with tension. She'd encountered the carpet of trees and turned away from it, instructed that different contractors were already scouring the wood. The change couldn't be seen from where she was on the road but it didn't change that she knew it was there, a specter in her peripheral.

That tension was what had her stopping dead in the middle of the road, ears straining, breathing deep. Something was... off. A sound, a smell, a particularly misplaced bird noise. Her mule showed no signs of disturbance, and instead had the gall to look back at her with one dismissive brown eye, jostling the bit in her mouth to express her distaste. Grit, as a travel companion, wasn't terribly fond of stopping in places where there wasn't cover readily available, and Audun took a moment to frown at her before scanning back out into the trees. There wasn't anyone on the road, at least not on the bend she was on, but her sight was limited by the relatively dense branches to either side of the path. There was a network of Nissi footpaths that ran higgly-piggly over and beside the roads, but Audun didn't travel them and didn't quite know what to look for if she wasn't on top of one.

Senses still straining, she clicked her tongue and the reins, and Grit gave a huff at starting on again. "Hush, you," she chided, straining in her seat as though the angle might grant her the ability to see around corners, "I'm the one who'll have to save your hide if we get attacked, not the other way around."

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