My Worst Enemy Is My Memory [cw]

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My Worst Enemy Is My Memory [cw]
« on: March 19, 2018, 12:36:36 AM »

Nighttime already when Ilithian returned home. Wings tired, but heart cheerful. She knew as soon she landed that something had changed. Someone knew was in her home. Fingers fanning over the doorway as she pranced in. Boots vanishing to reveal pale bottomed toes. Hints of a foreign Red echoing in the walls. Whispering ‘new friend, new friend’.

”Who is it?” She asked the hearth witch that met her in the hallway to take her sweater. Damp now, since the snowflakes clinging to the shoulders and back melted in the eyrie’s warmth. The witch shrugged her shoulders. Explained how he had not come to the eyrie, but to The Keep. Glided over on stiff wings when he had not found answers there. Wanted the Other Red Warlord Prince. Distractions plied at him until Ilithian returned. They were afraid. Of Eremiar, and now this young man seeking him. Afraid of what might happen if they met. So distractions and excuses had been used to keep them separated.

The talks with Strigavi Province’s queen had lasted into the evening. Turned to a discussion over dinner. They were unyielding. Refused to bend to her claim on the territory. Instigated fighting by border raids into Dhemlan. A district queen had been killed. Ilithian was frustrated, too angry to go on without taking actions she would regret. So they had come home. Around her people it was easier to breath. To think of better plans to solve the problem. Rainvar would burn the Province to the ground if she asked it of him. But he would be heartsore to do it, and she would be heartsick to ask.

This news, of a new and exciting boyo was the perfect distraction. She lurked down the hall of the guest wing on the pads of her feet. Pretending not to feel the bevy of protective probes that followed. Standing by to turn into shields if she needed. Flattered and amused that they should care so much.

As she walked a mist of calming spell spread in her wake. It was dimly lit and mostly silent. Until she reached his door. A whimper? Strange strangled noise. The door opened at her touch, as if it had never latched properly. ”Prince?” She asked. Worried when a small, pained sound came in answer. She peeked around the jamb with blushing curiosity. What was he doing in there?!


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Re: My Worst Enemy Is My Memory
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2018, 01:08:33 AM »
Bony fingers with their thick joints locking around his chin. Tipping his head back  as far as it could go while he laid with his shoulders on the edge of the bed. Sinus burning as the green eyed man blew the straw full of powder into his nostril. The other held closed so Briar had on choice but to snort it in. Eyes crying with the unpleasant heat that started in his face but erupted down his body. No, no, no he wanted to whine but She was already pressing her tongue into his mouth.

And you did not bite her. You did not fight. That only made her more excited.

He wriggled, confused as the edges of reality blurred to something sharper. More real. ”Shhh, everything is alright Prince.” A soft voice cut through the fingers that clawed at is chest. His own fingers, he realized, which made no sense. They always held his hands down. So that no one got stabbed.

They were definitely his own, though. Briar could feel them attached to his own hands, his own arms. Even if they would not move. Would not stop digging into his skin while he blinked away the dream. Heart still pounding as he gasped for air, nose running as if the powder had been real. Paralyzed by his own mind as the night terror melted away.

”You’re safe.” She crooned. The someone he couldn’t  yet turn his head to see. Hovering in the doorway. Queen, his blood roared and his senses warned. No! No more queens. He told her to go away but it came out as a choked whimper. She came no closer but he felt the tendrils of Sapphire trying to wrap around his barriers.

”NO!” That brought his voice back. He would not be placated! They would not! Would not make him sleepy and slow minded and compliant. She pulled back on the spell, but it had touched him already. Eased whatever had frozen him to the bed. His head turned, wild eyed to the queenling that peeked around his door frame. A glistening amber gold eye and tight curls all he could see of her. ”Go away.”

Half of a sad smile. A pitying look that made his stomach sick with fear. What did she know? Why did she look at him like that? ”I’m sorry I wasn’t here this evening to greet you properly Prince Briar.” She said by way of an introduction. Tongue sucking his teeth Briar sat up in the bed. Sheets pooling around his waist. Wrists sinking into the mattress as he leaned slightly for a better look. So. This was Ilithian. Bastard Queen of the Dying Eyriens. ”It’s safe.”

”I’m not afraid.” He challenged, head cocking in defiance. Heart pounding for a reason other than fear as her giggle warmed the room. Unaffected by his posturing. ”I’m fine. It was only a bad dream.”

She was quiet. Long fingers flexing at the doorjamb. Uncomfortable. Unsure of what to say; he could taste it in the air. Tasted too that his barriers had been wide open. How long had she been there? How much had she seen? His whole dream? The things he had blearily thought she wanted to force on him? Red faced, Briar watched her watching with a frothing ball of mixed emotions blazing in his belly. ”I’m fine.” The dream had passed. He was alright now.

”You won’t dream, anymore, now I’m home. If you want to sleep...” Ilithian promised. He believed her even though he didn’t want to. It was impossible to stop a man dreaming, wasn’t it? Especially when the dreams stemmed from strands of web that still clung to his mind. ”I can stay a little while, until you fall asleep, if you like?”

Briar’s nose wrinkled for a moment. He didn’t want to be babied and petted. Didn’t like the sort of mollification queens gave. Didn’t trust it. His blood whispered warmer thoughts, though. Perhaps that wasn’t what she was really offering. ”Do you want to come in?” He hedged, voice dim as twilight. Testing. Probes prying at her barriers to see what she really wanted. Was she a nasty thing looking for more of the memories she’d stumbled in on? Or did she just want to mount him because he was new and not so scarred as some of the warriors he had seen hanging about?

Cheeks puffing up the young queen shook her head. Was she laughing at him?! Lip slipping between his teeth Briar looked away. Tucked it back out again by pinching his chin with his finger and thumb. Stroking the corners of his mouth in distraction. Stinging all over but he ignored the dangerous prickles. ”Go away then. I’m fine.” She had seen! She had seen where those terrible bony fingers had tucked themselves. Of course she didn’t want him! It was only pity that brought her to the door at all.

The calming spell wrapped around him more aggressively. Put on his shoulders by warm hands that made him gasp and snarl. He didn’t lash out, and she didn’t flinch at the warning noises. ”Don’t!” He didn’t like the hug she draped on him from behind! Didn’t want her there against his naked back. She hung languidly on him anyway. Chest pressing to his tucked wings. Hands toying with the necklace that held his Red. Voice heavy on his heart. In the way a thick balm lies on burns. ”I’m glad you’re home Prince Briar. I hope you learn to be comfortable here.”

Home? How could she say such a thing to a stranger! Stupid, naive girl. She would get herself killed acting that way. Trying to look at the face that rested on his shoulder Briar could see the glimmer of her eyes. Feel her breath on his temple as she planted a kiss there. Like his mother had done. Skin twitching to be free of her Briar huffed until she let go in a peel of soft, girlish giggles. He conceded to himself that they might be less strangers than he wished. She was stupid, anyway, and would need someone with sense to keep her from dying. He supposed he could do that, for a while. He wasn't too busy doing anything else.

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