Go Away Please

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Go Away Please
« on: November 22, 2017, 07:42:51 PM »
Nighttime settled over the eyrie. Heavy but soothing. A balm on the weary souls within. Cyprian liked the dark. When she could be alone. Safe, mostly, from the nagging of her queen or compatriots to leave the infirmary. Tricksy Ilithian was always trying to send her out. Make her talk. Make the others talk to her.

Quiet was nice. And if Ili came creeping in the dark then Cyprian could feign concern and press a sleeping brew on the chit. It was what she would do to anyone that disturbed her.
No one slept in the infirmary tonight. Silence was not the same as quiet. And Cyprian did not like the silence. The aloneness. It was the reason she slept on a flat traveling mattress in the infirmary to begin with. They took her clothes when they had been cleaned and stuck them in a room down the hall. A room they said was for her, but really it was a waste. She couldn’t sleep there. Had never had a proper bed and felt strange in it. Stranger even than when she climbed into Mornivar’s from time to time when the coil in her stomach needed snapping. Gross boy. But there were worse, and he didn’t make her talk.

Instead of the room she slept tucked into a dark corner beside a broad counter in the common space of the healing suits. There were exam rooms on the other side of the big room. She closed those doors and laid boundary alarms across them. So that things didn’t come through while she slept and get her. Or people. People sometimes tried to get you too.

Fully clothed, always, she curled up under a thin knitted blanket. It smelled like its maker but he was hurt all the time so his scent was familiar instead of abrasive. A too big shirt over skin tight leather pants, so common among her people. Feet still clad in a pair of boots- black once but now faded to a soft obsidian blue. She read a book about a girl that loved a boy who didn’t love her back and thought about it was sad you couldn’t fix a broken heart as easily as broken ribs.

Too bad.

Then she felt a person in the hall. Stopped by the open door. She put out the witchlight she read with. They came in anyway. Cyprian slipped the blanket down around her shoulders so that she could peek a single golden eye around the counter. People and their always needing things. She felt tears well up behind her eyelids and bit back a pout. Maybe it was a guard on patrol… maybe if she was still and quiet they would go away again.


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Re: Go Away Please
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2017, 08:01:45 AM »

"Mamom?" Came the whisper, or the best whisper the small boy could muster, loud enough to hiss through the infirmary. The sound of membrane against membrane as wings were tucked, scampering feet bringing him into the room. Too young yet to try for a Jewel, but there was promise when his inner webs were tested. An echoing thrum in the Darkness. He was Blood at the least, and Eyrien fully with dark hair and burnished skin. Eyes that gleamed in the darkness, full of mischief.

"Mamom?" He tested against before streaking through the room, hopping and skipping and leaping from bed to bed, wings trying the still air of the room in great downward strokes. Until he leaped right over a counter and onto a blanket that had a monster beneath it. Iridivar screamed, just as his mamom finally found where he'd scampered off to.

"Iridivar!" Iridian charged the infirmary, filling it with blazing witchlight. A Green shield rose quickly around her son, filling the space between him and the thing that frightened him so. Thrusting them apart by the force of its presence. Clothed only in her nightdress, Iridian's ragged wings flared in alarm, hair wild, sleep catching at the corner of one eye, but she called in a wicked, curved blade anyway. She didn't care that this was the eyrie, or the infirmary.

Her son!

"Mother night you scandalous little shit!" Iridian vanished the knife and pointed to the dark head exposed by the boy's clawing of the blanket. "It's just Cyprian!" Which Iridian would have known if she'd sent in probes before charging headlong and heedless into the room like a madwoman. Cyprian who had tears to match the child's. Iridian made a helpless noise of frustrated distress. Banishing her shield, she pulled Ridi tight against her leg and tucked her wings in apology.

"Uh. Sorry about that, boss." She nudged her wide-eyed son, who mumbled an apology as well, words muffled by his mother's body, just tall enough to stick his nose in her ribs. Thank the Darkness he called her Lady Cyprian rather than boss like his poor example of a mother.

"I thought she was the Dhemlans," he told his mother mournfully. Iridian snorted, it was that or laugh outright which would do no one any good, and squinted down at Cyprian before offering the other healer a helping hand up should she want one.

