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Title: Red Riding Hood
Post by: Sorcha o Naur on February 15, 2019, 03:31:01 PM

The dark never bothered her, she always prefered the darkness to the light, her grandmother blamed the lack of a maternal figure in her life. But Sorcha never minded. The whispers and quiet sound of a forest during the night were soothing and for a moment the turmoil of Sorcha’s mind drifted in that softness. Such chaos. Such lies that drifted to her through the webs. Webs of her own making and webs of her spy network. Every thing giving her something to use and something that could bring her down.

”Remember what I tell you here, Sorcha,” came the voice of one of few she could trust, ”She will not rest until your head is taken. Watch your webs and watch your shadows. Trust the ones who will come.” The voice trailed as they moved away back into the trees, back into the darkness and back to her webs. ”Do not forget my warnings.”

Isolde was always cryptic and Sorcha knew before she opened her mouth to agree that her spy was gone. Beloved and adored, Isolde was the only person Sorcha could trust in her cousin’s camp. Trust that the other woman wouldn’t be turned traitor, turned into her cousin’s way of thinking. Sorcha moved silently and smoothly, senses tracking out, her bond with the land growing more and more each time she came out here.

She let her queen craft flow, each tree and every blade of grass cleaving to her presence, touching and soft Sorcha fed her craft into the land. The tangled web that Isolde had given her dangled from her hand as the Queen’s Gift dripped from her fingers. Sol’s webs were always intricate and wildly woven, they were nearly as impossible for Sorcha to decipher as Nahamme’s, but Sorcha would keep it where it would be safe. Queen craft touching the land that was hers, welcomed with open arms by the soil that was hers to love.

Queen craft drifting and claiming and touching. Touching something that had not been there before and Sorcha’s training had her head up and searching. Probes tangled out, searching and searching. There. Sliding over.. Wolf. She grinned. She did not fear the wolves of Dea al Mon. Sorcha welcomed their wildness and this one was a little more than wolf.

“Hello,” she called out softly as probes tried to name what she asked and they could not. Interesting, “Won’t you come say hello?”

Title: Re: Red Riding Hood
Post by: Daithi Dáire on February 17, 2019, 03:03:27 PM
Something crazy was happening. Crazier than usual, anyway. Everywhere Daithi went of late he ran into a queen. Fate was trying to tell him something, perhaps. Or just playing a trick on him. Daithi didn’t know. Or care. He was the right caste to attract their notice. Even if he was not usually the right species. This one was as strangely alone. Which attracted his attention through the fog of self-inflicted pain. Made him track her with probes so broad and deep they went beneath her notice.

When he was done Daithi stood on two legs. Balancing against the trunk of a tree as he remembered the way to work his man’s body. Arms stiff and clumsy as he yanked pants onto his naked legs and tied them loosely at his waist. He was cold without fur to keep him protected from the elements. From the treeline Daithi watched. Amber eyes crinkled in amusement as the queenling fell for his illusion. The wolf was him, but he was not the wolf. A mirror. A shade. Cleverly woven into the trees so that he could shift without worry of being noticed.

Fed by the very depth of his Grey and several drops of his blood it was a half-living marvel. Capable of convincing anyone beneath his own depth of its reality. Unless she tried to touch it. But she only grazed it with probes. From the shadows he chuckled. Voice deeper than gravel from months of disuse. ”That’s a good way to get a hand bitten off, Lady.” He told her, lowering the stiff masking craft that hid his true psyche from the probes she swept across the area. Turning towards the illusion wolf he fed it a trail of power until, which made it throw back its head to howl at the rising moon.

