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Ile de Paon Archives / Re: Twice As Nice [cw]
« on: February 17, 2019, 11:08:33 AM »
Body shuddering as Isidore studied her. It was strange, to be studied and looked at so thoroughly in a place few lovers took the time to find. Tait could feel her body heating even farther, a burst of liquid to herald a deeper lust and her hips rocked lightly as that dreadful anticipation rode her hard. Mouth parted on a moan as a finger stroke the soft skin there.

She would die from the fire inside her, die from the lust that lay unspent as Isidore studied her more. But it was his tongue that wrung a deep-chested groan from her. Hips moved in time to his stroking, rolling with his movements. Moans and sighs and a jerk of her hips as the pressure built with a flick across her clit. Pressure to build and pleasure to grasp as he worried at that bundle of nerves, so sensitive and tight. Drifting away to sink into her.

Thighs clenched at the feeling, such an odd one and one she'd never experienced. Perhaps she hadn't been wrong to name past lovers as terrible. A web to protect her opal and Tait reached for the bliss that should have been there. Should have been within her pal but lay just out of reach, just past her fingertips and Tait growled in frustration. She could feel, could almost see the release her body wanted by it was too far away.

She shifted with her growl, cranking her hips up in need, head shaking as she tried again to reach for release. One that never came. "Nazaire," she panted, "Quick, come inside now, hard and fast." She knew the magic he played with his tongue was not enough and the release would never come without a hard ride. It had been too long since her last romp in the hay, perhaps that was the reason.

Ile de Paon Archives / Re: Twice As Nice
« on: December 16, 2018, 09:48:10 PM »
It was far too easy to get lost in the sensations Isidore poured into her. Mouth, tongue, teeth everything he touched her wish brought more pleasure. She hadn’t wanted to want him. Hadn’t wanted to even like him and yet here she was. Doing everything she tried not to do. Hands pulled her reaching thigh up and over a hip, fitting her against his body as lips bruised and demanded more. Fingers dove into the slick wet hair and Tait leaned her head  and body back to accommodate his sharp demanded. Scalp tugged sending shivering pleasure down her body and full lips opened on a gasp.

Hooded blue eyes watched him look at her. Nipples peaked impossibly hard at the searing heat of his gaze and Tait arched just slightly beneath it. She always enjoyed being admired, always loved to be watched and coveted. But now she was possessed and by a man who should rightfully terrify her but did not. Rough hands lifted her further and her mouth fell open with a moan as tongue swept across the peak of one breast. She had to admit this husband of hers certainly knew what he was doing.

Arms shot around his neck without thought as hands cupped her ass to lift her from the water. Slight confusion marred the passion on her face before understanding dawned. Renewed lust coursed through her as pillows were tossed with craft beneath her. A hot hand pressed her back and an unconscious groan dripped from her lips at the expectation of the pleasure she was sure to receive. Legs parted of their own accord, relaxed and languid as she opened herself up to this man. Hips rocked forward and up in anticipation.

Ile de Paon Archives / Re: Twice As Nice
« on: October 02, 2018, 11:39:52 PM »
“No,” she admitted with a arched brow, “I wasn’t.” They were not a love match. They might never be a love match but Tait could make the best of a bad situation. Bad in her opinion no matter the new-found possessive thoughts that flitted her and there in her mind. Just because she still planned to slip away when she could didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy her husband. Didn’t mean she couldn’t joke and tease and play.

Thoughts of him. Thoughts of Warlord Princes and queens. Territories and sex. All of it fluttered and stuttered through her brain and when he commented on something she’d thought about it didn’t startle her. She had an uncle strong enough in his red that he occasionally caught an errant thought even from her opal if she wasn’t careful. The thought that Isidore could catch them the same was no big deal to her.

“I’ve never witnessed it with anyone else,” she said with a shrug as her body glided along. She’d never given her father and mother much thought in regards to sex and possessiveness. She’d always witnessed some kind of the emotion in the warlord princes that had surrounded her aunt.

