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Heyasi Province / Re: Fabrications
« on: October 10, 2020, 07:10:14 AM »

There was a clatter and a squeal. Chair and table legs grating across the floor. Overturned mugs turning beer into frothy stains. It was there. They existed. Moment happening at the peripheral. It was not right. Nothing was right. It infringed. If only he could live it one more time. And this time get it right.

Over and over again until he got it right.

Someone grabbed his arm. The hand was small. The world shifted sideways. Like two pictures on thin paper laid over each other. Fabric layered on fabric. Was one reality? Or was it all a dream? Kyung wanted only to go to the sea. To be scourged in waves that grew taller than a man.

To live in a story and not in the hell his life had descended into. But this hell was his punishment. The Darkness was always punishing him. He struck with a wing, but the hand held on. It spoke to him. Small words from small fingers. Kyung squeezed and looked down.

A healer. He knew a healer. "Iseul?" He asked, but knew it was wrong. She did not look like him. And the Jewels were wrong, a probe battering at the hand reflexively. Healer. Purple Dusk. He'd worn a Purple Dusk once, like a talisman on his chest. Before. Before he'd shattered it trying to save what he hated.

Mother Night how he'd hated her, but she was his!

"Little fly," he warned, thumbs digging into the man he held. Toes skittered across the floor as the warlord tried to find purchase. "There will never be peace for Dhemlan." He told her. And never for him. He rattled the warlord's jaw one more time. Wings flaring with the violent shaking before he let go. Allowed the other male to collapse in a heap at his feet.

A heap that quickly fled. Coward that he was. That they all were. Frozen, watching. One lone healer against him. He. Kyung Yi. He had served as a guard to Nari Choe! He was power. Prowess. A warrior.

Worse still, a warlord prince.

"Do you vouch for them, then, little fly? That they didn't help?" Someone had done it. Kyung knew who. When he could remember. Which wasn't often. The moments so full of pain and failure. His sight blinded and filled with Nari's face and his grasping hands. Mother Night that bitch. Nari's Grey should have saved them all.

Heyasi Province / Fabrications
« on: September 26, 2020, 11:44:40 AM »

He longed for the sea. Kyung had never seen it. To him it was nothing but a story. Something explained he couldn't really fathom. But he dreamed about it. Imagined that it was like him. Vast. Turbulent. Empty.

He longed for the sea. For deep depths. For endless nothing. To escape himself and reality. Really, he longed for death. But death was too good for him. He deserved to live. To suffer. To exist in a state that was incomplete and completely broken.

He longed for the sea. Feet shuffling down the ruts in roads. Wings flaring when carriages and wagons raced by. Trembling at the stamp of hoof beats on the road. He cursed. He spat. Sometimes he cried. No one tried to stop him, whatever he did. His Purple Dusk had never been mighty. His Tiger Eye was half that.

But he was still a warlord prince. And even if half of him was Eyrien. Winged. Bedraggled. He was still a warlord prince. Broken. Queenless. More dangerous than he had been when he had been sane, whole, and full of rage. Now he was nothing but injustice and grief with nothing to tame him. No one to shush him and demand better.

He had never hated her more than he did now that she was dead.

"Why?" He shouted in some roadside tavern. Fingers digging into shoulders hidden beneath a rough spun shirt. He shook the phantom in his hands. Eyes not seeing the person he gripped, but all the horror he'd swallowed down and filled himself up on.

"I said, why?!"

Dhemlan Archives / Re: Leashless
« on: January 16, 2018, 08:54:43 AM »

Of course she was happy, he'd done what he was told. Kyung grumbled, glad she was happy, annoyed he had to obey to make her so. Why couldn't she obey and be happy? Kyung chewed on his tongue, looking up over the scarred ends of his fingertips, waiting for her to do something. Run, stay, sit, like he'd... asked.

Sit she did, easing delicately onto the cushion next to him. So proper! It frustrated him that Nari never broke the illusion. Surely she couldn't be so controlled as this. But he couldn't hold onto that frustration, not with her hand between his wing blades, soothing, petting, until he made soft sighing noises that were not a purr.

"And you'll stay," he mumbled, tucking his wings around himself, and draping his upper body over her thighs. His. She would stay. Kyung curled around her knees, hand cupping her calf. His own knees drawn up, feet tucked against the arm of the couch. His.

