Winter Winds

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Winter Winds
« on: May 15, 2019, 09:56:29 PM »

Back and forth, one province to the next and round again until Calanthe was certain he’d seen more patients and ceremonies and rituals than he’d seen seasons. Healers shuffled between provinces with the eventual promise of returning home. Eventually if they didn’t get sick and return to the darkness or wind up under someone for a rut or six. Too few healers, too few hands willing to learn the craft with the men folk too set on snarling and the sisters too tightly wound to even consider teaching someone. The politics of it all made Calanthe’s head hurt.

Just as well.

He was not suited to politics. Just to clearing the aftermath or redirecting it before it got out of hand. Hiding too from dealing with that aftermath was also his strong suit, hiding and pretending not to be there. It was just fair he’d spent the better part of the fall traveling, traveling and healing and cleaning up messes all before the rains made a mess of the territory. Now even the rains wouldn’t let him rest, apparently that would be asking too much of Mother Night.

The injustice of it all made him twitch. The steady, agitated twitch of his tail growing worse the longer he remained on the outskirts of it all, out of the coming rain and watching the first arrivals. Coalition and Coven beginning to settle in for their winter mingling and Calanthe wanted nothing less at the moment. Duty was duty though and duty demanded he at least make an appearance and smile through the men and women eyeing him with so much interest.

A hand on his shoulder made him half turn with a forced smile. He’d have loved a week to rest before this whole mess started. “I’ll join them ev-- Oh. Oh. Good morning!”


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Re: Winter Winds
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2019, 04:23:23 AM »

Hir smile had too many teeth. Sharp but full of humor. Patting Cal’s shoulder, Thessaly let him go, slinking up beside him to watch the males settle into stone walls. Though it happened every year when the world flooded, they always looked surprised and suspicious. It did not matter that they had been born in cities great and small, their time outside made then forget.

”We don’t have to join them. Easier to see trouble from here anyway.” Too often mingling was seen as invitation. Eager lonely hands pawing at a passing tail. Thessaly’s own lay quiet, tuft filling the circle its curl made. In such close quarters there should have been a cramped feeling. But Thes found it more of a comfort. Shoulder felt, if not pressed upon, elbow to elbow, the different in their height keeping their wrists from touching. But hir could feel him, and it was good. Not intrusive.

”I always thought they should have their own floor. Maybe a basement so we are not so displaced when the waters come.” Hir clucked her tongue at the incoming mass of male bodies. Some young enough to be carried on the shoulders of their uncles and fathers. Funneled into dormitories. Hissing, Thessaly chased away a curious male, eyes rolling at Cal. ”Definitely a basement. I’m sure they would feel more at home then.”

It would make for less guarding. Someone was always trying to sneak up. Or down. Nudging hir companion, Thes pointed to a crouched, shadow shrouded figure in a stairway across from them. Often the female were just as curious. And volatile. ”Insanity.” Hir pronounced, even if it served a purpose. It wouldn’t do to let all the males drown. And they could not live among the females, history had proven that.


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