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Little Terreille Archives / Re: released from winter
« on: July 10, 2018, 01:12:34 PM »

They were dangerous in the hall together. Wills struggling against one another. It was her responsibility to keep them both from crossing any lines. Made harder by her status as an apprentice. There were more lines in a house that wasn’t your own. But Wren knew she wasn’t ready for a court of her own. Especially now as she watched helplessly while River’s brow twist up as he tried to give her a reason.

”You shouldn’t underestimate me.” She sassed back. Of course it wasn’t safe. There was no such thing. Danger was everywhere, waiting for its chance to get them all. That strange wheezing sound prickling along her skin. Reminding Wren that in this place, maybe even in all the world, River was the greatest danger of all.

Greatest to her, for certain, since she couldn’t seem to part with him. Or help him to control himself. Agreeing to stop his head knocking with a petulance that promised he would take it up again if she left. They would just have to stay together then, until she was ready to go see the mysterious other prince. When River’s temper was better. When she didn’t look like a sleepwalker. She was too caught up in the anticipation to think.

Ready to siphon off some of her own emotion and River so willing to have it. Intentionally or not. There was something soothing about his annoyance. Like a big bubble over her that she could scream into without anyone else hearing. Except River. He would hear. So she didn’t scream. She let him play his hands over her twisting ones. Leaned her head towards the nose he stuck in the strands. He tried to move back so he could see her face but Wren didn’t want him to! Stepping forward again to bury what she’d said in the hollow of his chest.
”Nothing.” That was what her mother was now. Nothing but a memory. ”It’s nothing we didn’t know would happen. He just knows the how. And I want to know too. Later. Not now.” She held his shirt tight. Not sure she could keep him from darting off his temper rose. And sure that it would. Touching, Iris had advised, was the best way to get their attention. Looking over her shoulder as if she expected an audience she reach up to catch his chin. Turn his face down. ”Let’s go back to my room. You can make sure no one wakes me up.”

Little Terreille Archives / Re: released from winter
« on: June 04, 2018, 11:02:15 PM »

”You should be.” Wren said back, less sharply than intended. Voice hollow instead of heated. Brows kissing over her nose as she looked him over. She didn’t want to sleep. There was no rest in it now. Only dreams. Some of them her own, some of them scenes borrowed from Barbra’s mind. None of them sweet.

River wasn’t being sweet today either. Lips pursing she craned her neck to frown up at him. Pushing back against the probes he knocked her barriers with. Wondered belatedly if it would make him angry; the possibility sending a tingle of fear up her spine. It mixed with the layers of guilt and the fresh dose of shame his judgement of her current state brought. Made her want to run away from him. Down the hall to hide back behind her bedroom door perhaps. Or farther. Out into the fields to see if he could catch her with those long legs.

Being offended and angry with him was an easier emotion to focus on. Much better than being sad. She stomped at the carpet under her feet as if that could stop his rushing probes. Had already delved her own around the cracks of the door. To afraid the warlord prince on the other side would sense her if she went any deeper. Now she wondered if there was any answer to River’s presence there. His warning making her assume so. ”Why?”

Lip stiff it poked out in a pout Wren couldn’t quite suck back in. Not with the way River held her chin up. The familiar warmth in his eyes stirring her own to water. She didn’t want him looking so close. Not while she was such a mess. Not when she couldn’t control what he might see behind her own lashes. Knowing that she would normally agree didn’t keep her from picking a fight now. ”He can’t do anything to  me. Especially if he’s hurt.”  The shivering window panes was a warning, but not the reason she softened.

With a sigh she pressed her fingers between his head and the corner of the window frame. Skin red where he let the wood dig in. ”Stop that.” Ridiculous boy. Telling her what to do when he couldn’t even keep his own head on right. ”I don’t want to go in alone, anyway. But I am going to talk to that man before he leaves here.”

