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Title: The calming
Post by: Bannick on January 04, 2019, 06:05:10 AM

Bannick left them with the queen. Two new bucks instead of one delivered to Harrow. Bannick thought he had done a good job, but Harrow was too preoccupied to praise him. Ruffling Nipper’s hair and kissing Steadfast’s forehead, he went home to someone who would properly appreciate him.

Rhiannon was the youngest of his wives, and possibly the sweetest. Temperament just the sort to turn you from sadness. Bannick was not sad, but a little sunshine after a big storm was needed. He would make sure the others were safe after his journey as well. But for now, it was her lap that summoned him.

He found her in the house. Breakfast things scattered across the table, Rhi in the big, soft chair. Bannick went to her on his knees, rubbing his face along her thigh until his forehead bumped into her stomach. Careful not to spear her with his antlers. Bannick inhaled. Cheer and woman.

”Good morning, sweetling,” Bannick murmured to her hip. Hands following the path his face hand, sliding under her knees and up her thighs until they cupped her bottom. He sighed. The chair was big enough for him to join her in it, which was the reason he had bought the otherwise hideous piece of furniture. But for now he was content to kneel at her feet.

”Are you well?” Probes already scouring the house. But he would let Rhi tell him about herself before he set them on her too.

Title: Re: The calming
Post by: Rhiannon Fleetfoot on January 11, 2019, 11:00:13 PM

Bannick’s attentions were met with a squeak, equal parts surprise and delight. A squeak that quickly gave way to laughter, “Husband-mine!” All thoughts of a quiet morning were gone, Rhiannon wiggling further into the chair reaching for him happily. “You just missed breakfast.”

She would make something for him though. When she was certain he was safe and whole.

Hands roamed Bannick’s face, his shoulders, anywhere she could reach without unsettling him. It was less a healer’s instinct and more a wife’s that set her searching for cuts and other injuries. Bent almost double to kiss the missing antler tip.Safe and warm. Safe and here. Rhi couldn’t ask for more even if she wanted to.

“I’m well. It’s been too quiet here.” Too quiet without Bannick and even Steadfast though she wouldn’t dream of saying such. “And you’ve been fighting.” No accusation, just a simple observation as she tangled her fingers in his hair.

Title: Re: The calming
Post by: Bannick on January 12, 2019, 09:06:57 PM

”That’s alright.” Bannick rumbled. Breath hot in the folds and angles of her body. Rhi bent over him, creating more. Trapping him in the warm press of her body and drowning him in her scent. It was good. Hands roaming his body. Lips kissing his missing point in a touch he felt without any real sensation. He was not very worried about breakfast.

Good, soft hands traveling his body. Most, if not all, of him still there. The worst of his hurts taken care of by the village healer they had dumped the sick bucks on. Whole in spirit, too, because Bannick was used to killing. And killing beasts had never much weighed on his soul. Missing breakfast with his wife was disappointing, however. He nibbled an apology on her thigh.

”My poor love.” She needed a child to keep her busy, Bannick thought. Gripping her ass tight, he pulled her closing. Head unburied from her soft warm places so he could kiss her properly.  ”I have been.” Harrow rarely sent him on peaceful work. She had others for that. Bannick was for force and reckoning. ”But only a little, I promise.” Cocky with victory. Bannick worked his hands up to her shoulders, rubbing them gently.

”And I won.” He grinned, sticking his nose to the pulse at her throat for sniffing. His probes circled back around the house and began their slow, curious assault on Rhiannon. Women often said they were well when they were not. He still hadn’t figured out why. ”Here I come, little sun.” Bannick warned before climbing into the chair with her, wife dragged securely into his lap for proper petting.

”Did I miss anything while I was away? Other than you.” Tusks gentle and he nuzzled her shoulder, palm running down her spine.