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Title: Breakfast in Bed
Post by: Muktar on May 30, 2019, 10:55:57 AM
Wiping the sweat from his face and chest with a rough towel, getting and approving clap on his shoulder from one of the men, and one armed hug from another -- who had clearly appreciated the spectacle of the fight that had just ended -- he moved out of the growing group of raiders around the sparring field. Leaving felt almost like sacrilege, but he had promised Peitar he’d come with him on some fool’s errand. Usually these spars escalated quickly when more raiders joined in on them, but it was still too early now, making him a little reluctant to call it and take himself out of the match, but he made do for Peitar, as always.

He didn’t know what the big deal was. So Lillian fell, or something. It wasn’t like she’d died from it, she was mostly Eyrien, she could take it. But if she wanted to run off to the territory court, then… no great loss for the raiders. Not as far as Muktar was concerned anyway. It wasn’t like they were there to heal the lands, they were there to cleanse it, and the healing could always come after. Hunting was still good, as was evidenced by the fat breakfast cooking on the fires.

Muktar grabbed the smallest pan with braised cuts of grilled poultry with the towel -- as not to burn his hand to the iron skillet -- he piled some of the fresh ember baked bread rolls on top of the meat and then grabbed a pitcher of the strong herbal tea that would remedy almost any hangover and concussion headache and left the rowdy crowd behind, heading to his brother’s cabin.

It was perhaps one of the least Eyrien things they’d ever built with all the wood, but it stood out in the camp, making it easy to find, and even easier to be reminded of who was leading the pack. Even with how quickly the campsite had grown into a small village. Tents continued to pop up like daisies as more warriors joined their cause with every successful raiding party.
The tide had slowed significantly, but it had never really stopped.

He didn’t hesitate, with his hands full, he merely kicked the door of the cabin open with a smidge more violence than was necessary, sending Peitar’s trusted dog into a barking frenzy until she recognized him for who he was.
“Good morning Dog!” He said cheerfully to the animal. Normally he would happily pet her, but with his hands full of breakfast, he made do with making kissy-faces at her.
“Whossagoodgirl?” He crooned at her, before he announced his presence to his sibling. 
“I brought breakfast hot from the fire. Like a good hearth witch.” he smirked as he put the hot pan down on the nearest flat surface that wouldn’t catch on fire.
“If you really wanna make this fucking trip, I’m gonna do it well fed.” He announced just to let Peitar know he wouldn’t be rushed.

He would, if need be, of course, but he really preferred not to.
Title: Re: Breakfast in Bed
Post by: Peitar on May 30, 2019, 07:21:58 PM
Bent over at the edge of his bed Peitar worked the ties of his bootlaces together. Beside him on the mattress Dog lay with her chin on her front paws. Eyeing him expectantly, not that he could see. Boots surely meant there would be a walk. She didn’t mind the cold that swept down from the mountains. Neither did he, truth be told, but it was harder to ‘see’ when there was snow out. Probes distracted by the flurries and change to the landscape.

With a bounce Dog stood up, body shifting towards the front door. A drop of energy into his Craft told Peitar it was his brother. Good. They had shit to do. When he stood up he stretched his wings, one at a time so that nothing was knocked awry. One brushed Dog as she bolted towards the door. It opened with a bang that made her nails skitter to a stop on the floor. She barked at the noise in warning, then gave a few heartier baroos to signal it was a familiar face.

Knowing he was the worst offended her told Muk, ”You lot spoil her rotten.” Smirking over his shoulder he checked the drawstring on his trousers. They were pliable leather, thick enough to serve as light armor but loose enough to be comfortable. Same as his worn old boots. Trouble was unexpected, but at this point Peitar thought he would feel naked if he had to wear anything else. Even though he was always at least half naked. Warming craft used instead of a shirt that would just restrict his movement, or his wings.

Nose to the air he bobbed his eyebrows, rounding the bed to the corner of the cabin that served as his kitchen. ”Bend over and I’ll thank you the same way I do them.” He taunted, hands curving around invisible hips as he put his own to the lip of the table. It smelled good. ”What’s that? Turkey?” He prodded at the skillets with a Sapphire probe to find out. Confused by the buns for second before he figured out the food’s layout and snatched one of the fresh rolls up.

”Smells like they half burned it. Tell you what, go give them a stern talking to and I’ll see about clearing this away for you.” He offered sweetly, speaking around large bites. When he had swallowed down the first mouthful he sighed, ”Well, if they’re going to needle me into making deals then they’re going to hold their part up. She and Lorivar and Ilithian get the whole camp all worked up with their shit show then everyone poofs off to Ligure without telling me what’s what? No. Not happening.” He had not been a bad host. Even if he’d not been a good one. He deserved more respect than that.