Dhemlan Archives / Re: Leashless
« on: December 05, 2017, 07:31:06 PM »

He didn’t believe her. She lied over and over again with the truth. If he sat he would let go. If he let go she might flee. And if she fled he would chase. What would happen once he caught her, Kyung didn’t know. Was curious to find out. To tempt the Darkness.

Besides, how was he supposed to sit in that? They forgot all the time, wingless Dhemlans. Forgot that their soft or stiff chairs with high backs were stifling. Uncomfortable. No room for his wings. Their sofas not much better. Or maybe they just didn’t care. Didn’t care enough to remember.

Snarling, Kyung threw himself into the sofa, wings pulling as the cushions swarmed him. Fighting to make himself comfortable, he ended up at the edge, forearms slung over his thighs, wings draped listlessly around him.

”Happy now?” He grumbled, scrubbing his face as he tried to rub away the sleep clouding his mind. He couldn’t protect her if he slept! Couldn’t even lock her in the room with him. She’d just break free with that blasted Grey of hers. ”Come sit next to me. Its very cozy.” He mocked while trying to cajole her down with him.

Dhemlan Archives / Re: Leashless
« on: November 19, 2017, 09:24:10 AM »

"Words, words, words." Kyung complained, not really believing her. The touch of her hand to his wings was soothing, but it stirred other emotions too. A possessive tightening that made it hard to let go when she demanded space. Kyung flared them, cowing her toward a room. He did not know who it belonged to. Only that it was there and empty, the door slightly ajar.

Where his own was he could not remember. Beyond the circumference of their existence, the world was fuzzy.

He locked the door behind them, closing in once the deed was done. Kyung buried his face in her neck and crushed her body against his. Arms circling her, wings wrapping her in a cocoon. A rumble rose in his chest, a deep, pleased sound. This close some of the pain in his body eased at the nearness. He kissed her there, at his spot. His spot, where all of Nari was pooled.

"I won't. Not unless you want."
He ground out against her throat, knowing what madness was expected of him. Mother Night, he'd missed her, he realized. "Just stay, this time." He couldn't choke out the please. Couldn't bear to beg. He was less concerned with making her buck and writhe beneath him than he was with keeping her near. Near where he could see to her safety.

Dhemlan Archives / Re: Leashless
« on: November 13, 2017, 09:09:42 PM »

”I didn’t believe you,” Kyung admitted to her hair. He rumbled at the fear that soured the air. It flowed out around them with her gasp. Her fear. Fear of him. Of his touch. He wondered if there was disgust beneath the fear. Probed for it, even. But she was in his arms. His.

No one else’s. His. It was his body she was pressed again. He was the one protecting her. Kyung didn’t know why Nari feared him. Raising shields against him, gasping and stiff in his arms. He nuzzled her neck. Her hair. Stroked the length of her spine.

”Are you done being afraid?” He asked, fingers exploring each vertebrae. He didn’t like that she feared him, but it was his wings she was stroking. His. Kyung purred, teeth loosening her hair, distracted from his own question.

”I don’t think they would claim you back, lady.” Which was fine. Nari was his anyway. And today he did not feel like sharing. So strange, the feel of her fingers along his wings. Her palm cool against the dark membrane. Nari’s touch. Kyung twitched, hand stilling on her back. ”Do you hate me for other reasons?”

Kyung wanted to know. But he doubted it would change anything. Slowly he herded her. Tired of standing in the hallway like a fool.

Dhemlan Archives / Re: Leashless
« on: November 12, 2017, 05:30:55 PM »

”They would be useless guards if they just let me kill them,” Kyung pointed out, suddenly witty. He was pleased too, as she come closer, guided by the pressure of his fingers. It was, he reasoned, where she belonged. Close. Close to him. So he could protect her.

Kyung remembered her warnings of listening ears and watching eyes in the garden. It made him restless to think there were others less loyal that he lurking about her person. Restless and angry. Nari should, Kyung decided, let him kill them. His hand ran up her arm to her shoulder. A smile stealing across his lips. Yes. She should let him kill them all.

His smile faded, gold eye to gold eye.

”You went without me.” Just like she’d told him she would. Contrary woman. He was too busy to shake her for it. Too busy being sure as he swooped in and buried his face against that spot. His spot. Nose tucked behind her ear, dark hair tickling his face. Kyung opened his mouth and breathed in. And in. And in.

And in.

Wings spreading. Hand going from shoulder to mid back and pulling her roughly against his body. And in. He count taste her. Pulse thrumming against his lower lip. Kyung grasped her wrist with his free hand, up her forearm, behind it. Drawing her arm up, her hand out.

