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Undavi & Isle / Re: Well, hello there
« on: August 28, 2021, 06:36:35 AM »

These were the reasons Lorivar stayed away. The closeness of the court did not suit him. The forced camaraderie between people who otherwise would not be friends. Could not be friends because they did not like each other. Yet each must set aside their differences to serve The Queen.

Lorivar did it for Ilithian. Because he... cared for their friendship. Because she was rightful queen of Askavi. And he allowed healer priestesses who obviously disliked him into his home and played nice while they looked at him like that. "I do, somewhere about here." He had maps aplenty. And not just of his isle.

Lori opened a drawer, eyes downcast as he smirked over her fussing. His fingers danced through bound scrolls, rolling them over each other until he found the one he wanted. Plucking it out, he unbound it, tisking at the lady across from him. "Triangles are for queens, Lady Fulminare. I don't need escorted anywhere." Lori tacked the map flat with a touch of craft at the corners, utilizing the barest touch of his Opal.

"I know exactly what I rule, I can promise you and that thieving queen of yours that." He still hadn't forgiven Ilithian for that. Lori had decided he never would. It gave him too much of the advantage to nurse and old wound. The child's squeal did something curious to Tuvian's face, something he'd seen on many women. Lorivar never understood it. He made as many as he could, but he found children to be filthy, obnoxious beasts.

His teeth flashed. "I know that also. I allow my sister play at master when I'm away." With a make-shift triangle Lorivar had chosen for her. No need to let the idiot sink his island and all her queen sisters on it. The girl hadn't half a brain in her whole head, queen or no. "For practice." Mother Night help them if she was ever allowed to rule anything but her own bedroom.

Brow twitching, Lori stuck a finger in his bad ear and gave it a wag, curious if he'd heard her wrong. "'Myself and my manhood are well in hand." Lewd, he knew, but there was no one to witness his teasing of the lady. For his queen, he did not ask Tuvian is she was offering to see to it herself. He wanted Ilithian to welcome him into her bed again. not cut his spear off.

"Very precious, I made him myself." Lorivar waved the preciousness away with his hand, and barked entrance for the servant who had come to hover in the doorway. Vanishing half the contents scattered across his desk, Lori left the map and made room for the tray to be placed. "Close the door on your way out, please." When the latch clicked shut, his narrowed gaze settled on Ilithian's war dog.

"What are you on about, Tuvian?"

Undavi & Isle / Re: Well, hello there
« on: July 24, 2021, 05:48:18 PM »

"Have I?" He laughed. They both knew that was a lie. Lorivar annoyed most of the males, as much as he controlled them. Probably because he could, tempering them with his own manners as needed, or with his Red if that didn't suit. Except for that damn Red menace Ili had adopted. But it was nice of her to say.

Tuvian was mannerly like that.

"The sea blows them in a lot." He watched water drip from her wings to his floor as she settled herself into the chair he offered. Arranging it to her liking with her Jewels. "Which side of the channel was it on?" His, or Ilithian's? Lori would send aide if needed either way. But it gave him more leverage against the queen when things went sour on her side of the water.

"I'll eat with you." His Opal slithered down to the kitchens, spear to distaff to request a tray sent up to his office. Food and hot drinks. "We're not a proper court here," he waved away her concern, or was it prying interest, in formal dinners. Lorivar left that sort of nonsense to other rulers.

Queenly ones.

Definitely prying. Lori's smile turned wolfish. And his headache intensified. Women!

"About as well as they can be when you live on an island full of tiny queen children." As if the word summoned such devilry, a squeal echoed down the hallway. Lori's eyes turned toward it, probe racing to places his gaze couldn't follow. "Not a queen that one." One of his brood. Lori hoped the mother took him away soon.

Undavi & Isle / Well, hello there
« on: July 18, 2021, 07:23:39 AM »

Lori ruffled the papers on the desk, the feel of the edges against his thumb callous not at all soothing. His other hand held up his head, cheek wrinkling his eye, frustration evident in the weight of elbow on the desktop.

This was not the way he'd meant to rule the Isle. A place he had held against all comers. Even upstart queens. But his duties to Ilithian had called him away from island more often. Truth be told, it was his spear that dragged him back to the territory seat with more frequency these days.

"Fuck me." He muttered, pushing the papers away as his wings drooped dramatically behind him. Scrubbing his face vigorously, Lori tried to wipe all his worries away, but there were just so many of them. And even with them bearing down on his backside, he still kept trying to think of new and inventive ways of talking Ili into taking a bit of spearing.

And new ways to dodge that rotten Red menace in her court.

A young warlord stuck his head around the door jam and cleared his throat. Looking up, Lori scowled at him, eyebrows raising in invitation. Speak quick or die, they seemed to say. As if the thoughts of court menaces had summoned one, the lad announced the Lady Fulminare had come to call.

Lori grimaced.

"Send her in." What the hell was the High Priestess doing out on the Isle? Lori figured he would find out soon enough. Scraping the papers into a pile, Lori tapped them into a neat stack and set them aside face down. The Isle's concerns were none of Tuvian's and Lori didn't doubt she would try and stick her nosy priestess nose in them given the chance.

She was friends with Ilithian after all, and she was the nosiest damn person he knew.