”I hope Lorivar is still there too. Little shit. And if he hasn’t put his spear where it belongs I’ll make a necklace out of his balls and do the damn thing myself.” The fight had been fun. His men had enjoyed the show. But Peitar had not appreciated the accusations involved. If he were responsible for a queen’s virgin taking he would approach the task with the same eager bravado he did everything else. Ilithian had never given him so much as a hint she needed doing, and he had always assumed Lorivar a capable escort. He would save the whining for the walk, though. He was sure Muk would want to hear the details since they had never much gotten around to talking about them.
Title: Re: Breakfast in Bed
Post by: Muktar on May 30, 2019, 07:48:43 PM
He cast a sidelong look at his sibling before punching him in the arm -- none too gently at that.
“I’m not that good of a hearth witch,” He pointed out quickly, and purposefully didn’t try to help his brother figure out the compilation of food, enjoying the brief confusion.

“Fuck if I know. Something delicious that didn’t fly fast enough.” He said, snatching some of the meat and lowering it in his mouth from a great height while leaning against the counter. He resisted the urge to punch his brother again, instead tossing a piece of meat at Dog -- and pretending he didn’t by simultaneously using craft to shift two cups across the counter towards him. As soon as he had freed up a hand -- not wanting to miss out on his fucking breakfast on the count of Peitar feeding like an animal --  he used it to pour the tea while it was hot. Much like his sibling.

Muktar never had the patience for much of anything, much less politics but he had learned when to nod in all the right places to seem appropriately invested in the situation. He still didn’t see the big deal, but he’d play along. Look scary in the background, break a few faces if necessary. Or vases, depending on the local, if they were going to court.

“Right, okay, but hear me out.” He said pushing the tea towards his sibling. “What if we stop referring to his dick as a weapon, because I highly doubt it is.” He suggested dryly. “And it would make me feel so much better about wielding an actual spear to not think of it as a dick.” He said with a shrug, and tossed another chunk of turkey at Dog, who was happily wagging her tail at him to beg for more.

The only reason Peitar didn’t spoil her was because he couldn’t see those eyes.

Title: Re: Breakfast in Bed
Post by: Peitar on June 02, 2019, 01:32:37 AM
”Sounds like a witch I knew out by Caprice during the war.”Peitar teased on. He gave his own wings a pathetic flail to illustrate his story, ”She would flap and flap and flap but her wings were so small she never got very far. Got in my lap, though. Were she quite enjoyed herself, if I remember correctly.” They mostly had. One or two a little too sensitive for his jostling, but none had ever cried about it. She’d been delicious too, in that blushing not-quite-a-virgin way. Sucking the inside of his cheek at the memory Peitar sighed. Times sure were a trying to change on him.

When Muktar was done his sneaking Peitar gave him a short frown. ”Keep feeding her cooked meat and she’s going to get into trouble stealing from the cooks tent.” He chided, leaning on an elbow against the counter top to take a slab of the poultry for himself. It was brazed just right. A glazed outer layer trapping all the juices inside. His eyebrows lifted and his cloudy eyes rolled up in pleasure. They ate good for it being winter. Better than a lot of the territory he would bet. Especially now that the hunting camps were more like outdoor orphanages.

Girls hunting. Who heard of such crap. Those kids were going to knock each other out, or up, and it would be on Ilithian’s head to feed a generation born to babies.

”If you’re thinking about dicks when you’re holding your weapons, that’s a you problem, brother.” Peitar said with a grin. He took a slow sip of the tea, nose wrinkling at it’s strong herbal notes. The after bite was nice and helped to wake his groggy nerves, though. ”You’re not going to change Blood idioms by whining at me. Lucky for you, we’re going to pay a visit to our cheerful Queenling. You can whine at her about it.”

He would not. Maybe he wouldn’t speak to her at all. While his anger had passed quickly, he was still annoyed that people had honestly believed he was her man. What sort of warlord prince left his woman on her own, unprotected, running a territory while he ran off to make war? Sure, he suspected she was damn pretty, and he had not been so bad before the burns. Maybe he was still alright even. No one really said. They’d be quite the power couple too. But nosy, smart assed, barefoot brat queens were not his type. Probably. Maybe. Most likely.

