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Letters by Merit
« on: January 21, 2019, 04:02:30 PM »
My Dearest Ili,

I donít know what you see in this Peitar. I know he is a hero of the war, and lost his eyes (and half his face) to Witch, but really. You could do much better. He is crass! And often naked. Ilithian, I have never met an Eyrien man who spent so much time naked!

Not only that, and I mean this as kindly as possible, Ili dear, but I am very nearly certain he is sleeping with every widow in this queen forsaken district. I think it is time you rethink this warlord prince, whatever he may have accomplished before. It is quite clear that he is too busy servicing old women to properly serve you, if you catch my meaning. I do hope you do, Ili. You are very clever.

This district itself is not bad. The warrior are horrifying but the people are rugged and sturdy. Not a one has balked at any question I ask or any task I assign, though most still look to Peitar for final permission. So far he has granted it, and even lets me borrow his table to write you. I cannot fit a desk in my tent. Really I canít fit much of anything in there, but I am doing well.

Iíve only cried once!

I love you very much my friend, and thank you again for all the boots, they have proven most useful. Iíve sent a kiss via Merit, and I will send a progress report on the land via regular mail so no one gets suspicious.



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Re: Letters by Merit
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2019, 04:47:33 PM »
Sweet Lillian,

Please tell me you exaggerate, my friend. Naked, naked? Completely naked? I knew Peitar was a bit of an odd hat to say the very least (there isnít an inch of him missing in so far as I have seen by the by) but you make him sound as if heís flapping his spear around more often than not.

Why do you mind his widow laying, anyway? I like the notion of being considered clever very much however in this I seem to be failing you. Peitar serves me to the best of his ability. Loyalty is hard to find, and while he may never be fully mine one must make compromises to get what they want. As long as heís behaving, I could care less who tumbles in or out of his bed. Unless it becomes a burden or insult to you- in which case Iíll send Cyprian over immediately to castrate him.

Just teasing. Mostly.

I am very sorry you are still in a tent. Should I send someone along to help build you a cabin? Snow will be on us before you know it, and I canít bare the thought of you freezing in your posh boots. Most of the handier men are very near by working with the Dena Nehelians. They can surely spare a few days to have you properly housed.

Whatever made you cry, though darling? Was it Peitarís penis or his temper? Between the two of us I am sure we can find ways of clipping both.

Iíve sent two kisses and a box of apple pastries with Merit. Give Peitar and Elissar my affection. I suppose you can tell Konnar I said hello too, if you must. They best all be treating my dearest friend with the best of etiquette and Protocol. Iím not afraid to borrow Cyprianís testicle snippers.


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