There was no perhaps or maybes. No uncertainty of the fact at all. She had to know, whatever he knew. If anything at all. With a startled sound she looked up at River again. Fingers tangling in the front of his shirt. ”You will not!” He was too tall to pull closer so she stepped towards him instead. Voice low and thoughtful again. ”He was there,” The words stuck in her throat. Hand falling from his chest to cross her own. Fingers pinching at her upper arms to hold herself. ”He knows what happened to my mother.”

Little Terreille Archives / Re: released from winter
« on: May 14, 2018, 09:24:04 PM »

No of course he was here for her. That was River’s only purpose at court. To be near the queen he wanted to serve. Breath heavy in her chest Wren swallowed a sigh. What did she have, though? Pathetic leashes, lack of self control, and abysmal social skills! She might never have a court of her own, a proper place for River and Willbe to serve. And always the dreaded possibility that more might come along!

River made a room around them. Sealing them in alone. She hunched her shoulders as he chirped her name. As if ducking might help her to hide. ”River,” Her voice shivered. Not afraid, but wary. Wishing she could run away like the others. People in the surrounding rooms. Ears pressed to their doors waiting for the queen and her warlord prince to move along.

She wasn’t ready, though! Realizing suddenly that he might be the means by which her questions were answered. Who could keep her out with River there? She watched his hands as they worked across the thin fabric of her robe. Tucked it even tighter herself so that none of the skin of her chest showed. ”Sleep walking?” She asked softly, tone writ with confusion. What in Hell did he mean? ”I’m not asleep!”

Couldn’t remember when the last time she really had was. Not in a few days, not really. Maybe naps when tears had given way to exhaustion.

”Do I look asleep?” Patting down the wild top of her hair she wondered if he was politely telling her she wasn’t fit to be out in public. Looking down at her clothes she tisked at herself. Maybe she wasn’t then… it didn’t matter. There were few strangers in this part of the big house. Fewer still down this hallway that smelled of healing craft and violence. Especially with her temper sullying the space.

Arms crossing over her chest she leaned against the window sill. Eyes glassy as she looked passed River to an unassuming wooden door. ”Who is he? Do you know?” No one seemed to. Iris did, she was sure, but Wren had not gone to her mentor for explanations yet. Her own temper too sharp to go prickling at Lady Crag’s with. Better to try finding out on her own.

Little Terreille Archives / released from winter
« on: May 09, 2018, 10:29:19 PM »

A wash of Gray probes filled her small section of the hallway. Hovering along the walls and across the floor. So that she would know if anyone came near. Reflection in the closed window appearing far less perturbed than her soul did. Wren was confused. She didn’t know if she should round the corner into the infirmary hall or go back to her room. Yes, she needed answers!

No, no she had changed her mind.

Back and forth a few steps in one direction before her resolve would firm and she’d turn again. Only to have it fail once more. Leaving her to slink back in the opposite direction. So frustrated she was very nearly wearing holes into the carpet. Sparks of rage and sorrow turning her footsteps into weapons.

One hand rested on her stomach, because it writhed and twisted. Fingers curled into the front of her nightgown. The same one she had worn the day before. A thick cotton robe hanging haphazardly from her shoulders as she paced. Hair a loose braid that seemed ready to unwind any moment. She didn’t care. Feet bare on the carpet as she tried to make up her mind.

Torn! Torn as her damned heart felt. She stopped to stare out of the window. Frustrated to find it was a bright, warm day. The snow beginning to melt. The sort of day for lovers to stroll and children to play. It seemed a mockery to all she felt. Wanted, very much, for the weather to reflect her sadness. Wished dark rain clouds would fill the sky and thunder shake the floorboards.

It wasn’t a storm that came though. Her probes tingled as a now familiar figure crossed them. Too late to scamper off. River would surely have felt her presence already. Instead she swept the blonde plait of hair over her shoulder so it appeared less an incidental mess and more a purposeful styling. At least she hoped. Robe shrugged up over her bare shoulder just as he came around the corner.

