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Title: Neve, Ripley
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Ripley Neve

The Basics

Full Name: Ripley Neve
Age: 30
Gender/Pronouns: Female she/her

Ethnicity: short lived
Birthplace: Scelt
Current Location: Dena Nehele
Profession: Wanderlusting woman

Caste: Queen
Birthright Jewel: Yellow (CUT 22)
Offering Jewel: Rose (CUT 06)

Face Claim: Oksana Butovskaya

The Body

Height: 5'6
Body Type: Curvey
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Hazel blue/green

Striking, from the first glance to the last. From the fiery waves of her vibrant red hair to the splash of freckles that dot her face and shoulders. Ripley is an active, lively woman. Catching your eye as a brightly colored flash of movement. Holding it with toothy smiles and graceful curves. Feminine but as wild as the lands she bloomed in. 

The sort of fairy creature that dances around on her toes in dirt brushed dresses. Quick to laugh, her crisp green rimmed eyes crumpling at the corners. Often adorned in crowns and braided necklaces of flowers rather than luxurious items. She never wears furs or leather that aren't still attached to their living sources. Which is surprisingly often, animals naturally drawn to her side. A mouse in her pocket or a fox kit hiding beneath her skirts.

The Mind

Craft Strengths: 15pts
Queen’s Gift
Craft Healing
Craft Brews
Diagnostic Sight
Craft Weaknesses: Reading the land and telekentic surgery

Personal Strengths: Friendly, spirited, courageous
Personal Weaknesses: Rambunctious, temperamental, easily distracted

As bold in personality as her appearance suggests. Ripley is rambunctious to a fault; loud, excitable and fierce as any warlord prince. A loyal defender of her homeland’s honor, the weak and less fortunate. Anyone or thing she determines needs defending, really. Animals most especially, since they don't usually have voices of their own.

There is a softer too, side beneath the exuberant woman. A gentler, wiser queen. Well versed in Protocol and wrangling males into suitable behavior. But the leashes are short lived for most. Her heart rarely capable of taming them. Not when all she has ever wanted is freedom for herself.

A healer’s heart too, molds Ripley. The need to help the weary and sore. Adept at tending travelers wounds and easing life's aches and pains. Trustworthy. Solid. Reliable woman.

Stars in her eyes and wind in her hair. The kind traveler that teaches and mends as she explores. Leaving everything better than it was it before.

The Backstory

  • Mariot Neve | Mother | Summer-sky to Opal Healer
  • Alister Neve | Father | White to Tiger Eye Warlord Prince
  • Carmac Neve | Older Brother | Rose to Purple Dusk  Warlord
  • Lula Borwan | Older Sister | Summer-sky to Green Healer
  • Teige Neve | Twin Brother| Purple Dusk to Green Warlord Prince

A son and a daughter, the perfect little family of four. What more could two people in love hope for? One more, they eventually decided. To break the tie. One more child to tip the balance. But the seed stuck too well, or Mariot’s body wanted his too much.

Twins were born, the tie held fast. A little son added to the family, and his smaller sister. Impossibly small, Mariot thought as she held the girl child for the first time. But ferocious! Born screaming like a banshee. The thick scent of queen enveloping her psyche from birth.

It was an all around pleasant life. Traveling across Scelt so that her healer mother could flutter where needed. In a fae circle she had her birthright ceremony alongside her brother. Happy, at first, with the Yellow she was granted. Not grudging it until much later, when she realized how much more she could have accomplished with a darker jewel. Driven to work harder to make up for the parts her Craft failed.

A queen daughter changed life for them all, then. Forced the family to settle down somewhat. They bought a house in a quiet village near enough their district court for Ripley to apprentice. Protocol and Queen’s craft were learned. But an inherent aptitude for healing showed itself in time too. Between her temper tantrums and forcing her brother to sit for petting small animals were rescued from the kitchens and ponies set free from their stalls. When she couldn’t be found everyone knew to start looking for the trail of escaped livestock.

While her healing skills would always lean more towards animals than humans Ripley threw herself full force into both apprenticeships. Made peace with the duality of her existence. Leashed her brothers tight and saw the oldest married young. Demanded nieces within a year but saw none for several. Grew, a little at a time, into a young woman.

Then leashed another boy. This one not related. A playmate at first, a confidante later. Eventually a lover. Coming through her Virgin Night shaken, but not stirred. Complete and ready for the next step in her life. A shimmering Rose to compliment the sweetness of her dual castes. Apprenticeship finished- a wider world to explore.

For three years she traveled the territory, occasionally bouncing across the borders. Serving on short contracts for queens that were pregnant, ill, or whose moontimes interfered with the pressing needs of the land. After that she was shuffled into a longer contract. Made to take up a district and apprentice of her own. The day that young lady was ready for service on her own, however, Ripley ran.

Off again on travels. Farther than ever. Into Little Terreille and Glacia. The loud fiery queenling that would sit on a court until the proper lady of the land was able again. That was how she met the travelers from the other realm. Their stories of a sick land in desperate need working at her sympathies. Pushed over the edge and through the Dark Gate when she heard of the little baby queens that had answered the call but knew next to nothing of Protocol or Craft.

What more could she possibly want than land to tend and young friends to train?! So she packed a few bags and laughed when they tried to stop her. Danced all the way there on the back of a fat mule while her brothers gave chase on sleepy hooved horses. Unwilling to run their favorite lady down, even if their ‘masters’ spurred them like Hellspawn. Neener, neener dearests. This one always does as she pleases!

The Writer

Player Name: Jones
Player Pronouns: She/Her
Timezone: CST
Contact: Discord or PM
How did you find us?: RPG-D

Inactivity Instructions: You can archive my brain babies and write them out in whatever way keep the plot going, just avoid killing them unless its absolutely necessary.

Roleplay Sample:
See Eloise (http://www.witchlightrp.com/index.php?topic=498.0)

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The Darkness has granted you...
Cut 22
Cut 6

As requested, FIVE family rolls:
1: White to Tiger Eye
2: Rose to Purple Dusk
3: Summer-sky to Green
4: Summer-sky to Opal
5: Purple Dusk to Green
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