The Raider and the Healer

Description: Archer and Fayre

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The Raider and the Healer
« on: December 17, 2018, 07:58:17 AM »

The Raider and The Healer

Sneaking out wasn't easy, not with her being watched so closely, but being that the hour was so late and her guards thought her fast asleep, she'd managed to slip away undetected. Her boots were sinking into the snow with every step that she took while specks of snow spit down from the dark sky. A gust of wind sent the hems of her cloak whipping about her ankles as she headed towards the forest. Clutching the little bunny to her chest, she quieted the creature with a soothing tone. "I'll have you there in just a bit. I'm sure that you'll be happy to be returned to your bunny friends."

He wasn't a kindred, he was just a little bunny with fluffy white fur. He'd been caught in a trap and injured his back leg. Luckily she'd found him before the hunter had and saved him from being turned into a nice rabbit stew. He wasn't even that big so the hunter wouldn't be missing much. She'd gathered him up and carried him inside then healed his leg. She'd fattened him up a bit by feeding him some raw carrots and lettuce and kept him long enough to form an attached to the little guy. That was the downside to it. She felt sad about setting him free but he wasn't meant to be kept as a pet.

Once they'd reached the treeline she crouched down and eased him down into the snow. "Go on, I've kept you with me long enough. I'd really like to keep you but I know that you'll be happier with your own kind." She was regretting having set off without her gloves as her fingers were freezing. Were it not so very cold she'd stay with him a bit longer.

Brushing her knees off, she stood to her feet and turned to head back in. She'd only taken a few steps when she found she still had a visitor. The little white bunny hopped right past her and in the direction of the keep. She bent quickly and scooped him up into her arms. "Looks like I'm not the only one attached, now does it. You don't belong with me. Surely a handsome bunny like yourself has a pretty bunny girlfriend to return to."

Lowering him to the ground just shy of the trees she pointed in the direction of the thick brush shielded by trees from which she'd first found him. Sighing as he just sat there with his little nose twitching. What was a healer to do when you had a critter patient that didn't wish to go? "It looks like we are at an impasse." She was wondering if she wasn't going to have to carry him back with her and sneak him back in when all of a sudden he perked his floppy ears then skittered quickly into the woods. Something had startled him. Whatever had set him off, she wasn't sticking around to find out. No one even knew she was outside and wouldn't know she was missing until her flesh had been picked clean off her bones, or she was assuming it was some form of animal the little bunny had sensed. 

The winds flung the hood of her cape back and tossed long strands of copper into her face. She was in the process of tugging the hood back up when she heard the snap of a twig. Heart suddenly pounding in alarm like twin drums in her ears. Whirling around, she grabbed the front of her gown and and lifting the hems set off at a run but the depth of the snow was difficult to walk in, much less run.

It appeared not only could little bunnies be scared off, so could petite healers that were somewhere they weren't supposed to be...



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Re: The Raider and the Healer
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2018, 11:57:19 PM »
He'd noticed her when he had first made landfall in Glacia. Redheaded and lovely, a healer by her scent and Archer wanted. She had an innocence about her that drew the Warlord Prince and he knew she could very well be the balm his poor tortured soul needed. Okay. Maybe his soul wasn't tortured but just the same, he could definitely see this little-redheaded healer in his life and in his bed. She hadn't felt stronger than he was, a rose was a niggle beneath his probes. She shouldn't be a problem to come away with.

He knew he'd have some issues when he got her home, she was Kath blooded with that red hair and pale skin. Archer would catch flack when he got her home. He was not Isidore Nazaire to do as he wished with his Ebon-gray and his redheaded Black Widow. But Archer could charm and Archer could manipulate just as well as any other Warlord Prince. This would be his prize. His war bride. It would delight his father and perhaps his mother too. His Glacian mother who missed her homeland every single day.

Now he stalked her, alone and doing something that made Archer stifle an amused chuckle. Sneaking out like a wayward child his little healer. He shook his head as she stooped to set loose an animal. A rabbit? What a strange little bride. He listened to her scold the little animal and moved closer to get a better look at her. Such a lovely, lovely girl. He was definitely going to keep her. Too close and the rabbit caught his scent, bolting away. The wind whipped her hood back and flung red strands of hair around. Archer's fingers curled with a need to sink into that red mess.

A misplaced foot and a cracking stick. Darkness fucking take it. She bolted just as fast as the rabbit did. He hadn't wanted to have to bind her or use his compulsion on her but it appeared he would need to. Feet moved after her as Opal spread from his, soothing and asking for calm. A simple thought to bring a stick to trip her up and opal to bind. "You know," he told her as he grabbed her up in his arms, "I didn't want to use tricks to catch you, little healer." He sighed as he slid them into the winds. Good thing Summer-sky had stabilized or he would never have risked it.

The landing web outside the inn was shaky as they landed. Spells to make them look the other way as he slipped into his rooms with his prize. Such a pretty girl. More spells to keep her calm and he laid her on the bed. "Please don't panic," he soothed and wrapped a strand of hair around his finger, "Everything will be just fine."

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