She sucked her bottom lip and hoped he would keep going. In no mood to share her... moodiness. Not with an Ebon-gray warlord prince. She could barely contain herself, River would be too much. He was almost always too much. Wren had just learned that too much didn’t always mean bad or wrong.

Little Terreille Archives / Re: Stuck With Me
« on: April 06, 2018, 03:58:24 PM »

Hand stretching tentatively under his Wren made room for his fingers to fit between her own. Soothing and warm over her knuckles. Tickling against her palm. Thumb settling over his as the carriage rattled on. She flexed her own fingers a little, like a squeeze. For his benefit, she was sure. To signal it was an alright touch. Even if she didn’t look him in the eye. Couldn’t, look him in the eye.

”Oh,” Wren had not expected any sort of pity. Shoulder rolling up she disagreed, ”I’m not.” She didn’t elaborate. Wasn’t quite sure how to explain. There was something empowering. Reassuring in knowing the truth. Her mother had not been failed, or let down. Wren was not the terrible result and reminded of some assault.

They had been loved. Men had died for Barbra, more than once. Flinching at the guilt for her part Wren sank into the side offered. Nose pressing to the bony edge of River’s shoulder. Hidden but not padded by the handsome fabric of his suit. She knew the feel of that shoulder now, knew the line of it undressed. Lanky boy with his helpless hips. It was stained behind her eyes, the face he made when he filled her. And she couldn’t stop blushing about it.

Sighing in frustration at her own ridiculousness Wren pressed her forehead to his arm. Turning her face to the side, cheek on him still as he spoke. A steely something in her chest growing cold. ”I’m not so sure about that.” She could think of a few vile punishments. And now she had a face and name to search her webs for.

There was a danger in such indulgence of emotion now, though. She could feel River drinking on the calming spell that kept the climate in the carriage tolerable. Kept them from fueling one another’s rage. Becoming a dangerous witchstorm that could turn the territory into ash. Maybe even the realm.

They could though. She held the dark thought deep in the bottom of her heart. They could do that together if need be.

Eyes flicking up for a second she nodded. Red faced, hand gripping at his knee. ”How could I not be? I’ve a whole Warlord Prince Well to ensure it.” Were they friends now? She wasn’t sure. The sex made it complicated and awkward. Made her feel achy and shy. ”I’m not... ashamed.” She promised. Wetting her lips, hoping he realized she had changed the subject without her having to say so.

”Not that it happened with you. Just that it happened, in general. I didn’t... control the situation. Or myself... the right way.” Heart thundering in her chest Wren buried her forehead against his shoulder again. Everyone was going to know. She couldn’t keep herself, or her warlord prince, leashed without using her vagina. The shame flushed her from head to toe. And she’d forgotten even forgotten all about poor Willbe. 

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« on: April 05, 2018, 06:46:10 PM »

A touch of color. Not her own this time. Rosy ears drawing her eyes up. Very aware of the rest of him- which she carefully kept a blur along the outside of her focus. Careful, very careful not to accidentally meet his eyes. She was not ready to face what had passed yet. Not sure what it would change, and she hadn’t come to terms with the way things were before. Or the things she’d learned. One adjustment at a time; that seemed better she thought. Seemed like something she could manage.

More surprise as River turned out to be a rather good listener. And Wren surprised herself by being unusually chatty. She hadn’t put any of it in her journal yet. That was the problem, she told herself. It needed out, and she hadn’t laid it out for picking over in private. He had come all this way and been so good to her and Barbra. Telling River would be alright. He had earned that much.

Only the littlest bit worried as he shifted. Wondering if she was boring him. He looked comfortable enough. That easy smile flitting across his lips as she shared her mother’s memory of a man she’d never known. A warlord prince that Barbra remembered as full of laughter and easy confidence. Alike, yet very different from the warlord prince at her own side.

