Snow packed



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Snow packed
« on: July 27, 2019, 10:30:31 PM »

Her wolf form was warmer than any coat Enele had bought her. Skin thick and fur thicker. Dense under coat and quick drying outer. So Nyree had promised any wandering she did in the snow, where she was easily tracked and easily chilled, would be done as a wolf. And not far, either. Boundary marked distinctly and aggressively.

Though she'd laughed to watch him do it.

Nose knocking snow from the branches of a bush, Nyree sniffed the scents held within. A pocket of warmth and life created by twisting stems and frozen leaves, disturbed by her nose. Hare racing from the cover, it broke its terrified stillness and scattered. Nyree only put up a half hearted chase. She knew she was too slow to catch it, and didn't want to eat it anyway. Stomach plenty full from Enele's stew and the hearty bread Arbor had sent via Aros.

Sneezing snow from her nose, Nyree's tail waved flag like above her back, tongue lolling as she slowed to a trot and checked her surroundings. Dark nose lifted to the wind and ears tracking sounds. An owl passed near, heralding sunset on broad wings. Nose twitching, Nyree turned, spinning in a circle before racing off after a scent. Leaping through the snow and breaking a trail with her chest, and occasionally, her head.

Familiar scent turning to wild yelling. "Nyree!" So long together it didn't matter how long their parting. A brother knew the look of his sister whatever shape she wore, and a sister her brother's scent. "Nyreeeee!" Arms waving as he slogged through the snow. A pair of wolves at his side. One blue eyed and ruddy, the other familiar. *Mooki! Tama!* Howl accompanying her psychic cry of greeting.

Nyree knocked him to the ground in one great leap. Pack making him sink deep into the snow. Tail wagging furiously she scoured his face with her tongue. *Enele! Enele! Mooki is here!* And Tama! Diving off her brother, Nyree chased the healer prince down. Racing around him in joy. The new member of their group regarded with perked ears and waving tail.

*Welcome home!* Her people! Her people had come back. They might not have left this place exactly, but the group had splintered. The fracture half healed now that so many had returned to it.


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Re: Snow packed
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2019, 02:05:55 AM »
Thumbs. Enele needed them to hold an axe. Too imprecise with his Craft to wield the woodchopper as a wolf. At least in a way that would yield firewood to warm the cabin. Small and humble it was difficult to heat without a slow burning fire when night fell. For now it was home, and he had grown to appreciate the way the wood took on the various scents of their day to day life. Not the same one he had stripped them of, but one that he hoped would be just as good someday- if not better.

Arms vibrating with each blow he worked through the large stack of tree limbs. Each one carefully culled from the trunks of strong wood that had become the planks and boards of their barn and cabin. The work was harder now that the heart of winter had settled over them. In the clearing the snow was calf deep. And it worried his heart for Nyree to wander alone while he was preoccupied. Nothing bad had found them yet, but Enele knew the worry would always be there. It was almost dormant, resting behind his eyes as he tossed split logs onto the wood pile and set another down to have the wedge driven down its center.

But then there was a something on the wind. A sound or a smell or just the latent reaction of wide spread probes tingling when they were crossed. Enele just knew that something had changed. Axe lowered he turned his face to the cold breeze. Nostrils wide as he concentrated. Trying to find some hint of what caught his notice. It pulled on his spine. Not in a worrisome way but it made his feet move. Boots breaking through the thin layer of fresh snow in soft crunches. Propelling him forward in the direction Nyree had gone. A trailing probe in ihs Opal marked the way. Tagging along on the tip of her tail just in case.

He was too far away to hear them with human ears. Only the bounding yips of wolfish excitement cut through the forest. Walking faster he followed the sound. Not entirely sure what he expected. Aros with that baby he was always bragging about, maybe. Nyree was half driven out of her hair with wanting to visit it. Or Mori back to harass them for no good reason that came to mind. Anything but the swift blow to his mood her announcement brought.

*Oh joy.* He snarled before he could help it. His body moved faster though. Mauki had been traveling with Tama. Who Enele was always glad to see. Especially after a year apart. Which made him grapple with the guilt of feeling of being suddenly intruded upon. They lived in a one room cabin. How would they keep up the slow game of making up by making love with her brother glowering in the corner? Sighing to himself Enele stuffed the regret down deep. So what if they hadn’t figured things out yet. It would happen eventually.

Cutting through a thicket he glided over a frozen stream to meet them on the forest’s edge. Mauki in all his petulant glory, Tama wearing his wolf skin, and a leggy fox- no another wolf. Probe tentative he swept it over the rudy companion, eyebrows wrinkled in curiosity as he trudged towards Tama. Who bounded at him with rumbling barks. *Long time no see, pup. How’s traveling been?* With a flourished spin Tama stood on his back legs to paw at Enele’s shirt. *Uncle! Lookit your hair.* Rushing back towards the rest of the group he ran a circle around the leggy wolf. *It’s been great. We had a lot of fun in Little Terreille. This is Honor, we met on the road. She’s a healer too.*

”Mauki,” Enele said once he was level with them all. Head tipping once in the other male’s direction before he turned towards the wolf pack. ”Well come on. No sense freezing your paws off over some hellos. House is this way.”


