Spring Leaves, City Lights

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Aendaciana Rilindisil

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Spring Leaves, City Lights
« on: April 25, 2021, 01:08:41 AM »
Musical Inspiration: Våren flyktar hastigt [Translation from Swedish to English]
Attire: Pink Dress | Braided Hair
Location/Activity: City Shopping - Hjerte | Park Sitting - People Watching
Date: Spring, AW 104

Today was too lovely a day even to allow the usual flutter of whispered grief at the thought of her father to bring down her mood. With her handmade leather basket on one arm, Aendaciana readied herself with a book of poetry, two mystery/suspense, and one romance, not expecting to get through them all. Still, it was essentially what she was behind on for pleasurable reading.

The rare day off of studies, working with her Healer mother, and the tasks required for one of those options was an appreciated occurrence regardless of when it happened. Today, however, was one of those delightful spring-spring days. So spring-like in the air, that the warmth of the sun, the myriad scents of flowers, the sound of birds and the rushing of the river all came together in a special sort of music, and that even in the city. Hjerte was now where the Priestess Queen had spent perhaps a little less than half of her life, rather than the village she had been born in. While partly Aendaciana preferred village existence, she had learned to enjoy what at least this city had to offer and had visited a few others along En Stor Elv.

All of those things added to the sounds of common trade in Hjerte.

The pleasantries of Lykkelig Vidd still simmered a little in Aendaciana's memory, so she was already in a pleasant mood before finding out her mother hadn't needed her at all for the day. At ninety-four, Aendaciana was young enough still to be able to appreciate escaping a chore or two, even if she wasn't exactly giddy about the prospect as might have been the case a few decades ago. She'd spent the earliest part of the morning running in her other form, which only seemed to enhance the ferocity inherited from her father.

Two hours later and Aendaciana had left home for the second time. She'd visited the best mercer to acquire silk, linen, and strong broadcloth. The latter for plain skirts, trousers, and shirts to stitch and sew together herself. She hadn't been good at the skill initially, finding it exhausting to try to ensure the straightest, most careful stitches. At some point among the decades, as she matured, the satisfaction of finishing an item with her own hands gave immense satisfaction.

Eventually, she grew skilled enough to make pieces for her brothers, which some of her purchases were for. She could layer hints of her Queen's craft into the clothing; this was not permanent and needed a recharge eventually, but it was just one of those small details Aendaciana enjoyed about the work. Black, navy, white, tan, brown, and a pale sky blue were her fabric colours choices that she could carry with her in small, light bolts. The rest would be delivered home.

Partly, having sturdy pieces that could either withstand transformation or pieces that held enough Craft in them that one could change with, leaving the fabric returned to its shape in either form. All of this, and springtime as bright and warm as it was made for a beautiful day. A good day to find a peaceful spot along the river and start her next project. The other unfinished ones at home covering her desk like moss on tree bark did not particularly matter in this case, she'd convinced herself. The Priestess Queen found a spot in a pretty, well tree-lined park within a fifteen-minute walk to her favourite series of shops and close enough to the river to see the rushing of water. Aendaciana set down her basket and began to unroll two thick, sturdy blankets. While doing so, she settled mentally in for her fourth favourite activity; people watching.

Koa Red-eye

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Re: Spring Leaves, City Lights
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2021, 08:13:26 AM »

They were mostly self sufficient in their hamlet. But even with the trade wagons that rolled down their pitted path with semi-regularity, there were things that were harder to come by. Things that necessitated trips into the larger cities of Raej.

And letters that required a delicate hand in delivery. Or, at least, a trustworthy hand. Koa was well suited. The most unlikely to mention his mission to a stranger, or even a friend should he make one. He carried it in his cabinet with studious silence. Barely thought of it, except to remember where it needed taking.

He lent himself to other tasks first. Collecting those harder to acquire bits and pieces. Strange things needed by the priests and priestesses. Odd ends required by the black widows.

The weather was nice. The sun was warm on his face, but the air was cool. That sort of perfect middle ground that made a man pause and tip his face skyward. It drew Koa from his work and lead him down a winding path that followed the river. Many others walked with him. Lovers, friends, quiet solitary souls such as himself. They promenaded along the river bank, or spilled across the green slopes on blankets or cushions.

One such drew more attention than the rest. It was not just Koa's, either, but nearly all the man, and many of the women. Even if they did not approach, they looked, as Koa looked. It was impossible not to. Instinct directed his eye, and tugged at his feat. Queen, that dark maleness inside him whispered. Koa had very little experience with them, but enough to recognize that feeling.