Eyes easing from ear to shoulder again she grew nervous as his psyche shifted. Felt the threat low in the Abyss. Not to herself, she was fairly sure, but it was there. ”I suppose it was jealousy...” The memory was blurry. To close to the moment of trauma. ”He seemed determined to convince her that he was my father. But she knew that he was not. She wanted to end his contract. He just” Gesturing with one hand she realized the other hand slipped down his leg to grip his knee. For whose comfort she didn’t know. Didn’t think it mattered either. ”exploded. With his Green.”

For a second she reviewed the pieces of the scene she had borrowed from Barbra’s mind. ”I almost took them. The memories. So she wouldn’t have to see them again. He was so brave though, Samuel- he loved her I think. Didn’t even bother with himself, didn’t even hesitate. Just shielded her, us I suppose. The Opal just wasn’t strong enough, or losing him that way was too much.” Broken.

Turning her face towards his shoulder Wren focused on the calming spell. Let it flow through her instead of just around them. Channeled into her so she could press it into him. Hand on his knee harder. Knowing she couldn’t lie, and he wouldn’t like the answer. ”I don’t know what happened to Amman after. She didn’t know.”

She wasn’t afraid through. He was no match for her Gray. Didn’t stand a snowflake’s chance in a fire pit again River’s Ebon-gray.

Little Terreille Archives / Re: Stuck With Me
« on: March 14, 2018, 02:23:38 AM »

”Good.” Wren huffed lightly. Realizing with a tinge of guilt she might have overreacted. Put out too much emotion. Settling back into the seat cushions she considered reach out herself. Asking Willbe if he was really alright. But she was surprised by the intensity of her relief. It felt an awful lot like attachment.

So did the way River eased into her calming spell. Let probes she hadn’t even meant to send, lick at his barriers. More familiar now she noticed the change right away. Felt his ever present drive to please her. Cheeks hot she shied away, back behind her own barriers. To the surety of her own steely psyche.

Fighting concern and conscious as he hesitated to respond. Took so long she nearly poked her probe out again. The lack of certainty when he did finally answer made her feel hollow. She really was ruining him! The swirling comfort of her calming spell the only thing that kept her from blurting an endless string of apologies.

All the sorrys in the world wouldn’t make her a better queen, though. Or a better person. ”Yes,” She finally agreed to his answer. Resting her hand on the seat between them. Closer to his thigh than her own body. Still not ready to look him in the eye. ”You’ve been your best for me from the start.”

Not a bad man at all. Too eager sometimes. Anxiety inducing. Oversexed. But not bad. Not what she had expected him to be at all. She was terrible, probably, for assuming he should be anything.

Wetting her lips she found the seam of his shoulder again. ”I found what I was looking for. Things I have always wondered about but been afraid to know.” She relaxed a little. Fingers making circles on the seat as she sifted and sorted the facts so that they could be explained to River. ”She has always broken, as long as I can remember. When I was small she was in the Kingdom more than she was really with me. And naturally I always wondered how she ended up that way. If the men that saw after our care were her triangle or relatives. If I had a father... if he had, done that to her in creating me.” Distracted in the telling she didn’t notice her hand tuck under his leg. Looking for a warm place, for the comfort of closeness. ”She was from Little Kaeleer. A district court queen when they met- when she met my father. Samuel. You were right, by the way, he was a warlord prince.” Eyes flickering his direction for a fraction of a second Wren called up the image she had extracted from her mother’s mind. Shared it, tentatively, with River’s opened barriers. They smiled in the same way. An almost silly sort of grin with too much lip. ”It was Amman, though. Her consort, that broke her. Fighting with her because of me.”

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« on: March 07, 2018, 09:10:55 PM »

Wren thought she was going to go madder than her mother. Gaze pulling around to focus on the seam of his jacket’s shoulder. Mind rampant with questions. Worries. What was that shrug supposed to mean? And that sad excuse of a grin glimpsed in her peripherals?

Her sex had ruined him! Poor River. She hadn’t been very good at it the other time either.