Fingers moved swiftly and curiously across his skin, chest and shoulders touched and Tait could feel the excitement spurring in her stomach at the idea of him covering her with his body. “Mmm,” she murmured, “Kisses are a good start.” Her eyes sparked at the last words and Tait’s arousal renewed. She could handle it and she’d enjoy it. Bits of pain could be pleasure just as much as pure pleasure could be.

Mouth parted as he tasted her lips, his own taste was heady and Tait gave a soft moan at the contact. Enjoy herself she would. When teeth sank into her lower lip, the redhead hissed out a groaning breath and her nipples immediately beaded with the pleasure pain of the action. Slender arms came up to drape across his shoulders as Isidore pressed in against her. Chest scraped against those peaked nipples and Tait couldn’t stop the arch of her back as her legs tangled with his. “Indeed,” she told him with a grin when she pulled back enough to tug her lip from his teeth, “Kisses are a wonderful place to start.”

Tait let one hand drift, gliding across his wet skin and down to the hard planes of his stomach. Back up and Tait tangled elegant fingers in his dark hair and pressed her kiss against his mouth, tongue slipping out to taste the seam of those harsh lips. Hips pressed forward as she angled her head for a better position. Kisses could be given and taken, Tait preferred to do both and enjoy herself while her thigh slid up to rub against the hard length between his legs.

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« on: September 08, 2018, 03:47:00 PM »
Tait watched him as he spoke, explanations and words designed to put her and anyone else at ease. She didn't need to be put at ease, the water and the sun had done that well enough for her. The sun relaxing her as it warmed what parts of her body were not beneath the water. She enjoyed watching the smile bloom on his harsh mouth and shoot her way. She pretended not to enjoy the tingle of awareness that smile shivered down her spine.

Her own smile was languid and saucy, "Perhaps, husband, I was waiting for you to come to me." It was the first time that day she called him husband, choosing to ignore both his given names for the new one he would be to her. It didn't matter that he was already someone's husband, he was still hers as well. Just the word was enough to bring something feral into her. It was an interesting feeling it ignited in her. A bit possessive and a bit aggressive. She wondered if that was what the warlord princes felt like in the presence of their queens.

Curious would have been an understatement had he voiced the word. Curious and eager, greedy almost to see if his confidence in his own prowess was warranted or if he was being a little less forthright in his abilities. She moved closer, arm touching his, skin against skin and she liked it. Hand drifted along the fine muscles beneath his skin as she came ever closer until her body was pressed against his side. "And now I am here instead of there," she told him, lashes closing over blue eyes as she reveled in the touch of naked skin.

She decided it had been too long since the last time she had a lover. It was the only real explanation for her need for him. She was horny and nothing more. "What will you do about it?" she teased as eyes opened again dark with her desire. She might as well enjoy herself as she tried to convince herself her aggression and possessiveness was nothing more than hormones. Nothing more than a need to scratch.

Ile de Paon Archives / Re: Twice As Nice
« on: August 21, 2018, 12:22:47 AM »
"So they do," she tilted her head as she admitted it. She couldn't deny that there was something fantastic about being slowly pet until she squirmed. "I've never been given a reason to be nervous about sex," she said with a quirk of her brow, "Perhaps my lovers have all been a boring mess?" She wouldn't doubt it to be perfectly honest. Tait always chose lovers that she could dominate and not run the risk of the one being dominated.

She had a feeling it would not be the case tonight.

"Mhmm," she murmured and drifted a little closer. She liked that he didn't rush her, didn't jump on her immediately. It was a delight that he could take his time and build the suspense, the excitement. "It's difficult to show nervousness," she admitted, "Nervousness is to close to weakness and it can be deadly to show someone a weakness. Excitement? Excitement I can do and show." Lips pursed at the words he spoke last.

The curse word he uttered was nothing, she cursed like a sailor at the best of times and like her uncles at the worst of times, cursing did nothing to offend but his other words. They gave her slight pause. "I think it would be a foolish person not to hold just a small amount of fear for that Ebon-gray. Accidents can happen, Nazaire and then where would they be? Broken? Shattered? Trying to find their way from the Twisted Kingdom? A little fear is healthy." All of them were a distinct possibility. 