”There. He’s said hello. Are you going to reward him?” His smile matched the one the illusion wolf threw at the queen. Not that he noticed. Attention back on her as he crept a bit closer. Coming around the backs of trees with hands that trailed over their rough bark as he passed. What was a queen- and a Black Widow, his probes whispered- doing out in the dark all alone? Not wise. Not wise at all. Perhaps she needed brought home. Or watched over until morning. They needed that sometimes. Women. Ruled too much by passion and not enough by sense.
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Post by: Sorcha o Naur on May 05, 2019, 12:43:53 PM

She didn't start when a deep voice came from the shadows. Shoulders may have stiffened just slightly, but start? Sorcha would never. Never show that much weakness to a stranger. "Oh I don't know," she mused softly, "He might find he had bitten off far more than he could chew." Confidence and arrogance. Sorcha had it in spades. Queen craft telling her this one was dangerous and unleashed, head turned towards the sound of his voice. Full lips curved into a smile when the wolf in the distance threw back it head to howl at the moon that had hid not too long ago.

"Perhaps if he deserves a reward," she said eyes sparking with humor, "but what would you suggest a woman reward a wolf for saying hello?" The depth of his power was a marvel to Sorcha. Darkness always caused breath to catch and calculations to be made. Calculations and strategies to bring that darkness to her side. Isolde, with her ever cryptic warnings, telling her to trust those who come, but how could Sorcha trust a creature so much darker than her. So much more wild? Because this one, this one felt wilder than any Warlord Prince she'd ever encountered.

Skin twitching as probes swept across her psyche, delving and dancing to find what she was. "Find what you were looking for?" she asked tartly readying her own magic to sooth whatever tempers she might have ruffled. She wasn't the most proficient in all of the craft she was given by luck of her birth, but she could manage. She would manage even this male in front of her. Confidence and arrogance in spades.

"Or are you looking for something that can not be found?" Too many webs whispering in her mind. Too many warnings she couldn't or wouldn't heed. Sorcha was in a fight for her future and the future of her people, mind too full and heart too hard. He could be from her cousin, sent to murder her before her plans could come to fruition but Sorcha felt oddly safe here. Safe in so much as a woman could be safe alone in the night darkened woods with a male. A male she did not know.

Brave. Stupid. Confident. Worry coming forth to press against courage and she wondered if she'd made a mistake staying for to long.

Fingers pinched the bridge of her nose, headache a bright light beneath the blanket of bravado. Too much inside her head. Eyes never leaving him as she waited for him to make a move. Alert under the pain, blades always ready at her thighs. Sorcha could protect herself should he chose to follow laughter with violence. She had no choice. She could only hope he chose to be a friend.

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Post by: Daithi Dáire on June 08, 2019, 01:03:37 AM
”That’s the thing about chewing. It can be done in small portions once the meat is taken.” Daithi said conversationally. If it were a threat, he made it sound accidental. Eyes flashing as if it might not be. Amusement dampening as he got her scent Daithi watched the queen. He recognized a strong willed woman. In his time he had known many, in fact he knew some even now with Jewels dark enough to eclipse this queen. There had been young cousins with such confidence and arrogance. It had not stopped them from being slaughtered or kidnapped. Maybe to be slaughtered later. Who could say what the raiders had done? Other than sharpen Daithi’s own ability to find the cracks in the shield like the one they had slivered through.

It was frustrating that no matter how many times he found a weak spot, they were never on the other side. Thoughts he flinched from now, the wolf in him tired from months on four feet. Tonight he was himself, mostly. Ready to please his flesh rather than avoid his memories. As his shadow wolf’s voice faded into the chill night air he rolled a shoulder at the queen. ”Rest.” He said. A short wave of his fingers turning the wolf to dust. He did not endeavor to elaborate on if rest was the suggested reward, or just a command he gave to dissolve the illusion. Too busy choosing steps that brought him closer in subtle shifts of bare feet over leaves. Skin prickling in the autumn breeze Daithi sighed at her many questions.

What good was it to be a diviner that had no answers? He gave a curt reply in the same hubristic tone she used. ”Perhaps I was looking for your sense. Can it be found, or am I wasting my time?” There was a shift of power in the air. As if she had brushed her Jewel in preparation. He smiled. All the sharp edges of his man-teeth showing as his full lips stretched in glee. ”You may try, but be warned I will be exceedingly angry when your queen’s craft fails on me.”