Brow narrowing slightly she tried not to hiss. Or look up to meet his eye. What a terrible answer, though! Alive, anyway? Why wouldn’t he be alive?” Surely Iris would have protected a man on loan as dearly as she protected her own? They were friends! Had Willbe be in danger? She had barely spared the lamb a thought! Sorry excuse she was.

Summoning that endless pool of calm she stored away for just such an occasion Wren let it erupt across her own barriers. Spilling over lightly. Reaching for River without being so forward as to touch. She wouldn’t make him accept the soothing if he didn’t want to. Couldn’t find the words to say it was a tentative offering of affection. A want for him to feel... less down than he looked.

It took him a long while, in comparative River reaction time, to answer. Usually so excitable. Quick to giggle or sigh or whistle-snarl. Not today. He seemed... soft around the edges. Out of sorts.

Her queening had ruined him. Even if he lied so nicely for her sake.

Fiddling with the chain of her Gray she picked words carefully. ”I would rather you be... better than just fine.” Wanted him to grin and giggle. Not that she could look him in the eye to see the way his cheeks folded into that exasperating smirk. Just the thought made the skin between her cheek bones and earlobs pink.

Having the question turned back at her was twice as blush inducing. Forcing the color down her throat. Strange. Unused to more than a passing sort of concern from others. Her shoulder lifted. Vision suddenly shifting to a far away nowhere. Memories not her own. ”Yes. I’m glad I came to see her.”

Little Terreille Archives / Stuck With Me
« on: March 06, 2018, 11:04:41 PM »

It was very quiet in the carriage. Had been for a while now. Only the weight of thinly stretched silence to fill the space. An occasional giggle from her companion. Or the sound of her heels tapping the floorboards when she switched one foot for the other.

Unspoken things heavier in the air than River’s body had been covering her own. Biting at her thumb nail Wren cast the memory away. The same sort of thoughts that had made her put two different books away. Instead she stared out of the window at nothing. Eyes turned inward at all that had passed in the previous week.

Knees crossed she tried not to look without looking. Her mind slipping, over and over again, to the man at her side. Boy? Man. She wasn’t sure. Wasn’t sure about anything anymore. She struggled to stifle a sigh. Failed. The sound loud in the confines of her traveling prison.

Exchanging nervous biting for a hand over her mouth she curled her shoulders in. ”Sorry.” Not sure what for. All of it maybe? The strangeness. Her awkwardness and mistrust. That she still, after their... shared moment of intensity, didn’t completely trust him.

”Have you, um, heard from Prince Willowbanks? Is he alright?” Last update he had been missing. Left the big manor house without a word. If River was worried he had not told Wren. So she didn’t worry either. But it occurred to her now that he might pretend, to spare her feelings or some such nonsense. She didn’t know yet if he was that sort of warlord prince.

Or if there was such a thing as not being that sort of warlord prince. ”Are you alright?” She had done as much to him, she thought, as he had done back.

Little Terreille Archives / Re: When You Need Me
« on: February 21, 2018, 09:37:54 PM »

Wren shook her head in answer. Voice lost to the swell of emotion. To prove it she relented to his anxious probes. Wren tried not to fight the frantic inspection. Physically she was calm. Slipping into the warmth of his arms. Face pressed to his shoulder as he clung to hers. In that pocket of space her breathing sounded harsher. But the smell of him was stronger there too.

On the inside she was rattled. By the weight of all that had happened in the last few weeks; all that bottled emotion. And by his shuffling too. Barriers vibrating as he tossed her for damage. Saved from causing any by his own shields.

Curling her fingers against his chest Wren tried to settle. All of herself. ”I’m sure. I’ve just... it’s been a lot on my mind. And that was...” Words! What words could she possibly use to describe that? They were hardly finished and she already wanted to hide from him forever. All the parts of her he had seen. Touched! Darkness have mercy. ”helpful. It was helpful.”

True enough. She felt better. Less heavy even though none of her problems had changed. Shuffling closer a bit she closed her watery eyes. Now that he had said the word she realized how tired she felt. ”Maybe. For a little while. I don’t think anyone is getting near this inn until we leave though. If you want to rest.”

