Adventures in queening


Sorcha o Naur

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Adventures in queening
« on: October 29, 2021, 09:22:35 AM »
She'd slipped her guards. Didn't care and knew she should but she didn't. She would deal with the blowback when she slipped back into the territory but for now, she was curious and she could only hope that curiosity wouldn't kill her. She had wanted to come Little Terrielle the moment the shield had failed, shattered under the brunt of power like she'd never felt before. She'd heard stories of such but never witnessed it until that day. It wasn't something she wanted to witness ever again. She'd lost people that day, lost friends she'd known since they were children swinging in the trees. She never wanted to see it again.

A wishful thought.

She'd left her horse with the others when she slipped out of camp, couldn't have the refined look of the stallion drawing attention to herself, or her little adventure would be for nothing. She wanted to see something of the province her territory butted against. She'd never been able to during her lifetime and her curiosity was worse than a cat's. She knew Wulfric would give her grief, threaten to paddle her ass before the old wolf heard her recon information.

The province was different than her own, though she could see some of the similarities in the parts nearest to Dea al Mon. Now she could see where some of the worst people in her territory came from and they called those of the wood monsters. Her hood was up, covering the delicate curve of her pointed ears as she walked along a street. It wasn't the capital seat and it wasn't the fanciest town she'd heard of but it was decent enough.

Hazel eyes darted around as she took it in, she could feel the thrum of the land beneath her feet and the damage it felt. Not hers, not hers and she drew that part of herself back inside. She wished she had a better rein on some of her black widow craft, illusions being one of them but Sorcha was never the best at that. Maybe she'd have the Spider teach her more. Or her seer. One of them would do well to show her better parts of it.

She wasn't really paying attention to the people, too interested in structure and buildings than the crowd around her, and didn't notice the person until it was too late. Thumping into their body brought a grunt from her and a scowl between her brows. "Pardon," she murmured and moved to step around them.

Filaesion Rilindisil

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Re: Adventures in queening
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2021, 02:07:13 AM »
Musical Inspiration:Legendary - Welshly Arms
Attire: Near Uniform Craft Armoured Black Suiting Set, Summer Sky Embroidery
Purpose: Following the Queen Into Little Terreille
Time: Summer AW 104, Afternoon

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Security breach, or was it? While on the one hand, Lady Sorcha o'Naur could say she had slipped her guards, the border guard had a job of knowing who crossed in and out of Dea al Mon, even if it was the Queen of Dea al Mon, and especially so. A potential diplomatic incident wasn't a small matter. However, the Captain and Major(he preferred the former due to nostalgia over his once enlisted status in the Red Guard) Filaesion was the sort that was more curious as to why the Red Jewelled woman didn't just ask for time off, making boundaries clear to her triangle. Given that he was largely stationed in Polod, the matter really wasn't his concern, was it?

The presence of that heavy, incredible power was easy to follow for another reason. Though Captain Rilindisil was so much lighter Jewelled and knew taking care was of grave importance as following Lady Sorcha could end up making her furious, Filaesion had had almost three hundred years experience. Following an arguably talented woman that was not yet thirty summers was the work of a lunch break. Being dual Caste made her additionally precious and worth taking the risk for, as he viewed the matter. He wove between the trees and kept a nearly twenty-minute distance, using physical skill to track Sorcha o'Naur, rather than Craft.

Yet, as the time passed, and he was aware of keeping pace with Lady Sorcha, he'd have to cross out of Dea al Mon, anxiety held the Captain still and watchful as Filaesion sent word back through the first chance possible had, being circumspect about exactly why he was crossing the border. It wasn't as if anyone could precisely tell Lady Sorcha no, except her own triangle could dig in on the fussing to the point that would probably make her want to bite each one of them. A nearly grim smile flickered across Filaesion's face.

Ah well. Everything had a Price.

He consulted a mental mapping of the region and used an illusion to shift the appearance of his face and ears to fit in a little more with the local people of Shahllene province. He remembered that both a Dark Gate and the Capital city of the region were in the area, which was very apparent to Filaesion by the shift of the forest line, and how the land felt almost like a distant whisper compared to being in Dea al Mon, something he could feel due to his need to be close to water to feel more comfortable; there was a disconnect perhaps, or pollution, one could say, though he knew only a skilled Queen would know better.

It made him immediately worry for Lady Sorcha. The buildings here were very different, and Filaesion very much did not want to be here. The Captain moved closer, still remaining distant until he saw Sorcha bump into a person. At that juncture, he moved close enough to murmur an apology on her behalf, though he took the blame himself. "Easy to lose track of the people when looking at the buildings, do forgive me for not paying enough attention to where I moved," Filaesion said warmly, almost too charming. His low, musical voice earned a sharp look from the well dressed, light brown-skinned man passing by the Queen. Filaesion waited and moved to block Sorcha's advance in the careful, professional manner of a centuries-long experienced guardsman.

"I mean no harm, but are you sure this is the path desired, lady? Though I expect you have plenty of skills, a diplomatic incident with Little Terreille isn't something you desire, mmh?" He also used a quick hand sign, hoping Sorcha had learned such things and that perhaps not wanting negative attention would keep her from blasting him with her Red Jewel. Filaesion wasn't a small man, though he wasn't the tallest of Jewelled males given some could change shape even to bears. Filaesion was careful not to loom over the Queen despite standing tall and steady to six foot five, clothed elegantly in black, Craft infused leathers. Turning, he leaned against a building next to them that at first glance seemed to be an inn or a publican intended for both meals and rest. Silvery hair coiled around his fair skinned face and he watched to see what the lady would choose next.

"Your prowess in can defending yourself well is known, doesn't mean you should have to, lady, though I do ask your pardon if I am incorrect ..." he lofted his right brow high, and crooned elegantly, in good humour despite how far he'd followed Lady Sorcha. "Am I?"

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