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Title: Kashi
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The Basics

Full Name: Kashi
Age: 21
Gender/Pronouns: female/she/her

Ethnicity: SL
Birthplace: Paon
Current Location: Paon
Profession: Slave

Caste: witch
Birthright Jewel: Tiger Eye (CUT 42)
Offering Jewel: Summer-sky (CUT 30)

Face Claim: Malavika Mohanan

The Body

Height: 56
Body Type: Curvy and strong
Hair Color: Sun bleached black
Eye Color: Gold rimmed black

Not a tall woman, Kashi is not a small one either. Shoulders gentle slopes, her arms and back are strong. Hips wide and breasts full. Her hair is fuller, a lustrous black that the sun turns to richer chestnut. She is not a beauty, not at first. There is subtlety to the lines of her face, the dazzle is in the warmth of her eyes and the fierce gentleness of her manner.

The Mind

Craft Strengths: 8/15pts
Scent Cleansing
Craft Weaknesses: Calming Spells. Kashi doesn't even try, bad things happen.

Personal Strengths: Survivor. Fighter. Stubborn
Personal Weaknesses: Stubborn. Hot headed. Impulsive. Guilt ridden (often for no good reason).

Kashi is a devoted worker. She has always had a strong inner compass when it comes to ethics, duties and the rewards of work well done. While she may not love her work, (who can idolize laundry?) Kashi still takes pride in it. These traits were always praised and raised up by her father (her mother rarely had comments for anything, though she was good at soothing scrapes and hurts).

But behind the girl who walks the straight and narrow path, behind the back bent to her tasks with diligence and humility, lurks something else. A fierceness. A passion. Kashi loves life. Bird song, rain in her hair, the perfect cup of tea brewed from water she has drawn herself and tea leaves that have been seeped before but are still good. One should not waste for fear of want. She tries to keep these things in check. But sometimes it bubbles over, turning humility into pride, a request of patience into a sharp, staccato reprimand.

These are also the things that dictate her appearance. Kashi makes most of her own clothing from colorful scraps. Bright but demure, for Kashi always covers up. She is one to flaunt her skills but not her body. But there is an arch to her back. She does not cower when she walks. Back straight like a man, chin up, though eyes down. She was taught to be a good girl, but not a broken one.

She appears secure. And mostly Kashi feels secure, except for when she is second guessing herself. Questioning her choices. Berating her own foolishness. Her inner monologue is often fraught and nearly violent. Within herself, Kashi's passions are a maelstrom of self inflicted guilt and accusation.

The Backstory

Hector | Father | Summer-sky to Green Warlord
Olivie | Father-Wife | Opal to Red Healer
Parminder | Mother | White to Rose witch

AW81 - Born
It might have been love, the thing that lay between them. She was his property, purchased on a Paon block. From a long line of Hayllian get. The often lasted longer than others, the sort of slave that could be passed down to the next generation. If it did not begin as love, it often appeared to grow into such. She was his house slave, but she was treated much more like a mistress. The daughter she bore him raised above her station.

AW86 - Birthright
They were never anything but slaves. Kashi, named for a many times removed grandmother of questionable existence, had no web spun for her Jewels on record. But there was one, tucked away in a secret place. She would wear darker than her mother, but not enough to raise her above her status, just as her father did not. He would not marry a slave, and he would not name slave born daughter a free woman, not then or later. So there was no setting for her Tiger Eye.

AW91 - Training
The unavoidable, she was what she was. Her head had a price, and her body ownership. She did not belong to herself, but to her father, and while she was doted on and treated as more than she was, there was no denying reality, not forever. She must learn to be useful. It was her mother who taught her, wiser than her love of the man who would never be her husband. Kashi learned how to be a house servant of great value. Her fingers clever and her demeanor so often pleasing when her temper wasn't roused.

AW98 - Pride
Father and daughter both. He married, finally. A young wife, not even a decade older than his daughter. She was a healer, and wore the Red. He refused her nothing, and looked away when she was spiteful with the woman who had acted so nearly as his wife for so many years, pushing Parminder and Kashi away, farther and father until they slowly faded into the background. Kashi grew stiff with it, but her mother withered.

AW99 - Offering
Young for it, but Kashi saw no other way. Her mother weak and listless, allowed to lay in bed in peace for the years of good service she had afforded Hector. Kashi hated it. She charged the temple steps and snatched her Summer-sky from the Darkness, the drive to make her Offering like nails in the souls of her feet. She wandered too, into the village and the wider world, trusting to her Jewel and the way peoples eyes passed over her.

AW101 - Knowledge
She would know things she had no need to know. Expand her marginal horizons. Kashi prayed for a change in her favor. To be released from service. Surely with the death of her mother, her father must do something to elevate her? His wife grew more wicked and bold with each passing season until Kashi could see no way forward on the same path she trod. She sought to learn more than she had been allowed when her father favored her.

AW102 - Loss
Love. Or was it lust? A trick perhaps. A handsome young man who sought to teach her more than his books suggested. There was too much passion in her heart to deny him. His smile so kind. His hands so impossibly sweet. She loved him, though she never said the words. Realization too late, along with reality. Or perhaps reality came too soon. Of course Olivie noticed. She was a healer. And Kashi's sale was arranged, for all Hector was her father and not just her owner. Or her owner and not just her father.

From Corlay to Rosnay. Jewels drained and wrapped in a colorful scarf. She scrubbed temple floors without her craft. Balanced carefully on stools while she dusted. Heart empty for shame. And then shattered into a thousand pieces when she found the man she'd thought she'd loved between the thighs of the priestess who had bought her. The smile he cast her would haunt Kashi forever, even when she tried to forgive him.

To buy her. And so he did, with spear and coin until he had nothing left but a life on the run to give her.

The Writer

Player Name: dergon
Player Pronouns: she/her
Timezone: central
Contact: discord
How did you find us?: founder

Inactivity Instructions: Write out gently. Adopt if Jones wants.
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The Darkness has granted you...
Tiger Eye
Cut 42
Cut 30

As requested, FOUR family rolls:
1: White to Rose
2: Opal to Red
3: Summer-sky to Green
4: Summer-sky to Green
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