She made it to the side of the pool far enough away not to touch but close enough to be within arm's reach. She leaned against the side of the pool, arms crossed along the edge as she looked at him. She liked his profile, it was stunning and she wondered how many woman had told him so. "Even so," she raised a copper brow, "I still find I have no fear of you."

Ile de Paon Archives / Re: Twice As Nice
« on: August 19, 2018, 03:35:42 PM »
Tait was woman enough to preen under the appreciation everyone seemed to have for her brilliant copper hair. She'd never thought of it as something more than the hair on her head but here. In Paon, copper hair seemed to be something sought after. She could live with that. The corner of her mouth canted upwards in an ego driven grin. She was stupidly pleased when he finally gave her his first name, though she'd most likely continue to call him Nazaire. Maybe she'd save Isidore for a special occasion.

"We'll see," she remarked instead of giving an agreement. She wasn't certain what she'd call him yet. She hummed her appreciation for the well built body he showed her. She quite enjoyed the fact that this man was unabashed about anything he did. She'd never admit it of course, but she did. Ever darkening eyes trailed along the hard planes of his body and she continued to hum. Beautiful. He was beautiful. Why not enjoy her time here?

She was though she doubted she would say it out loud. The strength of his jewel made her nervous, afraid for the safety of her chalice but she was no virgin to fear the entire act. "Should I be?" she asked smoothly, voice never betraying the small nerves that tingled across her spine. She tread water, slender arms moving in slow swings, strong legs keeping her upright. "I am no virgin, Nazaire, to coddle and pet," she told him instead of admitting the nerves. With a lift of her chin, "I do not fear you."

She found it was not a lie. She didn't fear him, not at this moment anyway. Any other time, Tait knew that he was someone to fear but he wanted something from her and she doubted he would break her on purpose to prove a point. Feet kicked lightly to move her closer to him. Not much closer, brain telling her to be wary for a time, and she studied that hard lines of his face. Handsome and cruel. "Do you prefer for your lovers to be nervous? Afraid of you?" she questioned, curious to see if he was that kind of man.

Ile de Paon Archives / Re: Twice As Nice
« on: August 17, 2018, 11:34:12 PM »

She'd tried hard not to like him, especially when he complained like a child such as he was now. She even tried to continue the hatred she'd felt at the beginning but Tait found that it was difficult. Oh, she still planned on escaping. Some how, some way, she'd slip that ever tightening tracking spell and she'd be gone quick as a Arcerian cat on the snow.

She watched him with amusement as he picked at the bandage covering his wound, "Probably wanted to make sure you were devout enough." Lips smirked and she breathed the sea air. The house they occupied for the time being was beautiful, but then she'd found much in Paon was beautiful. Including her husband. At least he'd made good on that promise. Dragging her in front of some whacked out priest to be married on a black sand beach.

She could get used to this. Such a difference it was to Glacia. Her home. Too cold to do anything but fuck to keep warm. Or travel some where else to find that sun. "Bossy," she snorted as she watched his retreating backside. It was a nice one, she thought as she stood to slide the gauzy dress she wore from her body. Playing his game could have it's benefits she decided. The pool was a delight and Tait sighed in bliss as she slid beneath the water. It was chance that she knew how to swim, she generally wouldn't have had the chance to learn bu the hot springs of Glacia were useful for more than just soothing muscles and pain. She wouldn't drown at least.

Red head broke the surface of the water as he came through the door and Tait watched him just the same. Blue eyes hooded and water droplets caught on copper lashes, she studied this man who was her husband. Too handsome for his own good. Too strong for hers. She wondered if they would burn themselves into ash. "As they should," her lips quirked into a grin, "It's lovely hair." Cocky and cock sure, she'd known how lovely she looked, admitting to herself that Isidore had provided the things he'd promised her.

Beautiful clothing. A beautiful wedding. A beautiful place to spend the night. What more could Tait ask for?

"Are you going to join me, Nazaire?" she asked the blue of her eyes darkening with her humor, "Or will you stand there all night talking about your friends?" Might as well get this wedding night over with. Webs and traps and barriers to keep her safe on this night. Or as safe as she could be with this Ebon-Gray Warlord Prince.

