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Title: Chatty Dagny
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Chatty Dagny

The Basics

Full Name: 'Chatty' Dagny Frah Meols
Age: 19
Gender/Pronouns: Female She/Her

Ethnicity: short-lived
Birthplace: Glacia
Current Location: Meols, Glacia
Profession: Hearth Witch at Sjefhjem

Caste: hearth witch
Birthright Jewel: Rose (CUT 41)
Offering Jewel: Purple Dusk (CUT 59)

Face Claim: Dasha Milko/Daria Milky

The Body

Height: 5’1
Body Type: Fit
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue

A wisp of a girl not quite blossomed to womanhood. The promise of curves hide beneath her meager maids clothing. Knobby knees in the midst of transition to shapely legs. Muscles forming under her tedious workload. Never gangly, since dagny had her growth spurts early barely reaching five feet before stopping altogether.

She has a clever face. The foxlike sharpness of her eyes softened by full lips and a playful smattering of freckles. A natural redhead she suffering a very fair complexion, and even in the winter too much time outdoors will leave her burning. Every flush and blush stains her skin vibrantly, leaving her an open book of emotion even with her barriers sealed shut. It’s considered a bad omen to cut red hair, so Dagny’s thick locks reach well below her waist these days. They keep her warm though! She prefers them braided down her back, out of the way.

The Mind

Craft Strengths: 11pts used out of 15 total = 4pts reamining

Psychic Masking
Calming Spells
Heating & Cooling Spells
Scent Cleansing
Craft Weaknesses: Shields and Compulsion spells
Personal Strengths: Determined, friendly, approachable
Personal Weaknesses: Gossipy, young, impulsive

Since the day she said her first word Dagny made quick work of earning the nickname Chatty. Prone to sharing gossip her position provides ample opportunity to overhear the juiciest bits. The information is never purposely used to hurt anyone. But she is an impulsive chit, that often speaks without thinking. In fact, she doesn’t tend to do much thinking before acting in general.

To make up for the impetuousness Dagny is sweet tempered, and extremely easy to talk with. The sort of person that goes from stranger to confidante over the course of a long lunch. Exuberantly determined, the sort of shining inexperience that makes a young woman both eager and coy. Rocking from heel to toe as she absorbs the world with wide eyed wonder.

The Backstory


Dagny was orphaned at the age of four. Or presumed orphaned at least. No one has ever come looking Fingers buried in the fur of a reindeer she was led to the warm glow of a friendly homestead. The why bothered her sometimes. It was the who, though, that she wondered about. She was too small to remember the details. All she had ever known was the orphanage. Momma Kelda with her warm hugs and meaty stews. Clothes in the mending pile to occupy her fingers. Vegetables to grow, scrub, chop, and store for winter. Smaller children with noses that needed wiping and toys to pick up. It was a satisfying life for a hearth witchling.

On her caretakers heels she learned the skills of her caste. Half nature and half nurture. At eight years old she celebrated Frjosemi by having her Birthright ceremony. At the evenings feast she bragged to anyone that would pay her a second of attention. The Queen herself praised the pretty little Rose pendant and promised Dagny that good hearth witches would always be needed at Meols’s sjefhjem.

Perhaps Dagny did not work particularly hard. But she put her whole heart into everything she did try. Average at schoolwork, but a fiercely good cook the older she got. Baking became a sort of passion. If the sweets aren’t in her psychic cabinet, they are surely in the oven. Calming spells were mastered to sooth tiny tempers. And when Dagny entered adolescence they spells were infinitely useful on teenage tempers too. She became a master of comfort. Spells to cool or warm. Coffee, baths, and blankets all kept at the perfect temperature. Food lovingly prepared and somehow made more filling for it. Rooms always crisp after she left them. Negative energy shooed away by her attentions.

At sixteen Dagny had learned all she could. With a kiss on the cheek she bide Kelda a ‘see you soon’. The Queen had promised! There was work to be done. Work she could take great pride in. And the Queen came through. A small private room was more than she had expected in her new position. No lofty title or grand laws to debate. Diplomacy as far from her mind as the shores of Shalador were from their icy mountaintops. But her work was still important. She made the lives of those important decision makers easier. Paved the way for their tempers to be gentle and their needs all met.

It took three years for her to get permission to use the oven. And she gets her nose in a bit of trouble now- the line between interesting facts and gossip is incredibly thin! Dagny is happy, though. Or at least...she isn’t not content.

The Writer

Player Name: Jones
Player Pronouns: She/Her
Timezone: CST
Contact: Discord or PM
How did you find us?: RPG-D

Inactivity Instructions: You can archive my brain babies and write them out in whatever way keep the plot going, just avoid killing them unless its absolutely necessary.

Roleplay Sample:
See Eloise  (http://www.witchlightrp.com/index.php?topic=498.0)

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The Darkness has granted you...
Cut 41
Purple Dusk
Cut 59
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