Hell who was he kidding. Queens were queens and he was a warlord prince and and Eyrien. He’d have spanked her into behaving and ridden her rough if he hadn’t thought Lorivar was already doing the job. Idiot girl. Now he had his own idiot queen to deal with. They had given her to him, and all of his raiders were quite attached- or so he had convinced himself when a handful had asked how he had managed to run Lillian off so fast.

Plus Dog missed her!

”Hope you have your hiking boots on. I want to walk most of the way, see if that damn up the lake is holding. Check out all that talk about Ebenar escorting for some Red Jeweled baby queen.” He chewed thoughtfully for a few minutes. Recounting the rumors in his head. Could be dangerous. But there was also something sick and gleeful at the thought of an Eyrien Witch. They weren’t setting a very good example of a free Askavi from what he had heard, though. ”Someone said they’re ferrying soldiers back to Dhemlan. I want to know if it’s true.” So he would know before he reached Ligure if he needed to have a sit down with Ilithian.
Title: Re: Breakfast in Bed
Post by: Muktar on June 02, 2019, 06:19:28 AM
“I think I remember her,” Muktar said, even if he didn’t really. Not specifically. There had been tons of women, and even more fucking, some more memorable than others, but most boiled down to the same kind of carnal satisfactions.
“Simpler times, when no one expect us to be nice, eh?” He said, taking a gulp of the hot tea.

Muktar glanced at Dog when he more or less got scolded for spoiling her. As if that was going to change. Dog was too cute and it was entirely too much fun spoiling his brother’s protection aggressive dog. Someone would see him with her and make the mistake of thinking she was harmless. And it would be hilarious!
“You wouldn’t steal, would you Doggy?” He asked her, lowering his voice a little to an affectionate rumble. “‘Cause you’re a good dog, aren’t you?” He continued to ask her, trying to rile her excitement up more. “You wouldn’t steal from the cook, nooo…” He said, offering more kissy faces and reaching out to pet her.

“By the time you’ve walked me the whole bloody way there, I’ll likely have other things to whine about than what we call Lorivar’s dick.” Muktar sighed. He knew walking made sense, but it didn’t make it more fun. Not when you have perfectly good wings that would do a much better job of getting you places.

“Soldiers to Dhemlan?” He repeated. “The fuck for?”

Title: Re: Breakfast in Bed
Post by: Peitar on June 09, 2019, 01:07:17 PM
”People expect us to be nice? That’s stupid of them.” Peitar said with a twist of his mouth. They could move queens in. And they could heal the fouling craft of war from the soil. But they could not make this anything less than the Raider’s District. Anyone who thought Eyrien Raiders were kind people. Well. They didn’t have a lick of sense did they?

Unless they saw his idiot brother making smooch faces at Dog. It didn’t take eyes to know the sort of brow puckering, lip squishing expressions it took to make those sounds. The warlord prince knew because he was plenty guilty of doing the same. ”She’s a smart girl. She sees an easy meal she is gonna take it.” To Dog it wasn’t stealing. But the cook would hardly see it that way.

”Well save it for them, I don't’ want to hear your whining the whole way there. We can fly home after, or take the Wind. Besides, Dog will prefer the long walk. She hasn’t really been the same about heights since my last visit to the Eyrie.” Probably because she had plummeted out of a window a thousand feet off the ground trying to save Lillian. Then when Peitar caught up to them, he had been forced to choose between the queen and Dog. The beautiful soul didn’t hold a grudge against her master, but she trembled if he tried to pick her up. Not that she had ever much enjoyed flying- maybe because she knew Peitar was blind.

Chewing a long bite of meat he washed it down with a shot of tea to answer Muk. ”Dhemlanese soldiers to Dhemlan. To keep me from killing them when they try to pass here.” Being ferried over the lake, or passing through one of the two mountain passes controlled by Peitar’s people were the only options. ”They want to play nice- fine. Take out the garbage. But you get paid for the work. And knowing Ilithian, she’s getting paid in promises instead of realities.” Too diplomatic for her own good. For the good of Askavi. You didn’t hold an upperhand like that and not find a way to reap rewards. It was winter. Their people could use wool, cloth, food, literally anything was better than nothing. He was determined to make sure they got something out of the situation.

”Hurry up. You chew like a grandmother.” Peitar complained, finishing his own plate before any of it could even cool.
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Post by: Muktar on June 09, 2019, 02:50:03 PM
“Ilithian does,” He shrugged. “Most of the queens probably.” It wasn’t a farfetched idea. It was dumb, because they were all going to be perpetually disappointed, but even Lillian seemed to want them to tone shit down. Or at least Peitar to tone shit down, why else would she have fucked off to Illithian’s?