Ile de Paon Archives / Re: A New Reality
« on: July 18, 2018, 07:55:49 PM »
Eyes followed his finger as he told her do as the palm tree and bend with the storm. She shivered at the words, a storm was coming and if Tait wanted to remain unharmed she would need to bend. She sighed. "I'll play your game," she told him softly, "We have slaves. Servants more like, but I would never have been a servant. Ever. I have no desire to be a slave, so I'll play it your way." Spoiled and loved. Tait would never have had to worry about whoring herself out to get ahead.

She could play the wife game. Play it until she believed it herself. Play it until she could go home. It shouldn't take long. Free rein of the island, to seek and search and sneak, and all she had to do was be nice. Play nice and she could find her way home. "I suppose that's a good thing. I never was good at running a household," she watched him grin over his hand, "It's a nice room, it'll do." Half time was better than full time, she mused to herself.

She shrugged at his statement to hide the disgust she felt at the fact. Children were supposed to be celebrated and loved. Not sold like cattle. "Such is life." Probably sold the girl to the highest bidder. Let the other slaves have at her. Tait had no doubt she'd find the girl wandering broken and insane around the island.

The spell was heavy on her. She stiffened as he brushed at her shoulder. He'd coated her Opal with his Ebon-gray. The tracking spell would never be broken by her. A stubborn line cast to her jaw, teeth clenched against the intrusion. "Wonderful," she said dryly, "Getting lost was the last thing I wanted to do." She didn't have time to stab him with her poison finger, though it had been poised to do just that, when his maid came through the door.

She scowled at the words he threw at her like permission. She may cover up but she wasn't going to. She did take the shirt he offered and draped it across her lap. The maid was welcome to a look at her breasts, Tait didn't care, but she didn't need to take a peek between Tait's thighs. She waited for the woman to leave before shift to stand and padding towards the dresses left behind. She flipped through them and had to admit they were fine.

"Shall I miss you while you're gone?" she asked as she took a hanger down and pressed the material to her front. Yes, it would do.

Ile de Paon Archives / Re: A New Reality
« on: July 18, 2018, 12:20:48 AM »

"True," she grinned at him as his eyes indeed rose and he sighed at her. She quite enjoyed the banter, even if it was more one sided than two.

She knew he'd done something to her to get her to sleep for so long and so heavily but she had assumed he'd drugged her instead of used spells. His Ebon-gray was potent and she could be grateful he'd used his own jewels to fuel them. It could have been dangerous, draining her to the point of no return. She was proud of the fact she didn't stiffen or move away from him when he pressed a side into her shoulder. "Apparently," she murmured with amusement as her stomach squealed again.

Closer and closer he moved. The heat of him soaking into her skin and Tait cursed herself for not being polite enough and obnoxious enough not to get that shirt. She would regret her actions now. Eyes closed as she listened to his words. Done nothing to harm her. Maybe not her body but there were more ways to harm someone than harming them physically. "I'm aware that you haven't taken me Nazaire," she told him, "And even if you asked me it's not in me to do either of those things." A proud tilt of her head.

"But is it truly a choice?" she asked with a shrug and a hand palm up, "Wither away under some kind of strain, taken by force or live here as your wife. Wear my body down until I can't move or be the wife of a Warlord Prince? No, it's not much of a choice, Nazaire. I'll stay." For now, but she didn't voice those words. She shrugged again, "Who am I to know what is actually going on in that head? Cower and cry, pant like a bitch in heat. Who knows which it will be."

Tongue darted out to touch her full bottom lip as he licked the juices clean from his knuckles and Tait could feel the heat rise in her cheeks. Tamping the feeling down she asked, "Why make more work for the poor woman when a simple napkin works as well?" She blinked against the early morning sunlight.

She leaned forward to gaze out the window, nakedness forgotten to see what he showed her. A boy running up the path. "Cute," she said as she leaned back to grab a lettuce wrap, "Bet his mother misses him terribly."

