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Re: Bedtime Accusations
« Reply #15 on: February 07, 2020, 01:39:31 AM »
Fingertips smooth Kirsi traced a line of muscle between his navel and hip. Not to tickle or tease, her touch was firm and exploratory. It had nothing to do with his pleasure. She touched his body to stir her own. Which was arousing in a different, but equally enjoyable way. Her thumb turned, and intent be damned his skin fluttered as she skimmed the waistband of his trousers. Then slipped her hand lower. Short, tidy nails fanning over sensitive skin. His breath stuttered to match the rhythm. The strain in his spear turned to a pulse as she found it’s base. His voice was strained, but he hummed appreciatively in her ear anyway. A hungry sound that came before the crack in his self control had him scooping her up.

There was a second of hesitation before he moved. Face tipped to her jaw, muscles tensed. Body poised to return her if she responded badly. But they were on the same page now. Intentions finally aligned. She leaned in, so he held her close. Smirking at the ceiling as he turned to find a better place to settle in. Desktop offering plenty of free space he chose it for it’s closeness rather than comfort. Once upon a time a sofa had taken up a corner of the room. He almost regretted its eviction. Kirsi didn’t seem to mind the hard surface, though, and he liked the height having her sit there provided. Her legs curved around him, knees hinging at his hips as he pressed forward into what seemed like a thousand layers to his thrumming spear.

”And you thought they’d never come in handy.” He joked about her nosy neighbors. His hands were comfortable on her body. One at a hip, one at a knee. Eyes sizing up the seams and stays that held her clothes together. He plotted their downfall, one lace at a time. While she tucked him closer to act on the very same desire. Shoulders rising and falling he shrugged off the shirt she had so diligently unbuttoned. A final shake of his wrist seeing it to the floor. Their eyes met for the briefest moment, but she was in a hurry to take in the sights. That excited him too. He trailed his hands from her elbows to her bracelet clad wrists as she ran her own hands up his chest. Nipples puckered tight and twitching at the circles she drew over them. It was something between a tickle and an itch. Ripples of electricity spiraled up towards his throat with each pass. A sensation that she stroked further by bringing heated lips to hard bone. Chin tipped back to give her access he found her hips again. Greedily this time.

Dress tugged up he hooked his fingers in the waistband of dense, warm trousers. Knuckles running across soft, supple skin in a bid to free it until she leaned back to let him do just that. Arkyn made a sound in his chest. A low growl of approval as they fell free to join the growing pile at his feet. She raced him to the ties of her dress. Her victory left him to the job of keeping the mood heated. Hair falling forward in messy waves he tasted the skin under her jaw and sucked a path of short kisses down to her shoulders. The sleeves were easily pushed out of the way with her bodice untied. He guided the fabric down, following the neckline to her sternum before he stood up straight again. No corset or bindings in the way. The fine and fancy underclothes he was used to tugging off completely unmissed in favor of easy nakedness.

This time there was an edge of haste in her kiss. Tongue sweeping behind her teeth he gave her back the same steady passion he had started with. A readiness that grew inward rather than spiraled out. Like the strong roots of a tree instead of a raging fire. It wasn’t in Arkyn to pet and praise or bring the house down when he fucked. But he didn’t hide his passion either. He let his psyche slip open and swallowed the small sound of her pleasure. Slender ribs captured by calloused hands he pulled her tighter even as she pressed in flat to his chest. His desire expressed with his body and confirmed in the scent of leaked emotion. Teeth dragging on her bottom lip he let the brush of their bodies tease them both. Her nipples were hard little beads that he was very sure needed warming up. The arch of her back an invitation he hadn’t really needed Arkyn swept down for a taste. He cupped her into the the curve of his thumb to keep her from slipping free between licks and sucks.

Body bent to give and take. His spear sprang towards freedom as she opened his trousers. The careful tuck that hid his length down his thigh useless once his button was undone. He watched her over the swell of a pale breast. Tongue pointed tip to tip with a nipple. Lips methodical and eager to please. He was nervous, but he was curious too. How would his size measure up against her imagination? There was no way around it, she would see it, or feel it, both if he was lucky. She had already heard there was more to expect than usual, and she had still let him drag her to his desk. He suspected it would take more than the risk of pain to scare her away now. If not, then he hoped the dance of his mouth from one well suckled breast to the other would either be promise or distraction enough to get that first tentative fondling out of the way. She wasn’t shy or reluctant. Dragging a groan from his lips she checked his girth with fingers that spread without gripping. And his length against her own arm. His eyebrows tipped together apologetically.