Just a little while. Then she needed a bath. They would both need feeding. And she had no idea if there was anything in the kitchens they might manage on their own.

Little Terreille Archives / Re: One Was Enough
« on: February 18, 2018, 09:45:35 PM »

Wren’s eyes tightened around the corners. Half suspicion half amusement. Today had been a day full of surprises when it came to the behavior of men. The more time she spent in their company the more surprised she found herself. They did not act the way she had been conditioned to believe they would.

That didn’t make her want to trust this Aeon. Not yet. But his gleeful agreement to her blanket statement made her swallow another giggle. Silly man. ”Perhaps some are a touch easier to read.”

Nice as he might seem he could still play a wicked trick. Eyes widening Wren looked around as if she expected to find just such a gift laying around. ”I, um...” But in that second of distraction he had grinned at her as terribly as River did. The shiny sapphires were placed around her wrist.

”Oh. How soon?” She wondered aloud. His expression suggest it would be very soon. Enough time, maybe, to sneak down the hall and exchange her book for another. The next warning was more serious, though. Wren turned her gaze back to Aeon, matching his solemnity with calm. ”I will.” She wasn’t sure he heard her, though, for a second later he was gone. Only the slight sounds of the dresser mirror vibrating hinted that anything had happened at all.

Little Terreille Archives / Re: When You Need Me
« on: February 16, 2018, 10:42:23 AM »

More strange River noises. Purring, she realized, grinning just a little as he breathed against her neck again. Gentle and placid now that he was spent. More feline than rambunctious pup. Rubbing his face here and there. Petting at the tangles of her ruined braids.

She could see it in the way he grinned. Insufferable. He would be absolutely pretentious after this. Not for too long, or too blatantly she hoped. Chest already twisting at the thought of people knowing. Why it mattered to her so much she wasn’t sure. The line between Escort and Consort often blurred when there where bonds and possessiveness to complicate things. But matter it did. Not, she admitted, so that it had happened, or that it had happened with River. More the circumstance. It was another slip to add to the growing list. Further evidence of what happened when she let her emotions reign.

A new set of feelings pressed in on her. Or tried to. Kept a bay a bit longer by his embrace. Untangling their bodies slowly. What had been virile and erotic a moment before now uncomfortably wet. Distraction in the form of his smooth thumb pad crossing her lip. She leaned into the touch of his fingers at her cheek. Not ready to be flustered and fussed over yet. Kissed back the tinge of blood he had tried to swipe away. Tongue flicking over his finger where the taste of both their salt waited.

He pulled up and away from the arms she still draped across his back. Catching at his chest when he rose too fast. ”Alright?” She asked, smoothing the still pink skin under her palms. Fingerstips exploring the terrain under his skin. Thin slivers of muscle over hollow bones. Hungry, hungry boy. Then she yelped, lifted into his arms without warning. ”River! I can walk.”

But he enjoyed it, she thought. Giggling as he struggled to hoist her up, and keep her in his arms. Shivering still. Tired? Food hungry? She stroked the side of his face just before he settled her, a bit roughly, on the mattress. Something snapped, an intangible something in her chest as he rested his head against her. Hot tears spilling from the corners of her eyes.

She brushed at them, puzzled at the stream. Too many to hide or wipe away before he had crawled in by her side. So she didn’t hide them, but she managed not to sob either. Quiet tears that dampened the bed sheets and clung to her hair as she sucked in shaky breaths. All the emotion she had struggled to contain spilling over now. One form of release causing another. Her barriers vibrated, wanting to close but straining around River. Guarding her most private self always her first reaction.

When she was able she sniffled her voice clear Wren tried to reassure him, ”I’m fine. Really.” Her fingers curled up around his arm, chin tucked by his shoulder. Dewy eyes staring at his Jewel since she couldn’t meet his gaze; hoping he knew this wasn’t his fault either. He would think she was some sort of fool, or crazy person, she was sure.