"Ah, Tuvian, so nice to see you." Lori smiled a lazy smile, rising to his feet at her entrance. He propped his hands on the desk and leaned over it, wings sleeking down his back and out of the way. "Come in, sit!" He gestured to a chair. She'd have to pull it up herself, otherwise Lori was likely to blast it straight to Hell with craft by pure accident. "Need any refreshment after the flight?" It was a cursed long with without the Winds.

Parbelavi / Re: The spears of Askavi [cw]
« on: May 28, 2019, 08:36:17 PM »

She was wild and wanton and exquisite when she got past her fear. And it passed swiftly. Pleasure and trust driving it away once they conquered the first hurdle. Barriers breached, and everything but her virginity in tact. Slowly, so she could adjust. Gently so he didn’t fall into mindless fucking.

It was to become very mindful fucking. Ilithian quick to learn. Always sensual but more so now that there were no inhibitions. No need for restraint. Greedy for more until she could have all of him. Bracing herself to ride the length of. Kees to his hips. Hand to edge of the tub. Wings wide and beautiful. Lori drank it in. Every sight and sensation. Grunting and teasing as she grabbed hold of his wings.

Heels urging him onward. Deeper and deeper until they ket with a slap that sent a shudder through them both. Trying to catch her kisses, Lor gave in. Body strung too tight. Queen too good. The sight of her slipping up his spear the undoing of both of them. He apologized, hand too slow to help her catch up, eyes drawn to the way she touched herself. Not a hint of self conscience or remorse. It was murder. And helped to keep his spear hard and eager for her when it would have otherwise flagged.

”You’re alright?” Groaning, he grinned at her laughter, settling her into his lap. It was hard, her trembling legs to his trembling legs, but Lor managed to take them back, seat himself with Ilithian on top on the bench. Wings wide as he leaned back and chased her kissing lips and petting fingers. ”I’m fine you wonderful woman.” He stroked her back and rubbed a leg, smirking at the way the muscles spasmed.

Nibbling her neck, Lorivar waited for his body to relax. Hands stealing up her spine and under her knees. ”Come on. I want to bed you properly. In a bed.” Water wicked from their bodies as they walked, Lor sucked her earlobe and massaged her thigh. ”Not too sore, I hope?” His tongue ready to kiss away any aches she might of had for as long as she liked.

Parbelavi / Re: The spears of Askavi [cw]
« on: April 11, 2019, 06:02:22 AM »

”Shhh.” Lor crooned. Too busy clutching her tight to pet her, he rubbed his face against her instead. His Red holding steady as he tried to be the eye of the storm instead of the cause of it. Face running over her shoulder and neck. Cheek to cheek he stroked and nuzzled while working his way into her body. A delicious tension that parted Ilithian and trapped him tight. Knees strangling his hips. Cunt torturing his spear.

Mouth tracing all the places he’d rubbed his face, Lorivar pressed on. And upward. Slowly rocking his way deeper while Ilithian pet at him. Her hands distracted mayflies that flit about his head and shoulders. He smiled and gave her more. And more, until there was pain. Breathing ragged, Lor sucked on the hard jut of her clavicle, hips still rocking without advancement. He waited for her to relax, hands more insistent on his body, and then he began again.

Deeper this time. His name like a bell toll in his ear. Lor grunted, feeling it like a shock wave through his body. It reminded him of a shield breaking, but this felt so very much. ”It’s good.” He told Ilithian, as if she hadn’t noticed. Pleasure vibrating down both ends of their shared thread. Lor shifted. Ilithian’s hot breath all over his bad ear while he worked on kissing the other side of his neck and fucking her. Toes curling tight as she wiggled closer, arms crushing her to him as he groaned.

”Oh yes.” He promised, easing his death grip so he could have room to move. To really slide from her body and then in again. Feeling every sliver of release as he withdrew, and every once of relief when he was back inside. Ilithian looked down the gap between their bodies. Lorivar did too, nibbling her jaw while he glanced down. Stomach flexing for her, spear gliding between her bodies. It looked good. At least to him. Ilithian, of course, found something to complain about.

”No it’s not.” He promised with a smile, leaving off her shoulder to cover her mouth in kisses. Just a couple, because it was hard to be gentle and her tongue and her not-so-virginity at the same time. Shuddering, Lori sucked her lip and then went back to inhaling the musk behind her ear. His hand slid down to knead the roundness of her ass, fingers dipping lower still to stroke the underside of his spear as it slipped past and into Ilithian. Slicker than slick when it came out again.

”Okay.” His spear twitched. Faster. Trading hip for arm, Lorivar pulled until her back bowed. Nipple tipping up over the water’s surface so he could suck it hard between his lips. He slid to the edge of the seat, supporting her weight with one hand and making sure she didn’t float away with the other. Bracing hard with his heels, he went faster. Hips bucking his spear into her. Arm circling her waist so he could move her too. ”Oh, Ili.” He gasped against her breast before attempting to inhale her nipple again.

Careful not to slam into her. Lor moved a hand to her thigh. Wrist between their bodies so he didn’t bruise her with hip or spear. It allowed him to thrust hard and fast without fear. Reveling in the way she slid on and off his length with such ease. Hot and wet and wanting. ”That’s it.” He purred, feeling everything drawing tight to his navel. She was so good. Lorivar just wished there was a bed so he could show her how deep and how fast he could go without scraping them raw on stone.