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« on: July 17, 2018, 12:35:05 AM »

"My father is not the only Warlord Prince I've known, Nazaire," she said as she shook her head. It sounded like he feared what he was. Feared who he was. His caste was terrifying, this was true but she'd never seen what apparently he thought they were. She'd heard the stories of that terrible time they all went through, the rut that made them far more dangerous than they ever were, Tait's father didn't think either of his daughters would be better off not knowing. He taught them what it was dealing with a Warlord Prince and he'd would thrash her silly listening to the way she handled this one. Of course he would forgive her later for it. Nazaire had stolen her and didn't deserve her respect.

She shrugged, "Queen, priestess, Black Widow. Black Jeweled they can declare themselves whatever they want. Who could stand against them? Mother Night only. We are nothing but ash to a fire." She'd call her cow. Best that Tait never made the acquaintance of this priestess. She didn't know if she could pretend to be nice.

"Sure," she agreed, "If you say so, Nazaire then it must be true." She fought that urge to roll her eyes. She needed to remember what he was. Ebon-gray. Warlord Prince. Unknown. She would drive him to a killing field and be a fool for it. "No, just the hem of this shirt."

Her grin was cocky as he gave his words to the nipples on her chest. Males. They were all the same. Modesty was for old women and prudes. "I have eyes, Nazaire or do you expect my tits to answer you back?" she laughed and tapped a foot with her hand still held out. She did nothing as he denied her. Foot stopped tapping and she regarded him with those dark blue eyes. She held her ground as he crowded her, forcing her to look up and how she hated that.

"Suit yourself, Prince," she shrugged as he spun her around. The grin still firmly planted on her mouth as she felt the heat of his gaze along her backside and she sashayed towards the bed. Crawling onto the soft piece of furniture she settled herself cross legged at the head and maneuvered the tray of food to sit in front of her. She could pretend that this was nothing more than the after thought of a lover's tryst. She reached for a mango and popped it in her mouth, stomach squealing at the first taste. She laughed, "I suppose I might have been a bit hungry."

Hands moved quickly and she popped another fruit in her mouth, juices running down her chin. Wiping it away she looked at him again. Handsome devil. "Look," she said by way of apology, "You've got me at a disadvantage and it puts my back up. Words spoken in haste are never polite but I will not cower and cry at your feet like a beaten dog." Proud and brave words. She would not be cowed. She bit into another piece of fruit, "Have you got a napkin?" she asked politely.

Ile de Paon Archives / Re: A New Reality
« on: July 16, 2018, 09:15:50 AM »

She had laughed until her anger had taken over. Warlord Princes weak? Victims of their own instincts? The killing instinct maybe. She would never consider someone who was so territorial, so protective and so viciously thorough weak. "My father would kindly disagree with you Nazaire. He would dislike being told he was weak because Warlord Princes lack control. He is utterly controlled," she sniffed as she soaped. Warlord Princes weak. "I would imagine most males are weak to pretty women, Warlord Princes don't hold that monopoly and he would be the first to say so," she laughed again and shook her head. Weak.

Love play and convincing. Tait was afraid it wouldn't have taken much for her headstrong and independent idiocy to be convinced by him.

Daughters and sons. Sons and daughters. Tait had no desire for either of those things, least of all with master to her slave. She'd never wanted children, leave that to her sister and cousins. Children were a terrifying prospect. Oh no. None for her. She wouldn't answer him about that just yet, wouldn't give him the knowledge that children would never be in the future. As if there would be a future. She would find a platform, a anchor to the webs and when the time was right. Tait would be gone.

She pursed her lips as he listed off the accomplishments of his family. Slavers and thieves it sounded like but she could hear that pride in his voice. The same pride that marked her own and she would never voice those opinions. "Strange that none of us have heard of the Eulalie. This black jeweled priestess," she mused, "Black jeweled and she has not declared herself Witch? Odd" Didn't every Black Jeweled woman of the blood eventually do such a thing? "Is she malformed? Something wrong with her? Bidding her time?" she asked certain there was something fundamentally wrong with this Eulalie that she hadn't declared herself Witch.