The crying felt nice though.

Little Terreille Archives / Re: When You Need Me
« on: February 15, 2018, 11:19:46 PM »

Why did he make such lovely noises? Wren peeked again. Only for a second. Cocky already and he hadn’t even finished. Terrible boy! Working terrible things from her lips too. Those were not words she said! They were lines in a book that made her blush when she read it. Or something close to it.

There was no taking back, now. Any of what had passed between them. Still passed. In and out and in again. The knock of his knees against the desk. Her knee tucked in his grip. Leverage for turning thrusts into slams. Whimpers into moans and moans into more babbling of dirty words.

What was he turning her into?! Tomorrow her diary entry would not be blank. She would put on the page. To remind herself what had happened. So that a future Wren could decide if it had been for better or worse. If it needed avoiding... or doing again.

Tongue tucked tight between her teeth she rocked too. In opposite motion of his quick hips. Would regret it, she was sure. Already too warm there. She would be sore. After, after! In the now she slipped another look up at him just in time to see him tremble. That queenly possessiveness swelled up in her chest. Her boy! He looked pretty. Skin hot and glittering with the effort. Beads of sweat ran along the creases of her arms and legs too. Elbows and knees damp. Hair sticking to her forehead. Lost in concentration as he turned his hand.

Less direct, the pressure. Still good. Excellent even. Darkness help her she still loved it. Squirming she let go of logical thought, caught between needing more and less. Running back and forth over the link they shared. She could feel how close he was. Hear it in the way his breath rasped. Stiffening. Stiffer still. Stiffest. River could say dirty words too. Dragged it out on a voice that did not sound like the cheerful pup she had worked hard to avoid.

He thrust his hardest yet. Buried to the hilt. Stock still  as if he were frozen. Wren wriggled under him, hips bucking for her own release. Couldn’t let it get away while he recovered! Then he was back. Over her again, close enough for the hot zinc of his blood to draw her lips to his mouth. Slow deep kisses to compliment slower, deeper penetration. Her knees both wrapped tight around his waist now. Shaking sighs on every breath. Her turn! It was her turn.

She clutched at him. All of him. Arms both wrapped around his head, legs hard and tight. Muscles drawing tight. A whimper before she sucked in a breath and held it. Hitched in her chest while she waited. Still as death before her climax ripped right through her soul and psyche. Barriers expanding and contracting. Clattering emotions bounding from River’s shield around her Web. Harmless, but it felt exciting. Made her hands tremble. Or maybe that was him. Making her body shake as it finally eased, limp. Head swimming now before she remembered to breath again, ”River.”

Mother. Night.

Little Terreille Archives / Re: When You Need Me
« on: February 15, 2018, 11:05:10 AM »

”Shhh-shh.” Wren could only shush him; words required focus she didn’t have. Even the sound she did manage was broken in half between his thrusts. Too inexperienced herself to really know how to show him better. Wishing it was, but glad the part that hurt was over. This, this was tolerable. And none of it was his fault. Chasing was what warlord princes did. Of course he chased his own pleasure, chased her escaping hips, even chased the tongue she stole with equally hungry lips. The hand not intertwined to lead his lower, stroked his hair and ear. Petting, petting, petting. Was she doing it right now?

No. It was wrong. Poor baby warlord prince. Trying so hard to please her all the time. Against his own nature in some cases. She didn’t need his apologies. They would only make her feel extra guilty. After.

At least he tried. Didn’t blame or punish her for the frustration he was feeling. He pulled away, or up really. Leaving her infinitely exposed but he was doing as she had asked. One hand on his wrist, the other stretching up and turning to curl around the far edge of the desk. Gripping tight as he drowned her in sensation. Lost to it. Shivering with every stroke. Not teasing touches, he pressed his pleasure into her.