"Hardly." She would have to talk to him later about this Dhemlans business. Suddenly they were both standing there, staring at Cyprian, waiting. Mismatched faces wearing the same expectant expression.


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Re: Go Away Please
« Reply #2 on: November 28, 2017, 10:12:39 PM »

Children were Cyprian’s least favorite types of people. On the basis that they asked entirely too many questions. So much talking. The one that came in now was not looking for her, though; if she was lucky he would have a look about, see his mother was not here, then go.

It was a silly thing to think, she would lament later. All of her luck had gone into surviving the war. These days if something terrifying or humiliating or both was going to happen to someone, it would be Cyprian. Sometimes because it was her job. Most of the time it was simple bad fortune.

Like now. The way the boy flared his young wings as he hopped about. She threw the blanket back over her head. At least now she would have work to do. All the beds could get a nice dose of germ killing heat. Then, maybe, she could sleep.

Head resting against the wall she listened to the sound of the boy. His breathing. The soft whisper of membranes moving as he stretched his wingsails to glide through the air. Looking at him through the wool stitching was impossible, except that she watched with her mind. Checking all of his little limbs for strain, admiring the taut pull of juvenile muscle. Seeing him as nothing more than a picture in a book, even as he moved closer. Blind to his actual existence. Until he fell on her face.

Suddenly he was not a tiny piece of art, but a flailing creature that made too much noise. Tears spilling over Cyprian struggled, trapped under her blanket. A shield formed between her and the boy. Shoving her away. Closer to the wall. She considered lifting her own shield but was afraid of hurting Iridian’s child. So she accepted the pressure of a Green she could feel lurked just above her own in the abyss.

The other healer- it felt strange to call any of them apprentice- came in huffing. Room bright now Cyprian tore at the blanket at the same time smaller hands did. They fought over it instead of pulling it free. Then she gave up, and he tossed it off. Both faces twisted in surprise.

Still pouring over with tears she didn’t answer their apologies except to nod. They molded together, mother and son. Blending into one rhythmic heartbeat as their bodies held tight. Protective. Reassuring. Emotions she saw but found so hard to relate to.

Because it was offered she accepted the hand up. Then they all stared at one another. Her hair fell forward so that she could peer at them with it as a veil. ”How would they even get up here?” The Dhemlans. Really.

She thought she was supposed to say something else. Something more. So after thinking she added, ”I have to clean the beds now. Help.” She turned her crisp amber-gold eyes to Iridivar, since he had made the germs.


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Re: Go Away Please
« Reply #3 on: December 11, 2017, 09:41:01 AM »

Iridian didn't understand how a grown woman could cry more than a child, but she was slowly growing used to Cyprian's strange ways. Quiet, fretful ways. Iridian so often felt like she was intruding. But she'd found if she set to her work quietly, Cyprian managed to relax some. Or at least not sniffle over Iridi's presence.

"Climbed!" Ridi muttered defensively against his mother's side. Rolling her eyes, she gave the bird boned hand in hers a squeeze.

"I'm sure someone would have noticed them, love." She let go of Cyprian and shooed Ridi from her side. Hands gentle on his shoulders while she guided him toward one of the beds. "Help indeed. All these beds were made earlier." Thin shoulders hunched guiltily. But he was keen to help. And be done with being in trouble. Iridian followed behind him. Sterilizing the beds as she'd seen Cyprian do.

Strange work she'd never done before. But she'd never worked in a proper infirmary with proper healers before either. It was good. Stable. She thought Iridivar liked it in the eyrie. He had friends here. A family, of sorts. One that didn't leave after brief sojourns together, never to be seen again. Surely this was the right choice. The right place. For both of them.

"You have a room, I know you do." Iridian pointed out to Cyprian. "Probably less likely to be pounced by naughty children there." And get some actual sleep. Iridian couldn't imagine real rest being achieved where one worked. Iridian set a corner straight, tucking it tight where Ridi had left it sloppy. A boys ideas of neatly made beds being something different from Cyprians.

Iridian would never admit out loud that her own ideas aligned more with her sons than the other woman's.


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