But this was more than enough. He’d let go. A hand on either hip, he watched her breasts bounce as he showed her how to ride each of his thrusts. Eyes dipping lower to watch that too. Hands flexing hard, harder. ”Oh fuck.” She was beautiful. More beautiful like this than ever before. Head tipping back, Lor gnashed his teeth together and fit everything he could in her while he came with a muffled shout.

Parbelavi / Re: The spears of Askavi [cw]
« on: March 29, 2019, 06:40:03 AM »

Lor ignored her reactions. Every one noticed, catalogued, and ignored. Her stillness was fine. Made it easier for him to get to work. The taste of her sliding down his tongue and the back of his throat while he drowned in her scent. She went limp, body flat against the stones, surprise slowly turning to tension. He could feel it sliding up her thighs just before she started pulling his hair.

Fingers like claws, hands like vices. Lorivar ignored the pain, smiling between the folds of her cunt and aiming to make her pull more. At least she wasn’t hitting him or running away. And she tasted so damn good. The center of her body quicker to respond than the rest. There was no tension there, only slick warmth that welcomed him. Hot and wet, it only got hotter and wetter. It spread to the rest of her. Fingers turning soft in his hair as she relaxed into the sensation. Gave over to his tongue.

And his fingers. That made her restless, her hand moving to his ear, the other one vanishing completely. Lorivar glanced up to find her glancing down, cheeks lifting up in a smile, he sucked her clit between his teeth teasingly. He thought, if she could stand to look, she would welcome him. Ready to really experience what could lay between them. Lorivar was ready too. Had been for years. And he wasn’t wrong. Ilithian let him in, and Lor spent the rest of his Red weaving a shield for her inner most web, before joining her for the pleasure.

It was all taste and smell and touch. The not quite smooth texture of her cunt around his fingers. The nerves that shivered as he passed his fingertips over them. Or his tongue. The way the hard suck if her clit drew his balls tight to his body. Spear aching, thrusting at the water. Sometimes caught almost painfully between Lor’s thigh and the side of the tub as he changed position. Kneading hand on Ilithian’s hip mimicking the sort of caress her might have inflicted on himself if he hadn’t been so consumed by her. His queen. Wide open and willing beneath his mouth.

And then clenched tight. Ilithian pulled hard on his wing and crushed his face between her thighs. Lorivar didn’t stop. Just leveraged himself high, shoulders pressing into her thighs so he could sink his fingers deeper. He sucked her clit in and teased it mercilessly with his tongue. Over and over again, the feel of her orgasm growing up around him and making his spear press against his stomach. Lorivar groaned, wings spreading wide and hand pulling her tight against his face. He gave her a couple quick thrusts with his fingers while she clenched tight around him, her climax so sweet it made him want to sink his teeth into her.

And his spear.

Lor moaned as she sat up, body pulling away from him until her knees were a barrier. He rested his chin on them and looked her over. Unabashed by the slickness of his chin. She looked good. Glowy. And like she wanted more. He could feel it. A nameless hunger that saw her sliding into the tub with him. Lorivar welcomed her. Wings spread for balance as she settled along his body. Breasts sliding against him and making his spear bob. Tongue eager to taste herself on his. He kissed her and settled his arms around her, positioning their bodies as he did.

Back to the edge of the tub, ass secure on the seat. Lor kept kissing. Mouth as hungry now as it had been moments before. Ravaging her lips and jaw. Her neck and ear. Hands spreading her thighs over his. ”Wrap your legs around.” He whispered, sucking the skin beneath her earlobe. Lori held her tight. One arm wrapped around her lower back, pulling her close. His other hand beneath her ass cheeks, spreading her wide again, a fingers tracing wetness trapped in the folds of her cunt.

He had to be quick, before the bath washed away the traces of her orgasm. All that helpful lubricant that made the tip of his spear slick. And slicker as he guided himself in. Arm tightening around her as if she were his self control. He couldn’t thrust wildly though he wanted to. Desperate to be buried so deep in her he couldn’t tell them apart. He had to be slow, dipping in and withdrawing. Spreading the wetness down his shaft before sliding deeper. Lor’s jaw clenched tight, teeth bared against her shoulder. Easy, easy, easy. Trying to sense through Ilithian when he was deep enough without being too deep.

But she was so damn tight. And so damn Ilithian, he wanted all the way in. Every inch she had worried about snuck inside of her until she couldn’t tell them apart either. Moaning, Lor leaned into her, trapping her clit between their bodies and pushing his hips up. Up and in, burying them into her thighs. ”Oh fuck.” He groaned, fingers kneading her ribs. ”Oh yes, yes, yes.” Lor nuzzled her neck and rocked into her. Once. And again. And again. Both arms circling her now and holding her tight. Spear barely moving from inside her, but barely was enough, especially with her breasts and clit caught in the friction of their bodies.

Parbelavi / Re: The spears of Askavi [cw]
« on: March 24, 2019, 06:31:12 AM »

Lorivar forgot that there was an Eyrie full of people surrounding them. Forgot anything existed outside the sphere of stone and hot water. He was all nostrils and tongue. Scent and taste mingling until her could not tell them apart. All a whole. All Ilithian. She was salty freshness. Sweat and perfumed skin. He could have drowned in the valley between her breasts. Her scent was potent there. Caught by skin and clothing. A secret place. But he could not bring her much pleasure lapping the soft flesh there.

