Well, hello there

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Well, hello there
« on: July 18, 2021, 07:23:39 AM »

Lori ruffled the papers on the desk, the feel of the edges against his thumb callous not at all soothing. His other hand held up his head, cheek wrinkling his eye, frustration evident in the weight of elbow on the desktop.

This was not the way he'd meant to rule the Isle. A place he had held against all comers. Even upstart queens. But his duties to Ilithian had called him away from island more often. Truth be told, it was his spear that dragged him back to the territory seat with more frequency these days.

"Fuck me." He muttered, pushing the papers away as his wings drooped dramatically behind him. Scrubbing his face vigorously, Lori tried to wipe all his worries away, but there were just so many of them. And even with them bearing down on his backside, he still kept trying to think of new and inventive ways of talking Ili into taking a bit of spearing.

And new ways to dodge that rotten Red menace in her court.

A young warlord stuck his head around the door jam and cleared his throat. Looking up, Lori scowled at him, eyebrows raising in invitation. Speak quick or die, they seemed to say. As if the thoughts of court menaces had summoned one, the lad announced the Lady Fulminare had come to call.

Lori grimaced.

"Send her in." What the hell was the High Priestess doing out on the Isle? Lori figured he would find out soon enough. Scraping the papers into a pile, Lori tapped them into a neat stack and set them aside face down. The Isle's concerns were none of Tuvian's and Lori didn't doubt she would try and stick her nosy priestess nose in them given the chance.

She was friends with Ilithian after all, and she was the nosiest damn person he knew.

"Ah, Tuvian, so nice to see you." Lori smiled a lazy smile, rising to his feet at her entrance. He propped his hands on the desk and leaned over it, wings sleeking down his back and out of the way. "Come in, sit!" He gestured to a chair. She'd have to pull it up herself, otherwise Lori was likely to blast it straight to Hell with craft by pure accident. "Need any refreshment after the flight?" It was a cursed long with without the Winds.

Tuvian Fulminare

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Re: Well, hello there
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2021, 04:27:05 PM »

TERRITORY: Askavi, Undavi and Isle
CITY/location: Province Court, Lorivar’s Office.
SPOTIFY LINK: Shephard of Fire by Avenged Seven Fold. (Tuvian’s Theme song.)
Attire: Long, flowing scarf dress, with gold trip and hem and neck line. The  elegant, drooping points of the skirt easily bind up for flight, yet are pure silk and fall, unwrinkled, the moment they are released. A drape of green gauze flows over her arms. Golden sandals that lace all the way up, and heavy gold jewelry complete the ensemble.
PURPOSE: Discuss what First Escort can be.
TIME: Summer, AW 104
TAGS: [ @Lorivar ]

Lets take a moment and break the ice
So my intentions are known
See I have pity in watching you suffer
I know the feeling of feeling of being damned alone
I got a storybook of my own

Tuvian was briefly framed in his door way, black wings gilded to nearly bronze by the westering sun. Those wings trembled slightly and gleamed with moisture, suggesting a rough flight indeed. She fanned them out gently, to let them dry properly, only closing them briefly to sweep into the room before spreading their black-and-gold glory out once again. The soft gown draped pleasantly, despite the wet, but her sandals were another matter.

Leather hated water.

The warm greeting and lazy smile were two of Lorivar’s best weapons, and he used them to devastatingly good effect when it came to running his own Province. It was less effective on Tuvian, than most. But that didn’t mean ineffective, and she felt a half smile curve her lips in return. A delicate weave of Purple Dusk nudged the chair into position and Tuvian settled into it gratefully. Despite her exhaustion, she carefully maintained the illusions over her scars, as she always did in the First Escort’s presence.

“Lorivar, you have been missed.”

“It is good to see you as well. We found a storm, on our way here. A village was in it’s path. We stopped to assist, and I left my Escort there when everyone was stable.” A second curl of Purple Dusk, no more than wisp, began the world of loosening her sandals.

“Food would be very welcome, if you are joining me in a meal; otherwise I shall wait until your Court takes their dinner.” Tuvian settled back in her chair, allowing her gaze to asses the young Warlord. She did not appear to so much as notice the discrete pile of papers at the edge of his desk.

Turned upside down.

“How do you fare, Lorivar? Is all well here?” Would he answer, or evade?


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Re: Well, hello there
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2021, 05:48:18 PM »

"Have I?" He laughed. They both knew that was a lie. Lorivar annoyed most of the males, as much as he controlled them. Probably because he could, tempering them with his own manners as needed, or with his Red if that didn't suit. Except for that damn Red menace Ili had adopted. But it was nice of her to say.

Tuvian was mannerly like that.

"The sea blows them in a lot." He watched water drip from her wings to his floor as she settled herself into the chair he offered. Arranging it to her liking with her Jewels. "Which side of the channel was it on?" His, or Ilithian's? Lori would send aide if needed either way. But it gave him more leverage against the queen when things went sour on her side of the water.

"I'll eat with you." His Opal slithered down to the kitchens, spear to distaff to request a tray sent up to his office. Food and hot drinks. "We're not a proper court here," he waved away her concern, or was it prying interest, in formal dinners. Lorivar left that sort of nonsense to other rulers.

Queenly ones.

Definitely prying. Lori's smile turned wolfish. And his headache intensified. Women!

"About as well as they can be when you live on an island full of tiny queen children." As if the word summoned such devilry, a squeal echoed down the hallway. Lori's eyes turned toward it, probe racing to places his gaze couldn't follow. "Not a queen that one." One of his brood. Lori hoped the mother took him away soon.


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