”Touch them,” he growled against her throat. And in. Dark shadows swept forward, into her reach. She had to know what she couldn’t without touching them. Th feel. The perfection. To be Eyrien was to be more. But first she had to touch them. Accept them as he knew she didn’t, not really. Sure she was hiding some disgust somewhere behind her stone face.

And in.

Dhemlan Archives / Re: Leashless
« on: November 09, 2017, 11:26:15 AM »

"They should be frightened." He had her. Kyung fit his fingers around her upper arm, holding tight but not digging in. She felt strange under his touch. As did her shield, like a web between his skin and hers. Kyung realized that they hardly ever touched. Realized he never touched anyone without violence. Even now.

And he shuddered when she touched him back.

"It doesn't mean they should run away." Kyung didn't come any closer. Instead he pulled, fingertips in the back of her arm, thumb just inside, feeling her pulse. He pulled, wanting her closer, but wanting her to do the work this time. There was a spot, just behind her ear, he needed to check. To be sure.

"I don't remember," he mumbled. School seemed a long time ago. "I was probably hunting the run away cowards." Kyung wasn't really sure. It was like picking up his staff without knowing when or how or why. He was driven, and he knew that it had been Nari's fault. Because she'd left him. "You ran away too." He accused, frowning, his gold eyes mostly pupil.

"You're not a coward, are you, Nari?" Kyung took an impatient step toward her, wings wide again, but this time not so tense. Half folded. A barrier between her and whatever was behind him. He didn't remember what was that way. Something. A hallway. And beyond her was her Grey wall. "We're always behind your shields." He sounded almost confused, remembering another time she'd wrapped them in a Grey bubble.

So she could yell at him. Yes. That was it.

Kyung went for her then.

"I just need to check," he growled. That she was safe and his and well. Surely there where the scent of her was strongest would tell him all he needed to know. It was the place he looked when he walked behind her. His place.

Dhemlan Archives / Re: Leashless
« on: November 08, 2017, 09:42:51 PM »

Kyung's nostrils flared. Pride struck twice, once by her utter dismissal of him, and again as Nari shattered his shield. His Purple Dusk was like smoke on water compared to her Grey. There was no resistance, and he felt the pieces cut along the tether of his power. Kyung's mouth formed a hard, thin line of disapproval and suppressed emotion. His body was too warm, and his hands clenched too tight.

Didn't need his approval. Didn't need his shields or the Jewels that cast them.

He wondered why they even bothered. But she was his. And someone had to show Nari the way. The right way. A path away from the hard strictures of Dhemlan's path. Away from the horror, devastation and slaughter they caused as a territory. To be something he could stomach sharing a queen with. He was here for his people, Kyung assured himself.

Snorting, Kyung leaning back on his heels with an annoyed sigh.

"I tried keeping it to the training grounds but they all slunk off like whipped curs." His fingers pulled at his hair, which was already half wild and in need of a washing. He forgot sometimes, when there was no one to remind him, that it was polite to bathe regularly. It just never seemed important. Less important now. His teeth snapped shut, jaw tense. "You don't have to shield from me, anyway."

His wings made soft rustling noises as he flexed them. Membranes brushing against themselves as he folded them half closed. Hardly ever fully. He would not cower just to make others more comfortable. Never again would he pull his wings in so tight against his back all his muscles ached.

"You don't." Much as he wanted to wrap his hands around her neck and squeeze. Nari was Dhemlan, but killing her wouldn't really kill the beast. Besides he couldn't. Kyung's fingers twitched. She was his. He was supposed to protect. So she could fix what her people had broken. But he could grab her arm. Which he reached for. He needed closer, just to be sure. "Ever." He wished she did, Kyung promised himself.

Dhemlan Archives / Re: Leashless
« on: November 07, 2017, 12:47:32 PM »

Something quaked. Kyung paused, staff hanging idly at his side, fingers curled loosely around the shaft. He wasn't quite sure what he was going to do with it, but he had some ideas. In truth, he didn't even remember picking it up. Kyung tapped the butt against the floor and turned, heels digging into the carpet as he swiveled on them.

Nari. He could feel the ripple of her Grey somewhere in the abyss beneath him. Her power like a lure. Had that been her shaking the walls so? She was capable of it, for all she pretended otherwise. Stupid woman. Kyung wished she would wear her power more openly. Wished she'd listen when he talked. Stay when he told her to. And fucking take him with her when she didn't.