”Don’t worry, it only has to go as far as you want it to.” The sex, or his spear. He kissed her, hard and deep, to give himself a chance to touch back before she could answer. Hand following her thigh to find the healer’s center. A little measuring of his own to find out if she was ready or needed more fondling to ease the way. He stroked the soft skin in the crease of her thigh, and pet the softer skin between them. She was warm and slick and he could smell the sweet musk of wanting when her skirt was ruffled. ”Let’s have that off.” He suggested, slipping his free hand down the back of her skirt to help lift her off the desk. Papers shuffled away with all the movement, but Arkyn didn’t mind them. He could reorganize them later. A guilty little bubble popped in his stomach as he realized he would even enjoy it. Not as much as he would enjoy this, but, he would. 


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Re: Bedtime Accusations
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He was hard. Not his spear, but his body. And his barriers, too. Flinty stone that could start a blaze. Kirsi could appreciate it. The taste of it on her tongue. The feel of it giving way beneath her fingers. His muscles rebelled the iron fist of his will, but Arkyn didn't seem to mind. Rumbling in her ear as he hefted her up.

And set her down.

Laughing so deep in her throat it was more a purr than any noise at all, Kirsi shook her head. To the Darkness with her neighbors, whatever good they did. And this was some good. Warm skin stretched over strong muscle. He had an active man's body. Strong and not yet gone to fat despite his age. She eyed it, as he looked on her own, though it was far more covered. Muscles punching and pulling as he shrugged his shirt away. Kirsi watched it fall from his fingers to the floor with a thrill in her stomach.

Her hands lead her eyes back up his body. Arkyn's working down her arms to clasp the bracelets at her wrist. She let him, sensing no greed or possession in the grasp. Just a place to hold while she teased him. Abandoned for her hips when her teasing proved to much. Sighing against his jaw, Kirsi bent her tongue to taking in the scent of him. Hips wiggling as he pulled her skirts up. Bunching them over her thighs and hips so he could slide his fingers into the waistband of her trousers.

And then down as she leaned back. Hips lifting her ass clear of the desk so he could pull them lower. His knuckles skimmed her thighs and then her knees. Her trousers followed his shirt with less grace but equal appreciation. A growl of approval. All that flint striking steel in her stomach and rushing her fingers to her dress so she could give him more. This too he guided away. Hands drawing her sleeves down as his mouth followed. A line of fire down her skin that made the tips of her breasts ache.

He kissed her then as he had before. All controlled pleasure, but pleasure none the less. Kirsi chased the taste of him as well as the feel. Flush to his body so she could trace the roof of his mouth. Revel in the way his hands fit around her ribs. Dangerous, but not alarming. Just big, and strong, like the chest she pressed to.

But Kirsi wanted more. The heat of his body abandoned for the heat of his mouth. An offer he took gladly, his hair falling toward to tickle her skin as his lips drew a moan from the center of her belly. Tangling one hand in his hair, Kirsi pet him. His cheek as he sucked her nipple between his teeth. His shoulder as her hips slid forward as if they too were caught in his mouth. Ever downward until she was parting his trousers and measuring the very spear she had teased him about.

The one she was supposed to already be acquainted with. It fit well in her palm. A stretched lazily up along her forearm like a cat. Arkyn had paused, eyes pulling her glance down to him. Smiling, she tipped her breasts higher and squeezed the base tight. "Or as far as it can?" She teased, one eyebrow sweeping upward. Opening her mouth to him, Kirsi ignored the way his callouses plucked at the far edges of her scars for the flavor of his kiss. A little headier now that she'd taken to measuring his spear with her fingers and not just wrist.

Kirsi giggled. It was ridiculous. What one man needed with so much spear, she didn't know. But she did want to find out. Heels pressing into his desk so he could work her skirts free. More room for his fingers to find the sweet spot at her center and explore the slick folds he'd grazed. Flint to tinder. Laughter rich in her throat, Kirsi tugged him closer with his hair, enjoying the way it felt threaded through her fingers like spidersilk.

Dress forgotten at the feet of his desk, she tried remembering what she had come for. Or how it had lead to this. Maybe everything had been leading to this. The fire of her annoyance breaking into something else. Something hotter. Lust. Searing and undeniable. It had been there beneath her frustration with him. Chased right down her shirt by his probes.

"Not there." She rasped, a faint sheen of sweat limning her skin. Chased there by her racing heart. Her hand left his spear to draw his hand from her thigh to her center. "Here." Body arching into the contact, Kirsi gripped his hair tighter before returning to his spear. Slow, steady strokes that measure every ridiculous, excessive inch. The tip rolled between her fingers.


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