Good. Hell consume her that was better. His growling vibrated in her chest. She blinked up at him with drowsy eyes. Watched him watching. Dropped her gaze to see for herself. Blushed and threw her arm over her eyes again, knees riding higher, almost tucked under his armpits. ”Yes.” Her answer rode a sharp moan. Spine bowing up to bring her even closer. The change of angle sending his next thrust deeper. Making her next moan louder. Bum sliding on the tabletop as she was pushed forward by his entry then dragged back. ”I love it.” She admitted in breathless hysteria, ”never stop.” She couldn’t stand it if he did and squealed because it was too much.

He could be taught. He could be. He could do it. Her mind softened into a soft whirling blur. World narrowing to nothing but the small point where his thumb rubbed and pinched. Was that noise her? Mother Night she would die of mortification. After. ”Soon, soon.” She promised, pulsing around his hardness, muscles clenching and tightening. Sure that his soon would be sooner. But at least she’d get one.

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He was easy to please. That, at least, was one small benefit of her reclusive nature. Left them always wanting more. Made every bit she gave more precious. Of course she had never given this much. Never in this way. No lovers in her past. Just a man she’d frightened by kissing once. When she was still a girl. The Sapphire and her caste enough to make him sit still while she tried. He hadn’t liked it though, and his fear ruined the experience. So she had never tried that sort of thing again. Until the Virgin Night she had paid for.

There was no frightening River though. And the act itself all the payment he wanted. She could feel it in their link. Let his urgency become her urgency. His need strengthen hers when a thousand worries tried to overwhelm her again.

He had enough want for ten people.

Burned her with it. Seams of his pants nearly rubbing the insides of her thighs raw. She clung to him anyway. Ankles still locked tight. Keeping his angle precise. There, where his hardness could slide over her softness just right. If she could only relax! That had been the problem last time too. Heard it whispered as an instruction before more Night of Fire was given. That had helped.

This time there was no brew to make her body behave. There was only River and his Wellspring of wanting. Hot tongue slipping over hard nipples. She stretched, half under him when he ducked his head lower. Tickled her naval, making her choke on a gasping little laugh. An arm moved behind her back to brace herself as his hands disappeared. Both between their bodies. She tried to keep still. Not to shame herself writhing under the hand that took up where his hips left off. Firm strokes to contrast the sharper feel of his mouth along her abdomen. Head tipping back. Skin kept from skin by a thin layer of cotton. Until it wasn’t. Wren laid back, the arm that had kept her propped up a moment before sneaking up to cover her eyes. Hips shifting to help him pull her panties lower. 

They were gone, already, when she realized he was checking- trying to see if she was wet enough. Her face was already as flushed as it was capable of getting. River slipped back up her body. Kissed her own name into her cheeks. Coaxing her to peek out from under her forearm. Her other hand roamed down his side. Hesitating at his hip. Almost reached to explore him further.

But then he touched again. The most intimate place of all. Prompting her knees to pull up higher. A whimper pressed into the hard kiss he leveled on her. Almost enough to distract from the penetration. Almost.

Wren’s head cocked back on a strangled cry. Half pained, wholly startled. Too tense. Too nervous. She had forgotten the sensation of being filled. Through their link she claimed his pleasure for her own instead. Duller than it was for him. Hips straining against his grip. Trying to reposition herself. To find another angle. Take less of the length he thrust into her. Again and again. Tactless and aching. She latched at the link they shared, focused on the building release it brought him. Trembling as his mouth found her breast again. Rocking hips and shaking limbs.

Her hands cradled his face for a deeper kiss. Sucked his tongue into her mouth. Slippery just like she was slippery. The slickness easing the initial friction of River’s rabid fucking. Or else her muscles had managed to do what the rest of her could not. Relax. Let him in. Want, want, want. She found his hand, curled her fingers around his to drag it back to the place he had touched before. Mind begging for the touch while her voice begged for more. ”Not yet, not yet. Please not without me.” He couldn’t finish without her! She would be too embarrassed to ask for what she needed then. And she needed. She needed bad.

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