He met her halfway. Following the pull of her power just as she followed the warning he he left along the walls. Don't tread here, the psychic trail warned, yet here she was, rushing toward him. Snarling, Kyung wrapped a Purple Dusk shield around her Grey, lashing out at the Opal shield even as Nari's power broke it open like brittle bone.

"You should not do that!" He bellowed, wings filling the space between the walls. His staff cracked against his own shield, aimed at her heart. An accusing, chastising finger. The end of it pressed against the side of his thigh, anchored, solid. As if he meant to do combat with his queen. Gritting his teeth, Kyung let his shield drop and his staff swing wide. A practiced moved saw it sheathed under his wings, straight across his lower back.

Sheathed it and attended as ordered, like the pathetic dog he was.

Oh how he hated her.

Kyung took a step closer, examining her, smelling the air and probing it with Craft. She smelled like males he did not know and witches he could not name. And vaguely of Yuna. At least she'd taken someone half useful with her. And brought someone back. Boy, his mind hissed, ready to strangle the warlord then and there.

"Welcome home, lady." Kyung mocked, sliding forward, braced to recoil. But eager. Just a little closer. He had to be very sure. "Are you shielding yourself from me?" He asked, voice sing song like he heard occasionally from the nursery. He wasn't trying to soothe a petulant child however, or cheer a sad one, he was testing. Beneath his sung question was a very real threat.

Dhemlan Archives / Leashless
« on: August 24, 2017, 09:50:25 AM »

Kyung hadn't actually believed her. In all the ways and all the settings Nari had chosen to inform Kyung he would not be accompanying her, he'd never believed her. A bluff. A punishment. A test. Surely she would come to her senses. Surely regret, or guilt or something would not allow her to leave without him.

Good sense at least. Anything.

But Kyung had proven wrong. His queen had not lied to him. She had spoken truth upon truth. Chastised his behavior. Corrected his temper. And told him over and over again that he would not attend her on this trip. Issued no invitation, and then left without so much as an apology. She'd just been gone. Without him.

To say the warlord prince was irritated would be an understatement.

Kyung's usual foul temper only soured the longer Nari was gone. At first he was silent and brooding. A wounded animal, his feelings too raw for company or idle chit chat. But slowly he unfurled. Like a flower blooming, his rage extended one burning petal at a time. He became agitated and fretful. Snapping and snarling at anyone that came too near.

The already shallow pool of people willing to spar with him dwindled until there was no one left. No one willing to risk their life against his wrath. And it was fierce. Kyung left shattered bones in his wake. A staff was unlikely to open flesh, not unless you snapped someone's femur in half with it, forcing the jagged edge of bone through the skin. Your strike enhanced by Craft.

Your Craft fueled by emotion.

He didn't realize what it was as it crept over him. Insidious and all consuming. Kyung had only experienced the rut once before, many years ago. It had not been a pleasant experience. The too Eyrien warlord prince had found himself shackled and caged with no focus for his fury. He'd very nearly brought the building down around him before he'd run out of Jewel power.

But this time he had a whole palace at his disposal.

Dhemlan Archives / Re: no escape
« on: June 04, 2017, 09:45:45 AM »

Kyung sighed. It was the sigh of the long suffering. His suffering would go on longer than most. He had, at least, another millennia of service to Nari to look forward to. Scratching his right collar bone, Kyung shook his head.

"It is not that. Your family loves you very much I am sure. Probably too much." It must be nice to be so loved. Kyung had only been loved by his mother, and she was dead. Murdered in the madness that had swept through the world when Witch had finally been slain. "They will give you more freedom than they ought, I am betting. Enough for you to get yourself into trouble."

He had seen it before. Doted aristo children skulking off to get themselves murdered or pregnant because their family loved them too much to rein them in as needed. While Kyung was not worried about Nari becoming pregnant - a foolish choice, certainly, but she was a woman grown and her bedroom was not his business - he was worried about her getting herself murdered.

She was touching him. Startled, he looked at the hand on his shoulder, only half attending the words she spoke.

"I am glad you trust me, lady." It was true. The insults couldn't even rankle properly, he'd heard them so many times. "I am the barbarian, because I have wings and speak my mind. Yet it is Dhemlan who has invaded and laid its boot heels into the neck of another Territory." His jaw flexed, head tilting ever so slightly as a smile that was not a smile quirked his lips. "I have always found this amusing."

