Matters of State
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Since the issue with the Winds, the concerns of Vitian's people had become very focused. Travel had not been available for most, but it had still been present, a possibility. Those who could afford the expenditure of Craft could take a chance with it.

Now, with the likelihood of all travel hamstrung to physical alone, Vitian found the state of things more concerning. The Winds had not been her practice, but there had been limited trade to be found for those who could access them. Beyond that, Vitian was trying, despite her habits of self reliance, to lean more heavily onto her circle. She was good with the land, knew its shifts and aches as well as her own, most days, but her gifts couldn't provide the full picture of her District.

It was practical to cede to the knowledge of people who studied what she didn't. It was what the whole court system was for, after all, even if her triangle made more than enough fun of her for having it in the first place. None of them had ever imagined her sitting with any kind of power.

And look where you lot ended up, she'd reply, done with they drama and their ribbing. Boys, honestly.

But a court meant easy access to those who's perceptions and skills were far different from her own, and Vitian was learning to reach out and ask. It was a whole process.

Which was how she found herself outside the work quarters of her Seer, trying to respect boundaries instead of barging in and demanding an audience. She could, she knew. she was district Queen. But that was 'pushy' and 'overbearing' and 'rude' - the memory of her triangle's teasing dogged her steps - and Vitian would prefer to rule with respect and civility.

Even if court often seemed like over-complicated nonsense. Sometimes, she imagined life had been easier on the run.

"Seer Neltharian," she called, rapping on the entrance before settling back on her heels. She was not in the mood for sitting and she was not one to fidget. She'd prefer to pace, maybe, but it seemed, again, rude. "Are you in? I've come seeking advisement." That was - well. One of her boys would have teased her, but none of them were about. Small mercies.