He was skin too. All the places their bodied met, which was not enough. Spear caught, crushed, and released. Ilithian rose up his body without touching it. Higher so he could fit her breasts in his mouth. Press her nipple flat beneath his tongue. Higher too, though she did not know this, so he could slide his fingers between the iron silk of her thighs and part damp curls and slick flesh. A thing she liked enough to bite his ear. Breath felt rather than heard.

Yes. He was skin too. Pulled tight and flinching from spear tip to scalp. He held tighter to himself. Lorivar had to remember to he cautious and careful. This was a duty and not a pleasure. Or not just a pleasure. He hid a smile in the side of her breast as she complained at him and moved his free hand to thigh, to help balance her seeking leg. Her body was ready. Legs eager to wrap around him. Fingers doing just that. Good until it was impossible. A stuttering conversation over the size of his spear. Lor dare a look at her, the arch of her brow a condemnation.

He tried to smile in reassurance, but it was a feeble thing. Lips tucked between his teeth, he bent his face back to her breast, distracting her as she tormented him. Squeezing his spear until it tried flinching away from the pressure, making him hiss around her nipple. Ilithian eased up and did as he had hoped. Testing the length with her hand. Lorivar squeezed her thigh and used it to pull her closer, and wider. Wished he could feel the dampness of her body the wetness of the water to interfere.  Smell it. Taste it.

Groaning, he buried his face into her breast and thrust into her hand. Curious woman. She explored him tip to balls until his head was pounding from lack of blood and too much focus. He took his frustration out on her breasts, and then her mouth when she tipped his head back for kissing. Tongue and fingers plunging in together. Just one while he kept her clit well occupied with his thumb. Gentler than his tongue, but just barely. Ass and thighs clenched to keep from mimicking the motion with his spear. She liked it, sucking his tongue weakly until she didn’t like it anymore andjerked away. Tweaking his ball and then withdrawing.

”Ili!” He whined. Not yet! Not yet! Fucking woman! Lorivar bit his tongue. His tongue. Kissing the spot dead center of her nipples, Lor caught her. Hands strong just under her arms. Wrapped tight over her ribs he lifted her up. The edge of the bath was wide. Wide enough at the corner he thought. ”No bossing.” He grumbled, setting her ass on the edge of it. He gave her shoulder a push and pulled at her hip, wedging his shoulders down under her thighs. He didn’t give her time to think. If she thought he would fight like she fought everything else. So there was no teasing. No lead up or preparation. Just his mouth over her cunt. Giving as much as he could fit into his mouth a hard suck before slipping his tongue over her clit and down into her cunt. In and in until he was sure he could taste her soul.

The sigh he heaved against her thigh was content. ”So good.” He mumbled before attacking her clit with quick flicks of his tongue, hand sneaking up from beneath, to really part her. Lorivar tasted her again. Tongue lapping the length of her cunt before going back to work. He added sucking in this time, to distract her from the fingers he slipped in. Two this time, to gently stroke her from the inside in tandem with his tongue. His other hand kneaded her upper thigh and hip. Body free to thrust his own pleasure uselessly in the water now that there wasn’t a virgin to frighten with his excited humping.

Pulling her clit tight in his mouth, Lori pressed in on her barriers gently. He wanted in. To spin a shield over her inner webs and to share with her the delicious heat of her taste. And the drawn tight heat in his testes.

Parbelavi / Re: The spears of Askavi [cw]
« on: February 19, 2019, 06:42:09 AM »

Her response was a pleasing one. Ilithian did not flit away from his tongue as she did his fingers. Gasping and sighing she leaned into it. Thighs brushing against his stomach as she pressed closer. Lor sucked, rolling the hardening nipple between his lips, curious to see how much of her breasts he could fit into his mouth. How hard he could suck before her pleasure turned painful. How close her thighs would get the more he nibbled. He pet them, for being so good and near.

”That’s critical of you, my virgin queen.” Lor smiled against her shoulder. Now that he’d let go of her breast she was back to hiding. And scolding. Always fussing at him for something or another. Lor thought she just liked bossing and flashing her craft around. He didn’t mind. He liked it too, especially when he got to stand smugly behind her while she harangued some other luckless male.

Not wanting the pleasure she’d experienced to wan, Lor didn’t give her much time for thinking before he pressed forward. This time he harassed her mouth with his own, breasts back beneath the water and out of the reach of his tongue. A tongue which Ilithian sucked greedily. He felt his stomach grow tight, tension spreading to his thighs and blood pooling in his spear. Just as good as the fingers she fit around his nipple to torment him with.

Riding the wave of pleasure, Lor tried to use her distracted kissing to pet more intimate places. Ilithian noticed however, hands like a wall between their bodies she grew distracted from his distraction. But she didn’t run away. Curls soft under his fingers, skin softer as she rocked against his hand. Lor inhaled sharply, spear jerking to life with excitement. He needed more, but he needed her thighs open if he was going to ensure it was comfortable. Some women liked it with their thighs pressed tight. Lor didn’t think he needed anymore tightness to deal with when tempting a virgin as stubborn as Ilithian to the spear.

Thank you, than you, thank you, Lor thought fervently. Knee sliding over his hip, thighs settling over his. She trapped his spear between their bodies but the weight was welcome. Very welcome. Blood pounding hard at his pulse points. Thumb and spear especially. Lor took a breast in hand, cupping its fullness and working her nipple with his thumb. Ilithian liked that too. Body rising toward the sensation. Lorivar could feel his own excitement like a coil in his gut. Something he had to restrain and remind of patience.