Naked and alone. None of the safety she'd always been assured of wrapped around her like a blanket when cold. She continued to glare at the screen. "Yes," she told him haughtily and lifted the chin he couldn't see, "They were my only things but they were mine." Rotten man. Terrible man. She flinched when he came around the screen clutching a shirt in his hand. By the size it was apparent it was his and Tait wanted nothing from him.

"I don't wear dresses," she said stubbornly, "The skirts get in the way." Lies and more lies. Tait liked dresses. Enjoyed the feminine quality they gave to her but a dress would make expose her, make her even more helpless. She hated being helpless. She closed her eyes around the fear that was there as Nazaire came towards her, hair barely moved by large hands and then entire length was warmed and dried.

Body shivered as his breath puffed against her ear, a question that was both silly and serious. She shrugged and dropped the towel to hold out her hand, the entire creamy expanse of her skin stood for him to see. Breasts high on her chest, pert and just a handful with her narrow hips and gentle thatch of hair that matched the hair on her head. Not a freckle in sight. "Whats the point? I'm to be a slave and its not like you're not going to see what I have anyway." Stubborn as always. Playing with fire and going to get burned.

She held out her hand and gave it a shake, "Are you going to give it to me or not?" The air was not cold but the breeze was creating little bumps on her skin. Her brave idiotic notions were going to get her in so much trouble. "Well?"

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« on: July 15, 2018, 01:06:24 PM »

Tait hid her fear behind a veneer of sarcastic thoughts and questions meant to prickle. It was her coping mechanism. Her shield and protection. Even if her mouth got her in trouble, Tait had never been able to school the babble. "Poor, poor mainland. Taking all their lovely treasures. What ever will they do without them?" she teased with a twinkle in the dark blue eyes. Eyes that closed against the closeness of his mouth to her skin. That wicked grin curling lips meant for kissing.

Get it together, Tait she snarled at herself. This man had captured her without so much as a warning to her. To make her slave, to do what ever he wanted to her. He was not handsome, he was a demon. "I've never allowed another to control me," she told him with a firm tone and a lift of her chin, "I've never submitted to anyone. For pleasure or otherwise, a fight can add to that pleasure. Turn it tenfold, but I don't want to be broken for it either." That would never do. Tait would never allow herself to be broken. Ever. His eyes were hot and Tait shivered.

She was thankful he didn't try to stop her when she went behind the screen. Her entire back had been a tight knot with the thought that he would force her to strip there, where he could see every inch of her like a broodmare on the block.

"Good because they are things I have in abundance," she grinned unseen behind the screen, "I think I like the idea of needing me." She chose to ignore every inch of the apprehension that had built with each and every word he spoke. The finality of them. The idea that she may never be able to leave. She may never be able to slip into the winds and make her way home. She shuddered at the idea, skin pimpling beneath her soapy cloth.

She continued to wash, the sweat and salt cleaned from her body with rough swipes of her cloth. Anger at her helplessness rose around her and any regret at her sharp denial of the woman's help eaten away by it. She dunked her head beneath the water, coming up when her mass of red hair was drenched through and reached for the soap. Fingers sank into the strands and Tait couldn't suppress another groan as she scrubbed the filth away from her head. For a disgusting savage, he did have fine things if the tub, soap and screen were any indication.

Dunking her head again, she rinsed the lather from her hair and popped back up in time for his asked question. Her mouth immediately widened as she thought of the family he'd stolen her from. Wicked and worthy. Glacian to their cores and they would be so very angry when they found out she was missing. "My aunt is Queen of Meols, her favorite brother my father who is also a first circle guard. One uncle captains a skyship and the rest are warriors," she didn't bother hiding the pride in her voice. Everything about her family made her proud and she would never deny it.

"And you, Nazaire?" she asked standing from the water, splashing it to the floor in a childish act of defiance, "Have you a family considered worthy? A decent respectful lot?" She moved carefully on the water soaked floor, it wouldn't do to slip and fall. Hurting herself before she could flee would be foolish. Reaching for the towel that hung at the end of the screen, Tait's brows puckered with irritation. Her nightgown and heavy clothes were gone.