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Re: Snow packed
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2019, 12:06:12 AM »

*Enele!* Nyree chided, some of the excitement leeched from her joy. She wished desperately that they could get along. Mutual friendship had been easiest when they were children, and easier before Enele and Nyree had moved beyond friendship. And now she was stuck in the middle of warring males, again. All the forgotten strife rushing back up from her memories.

While she chased her tail in circles around Tama, Mooki climbed to his feet. Little puffs of colorless craft drying out the patches of wet that had soaked through his outer layer. Pack pulled off and shook out then put on again. He rubbed Nyree's ears when she stood still finally, her nose snuffling kindly in the witch's direction. Licking his gloved fingers, Nyree sneezed.

"I was beginning to think we'd never find you." Mooki complained, straightening her bent ear only to have it flop over again. Nyree let him while she got casually acquainted with the other female wolf. Neither coming any closer to the other while they did. Until Enele arrived. Everyone turning to look at him. The red wolf sidling up close to Mooki and Nyree so that Tama made the first barricade and the queen and her brother the second and third.

"Enele." Tone reflected back at him, Mooki reached over to pat Honor between the ears in comfort. His other hand burying itself in Nyree's thick fur. Frustration made his feet itch to be walking again. Invitation barely registered before he was. Nyree raced around them. Laps around the two wolves and two men. Head butting against Mooki in appreciation, and Enele in excitement.

Not so long of a walk. Cabin and barn breaking up the monotony of the trees. Nyree pressed herself to Enele's side. Glee making her fur stand on end and her tail roll. *Isn't it perfect?* Small but she thought they would all fit. Squeezing herself against Enele's leg, Nyree panted happily. It would just be very crowded. *I'm going to change in the barn!* Nyree leapt away from them for the privacy of a stall. Her shift took longer than most and she hated having an audience. 

Mooki hung around the door to the house so others could have the privacy of inside for shifting their shape. Taking in the lay of the land while he waited for Nyree to return and dispel the tension he felt. "Cold as Hell here." He complained whole stomping snow and ice from his boots.

"Mooki!" Ready for her leaping embrace this time, Mooki didn't collapse under her weight. Sister held tight to his chest, cheeks red from the pain of shifting and clothes mussed from quick dawning.


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Re: Snow packed
« Reply #3 on: August 14, 2019, 01:40:34 AM »
Eyes veiled by lids heavy with insolence Enele twitched his gaze towards Nyree. The apologetic twist of his mouth clearly insincere. There might have been a touch of sorriness that she was less happy than she had been a day, or an hour, or two minutes before. There was no shame in his feelings, though. He was not going to pretend to be excited to see her brother. Hidden and hiding feelings had done enough irreparable damage to Bee. Enele had known, and carefully measured each blow while weighing it against her welfare. If the same could be said for her family, then they were damn fools who had measured wrong.

If the last year had taught him anything, it was that their difficulties all stemmed from outside sources. Societal expectations gnawed their bones until they had inevitably snapped at one another. Left to secluded freedom, however, there hadn’t been any real disagreements. Playful fights cooked up just for the excuse to wrestle, bite, and spank. It made him forgive her for the rawness left behind by their break. While redoubling his dislike and mistrust of what had brought them to that moment. Even if he were willing to try Enele would never really forgive them for twisting Bee up in knots that he couldn’t untangle from their lives. Twisting roots of self doubt that were disguised by her boisterous and rambunctious nature.

As if to prove his point Mauki busied his fingers on Nyree’s droopy ear. Trying to force it to stand when it had no need to go against its own nature. Lips sucking in around his teeth he rolled a shoulder at the fool boy’s whining. ”That’s the point.” They could have given up. Gone to one of the cities and waited to be found. Given a choice Enele wouldn’t show any of them the house. Not even his dearly beloved nephew. One of the few people he trusted. Love him as much as he might, a bit of torture could easily extract their location. There were still some very dangerous people out there waiting to punish Enele. The sort that would extract their revenge on the people he loved instead of the man himself.

In a flash of tail fur the young stranger darted off as far from Enele as she could. Mauki pawed on that one too, and he nearly assumed they were a thing before Tama’s tone gave away a hint too much eagerness. It was too late to glare at that head pat, by the time he knew it was worth glaring at. So he contented himself to sigh at Tama’s teasing. A palm run over the tight curls starting to swirl at the ends of his short hair. They were flecked with gray. The black strands of his youth barely dominant these days. In a few years it would be split half and half.

As they all turned to make their way to the cabin he contented himself by thinking up ways to ensure Mauki was a visitor. Not a resident of any real length. He didn’t want Bee giving back an ounce of the confidence she had grown into since leaving the village. And he was very sure that Mauki’s head was full of the past. Things were good here. By day the chop of his ax echoed through the trees, frightening off the birds. In the evenings it was Nyree’s loud lovemaking that scared them off. And at night they took their second skins to chase them from the bushes. Hard work, listening to his sister revel in her womanhood, and being the odd wolf out, would at the very least keep Mauki in line.