Harder to do with her hands exploring. Lor pinched her nipple gently, stomach quivering with eagerness, spear brushing against her thigh with it as well. He kissed lower, since she offered them so nicely, taking his time to look before flicking a tongue over her nipple. Breathing hard, Lor flicked and lapped without sucking, his fingers sliding deeper between her thighs. Parting curls, and then lips. He found the hard pearl of her clit and rubbed it with his fingers as he sucked her nipple into his mouth.

Movements synchronized and then stuttering as she wrapped her fingers around his spear. Lor paused to listen, and then kept going, trying to distract her from that too by sweeping his fingers down her cunt, fingers dipping into the shallow pool without penetrating. He pulled the other breast toward him and licked that too, trying not to laugh and groaning instead. Fuck. ”Not once.” Not the time to have his ego stroked over the size of his spear, not when it was frightening her. ”Not once, Ili it will fit, I promise.” She was made for it. Slurping the valley between her breasts, Lor went back to rubbing her clit, desperately wishing she would stroke him back before he died.

Parbelavi / Re: The spears of Askavi
« on: February 17, 2019, 09:37:14 PM »

”Good.” He didn’t want her to be afraid of him. Of the things he wanted to do to her. But most virgins had a case of the nerves. It was different from outright fear. He nuzzled her temple, ignoring the way she played with his bad ear. Ilithian had a strange attachment to the damned thing. Lor could feel her fondling it, but not hear the rasp of skin against skin. He suspected that was what she liked best. Its deafness.

His wing was another matter. Slender fingers clinging to the joint. She had him surrounded. Lor didn’t mind, giving over to her clinging arms as he stroked her back and teased her with his mouth. She liked the kissing, sucking at his lips and tracing his teeth with her tongue. Squeezing her hips and ass, Lor licked the underside of her tongue as it trespassed in his mouth, wing twitching as she tightened her hold on it. Finally his spear stirred, stomach knotting over the sensation. He wanted to tuck his wing tight and protect it, and also urge her to pull on it.

Groaning he went on kissing her. Ilithian rocked in his lap. Rising and falling until she was above him, her body angled over his. Lor urged her on with his hands and tongue. Nipping and sucking and licking whatever he could to keep her interest. He felt her breasts slide up his chest until they broke free of the water. Sucking at her tongue, Lor peeked at them, desperate to rain a few kisses on those too. ”For what?” He barked in surprise, pressing into her petting hands, mostly because it meant he could bow his head and suck at her nipple.

The angle awkward. Lor pressed her lower back to get her to thrust them high, tongue tickling the peek past his lips so he could suckle it. They were beautiful. Dark and haughty just like his queen. Lorivar rumbled, releasing her nipple with much regret. ”Don’t be foolish. I’ll show you what to do, and then next time you can tell me about all the ways I was doing it wrong.” He teased. Sighing into her hair, Lor kissed her scalp and stroked her back until she returned for more kissing. Lips teasing his useless ear.

”What? Ilithian you know I can’t hear out of that one.” He laughed, turning into her mouth, hands petting her back. She grew bolder, exploring his body and leaving trails of cold in her wake. His skin prickling and pulling wherever she touched it. Thrusting his tongue into her mouth, Lor teased her, groaning as she tweaked his nipple. His spear hardened, and his fingers brushed the curls hidden between her thighs. Kneading one leg, Lor parted the silky hair with his fingers and gently ran his fingers over the folds hidden beneath them. Softer than softer. It made his stomach tighten.

”Bring this one over too,” he tempted, trying to take the leg she had wedged between his over his left so she straddled his whole lap rather than half of it. Half afraid she would panic and knee him in the balls. His hand went from knee to sides, then up over her breast, palming its weight and stroking the nipple with his thumb. He sucked at her jaw to distract her from his fingers, tongue licking at her neck.

Parbelavi / Re: The spears of Askavi
« on: February 17, 2019, 08:06:39 AM »

Short pants. Lor smirked, eyes sliding to the wing she used to cover herself with. Lorivar wondered if it was shyness or playfulness that made her do it. He thought the former from the careful way she slipped into the tub, and the slowness in which she came closer. Slinking along the bench until they were close enough to touch. Wings brushing first until they overlapped each other.

It just wasn’t close enough. Hands urging her quietly closer while she cleaned his face. Eyes slits as he watched her breasts rise above the surface of the water. Fingertips, knuckles, washcloth, all obstructing his view. And the water itself. Dark nipples nothing but shadow beneath the surface. Eyes closing, Lor put the wicked temptation from his sight and let her have her fussing. At least she pet him afterward, jaw easing beneath her touch.

Better she agreed with a nod of her head. Lor smiled and took her at her unspoken word, pulling her into his lap. She didn’t much seem to like it, hands covering her face and thighs tense beneath his. Frowning, Lor put kisses to the sharp bones above her breasts to try and tempt her out of hiding. It worked to an extent, hands settling on him rather than over herself. She tasted good. Like steam and sweat. The smell of her potent in the little hollow above the bone.

Her neck craned beneath his lips. Breasts breaking the surface again. Too far down for Lori to chase the peaks of her nipples his with mouth, but he paused at her jaw to take a look at them. Knuckles brushing along her side and up over her arm. Rumbling, Lor caught her mouth with his, eyes closed again as he drank her down. In his lap, Ilithian moved. Arm tight against his shoulders as she adjusted her position in his lap. Sinking deeper into it...