Muktar continued to pet Dog, scratching her behind the ear in just the right spot that made her back leg twitch, and he grinned down at her. Of course she would prefer the walk.
“I wonder why, hm, doggy?” He mused innocently, stuffing the last of breakfast in his gob -- without sharing it with Dog, which was a victory for him, and he immediately felt bad about it after one look into those eyes.

“Shouldn’t--” He mumbled with too much food still in his mouth, making it impossible to continue speaking. He swallowed hard first. “Shouldn’t she be holding onto them anyway? Is she bartering with Dhemlan?” He wondered out loud, questions his brother probably had answers to, because he was far more involved in all this bullshit than he was. Not that Muktar minded the obliviousness about the politics of it all.

“So she’s bartering poorly?” He concluded, frowning. “Kinda feels like that’s not her decision to make.” He hedged, not entirely sure if that was how Peitar felt about it, but considering Ilithian was a fucking child... What gave her the right?

“Oh fuck off, I’ve been done for ages.” He lied, having only barely finished. But he’d already gotten a spar in, and he’d brought the breakfast in the first place. Without him Peitar would have had to scurry around for brealfast…! He was expediting things just fine!

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Post by: Peitar on June 12, 2019, 02:26:21 PM
”Pft,” Peitar cast a smirk in his brother’s direction. Lips pressed together tight and eyebrows high in insolent amusement. ”Ili knows better. At least about that bit. Her expectations have been awfully fucking high lately, though.” His bottom lip folded in so he could chew on the center. A small shred of chapped skin pulled until it came free. Spitting it on the floor he shrugged, which made his wings drag against the counter. ”The lot of ‘em can cry into their pillows about it.”

He worried- no, imagined, worrying was not his job- that Lillian was doing precisely that. Crying over a few rough words. Why she had been chosen for this gig he couldn’t fathom. Friendship, or that Green she wore perhaps. Neither made her hardy enough to live with foul mouths and fouler tempers. They had agreed she would heal the land. Which was nowhere near revived. And he was not too proud to admit he enjoyed the giddy way teasing the queenling made him feel. He wanted her to come back. But he also had to prove to his men that he wasn’t letting this queens walk all over him. Coming and going on a whim. The district was under his rule, not theirs.

His latent probes gave him a general direction to toss a rude hand gesture at Muktar. If she could have answered him she would have. Ears turned down and eyes made big to beg for sympathy. The warrior did not spare her his last bite of breakfast, however, and she resigned herself to pout about it for a minute or two until the call of a favorite bone occupied her instead.

”Not bartering. Ilithian claims its an ultimatum, but is it really if they’re not taking her seriously?” Peitar knew that Ilithian would see it through if they forced her hand. It wasn’t the deal that prickled his skin, it was the rotten management of that deal. Just letting them trickle home with whatever they could carry as if they had a single right to any of it! ”Get them out by end of winter or they won’t be going home at all. Which I agreed to do- but then they started showing up with Eyrien women and all the trappings of a homestead in the wagons. They’re not going to rape us of our history and our women after they’ve grown fat on our territory’s back for five hundred years.” He growled. ”But the queens say we can’t kill a whole group because one is rotten. ‘Some of those goods came from Dhemlan’.” Mocking Ilithian’s voice he pulled his wings in tight, pushing off from the counter with a rough grin. ”I say, what’s in Askavi is for Askavi now.”

Mouth dry from too much blabbering Peitar finished his tea then turned to bend over the tap. Mouth sloshed with water and spit into the sink. He was ready to get a move on. See if Ebenar’s Witch loving ass was letting these bastards across the lake with as much loot as they could carry. Ebon-gray or not he would skin the useless git alive if he were. ”Well then what your fucking wasting my time on story hour for? You don’t give a shit what’s going on, anyway.” Peitar sighed, leading the charge to the front door. Dog bounded out of her favorite chair, bone abandoned. Catching up to him on the top step she pressed in at his calf to help him through the village. Leaning in or away to turn his steps so that he didn’t run smack into anyone while his probes read out the lay of the sparse buildings and superfluous tents. As always during this time of year the pool of male bodies echoed with the sound of chesty coughs. ”Maybe she’s right about everyone living in tents. A few barracks to keep the chill out would help shake those colds faster.” A healer would probably be a good idea too. Oh well. One thing at a time.

”How much snow is on the ground?” He asked Muktar as they passed the unmistakable sound of someone flapping the stuff off the top of their tent to keep it from collapsing. His probes could tell him a great deal, but snow was rarely dense enough to take a fair measure of.