Lost Children, Found Jewels
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The night was dark and bitter cold. Snow rose to the eaves of her house. The drift blown by the wind left to rise upward until the life outside was blocked out, and the life inside was left to quiet solitude.

Inside, the spider wove. The taste of heat on her tongue. Body warmed by steam. Her fire had burned down to embers, orange coals keeping the ice from forming. But she didn't need it. Soul dwelling in a place that had never known snow. Fingers laced with rain. Skin hot and wet. Sweat that never evaporated. Rain that never ceased.

Heat that never dispersed.

This was not Glacia, but it sang to her blood. Blood calling to Blood. Something across the Darkness beckoning her. Kirsi wove closer. Deeper. Her barriers parting like petals falling open in the spring sun. She exposed herself down to the root. Every web shining in the long Red spiral to her soul.

At the center, her chalice, battered but not broken, filled up and overflowed.

There, at the Green, was a resonance. Pricking her finger with her own fang, Kirsi let the poison tainted blood flow down the lines of her web. The frame groaned as she drew the threads tight, but the wood was supple and did not break. The snare was set. The prey caught. And realization made her gasp. Tears turning brittle on her cheeks and the warmth faded.

Kirsi did not live in that place. It was all false memory for her. A trail to follow to him. Because it was Rias who stood with his shirt clinging to his damp skin. Humidity making his dark hair curl to his forehead. It was Rias who would wear the Green, not Kirsi. *Peregrine!* Standing, Kirsi clutched the web to her chest. Her legs trembled, threatening to fall out from  under her, but she stood firm, charging down the Red to Reric.

*PEREGRINE!* She screamed into the Darkness, sobs choking her. *I've found him!* Rias, Rias, Rias. Her heart chanted the name she'd held silent in her soul for so long.