And closing her legs. Lor pressed his tongue to the roof of his mouth to keep a sigh from escaping. She even crossed her ankles against him before pulling away from his kisses to hide again. Head tipping back, Lor stared at the ceiling, looking for inspiration. All he saw was steam and stone and the joint of Ilithian’s wing in his peripheral. Hands moving to her back, Lor pulled her tight against his chest, flattening her breasts to his chest. Her nipples teasing him.

Turning his head, he breathed into her ear, teeth nibbling at the hard curve. Lips plucking at the lobe. ”I’m not going to hurt you,” Lori promised, only a little sore that he even had to. His spear was mostly sleeping between his thighs anyway. Nothing to he frightened of, unsettled by her reticence Lor assumed. He’d never seen Ilithian afraid of anything. At least not to the point of hiding. ”Come kiss me some more.” Kissing was always good.

And maybe if he had her mouth distracted she wouldn’t notice that he had slid one hand all the way down her back and under her ass. Kneading the muscles there. Fingers dipping into the crease between it and her thighs. Not much of one since she was all bunched up into a protective ball. But Lor kept up his petting until he was skimming the apex of her thighs.

Parbelavi / Re: The spears of Askavi
« on: February 11, 2019, 06:53:18 PM »

Lor grinned, snatching his fingers away from her snapping teeth. At least the weepiness was gone from her eyes. ”Big then.” Big enough, he hoped. Ilithian looked less sure. Licking his lips, Lor let her. Leaving her to spill out across her nest while he stood. She did not follow him, remaining where she was while he stretched. Watching him.

He let her do this too. Without pain to cloud his judgment, or rage to hinder it, Lorivar could think. He could be patient. So he let her stay there and suffer. Wondering. Lor didn’t look back. Giving her privacy behind the curtains of his wings as he went from bedroom to bathroom. It was very big indeed. Big enough that it took a while to fill. But they had time. Ilithian finally joining him, basket in hand.

Lor lifted an eyebrow at it in question, fingers working his clothes free from his body. Pants left in a pile on the floor while she pulled the cork from one of the bottles and drank it. He liked the way her lips fit around the the rim, brew followed down the motion of her neck. Biting a smile back, he eased himself into the water, her skirt joining his pants on the floor. And the ridiculous things she wore under them.

”What do you even call those?” And where had she gotten them? Studying her, Lor wished she had left them for last. He had a feeling she would have looked amazing with her breasts exposed above their puffy legs. Nipples barely glimpsed before she was hiding behind her wings, Lor folded his arms behind his head and waited. ”Well.” He beckoned her in with a finger behind his ear.

Slowly she joined him. Feeling her way into the bath with care. Lor watched her without staring, trying to keep his interest quiet and unobtrusive. She sank all the way into the water. Gold eyes watching him over the surface. Lori smirked. If he hadn’t seen the body beneath the steam be might have found her childish. But there wasn’t much girl left in Ilithian. Just playfulness. Shy flirtation.

His thumb stroked her fingers when she reached him. Slow and careful just like she had come into the water. He held still while she wiped the blood and whatever else from his face. She was careful, tender even. He reach over to rub her hip and side, urge her a little closer.

”Better?” He asked, shaking a water drop from his eyelashes with a toss of his chin. Bracing himself, Lor gave her a good pull. Gentle but insistent. He wanted her closer. On him. Fingers drawing her thigh over his. ”Come here.” He kissed her collar bones, and the slender arch of her neck. Up until he found her lips again, tasting steam and brew on them. He squeezed her thigh, palm and fingers high and kneading. He sucked on her lips, first one, then both until all he had was the lower between his own.

Parbelavi / Re: The spears of Askavi
« on: February 09, 2019, 08:47:31 PM »

”Deserve it?!” Lorivar complained, pulling a face. Sure he did not deserve to he run off at all. Not after all the hurts he had suffered to be here. Not just the physical ones left by Peitar either. Ilithian had said words he’d never forget, whether she had apologized for them or not. She had kept this secret from him because she hadn’t trusted him. She could wrap it up any way she wanted, but she’d lied.

Somehow he had failed in proving his loyalty to her. Or she had failed in accepting it. Lor wasn’t sure which it was, or if it changed the outcome.

”What will they know?” He questioned, nipping her fingertips. ”They all believe the lie of your web. They’ll just think we’re fucking, if they care at all.” Lor wished it was so simple as that. He tested the depth of his Red. There was enough to protect Ilithian’s inner web if he didn’t expend anymore power fighting her. Or anyone else. That meant keeping his temper. And his head. The first would be easier. Ilithian was good at making a man crazy.

”I’m calm.” He muttered. Perfectly calm except for the urge to sink his spear into Ilithian. Bury it deep and leave it there until they were both sated by the sensation. Ilithian was more bent on tormenting him though. Sending stabs of pain through his body with her fingers. His spear wilted under the onslaught, and he found it hard to catch his breath. Rotten fucking woman.

He snarled at the knocking. Sitting upright and furious with pain as Iridian came in. Could only imagine how they looked with blankets falling down Ilithian’s back. Like they had been about things beneath the covers. Which they had been, though not nearly as many as the healer’s wide eyes thought. ”Not too long.” She promised cheerfully, kneeling near them. Lorivar could feel her probes mapping out the hurts on his body and face.