Wrapping the towel around her nakedness firmly, Tait hissed at him with anger, "Where are my clothes, Nazaire?" There wasn't even another towel to wrap her wet hair in. It hung wet and damp down to her hips, clinging to the skin of her shoulders and neck. "Rotten host you are. Stealing my clothes, making me stand here with wet hair. Horrible."

Ile de Paon Archives / Re: A New Reality
« on: July 14, 2018, 12:49:16 AM »

"Undoubtedly," she agreed with his warning. Probably boiled babies for soup. Tait would find their secrets. Something she could use. Something that could win her whatever she needed. She might only be Opal jeweled but she was Glacian and a Black Widow. Cunning was in her blood. She frowned lightly, the skin between her brows creasing with the motion. "So devout you abandon Kaeleer to do what? Insulate yourself? That why you go onto the main land and steal unsuspecting ladies? Blood too thin here?" Probably.

He was a handsome bastard when he grinned at her. Handsome and wicked, a demon from Hell probably. Sent to punish her for her arrogance no doubt. She should have listened to those webs. She tapped her finger against her lips, thinking on his words. "Where's the fun in utter submission?" she asked pleasantly, "No fight and a big bore is what you'd rather a girl be eh?" Could he hear what she planned? Could he hear her quiet thoughts sheltered behind the thickest barrier she could erect? Did his dark jewels give him an advantage to those inner most places in her mind? "Have I much choice?" she asked honestly not a hint of a lie in her voice.

If she had to accept this she would.. For a time.

"Good. I'd hate to have my play held against me," she chuckled back. She was beginning to think she was a consummate actress. Her mind and self preservation allowing her to laugh and simper with her captor when any other time she'd be spitting and hissing. His Ebon-gray frightened much more than she would ever admit. Tait could remain the cocky little redhead she generally was. "Come now, it's not always about the jewel strength in a potent venom. Sometimes its simply about the venom," she chastised. She wouldn't look at him as he released her and she made a beeline for the screen.

"Fine company?" she laughed from where she lounged in the tub. She could feel the dirt and grim of her sweaty body melting away, her muscles relaxing and her skin heating with the water. "Wit? Entertaining banter?" she continued with another chuckle and scrubbed a creamy thigh with the cloth provided.

She listened to the woman enter and set down what could only be her breakfast on the bed. "Pleasure," she called to the woman, splashing the water as she lifted her arm and sent a false salute to the female she couldn't really see. He hadn't shielded her from the housekeeper as he had the boys who'd brought the water and Tait could only assume that he meant for this woman to know who she was. It did not bode well for her. The woman would not be an ally for her. Pity.

"No!" she said sharply before grimacing. She didn't want the woman any where near her truthfully. Didn't want her hands in her hair, on her head, no where near her while she was vulnerable. "I mean.. No thank you, I'd rather like doing it myself," she recovered from her outburst, softening her voice and forcing a suddenly taut body into relaxation. She couldn't very well tell him that being touched by the woman would disgust her, now could she?

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« on: July 13, 2018, 01:09:53 AM »

Tait snorted both at his grin and his words. A warm body and she was there. Wasn't it just like her life and luck that she was simply another warm body to fill a need. She was of the expressed opinion that despite his handsome face, this Nazaire couldn't get a woman without stealing her from her bed. It was probably something he was wanted for but fear of his jewels stayed everyone's hands. Yes that was it exactly. She worked at the rope with a thread of Opal, refusing to give up despite the ineffectiveness it was proving to be.

Skin dotted with the bumps from her shivering, Tait suffered the touch of the male she did not know. Even if it wasn't much of a suffering. His hands were gentle and his smile soft. She'd lie to herself as easily as she would lie to him. She could lie to herself and insist he was just softening her for a terrible blow. Make her soft and pliant, melted in his arms before he lay a fist down. She was certain of it. No other explanation would do.