Eyes shifting towards Tama he wondered as they cut through the trees and into the clearing, if that pup would need line toeing too. They had always been close. Tama wasn’t a child anymore, though, and he had come here with a girl he ran circles around in excitement. He would be looking to prove some manliness. Unless he had found an opportunity to do that on the road. Time would tell. Time and a bit of bush pheasant to eat and speak over. ”Alright, I cleaned out the back stall this morning.” He told Nyree as she slunk into the barn. Holding his hand out towards the cabin he tipped his head at the other two. ”There’s only one room in there. So you either share or take turns.”

Watching the two figure it out explained rather clearly where they were at in their relationship. Smiling to himself Enele went back to the growing wood pile beside the house. Content to be busy while wolves became flush faced people that gathered around what he suddenly supposed was the ‘yard’. It was strange to see them all standing there. Stranger to think he had a yard for them to stand in. The house before had a garden, but it was not his garden. Leaning on the ax with his ankles crossed he watched them all. Horses peering from the small paddock beside the barn to see where Nyree had gone. Midnight’s nostrils flared in their direction, all the concern Enele felt in his heart mirrored by the stallion’s big eyes. ”Sorry ol’boy. You can’t stomp these pups. The handsome one is mine.” He called as both horses started to nicker for attention.


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Re: Snow packed
« Reply #4 on: August 14, 2019, 04:20:12 AM »

Mooki rolled his eyes. Unsurprised that when given the chance Enele had packed Nyree off to some remote place where he could have her all to himself. He was surprised he hadn't run her off again. But Nyree had always had too much tolerance for Enele's moods. Unaffected, almost. Even now, when Enele seemed most sour to see them, Nyree showed no awareness of it.

Honor had the good sense to make herself distant from the temper unlaying the interaction. Tama's exuberance and Nyree's dismissal kept her from cowering, but not from creating distance. Mooki gave her a pat in comfort. Enele took getting used to.

*His hair is fine.* Nyree defended, leaving Mooki's side for Enele's. The faint hello from the fox-wolf lost in the riot of crunching snow and playful bodies as they all headed home. Nyree watched her stick close to the boys with some amusement, while trying not to trip Enele as she circled him. Or herself. Glad he hadn't come brandishing his axe, or the girl, Honor, Tama had introduced her as, probably would have been half way to Dhemlan.

Butting his hand, Nyree made for the barn, leaving the others to settle things between themselves. Mooki didn't need privacy. Stationing himself by the door where he could open it if needed. But out of the way, otherwise. Shivering in his coat and snickering at Tama and Honor as they decided how things would be done. Wolves vanishing and people returning until they were a group, which Enele scowling at them all from his wood pile.

Scoffing at Enele's insult, Mooki didn't get time to talk back. Nyree very suddenly in his arms. He braced himself up but still staggered. Mooki had forgotten how heavy she was. Strong too, as her arms cut off the arm at his throat. "Nyree!" He wheezed, but he was smiling. Dark hair in his face, arms holding his sister tight. He could almost forgive her completely for abandoning him the way she was excited to see him again.

"Everyone is handsome, Enele." Nyree chided, trying to pinch Tama's cheeks. She shook hands with Honor, Nyree's gloveless fingers lost in the girl's mittens. Everyone petted and looked at before she settled up against Enele's side. Excitement oozing from her pores. "You're just the handsomest." She finished, kissing his jaw and wondering where they were going to put all these people. Their house wasn't nearly big enough and there was no time to build another.

"Everyone inside. Go. Shoo." Nyree herded them through the door. A sly glance tossed over her shoulder at Enele when she noticed the way Honor kept close to Tama. Half amused and half annoyed at the girl's obvious fear of Enele, and wholly delighted by the idea of Tama having found himself a someone. Which reminded her, where was Io? "Not enough seats but the floor is just fine for sitting on." And it was warm, so they didn't have to shiver their bones loose outside. Especially since Nyree had misplaced her boots.


Bumping against Enele, Nyree pulled cups from a shelf. Glad she'd been enticed to buy extra while Enele hadn't been looking. Some of the cider Arbor had sent with Aros poured for everyone. They were only shy one chair, which was fine. Nyree was happy to sit in Enele's lap, if he would just sit down. Both of them hedging around the same chair.

"Where did you guys come from? Little Terreille? Was it awful?" She asked, having suffered greatly during her time there. "Enele, sit down." She whispered at him, noticing her brother hiding laughter in his cup and Honor trying hard to find somewhere else to look. So many people! It made the cabin feel small and Nyree too big at its center. But she loved her brother, and Tama, and she was sure in time she would love Honor too.

But where were they going to put them all?

"It was fine. We met a couple other au corinthe there." Mooki shrugged, swallowing half his cup. "Where did you get horses from?" Mooki could imagine Nyree's excitement at that purchase.


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