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Rosnay Island / The restless wife
« on: July 12, 2019, 06:54:06 PM »

She inhaled. Arms above her head to let the shirt slide down them. It caught on the crown of her hair, elbows tucking to press the fabric to her nose. A good clean smell. The scent of the soap used to wash the fabric, faint traces of Emile. Plenty if Nora, since she'd chosen it from his collection for her own. Or theirs. Emile still wore it sometimes, but Nora wore it most. Nearly always to bed unless it was being washed or used by its original owner.

Soft and worn. Nora gave it a little tug so it popped down over her head. Hem falling to her thighs, stitches just starting to fray. Fabric like an old friend against her skin. Smiling, she kicked her dress up from the circle it made at her feet. Catching it in her fingertips, Nora hung it from a hook on the back of Emile's door, lifting up on her tip toes more because the stretching felt good than because she had to.

"Is it dark?" She asked, twitching a curtain open to peer out into the yard. Furtive shadows slipping away as if the cats could sense her looking. Almost. And raining. "It's always raining." Nora pouted to herself, picking up Emile's boots and tucking them under the bed where she wouldn't have to worry about tripping on them in the night if she had to leave the bed.

Laughing, she tumbled into the bed and dragged the blanket over her body. Elbows and toes used to work her way up toward the pillows. She appeared from under the blanket with a breathless laugh, hair clinging to the sheets and her face, crackling around her head from the static. "Definitely dark." Fingers greedy as she reached for him, Nora curled her body along Emile's. Head resting on his shoulder, arm draped over his chest. The other wedged between them and trying to wiggle beneath his shoulders.

Legs doing a similar dance. He'd been gone most of the day doing work. Too busy to play with Nora, and the rain too heavy for fishing. She'd found herself caught in the house, underfoot and bored. Nose to his ear, Nora giggled, fingers digging into his side playfully before spreading wide to cup his ribcage. "Tired?" She fretted, worried she was disturbing him when he was trying go rest. But she'd missed him and been too much inside to be calm or tired.

Rosnay Island / Spite
« on: June 17, 2019, 08:02:12 PM »

The girl was excitable, Pella had come to realize. Thankfully she was also biddable. It was hard to remain removed from her sweet nature, and Pella was almost thankful that Nora nattered on so. It made her annoying, and easier not to like. Completely. Half bemused and half exhausted, Pella had finally taken her into the proper village for shopping. Body up to the long walk after a couple days of rest. Mostly sick of seeing Nora wearing the same thing every day. And having Emile cast pleading glances at her.

If it was that pressing, he should have taken her himself! But Emile probably knew how much Nora talked. An endless list of questions rattled off as they came into the girl’s head. Pella did her best to answer, but some of it was hard to explain, and made harder by the way they were watched. She hushed her often, promising answers at home. Or distracting her with new things. And there were so many new things for Nora.

Some for Pella too. Like a beautiful curio. It was not new, but wonderfully maintained. Wood oiled to a high gloss. Hardly a scratch on it. The old grandmother it had belonged to had passed, and her granddaughter didn’t have room or use for it. Pella wanted it. Needed it. And she used Emile’s name and the promise of pearls to acquire it. The only catch was that it had to be gone that afternoon. Neither she nor Nora had the space for it in their psychic cabinet.

But Emile did.

So Pella sent Nora off to fetch him. Certain that the newest addition to his collection could convince Emile to come. He might deny Pella, but Emile was fond of Nora and Pella was not above using that to her advantage. She gave the girl explicit directions and made her repeat them back again half a dozen times until they were both sure she remembered. And the Pella sent her off, forgetting about her as she browsed and mingled. Forgot until she felt Emile’s thread and assumed he would be near.

”What’s taking you so long?” Pella demanded, never imagining Nora hadn’t made it home.

Mathura District / Riptidings
« on: June 08, 2019, 05:40:06 PM »

Confused, Nora tried to beach herself. The webbing between her finger bones shrinking down. Skin becoming pale, less leathery and more pink. It was easier to claw her way onto the sand with hands, than to drag her exhausted seal body to shore. One weighing exceptionally less than the other. They were having none of it, however. Men she hadn’t seen before dragging a boat down to the water.

Shouting, they chased her back into the sea. A spear splashing salt water and sand into her face. Knees sinking in, Nora pushed herself away from them, falling backwards into a wave. She let the tide help drag her, summoning the change back as she dove. Hair skimming down her body, shortening, darkening, until she was a speckled shadow dashing through the water.

A boat just behind her. More spears cutting the water around her body. Too many coming dangerously close. Panicked, she swam faster. Harder. Dove deep as the ground fell away. Shooting through pod of larger, darker shadows. White flags of warning scaring her deeper and away. The pod churned. Whales. Forgetting the men, Nora arched away, left, back. Hoping for shallow water where they couldn’t follow.

The surface so she could breathe, a trail of bubbles counting down the minutes she had in a rush.

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