She did not step near enough to try soothing him with calming craft. And if a leash was on her mind, he hoped his warning would be heeded. Many had tried. None had succeeded yet. Only some had survived his grief afterward. If the Gray queen had not managed to call him hers then this one would not either. He was sure. They tried, sensing that something was broken in Daithi, but that same something would not let his heart set in any one direction. Too busy making up for his failures, perhaps. Trying to fix what he could not fix no matter what had been promised. Rolling his shaggy head across his shoulders he watched the queen do strange things.

Fingers pressed to her head she squinted through the growing darkness. ”This is why women require escorts. You are distracted by the pain, and if I had intentions for you they would be very easy to impose now.” He told her with a frown. Probes heavier in their inspection he slid a second sight over her frame. Narrowing in on the source of her discomfort he sighed. ”You will stand still, and I will take the pain away.” He instructed calmly, never once stopping to question her desire to be fixed. While the healer may not have been a caste naturally compatible to the warlord prince in him Daithi knew how to make them work together. Doubly forceful in the instinct to protect.

”All your troubles ride at the back of your neck. Tense mind, tense muscles, pain.” Was all the explanation he offered as he approached. The chain he wore his Jewels openly on pressed to her back as he caught her around the jaw with one hand. The other cupped the back of her skull. He was tall, a head taller than the queen. And strong enough that he did not need his Jewels to help him lift her slightly from the ground. A soft pop from her bones eased the pressure and his Craft swept in to soften the stiffness in her muscles. He was slow to let go. Offering advice through a whisper at her ear. Fingers kneading at the very top of her spine he rolled his thumb on her nerve endings and massaged her muscles. ”Here is where you tell your men to rub it, so you suffer less often.”
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Post by: Sorcha o Naur on June 29, 2019, 11:10:00 AM
"Some would say it was non-existent," she shrugged and allowed the craft that coated her fingers to drift away unused, "And others would say it likes to take vacations at inconvenient times. I would say I am who I am and no other, whether others think I have sense or not. Why be anything that I am not?" She shrugged again. She never pretended to be something she was not. It never served her well to lie and cheat and steal what she wanted. Honesty was something her grandmother had always told her should be used more than her cleverness. She always tried to honor that.

"Reflex only," she said smoothly to his warning. She was not so stupid to think it would actually work, his depth far more than hers. His ability to slip what ever she placed on him more than easily done. Sorcha would need to practice on Tiar. Her first escorts jewels were close to this one's and Sorcha knew she could easily be taken. It wouldn't be prudent to let that part of her remain unused. "Pain it may be," she squinted at him fully alert to his movements, "but a distraction it is not." Already judging speed, distance and weighing whether she could slip her dagger into his side and take to the trees quick enough.

Only slightly tense as he approached, Sorcha realized she was not as afraid as she should be. There was a sense of danger around him - truly how could there not be in a warlord prince so dark? - but impending death was not felt in the air. Mother Night gave her no slivers of warning through the darkness as he moved to slip in behind her. Darkness pressed against the muscle of her back and she gasped quietly as he gripped her chin, dagger fingered against her thigh twisting around the handle if the need arose.

Lifted and relief. Bones shifting and popping to slide back to the places they needed to be and the pain lifted for the moment. It was odd to be touched by a stranger, to allow someone she didn't know from a tree in the woods to touch her so intimately. Tiarnan didn't even touch her like this. She didn't have time to allow her men to rub away her hurts like this man suggested. Shoulders lifted and lowers with the movement of his thumbs and fingers.

"Do you always rub women you don't know?" she asked with amusement as she sighed at the pressure and shivered at the nearness of his mouth to her ear. Breath blowing across the shell bring goosebumps to her arms. "Or did I just happened to get lucky?" What a strange, strange day. First the cryptic and determined warning from Isolde and next this dangerous man rubbing the stress from her shoulders. Breath blew out on another sigh and Sorcha could feel the muscles grow relaxed.

Breath hissing at a particularly deep knot and she twisted around to face him. "My thanks," she started as she looked at him. Wild and feral was the look about him and she had a moments pity for the woman who finally did manage to leash him. She wouldn't even try. She was not so stupid to risk it against his will but what she wouldn't give to throw him at the shield. "Shall I return the favor or do you have no need of it?"