Both he and Iridian were aware of Ilithian, perched on his leg like a feral creature waiting for food. She watched them, and Iridian peek at her from beneath her lashes. Was slower to lay her hands on Lor as she sealed the fractures in his ribs. Lor just sat still. Mouth bent to a frown and eyes glaring at anything that crossed their line of sight. He snorted when the healer put her hands to his face, craft easing the swelling and pain around his nose.

A strange feeling as she set the break and healed that too. Numb enough not to feel pain, but not so numb he felt nothing. ”Gross.” He moaned, making her laugh. His nose wrinkled and lip pouted as she settled better healing on the place he’d bitten through. Quick, but thorough. He hurt less and could breathe easier by the time she stood. Unable to see her large eyes batting signals at Ilithian as she set a basket of brews silently on the table behind his back before slinking out the door with a wink.

Lor leaned over one knee, eyes glinting at the queenling sitting on his out stretched shin. Ili was chewing at her nail it was he assumed were nerves. He touched her hip, thumb making soothing circles. ”A big bath?” He asked with a smile. He slid his palm up her side, along the outer swell of her breast and up to her cheek, which he then pinched. ”Come scrub my back then, since I stink so much like Peitar.” He teased, pulling his leg out from under her and heaving himself to his feet.

In the bath, Lor turned the water on to fill the tub. He kept a careful eye on Ilithian without looking directly at her while he undressed. Shirt unbutton and tugged free. He shook it loose from his wingtips while undoing his belt. He didn’t give her much time to look, or worry, quick to ease his body into the steaming water. Wings used cleverly to mostly block the view of his drowsing spear. And to flick water in her direction. Lor groaned as he sat, muscles balling in the heat before relaxing.

”Well?” He summoned her, head tipped back and eyes mostly closed.

Parbelavi / Re: The spears of Askavi
« on: February 08, 2019, 06:36:54 AM »

Eyes wide he tried not to roll them. Not about romance, then what was she waiting for? So sure her point was missed, but Lor could not agree that it had been. His eyebrows dropped, lowering the lids of his eyes. ”I think you’re making this bigger than it is, in your head.” It had grown into an insurmountable obstacle, or something completely different than it was for Ilithian.

She had turned her virgin night into some sort if rallying point. She was exhausting, but that didn’t make him want her any less. If Ilithian hadn’t been so full up on causes, Askavi very well could have still been beneath Dhemlan’s yoke. Too fractured to be successful. Scowling, Lor gave her a little squeeze.

”I did not muck it up. Lillian is fine and Peitar will live. I didn’t even scare her.” His smile was crooked. And the fact that he had knocked Ilithian’s interfering friend flat on her ass was completely left out of the conversation. Who wanted to talk about Lillian and Peitar anyway? Lost causes, the both of them. Lillian would probably die in the raider camp and Peitar would never change. There were infinitely better things to do.

Like finally get a taste of his queen. Her lips curious if not eager on his own. She didn’t cringe or shy away but explored his mouth and pressed against his body. Thighs shifting between his, clenching along his spear until it was roused to a drowsy sort of alertness. Breasts a pleasing weight over his thumbs. She tasted like wickedness, and Lor wanted more.

”Well then she might get scared and try and run me off.” He argued, watching her tongue touch all the places his had. It made his stomach ache and his spear twitch, that tongue did. He kneaded the warm flesh beneath his hands. Wanting to slip them higher until her nipples were nestled in his palms, but he could sense she wasn’t ready. Still trying ti foist him off on healers. Absently Lor wondered if Ilithian was the type to take a spear in her mouth, and if she knew that Iridian often fucked those she healed.

”It doesn’t have to be night, Ilithian!” He chuckled, tugging one of her hands to his mouth so he could kiss her distracting fingers. Her face too hidden by wing membrane for him to kiss that. Letting her go, he stroked her arms and shoulders, her calming craft bidding him to soothe as he was soothed. ”Will she cry while she’s here?” Hard to be calm and quiet when a woman was stroking your spear with her thigh, however. It had been ready to sleep until she had tested its length with her body.

Lor tried very hard not to press back. Putting his head down, he closed his eyes. Felt the pulse and stiffening of his spear beneath her touch. The way her thighs clenched tight between his. Realized then what she had been doing. It made his body flush with pleasure. Dick jumping when she dragged her fingertip over his nipple. Vixen. Tease. Lor groaned and grabbed at her. Teeth and lips flashing against his chest through his shirt. Hissing because she wouldn’t let him get any words out, or ravish her.

”Don’t say that,” he croaked. One hand at her wing joint, the other reaching for her ass to drag her hard against his aching spear. Her breast tips so close as she pushed up above him. He tried to see down the front of her tunic while chasing her retreating lips. ”Fine, call them all, but-“ Lor shouted. Hands like vices as his whole body tensed in agony, fingers digging into his unsuspecting ribs. His face slammed into her arm, looking for comfort from his tormentor and finding only more blinding pain.

Eyes smarting, Lorivar flattened himself on the pillows, hands open at his sides. ”Okay. You win.” He wheezed.

Parbelavi / Re: The spears of Askavi
« on: February 07, 2019, 06:25:05 AM »

Lorivar noted the way she tucked her fists between her thighs defensively. Those were locked tight too, the tension permeating through her body. Yet she still let him pull her close, fitting her body to his without giving in to it. Lor sighed into her hair, which assaulted his face, a strand catching on an eyelash. Another tangling with his eyebrow. Even when she was being permission, Ilithian found some way to irritate, face tickling until Lor moved it, nose scrunching and making his face ache.

