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Sør Province / Runaway Sjefs
« on: August 27, 2019, 06:59:43 PM »

It only made sense! Sent to her room without the rest of her supper because she refused to eat her greens. Eeva hated greens! Green was not a color for eating. So instead of pouting in her bed or over her colors like she usually did, Eeva climbed through the window same as she'd seen uncle Levi did. Hers was the best for it because the little wood shed was outside to catch you.

Momma said it was only for fires or other emergencies. But Eeva thought this was that. The Sjef should know. Especially since she was going to be the next Sjef, when she was big. It was important they stick together. Plus with uncle Levi always gone, Eeva was in need of an uncle to, not take his place, but take his place.

The sjefholme itself was easy enough to get into, but finding uncle Arky was harder. The hallways all turned right and were soon filled with too many people. All of them talking too fast, or too loud, or whispering in that furious way people had that meant trouble. Stout as she was, it made Eeva nervous to see so many adults so worked up. And none of them could tell her where uncle Arky was. Pointing her down more right turning hallways until she thought she was fit to cry just like her momma always was.

Thankfully her sjef uncle showed up before she was overrun by tears. Dignity salvaged, Eeva pouted furiously up at him, arms crossed over her chest. "You'll have to arrest her, unc- sjef. She has gone all over tyrant." Eeva was very proud of her words. They'd just learned about tyrants in school. She'd even managed to spell it right on the test. It had taken a little thinking, but Eeva realized now her momma was a tyrant. And tyrant weren't allowed in Glacia.

Uncle Arky would make her see the wrongs of her ways. And maybe put her to bed without dinner or dessert!

Sør Province / Shared territory
« on: July 14, 2019, 02:28:50 PM »

They had been giving her light duty. It frustrated Inga, who knew she was capable of more work than they were assigning her to. Anyone could dust. Though she had found someone had not been dusting under the small figurines in the west sitting room. Or the figurines themselves.

Nor had the cupboards beneath the sideboard been cleaned out recently. It was another thing on her growing list of things that needed done. But that was not for today. This day she had a queen to feed.

Tray balanced above the hump of her stomach, Inga navigated the halls to the queen's quarters. A tidy set up of offices for her and her court on the opposite side of the building as the sjef's. Inga found the arrangement rather ridiculous. How would they do business when so thoroughly separated? But it wasn't her place to speak on such matters, so she silently judged them and did the work that was hers.

"Lady Heartsbane?" She called, tray rested on her stomach so she could knock on the door frame. She peeked inside, but waited for an invitation before entering. Dipping a curtsy in the doorway, Inga bustled in and set the tray down on a table, disassembling the service and setting it up again on the lady's desk.

"Cook was worried when you didn't come for lunch so she sent it up with me." Cheerful in her domination of the space, Inga made it so that the queen out have no choice but to eat. "Busy morning, Lady? I'm Inga, by the by." In case someone had forgotten to inform her of Inga's new contract with the sjefhjem.


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