"More stories about barbarous Eyrien's I'm sure." Kyung took hold of her arm. Palm flat beneath the underside of her upper arm in a strange mimicry of escorting. "Let them squeal. I am as everyone expects me to be. No one would be shocked. I could kill them now. And still no one would be shocked. It isn't even illegal, even for me, third-class citizen of Dhemlan though I am."

He would like it, too. To kill them.

Dhemlan Archives / Re: no escape
« on: May 21, 2017, 09:59:38 AM »

Kyung grew momentarily still at her tone. Something in him stopping to listen, his body following suit. For a brief moment he attended her fully, without heat or outrage. Nari was first and all other things came second to her. It did not last long, of course. Her words were too raw to be listened to. Kyung set his chin and resumed glaring.

"I can control myself." He declared through gritted teeth, jaw tense from the clenching. "However I assumed expressing myself to my Queen was permitted." Not a total lie. Kyung expressed himself always to all and sunder, but he did expect Nari to allow it. Especially when he did so in her presence. How else was he to show her the wrongs of Dhemlan? No one else would speak honestly with her.

Nostrils flaring, Kyung looked away. His eyes closed, shutting out the steely expression on her face. He warred with himself internally. To submit or fight against her decree. He should be with her! Only when he chose not to be, should they be apart. When the urge to shake her was stronger than the urge to protect.

"You will be less safe without me there." Kyung was glaring again, but most of the violence had left him. It wasn't as if there would be anyone left at court who could or would keep him here. He could always follow later. "I did not think it would be such an incident for us to be together in your garden." His wings flared suddenly, having half relaxed behind him. They swept forward, shrouding them for only a moment from all view, though she'd woven shields around them.

His eyes took in their surroundings over the top of the his wings. Suspicious. Questioning.

"Are you certain?" He asked, just to be sure.

Dhemlan Archives / Re: no escape
« on: May 13, 2017, 09:08:12 AM »

Kyung snorted, his head jerking back as if she'd slapped him. Throwing up his hands in frustration, he crossed his arms over his chest and went back to glaring at her. His lips drew back in a silent, half-hearted snarl as he shook his head.

"I am in perfect control, lady." He snapped. There was no reasoning with her! Kyung's hands flexed against his arms as he resisted the urge to grab her yet again. He was controlled! He simply wasn't made of stone as she was. He had a living, beating heart in his chest. Rather than a cold, empty nest like most of Dhemlan.

Warily he watched the other males retreat. Sent away by Nari, who then wrapped them in Grey shields he had no hope of escaping. It seemed his queen had words to say she did not want others to hear. Kyung settled a sullen gaze on her and waited. Her words brought a twist of distaste to his face.

"I know how to serve!" He objected. His hands went up again, sweeping through his hair and making a mess of it. "I took the exams and passed. First try too! Ha!" There was that finger again, wagging at her. "How many others can say as much?" It was impossible to tell if he was being purposely obtuse.  He took another step closer, nostrils flaring.

Who would act as counterbalance to all that Dhemlanese posturing if he did not go?

"The smart thing to do would be to take me. I am trustworthy." Kyung had doubts about everyone else. And even if he wanted to shake Nari most days, Kyung would not allow it of others.

Dhemlan Archives / Re: no escape
« on: May 10, 2017, 08:20:14 AM »

Kyung glared. There was no other word for the look he was giving Nari. It was full of affront and hurt. But mostly anger. It was Kyung's dominant emotion even in the best of times. Always simmering just below a boil. If Nari hadn't been his Queen, his very own soul crushing Dhemlanese Queen, he probably would have strangled her in that moment of honesty.

He could see no other reason than the glaring one at his back for his conspicuousness.

Kyung turned away from her. Three paces, sharp and heavy, then back again. His arms swung and his sword rattled in its sheath, shook by an angry hand. And his wings seemed to grow wider and wider. Twice the length of his height, their edges rough with ill healing. He was back, glaring at her once more.

"I don't think either of us had much choice," he spat. And Kyung felt he had given Nari less choice by passing his examines (ignoring the fact that she had helped him acquiring training to do just that). For Kyung it had been all about forcing Nari to accept him and giving her no way of escaping him. He had passed his exams, therefor she could not refuse his service.

He cooled some, agony writhing in his gut. He did not want to think of her words!

"You should still take me. I'm your best guard." The finger waving in her face, wings cupped forward as if he were about to wrap her in their dark embrace. "The. Best." At least in Kyung's mind. He trained hard, wore a strong Jewel to back his skill. She had to take him. She just had to.

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