Ah, well. It was worth it. She snuck a hand loose, using it to return the favor of his petting. Turning her cheek to his chest instead of the intrusive point of her nose. She had been sniffing him. Lorivar could tell because she also tried some sort of craft that prickled. Lor stroked her curls, thumb pad circling the back of her head, mimicking the fingers she set to work on his side. Holding her close, Lorivar tried listening without interrupting.

It was harder than he thought. Her words trickled, teasing him. Her body teased him too. Soft and pliant in his arms, except for the locked knees, but Lor would worry about those later. ”You just?@ He urged, smirking at her squeak. Since she wouldn’t, Lor spread his knees, letting Ilithian slide between his thighs. His rested his ankles over hers, hands cupping her back beneath the joints of her wings. Her lips somewhere beneath her serpents of her hair.

”You always were a dreamer.” He teased her. She wouldn’t have been their queen if she hadn’t been. Ilithian’s weight felt good pooled along his body, his for the taking. Except where it pressed on his ribs. But Lori had hurt worse. And for less pleasurable causes. Noble causes. The ache of wanting lower than his ribs, but he was so used to living with that one he hardly noticed it. ”Hopefully with someone who could protect you.” Thumbs spreading over her sides. He could just feel the sides of her breasts at their tips.

”There is plenty of time for romance, Ilithian. A virgin night is for safety and strength.” Care that overrode passion had to be taken with it. But that didn’t mean it had to be passionless, and Lor thought he could manage plenty of both. Especially for his Ilithian. ”So sorry, but my queen has kept me very busy today doing dirty work.” He rumbled, grin spreading across his face as he nosed her hair out of his way. There she was. Lips like silk.

Resisting the urge to crush her with his mouth and taste the whole of her, Lorivar let Ilithian have the lead. Her lips playing over his while he lifted her higher on his body, thumbs slipping beneath her breasts. He stroked her ribs there, and the full undersides of her breasts, fingers pressing her down into him. Lor swept his tongue over her bottom lip as she pulled away. Where their thighs met, his spear stirred.

”Iridian knows what I look like. No reason for her to come here for that.” He didn’t want anyone else in the room with them. He also didn’t want Ilithian slipping down his body like that. Lips too far away for kissing. His body thought differently, because she merely kissed another part of him, and he had a lot of body to kiss. It also hurt like hell as she settled right on the parts most abused. Lorivar clenched his teeth, rather than wince, his laugh wheezing as he looked at her, peeking at him from the safety of her wing.

Mother Night he wanted to fuck her something awful.

”How about we skip the Iridian part and move right to the shower?” Did she have a private bathroom? Lorivar had never asked, or even looked. He knew she enjoyed the public baths because she enjoyed snooping about with the other young girls, young women, of the eyrie. ”Or a nice bath,” he offered. ”Or your bed. I hardly stink at all, really.” And it was closest. They didn’t even have to go that far. Lor just needed her to spread her thighs for him, just a little.

Parbelavi / Re: The spears of Askavi
« on: February 02, 2019, 10:26:15 AM »

She was never safe. Not wholly. None of them were but Ilithian least of all. Her position made her a target, and there were plenty dark enough in Askavi to pierce her web. Lorivar had never much paid it mind. Hardly noticed the thing. What a fool he had been. What if Ebenar had seen? Had shredded her web and her Jewels to put his second hope at Askavi’s head?

It made him sick to think of.

Outside her door, Lor thought about these things. All the ways her ruse could have gone wrong. And all the ways it was evidence of her mistrust. It galled him how little she trusted him. The others he could understand. But he and Ilithian had history. They’d been friends for years! Guilt gnawed at him to. That all those years had resulted in so little connection. He had not seen through her lies, and it had taken Lillian, Lillian!, for him to learn the truth.

It was a sobering and hurtful thought.

At last, Ilithian let him in. Proven right by Lorivar’s temper, she still forgave him. He eased himself off the floor and opened the door slowly, eyes searching for her. She was not pacing the room, or hiding in her bed. It took him a moment to realize she was beneath the blanket, hidden by the window in a pile of pillows and salt water. Lor crouched, hands dangling between his legs. She looked so pathetic his heart twisted. Dropping to the floor he climbed under the blanket with her, his clipped wing taking over tentpole duty.

”Come here you idiot girl.” Rough hands gentle as he dragged her close. Tucking her tight and safe in his arms. Hand cradling her curls and pressing her face close so he could wrap her up. Close. Safe. Lor kissed the curl that tickled his lips. They seemed to grow around his fingers until he wasn’t sure who was holding what. ”I knew there was a reason I keep my temper put away. I guess I forgot for a moment.”

Lor ran his other hand down her spine, starting between her wing joints. Over and over until she relaxed against him. His apology silent but sincere. He wasn’t wrong, but he had gone about it poorly. ”Closer.” Hand curling around her hip. Lor rolled them. Drawing Ilithian up over his thighs and chest, nuzzling at the side of her face. ”Ili.” He whispered softly, lips trying to find hers through the tangle of her hair. He would have to start at the beginning. And work through the ache in his ribs and face, irritated by her weight, throbbing when he stuck his nose to her ear to smell her.

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