"Odd that is," she pursed her lips as he spoke of culling and she knew exactly what he was speaking of, "Why would you want people to forget the things they see here? What is so wrong here that you would destroy their minds to keep your secrets?"She mused and wondered and knew she would need to spin webs. Webs to tell her what this place was. Webs to show her their secrets. Traps within webs within traps. She would lay the best she could when she could.

His voice was soothing and for a moment Tait was lulled into ceasing her strikes with her Opal. The way he spoke was strange, an odd sound of preciseness and nearly old fashioned sounding. Such proper word usage. "I haven't been given a reason," she replied with a lopsided grin, "I don't fear easily Nazaire. But there are other ways to be kind that don't involve fear or pain."

Mind never stopped working, Opal resumed its soft touches of the sapphire rope. She could appreciate the lean and hard body remove itself from the bed she lay on. Brow arched at the healing marks upon his back. She wondered who he'd angered. Those couldn't have been made by him like some weeping heretic who self mutilated.

Ebon-gray. Ebon-gray and Tait could feel the fear she boasted of lacking rise in her throat. She'd known he was dark, so dark but she had not thought Ebon-gray. Dangerous. She would have to tread with care. This was no Green jeweled Warlord to spill like putty in her hand. Tread careful dear heart, oh so carefully.

"Count on it," she told him cheerfully to cover the fear. Hide it away and don't let him see. She could feel the shields cover her, hiding her from prying eyes but Tait couldn't stop the motions she made. Waving her free hand to catch their eye. Maybe they would help her. Maybe she could convince. But they didn't see her and filled the tub with steaming water.

Slave girls? she mouthed quietly not a sound coming from her anymore and Tait knew she had to escape. Leave this place and go. There would be no other option. None. She had to make it home no matter the consequences. Needed her Da, her aunt and uncles surrounding her. Give her the safety she suddenly craved and did not have.

At least she could bathe the sticky sweat from her body. . She would before she opened the Opal and set herself loose. So easily he set her hand free, such trust to only set a small divider between them. Tait rubbed at the wrist that was unmarked, rubbing to free herself of the feeling of his sapphire wrapped around that hand. She shucked the offending clothes from her body and slid herself into the tub. She groaned loudly at the feel of the heat against her skin. "You think I'm pretty?" she said cocky as she soaked. Pretend he hadn't said slave girls. Pretend it had been something else entirely. Distract him enough. He couldn't know that she would slip into the winds and be gone.

Ile de Paon Archives / Re: A New Reality
« on: July 11, 2018, 06:54:56 PM »

Her body had arched into his hand at the first touch and Tait cursed herself for any reaction before knowing. She tugged again at the sapphire rope around her hand. There had to be a weakness somewhere along the brilliant line. Somewhere she could wedge an opal thread, wiggle and wiggle it until the sapphire weakened enough. She could. She knew she could. It would just take a bit of patience.

She shrugged at an awkward angle, "It happens when a woman wakes to find herself trussed up like goose." If he thought that was bad, he hadn't heard nothing come from her pretty mouth yet. She couldn't remember his face. But the sound of his voice was vaguely familiar, like he was a friend of a friend of her father's. Did he know her father? She doubted it almost as soon as she thought it. He'd be tearing the walls down in search of her if her father knew this Nazaire.

"Tait," she answered truthfully as her sharp little mind was trying to work out a solution to her problem. She couldn't feel any of the weapons she generally carried on her person, in fact she could feel the slick slide of her night gown against her skin and the sheen of sweat beneath it. Her thick outside clothing was bulky against her body. What had he done? Snatched her from her bed? Had he redressed her?

He was weirdly gentle as he moved a strand of her hair away from her face, the bright red lock sticking just a bit and Tait blushed at the thought of drooling all over the place. His hand was hot and Tait was indignant at the liberties he apparently that he could take over her body. "No, never heard of it," she admitted and winced at his touch.

As if she would admit her fear. "I'm not afraid," she lied, her tongue thick in her dry mouth, "But I could eat. Some water would be nice." She could play the nice woman, she knew how to contain the shrew, and she knew on some level if she played nice long enough she could be gone from this place quickly. "Why am I tied to the bed?" she asked softly even as her stomach made her previous announcement the truth.

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