And so little of it to let his baser nature, or perhaps, his more noble nature, take him to the outskirts of her blanket. He hovered, his manner too placid to be awkward. He didn't have temper in need of soothing. His was a mostly settled soul. But he liked that feeling. That strange sort of feeling he could not name, but which could only be provided by the loftiest of castes.

"Lady." He greeted, because to stand in utter silence would be rude. But he did not stare. Eyes on the water running beyond the walkers. Staring would be all the ruder. She was unaccompanied. Koa took it as invitation to linger all the longer. As escort. Koa dipped a look from the corner of his eyes. The letter would keep for an afternoon. "How may I serve?" He offered, smoothing the corner of a blanket with the worn toe of his boot.

Aendaciana Rilindisil

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Re: Spring Leaves, City Lights
« Reply #2 on: May 12, 2021, 07:16:21 AM »
Musical Inspiration: Våren flyktar hastigt [Translation from Swedish to English]
Attire: Pink Dress | Braided Hair
Location/Activity: City Shopping - Hjerte | Park Sitting - People Watching
Date: Spring, AW 104

Aendaciana would have understood being self-sufficient if the idea was presented to her, as it was how she'd lived as a youth in a Raejan village rather than the city. Otherwise, she thought of the matter as ordinary. The Priestess Queen did not often consider people who lived in even smaller, more remote ways, where one might have to travel rather lengthy distances to achieve vastly needed materials. However, she had never set aside or forgot what it was like compared to what was readily available in the cities, especially the larger ones.

A few times while she was arranging her space, she turned to look, almost as if to see if the winding way of stores and shops and more were still there. As Queen and Priestess, she often needed very specific accoutrements for different rituals or Craft. The gift of Queen's Blood to the land required a particular set of items, and the quality mattered. A Priestess' altar needed precisely attended components. Aendaciana continued to enjoy the warm, beautiful day and the people taking in every facet. As such, the Priestess Queen was rather absentminded and had not noticed exactly how much she was being observed, simply placing this fact as another portion of the beautiful day. People present were akin to warm, extra sunlight that wasn't too hot and didn't burn.

Then suddenly, a pleasant voice reminded of safety, heavy tree boughs, and the dark shade under her favourite trees roused the Priestess Queen from relatively idle musings. She tilted back her head and smiled, realising that in a technical sense, she was without Escort, and indeed anyone could approach and choose to fill that role. To serve with the lightest touch of honour. Her brothers would have been amused at her choice to go without one of them, only to be expected to not be unattended by someone. The idea of a Queen left to her own devices was probably the beginning of a joke somewhere.

"Oh. Why, hello," Aendaciana said while turning slightly to face the speaker. What she found was a beautiful deep brown-skinned man, enough that the Priestess Queen couldn't help the smile that bloomed upon her face and lifted a pearlescent pale hand to wave gracefully. She wanted dearly to see his eyes closer but didn't know why this mattered so much at the moment.

"Serve? I--ah. I did not think it through, simply deciding to sit near the riverside on my own, without anyone else near. I do apologise. You might certainly join me unless you're concerned for my safety. It is usually safe here, and there's plenty of blanket space, which is for sitting on the ground." The way he looked at her, carefully, politely, and remained off of her blanket made her immediately worry for him and wonder if there was something he needed. Sharp blue eyes bright with delight took in how this man seemed to stand as if he were taller than she could see. Not looming exactly, but there was something. Confidence, perhaps, Aendaciana decided.

"I thought it would be lovely to sit and work on a little sewing, and today is the day of no lessons," she explained with lifting a precise index finger. She chattered as though he was a neighbour, then paused, aware that some preferred more formality. A pink and deeper rose blush spread over her cheeks as she tilted her head toward her lap, fingers suddenly plucking gently at the layers of her pink gown.

"Oh, Night. Here I am, talking to you without giving a name or anything! Please forgive me. I am Lady Aendaciana Rilindisil-Tobiassen, which is quite a lot of name, so you may certainly call me anything among all those sounds that suits you. Daci, Daciana." Her eyes danced, and dimples flashed in her cheeks. "My brothers sigh quite a lot in pairing with my name." Aendaciana tilted her head from side to side as if thinking. "What should I call you, my Lord?" She imagined he was a Warlord, as he did not have the manner of a Warlord Prince at all, or not really a Prince unless they were a lighter Jewelled one. Of course, she could have been wrong, simply because Aendaciana was still learning.

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